"Brianna's New Friend" / page: 196 - Erotic story Collection

This is of course a complete work of fiction. All situations and characters
though they may be based on real events or persons are in fact the complete
fictitious imaginative and creatively perverse ramblings of the author.

"She was a sexy looking creature. Standing there at the edge of the water
in her skintight spandex neoprene body suit. It hugged her curves
beautifully and let me tell you she had some curves. My pussy was getting
wet just from staring at her large breasts with their hard nipples that were
showing through the thin skinsuit and the way it was pulled up into her
pussy causing a super sexy cameltoe effect. She had just come out of the
water and her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail and I could see
water droplets dripping off of the tip of her nose and nipples. My heart was
racing as she looked over my way and smiled at me as she pulled the rip cord
at the back of her neck and in a smooth well practiced move slid the zipper
down and slipped out of the wetsuit top as she let it d**** around her waist
as if standing there topless was the most natural thing in the world.
However I did realize that she never broke eye contact with me throughout
the entire exercise. Was she flirting with me? I was most certainly
intrigued. In fact I couldn't take my eyes off of the large silver rings
pierced through her nipples. She reached into a small duffle bag and pulled
out a tiny bikini top and casually tied it into place taking her time moving
and maneuvering her large shapely breasts into place in the tiny cups.
Actually calling them cups is really giving them to much credit. They were
more like a nipple covering and that was all.

Still standing there by the waters edge she pushed the skinsuit down and
off her long shapely legs, standing there in nothing but the tiny top. Her
pussy was completely shaven and she had long thick pussy lips. She was also
pierced down there as well. Three hoops in fact one through her large
protruding clit and one through each lip. Damn my pussy was leaking for sure
now. She reached into her duffle again and came out with the bottoms to
match the top. It was just as small as the top. If I had to guess, I would
say it was only about 1-inch wide and 2-inches tall. It more or less went
inside her pussy lips instead of her pussy lips going inside of it! I felt
way over dressed in the small green bikini I was wearing. I was feeling like
a little schoolgirl with my first crush yet I knew I was almost old enough
to be her mother. She picked up her wake board and duffle then approached me
with her hand extended, "Hi there. I figured that since you watched me
undress and dress and that you are obviously turned on by me that I should
at least introduce myself. I am Erin and you are?" "Uh Brianna. I am
Brianna, I stammered. By the way, just how could you know I was turned on
anyway?" "That's easy," she said as she reached down and without hesitation
pushed her finger against the crotch of my bikini. I looked down at my light
green bikini and saw a very distinct dark green circle there. Erin had
continued rubbing my wet spot as she talked and then brought the wet finger
to her nose before slipping it into her mouth and sucking my juices from it.
It's a good thing we were the only two people on that small beach because I
reached down and slipped the crotch of my bikini aside and offered, "You
want a little bit better taste of it there sweetie?" This time she dipped
two fingers directly into my shaved pussy and instead of sticking them in
her mouth she shoved them into mine! Well its not like I have never tasted
my own pussy before but I decided she needed to taste it as well. So I stood
and grabbed her by her long brown ponytail and pulled her mouth to mine. Our
lips met in a long sensual kiss that lasted a few minutes. It ended with our
hands roaming each others bodies. Voices pulled us out of the moment and we
quickly grabbed our stuff and headed for my house, which was after all just
a few miles away from the river.

As we walked through the front door we were greeted warmly by my dog Sandy.
She is a 5-year-old golden lab. She immediately put her cold wet nose right
to Erin's pussy and sniffed her before taking a quick lick with her big
rough tongue. To my surprise Erin acted as if nothing was wrong and just
patted Sandy on the head as she sniffed and licked her through the bikini.
"I really like your dog Brianna, she is very friendly. Do you let her lick
your pussy?" "What? I exclaimed! Lick my pussy well that's just disgusting!"
Without responding to me Erin pulled out a kitchen chair and sat down
spreading her legs wide open and pulling her bikini aside, "Someone's been
teaching her how to lick pussy, she said as she spread her legs and Sandy
went right to licking her pussy. Well let me tell you everything in my mind
was saying how evil this scene in front of me was but my nipples were hard
and my pussy was wet from watching her. I thought for a split second that
the only other person who could possibly have taught Sandy that was my
14-year-old Zoe. But then I thought, no way Zoe was a good girl and
would never do anything like that. Erin was well on her way to and orgasm as
Sandy pushed her six-inch long tongue deeply into Erin's slit. I walked over
to her and leaned down and sucked one of her nipples through the thin
transparent bikini top. She moaned even more just before letting out a small
scream, which I quickly muffled with my mouth on hers. I didn't know what
was coming over me as I quickly pulled my bikini bottoms off and sat in a
chair next to Erin and watched as she finished. Erin pushed Sandy towards me
and Sandy instantly pushed her tongue into my pussy. Erin stood next to me
and started kissing me as she removed my top and the rest of her bikini as
well. We were now both naked as she started sucking on my nipples as I had
done to hers. I opened my eyes after a wave of pleasure washed over me and
was stunned to see Zoe sitting on the kitchen table right across from me
naked and fingering her own hairless pussy. Oh my god, I need to get the dog
and Erin off of me I thought. Then another wave of pleasure washed over me
and all thoughts of stopping them left. My eyes closed tightly as my orgasm
overcame me. Fuck I needed this. It had been way to long since I came like

As my pleasure subsided Zoe sat on my lap. Her firm C-cup breasts right
there at mouth level. I stared at it as she talked, "So I see you found
Sandy's hidden talent mom. She's really very good don't you think?" "Yes
dear she is probably the best pussy licker I've ever met." "You know mom I
was just thinking the same thing. I've never had a guy or a girl who could
lick me as well as Sandy does." Damn my little girl was just telling me that
not only is she sexually active but that she is bi-sexual and into
b********y as well. "Uh hello people?" "Oh yeah honey I want you to meet my
new friend Erin. She's actually the one who first discovered Sandy's taste
for pussy." Uh hello Erin." "By the way silly, I'm the one who really
discovered it, Zoe began, though I have to admit I helped her along. You see
mom one night after a bad date with Billy I came home and saw Sandy licking
herself and the thought struck me, could she lick me any better than Billy
could? Well I tried to get her to lick me but it didn't work until I poured
some maple syrup on it. Then she couldn't get enough of my pussy." "Wow
that's one hell of a story Zoe, Erin said." I was still staring at Zoe's tit
when I thought to my self, "Fuck it!" I dipped my head and sucked her big
nipple right into my mouth along with about half of her tit. She threw her
head back and closed her eyes moaning, "Yeah mom do it, suck my hard
nipples." Erin approached and began kissing Zoe while two of my fingers
found my little girls dripping wet pussy and entered it. When Erin broke
their kiss Zoe leaned to me and our lips met for the first time.

Zoe pulled me to the floor and with her on the bottom we fell into a sexy
mother/daughter i****t sixty-nine. I savored the young sweet flavor of her
pubesant pussy. Zoe pulled my hips down and tongue fucked my pussy. I felt
another tongue and knew it had to be Erin. She was licking my sensitive
rosebud getting it nice and wet before sliding a finger in. She finger
fucked my ass for a few minutes before stopping. I was enjoying the flavor
of my daughter's pussy when I felt pressure on my ass yet again. "Baby,
what's that sweetie? I asked Zoe." "Mom, Erin is about to fuck you in the
ass with a big ass strap-on dildo!" I never had a chance to reply because at
that very moment Erin lunged forward and my willing and ready not to mention
experienced ass took that dildo to the hilt. Zoe was exactly right; it was a
big ass dildo. My ass was filled more than it had ever been. I mean I had
had a lot of cocks and dildos in my ass but never one this big. You got to
admire a woman who carries a huge strap-on in her bag with her. I went back
to work on Zoe's sexy little hairless pussy in front of me and the whole
time was enjoying the fat jelly dong pistoning in and out of my tight
asshole. I was moaning into my daughter's pussy and she was moaning into
mine. I knew I was done when Zoe reached up and pinched my overly sensitive
nipples. My body stiffened and I went into climactic convulsions as the most
intense orgasm overtook me and overwhelmed every sense in my body except

This event started on a Friday and didn't end until Sunday night. Uh,
correction, it actually ended early Monday morning. My daughter Zoe and I
are now regular lovers. Erin visits and stays over with us frequently. Zoe
and I are learning to wake board now and we are going to adopt another dog
tomorrow. Erin's coming with us and this time we're looking for a male!

The End
Hottie Girl

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