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It was Saturday, very am. We had been out the night before and my mate had to go to work for 8. I could hardly be bothered to move, it had been a real heavy night. I was just glad it wasn’t me going to do a days work!

He went out and I got up for a drink, as I was going back to bed I noticed the tv on in his room. I went in to say good morning to his wife, Nikki. She was hung over too. We got talking so I sat on the edge of the bed for a while. She asked if I fancied watching a film or something. I said yeah, I could do with just lounging about for a bit. She started a dvd going and said for me to sit on the bed.

About ten minutes into the film I was getting cold so she said I could get into bed if I wanted. I got in and she snuggled up to me. I always feel horny the morning after and her cuddling up to me was having a big affect on my cock I tried to stop her noticing. She moved her hand and accidentally touched it. “Feeling a little tense this morning?” She giggled.

“Well what do you expect!” I replied.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Well cuddling up to me like that, and I can see down your top!” I replied.

“You shouldn’t be looking!” She joked.

“Why not, it’s a compliment!” I said. Our eyes locked for a couple of seconds before we kissed, I pushed her hand down onto my hard cock, then put my hand up her vest top groping her tits. She stroked my length as I pulled her top up to reveal her 34C assets. She broke off our kiss

“We shouldn’t, this is wrong” she said.

“Does it really matter its not like anyone will ever know” I replied.. She didn’t move. “If you don’t want to fuck me, stop me kissing you” I said then began kissing her. She kissed me deeply, stroking my cock.

I pulled her bed shorts down and she kicked them off then pulled her top off. I took this opportunity to get naked myself. We lay side by side facing each other, I coaxed her legs apart and gently ran my hand down her thigh making her flinch with anticipation. I gently ran my hand over her pussy and caressed her slit making her push her hips onto my hand.

She was wet by the time my fingers touched her hole, and they slipped inside with ease. She was stroking my cock urgently by now, her breathing was deep with excitement. I pushed her onto her back and she opened her legs offering herself to me.

I knelt between her legs and brushed my hard cock against her opening. She bucked her hips with anticipation.

“Do you want it?” I asked her.

“Yes” She replied.

“Ask for it then” I told her.

“Put it in me, please” she sighed. I allowed the tip of my cock to penetrate her making her gasp, slowly teasing her. “Oh god!” she panted.

I slowly sank it into her until I was fully in and then rested for a couple of seconds before I began thrusting into her. “How does that feel?” I asked her.

“Lovely!” she replied.

“Have you thought about us doing this before?” I asked.

“No, have you?” she replied.

“Yeah a couple of times” I replied. “When I saw you in your swimsuit that time we went swimming I thought yeah I’d give her one!”

“I’ve thought about it a couple of times, I was lying before” she said.

“Good” I replied. “Have you ever pleasured yourself thinking of me” I asked.

“That’s such a rude question!” She replied.

“You’re lying there with my dick up you, how much ruder can you get” She blushed.

“You have haven’t you!” I pried.

“Yes! Happy now?!” she said.

“Definitely. I’ve had a few good wanks over you” I told her.

“Really?” she said.

“Yes, I saw you changing one day, that was hot!” I told her.

“Oh my god! When?” she asked.

“About a month ago, you were getting ready to go out, I realised I could see you through the crack in the door” I said.

“What did you see?” She asked.

“You stripping to just a white thong, I was hoping you would take it off but you didn’t” I said.

“That’s so dirty, you shouldn’t spy on people” She said.

“It wasn’t people, it was you” I said thrusting into her hard making her gasp.

I lifted her hips and began pulling her onto my cock to get as deep as possible. That seemed to do it for her and she began breathing heavily and after a couple of minutes said “Oh my god I’m gonna cum!” With that she began tensing up as her orgasm hit her. As it subsided she said “That was amazing, I’m feeling so horny right now.” She pulled me out of her then knelt up and began sucking my cock, wanking me into her mouth. I couldn’t take much more

“You horny little cow, if you keep doing that for much longer you’re going to get your mouth filled” I told her. She stopped sucking but carried on wanking me.

“Am I really getting you off?” she asked.

“Are you k**ding, I was getting so close to spunking in your mouth” I answered.

“Am I ok at it?” she asked.

“Awesome!” I said.

“I’ll suck you off if you want?” She said.

“It is very nice” I said.

“Do you want me to swallow it for you? I’ll do it for you if it turns you on” she said.

“Yeah, I want to cum in your mouth” I replied. She pushed me onto my back the began sucking and wanking me.

“Tell me when you are going to cum” she said. After a few minutes I told her I was almost there. She stopped sucking, and just stroked me gently.

“Ask me nicely” She said. I noticed she was fingering herself as she was getting me off.

“Come on finish me off, please” I asked her.

“I’m not sure that I should” She teased.

“If you don’t I’m going to finish off over your face and cum in your hair” I warned her.

“That’s nasty!” she exclaimed in mock annoyance.

“Ok, I will but you’ve got to promise me a proper seeing to before the end of the day” she said. I agreed. She began sucking me again and in seconds I felt the burning in my balls.

“I’m gonna cum!” I told her

She sucked more urgently by way of reply and in seconds I was there, pumping her mouth full of hot white cream. There was too much for her to swallow in one go and it ran over her chin. It was a phenomenal feeling to empty my load in her mouth.

It wasn’t weird afterwards as I thought it might be, we spent the day hanging out. Then in the evening got ready to go to a house party being held at another friends house. After a couple of hours my mate had got himself so pissed up he passed out in one of the five bedrooms. I took this as my opportunity and as Nikki left the bathroom I pulled her into one of the larger bedrooms, locking the door behind us. I walked towards her and kissed her, cupping her breast through her top, then reaching down and beginning to unbutton her trousers. I pulled her trousers down slightly and she allowed them to fall to the floor. I then pulled at her top and she helped it off over her head. She deftly unzipped me and released my straining erection, slowly stroking me. She looked so hot standing there in her opaque black thong and black push up bra. I pulled her round and bent her over the bed before pulling her thong aside and placing the tip of my cock against her hole. She gasped with anticipation, then I eased my length into her wet puss. I reached forward and unclipped her bra, which fell onto the bed to give me free access to her swinging tits. She gasped with pleasure as I continued thrusting into her. I pulled out and pulled her thong to the floor, then laid her on her back on the bed before penetrating her again.

“You look so sexy right now!” I told her.

“No I don’t!” she replied coyly.

“I know that sooo many guys would disagree” I told her.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Loads of guys will have had mucky thoughts about you!” I said.

“Do you really think so?” She asked.

“Yes, why? Do you like the idea of guys having a good hard wank while they think about doing stuff to you?” I asked.

“Maybe” she replied.

“Is that yes or no?” I pressed her.

“Yes!” she exclaimed “Of course I think that’s horny!”

“Would you like to watch them wank off because of you?” I asked.

“God yess! But its not as though it would ever happen”

“I know there are two guys downstairs who would do it for you” I said

“No way” she replied.

“Ok, back in a sec” I said withdrawing from her and zipping my jeans up.

“You’re not serious!?” She exclaimed. I just smiled before taking her clothes with me to stop her dressing. I dumped them in the room where my u*********s friend was snoring.

I then went downstairs and found the 2 guys who I saw perving down Nikkis top earlier. I asked if they liked her. They agreed she was hot. I agreed and asked if they fancied seeing her naked. Their faces lit up, “The catch is you have to show your appreciation of her” I told them.

“How do you mean” they asked.

“I mean you have to have a wank, lets face it you will have one thinking about her when you get home, how about having one looking at her naked?” They both jumped. I made them both strip naked outside the door which they did in seconds. I walked in leading them, then locked the door behind us. Nikki was under the duvet, only her face was visible, she looked wide eyed with shock. The two guys had hard ons with anticipation already. I pulled the duvet off Nikki, leaving her laying there naked.

“What do you think guys?” I asked.

“She’s so hot” they both ventured.

Nikki was trying to cover her tits and puss with her hands. “Now come on, play nice, show them what they came to see!” I chided her. I then coaxed her hands away. The two guys stood next to the bed staring at her, slowly stroking themselves. I stripped off and Nikki began stroking my cock for me. I leant down, my face close to hers and whispered

“Well, is this hot or what?”

“I can’t believe its happening, it’s just a fantasy!” she replied.

“They want you Nikki, they want to fuck you” I told her.

“Don’t! I’m too turned on as it is !” She said.

“Come on guys, have a feel of her” I told the lads. They closed in and began pawing her naked body as they stroked themselves off. Turned her over onto her side so she was facing them both then lay behind her. I coaxed her legs open, resting my cock between her legs.

“Want me to fuck you in front of them?” I asked her.

“Oh god! Please!” She gasped. I eased my cock in again and began thrusting into her. The guys were groping her tits hard as they watched me shag her.. Nikki was moaning, clearly so turned on by what was happening now. I pulled out and encouraged her onto her hands and knees before penetrating her, the extra depth I could get was lovely. It was quite clear she approved too.

“Which one are you going to let fuck your mouth?” I asked her.

“Why would I do that?” she asked.

“When else are you going to get the opportunity to get it both ends at once?” I Said.

“I guess” she replied.

“So which one?” I pushed the point.

“Him, the one with the big cock” she said gesturing towards her, she took his cock in her mouth and began to suck. I continued thrusting into her from behind, getting harder and harder, pushing her mouth onto his cock, almost making her gag. His dick muffled her moans of delight as what she was doing got her off. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hang on forever seeing what was before me and was relieved as she shrieked and spasmed with her mouth full, muffling her cries. Knowing she had climaxed relaxed me, and seeing the other guy throw his head back with pleasure, trying desperately to keep control. She sucked harder making his body tighten as he began to fill her mouth with his load. She slurped and gagged as she attempted to swallow his mess and I began to fill her pussy with my load. I withdrew after I had finished, she lay on her back, cum dripping over her chin and from her wet puss. The second guy was about ready and stood groping her tits as he pumped his cock frantically before chucking his load over her prostrate form, aiming for her tits.

She lay there prostrate for a moment before the gravity of what had just happened hit her. “Please don't tell anyone about this!” She pleaded. “I love my husband and God knows what would happen if this got out!”

“It's fine, no one is going to tell, are they lads?” I reassured her.

“Of course not!” The two guys chorused.

“It's amazing that you let us do this, just want to say thanks! But no one will find out from us” One of the guys continued.

The lads got dressed and left and Nikki relaxed knowing her secret was safe, but feeling that the experience had whetted her appetite for more fun outside her marriage and this wouldn't be the last naughty experience she got herself involved in.

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