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Nothing much out of the ordinary had happened for a good few weeks beforeI went up to visit my Girlfriend, Anna for my birthday. When I opened the gift she gave me with a grin on here face I was surprised to find a blank VHS tape. My head swam as I imagined the possibility that she might have filmed herself doing some naughty stuff for me. She encouraged me to put it into the VCR straight away which I did and then sat next to me on the edge of the bed.

“I hope you like it!” she beamed. The tape flicked on and was just focused on Anna’s bed,

“Great!” I thought.

Then to my surprise her friend, Kay walked into the frame, she looked into the camera and said “Is it on?”

I heard Anna reply “Yes”

“Ok Annie wanted me to wish you a happy birthday and give you a special treat, So here you are I hope you enjoy your video” she grinned before lifting her top to reveal her bare tits.

“That didn’t take very long did it!” Kay giggled,

“Ok, I’ll do more” She lifted her top off over her head and cupped her tits

“I bet you like seeing these! I love the idea of your cock being so hard over my titties, next time you are here I might let you have a good feel, and you never know I might just let you spill your hot, white spunk over them. OK, that was hot! Even I’m horny now, I’m going to sort myself out!” she beamed and then the camera cut.

“What do you think?” Anna asked.

“Unbelievable!” I said almost speechless.

The video then sparked back into life and I saw another scene, I recognised as Anna’s bedroom.

I saw her come into view and she stood facing away and whipped her top off and then her skirt, leaving her in a black bra and g string.

“Want to see these?” she asked an unknown person.

“Fuck yes!” a male voice answered.

“Show me yours then” she said. I could hear rustling

“Mmm, very nice, now get on there” she said, gesturing at the bed. I saw straight away, it was her flatmate Rachel’s boyfriend.

“You dirty bitch!” I said to her. She just grinned and I turned back to the video.

She undid her bra and threw it aside “Well?” she asked him.

“Oh yes, you have fucking awesome tits” he replied, running his hand over his straining length, clearly unaware of the camera.

“So what now?” She purred.

“Come here” he said.

“No, tell me what you want to do, I want you to say it” She told him.

“I want to rip your knickers off so I can see your pussy, and I want to touch you all over, and taste your pussy. I want to feel your mouth around my cock and I want to put it inside you and fuck you hard and then cum everywhere” he enthused.

“Is that all!” she grinned. She walked over and gently trailed her fingers over his throbbing cock.

“Oh yeah, touch it!” he growled. He reached up and pawed her tits roughly. She climbed onto the bed and sat on his legs, and then began stroking him off gently. He began pulling at her knickers

“Come on, take them off!” he grunted. She stood up so she was standing over his chest and pulled her knickers off. As she lowered herself again she pushed her hips forward so her pussy was in his face.

“Can you see now!” she giggled. She ground down onto his face “You wanted to taste it, come on, lick it” she grunted. He licked her slit deeply,

“Do I taste better than Rach?” she gasped. “Come on I want to know, do I make you want to cum more than her?” she asked.

“God I want to spunk all over you!” he groaned.

“You ever seen her flick herself off?” she asked.

“She says she doesn’t do it” he replied more freely now she was sitting on his chest.

“She fucking does!” Anna replied as she began rubbing her clit. “What about you, does she wank you off enough?” She asked as she reached back and began stroking him off.

“No way, she leaves me horny far too often!” he complained.

“Well I’ll always take two minutes to get you off!” she purred. “What’s the matter” she asked him as he was biting his lip.

“Nothing, but god you get me off!” he pined.

“Do you want to cum?” she asked.

“God yes!” He answered.

She moved onto her back and positioned him between her legs before starting to jerk him hard, within seconds he was shooting his hot load over her stomach and tits. After he was done she started tidying up.

“Did you mean it about getting me off when I want?” he asked.

“Yeah, might just be a quick tug though, you won’t last long” She said.

“Awesome, how about tomorrow?” he asked.

“Whenever, just ask” she answered. Then the tape ended again.

“I thought you were going to let him fuck you then” I said to her.

“Wouldn’t you have minded?” she asked.

“No, you were being so naughty, it’s hot!” I answered.

"Erm, thats kind of a good thing actually" she stuttered.

"Why, you got someone in mind?" i asked.

"Er, no, it's just i got a bit drunk last Saturday and I ended up letting someone shag me" she said timidly, waiting for my reaction.

"No way!" i exclaimed.

"Tell me what happened" i ordered.

“We came back here for drinks, I wasn't planning to do anything, but he just you know, and I let him." she said.

"Oh my god, i wish i could watch that!" i exclaimed. She pulled an unmarked disk from the drawer and placed it in the player. The picture jumped into life with her fully clothed having her tits pawed through her top by a guy.

"So you were so drunk you let a guy shag you, but not so drunk you couldn't covertly film him giving it to you!" I exclaimed.

"I was worried you would be mad!" She replied. "I was so horny, I really needed it!" she gushed.

"Get your kit off you dirty bitch!" I ordered.

"I bought some new underwear for today" she grinned as she quickly stripped off down to a cream push up bra and see through thong.

"Very nice!" I admired as I groped her semi naked body. I stripped naked and encouraged her to stroke my bulging cock as I watched the guy on screen lick her now bare boobs.

"So tell me truthfully, is this the only time you have let another guy put his cock in you while you have been at university?" I asked.

She shook her head while buying her lip. coyly.

"Really? You really have been filthy haven’t you!" I replied.

"So how many times?" i asked. "Five" she winced.

"Five! All different guys?" i asked.

"No!" she replied.

"How many different guys?" i asked.

"Four" she replied.

"Ok, tell me what happened" I ordered.

“Ok, the first time, was kind of stupid, I went down for breakfast early one morning last year and Kay’s boyfriend got up soon after. We said 'Hi', but not much else, when he walked past me he just grabbed my boobs. I was stunned and he quickly put his hand up my top to get a good feel. I didn’t know what to do, so I just froze, he pushed his other hand down my bottoms to touch me and then made me turn around. He unzipped himself and eased my bottoms over my backside and pushed me forward slightly over the back of the sofa. I knew what he was doing, but to be honest the idea really turned me on so I just let him.” She said.

“Was it good?” I asked.

“Yep, but mostly ‘cause it was so naughty.” She replied.

“So did he do anything else?” I asked.

“No, I guess I didn’t expect him to, I knew he was just using me to get himself off” she answered.

“Didn’t he say anything?” I asked.

“He whispered in my ear a lot” she replied blushing slightly.

“What?” I asked.

“He just groaned and said dirty bitch, that he was going to empty his balls in me, stuff like that” she answered.

“Did he?” I asked.

“Yep, he was really quick” she replied.

“Then what happened?” I asked.

“He just said thanks, asked me not to tell anyone and then went and got into the shower.” She answered.

“Anything happen again?” I asked.

“The next time I saw him, I was cooking tea, Kay was sitting in the living room watching TV” She started.

“And..?” I asked excitedly.

“He whispered 'Thanks for the other day, It was awesome!' I just told him its OK” She said

“He asked if I would meet him so he can fuck me properly sometime? Then told me he could see down my top and how nice my tits are. He told me how horny I get him and he had a hard on from looking at my tits.” She explained. “He reached up and put his hand down my sweater to grope my boobs, I told him we can't, because his girlfriend was in the next room. He told me he just wanted a quick feel. After a few moments he unzipped himself and put my hand on his hard cock. I looked him in the eye and he just asked me to touch it for him. I started to tug him off and he started begging me to suck him off” Anna explained.

“Oh my God, did you suck his dick?” I quizzed.

“I was quite horny by then so I checked where Kay was, then knelt down and sucked him off” Anna confessed.

“Did he make a mess?” I asked.

“He begged me not to stop, so I didn't and then spat it in the sink” Anna said.

“Was that all?” I asked.

“I let him shag me again after that about 4 weeks ago” she said.

“Go on” I told her.

“He asked me to come into Kay’s room, it was a bit weird, he wanted to do it next to picture of Kay, I just let him get on with it” she said.

“What about the other two?” I asked.

“I met them on a night out, they came back for a drink and both had a go” she half grinned.

“So you pulled them and brought them back to give you one?” I asked, smiling back.

“I just got talking to them, I thought they both fancied me so I was flirting. I was a bit tipsy and all the flirting got me horny, so I thought if it happened, it happened.” She replied.

“So how did it happen exactly?” I asked.

“I was sitting on the sofa and one of the guys sat next to me. He turned and kissed me and then started feeling me up. He put his hand up my top, but I wasn’t sure what to do, so I pushed his hand away.” She started. “They just carried on and both had their cocks out. One of them asked which was my bedroom. I knew that was the point of no return, but I let them take me into my room and they stripped me before putting me on the bed. They both got condoms and put them on then were deciding who would fuck me first. They started taking turns fucking me and swapping so they could last longer” She told me .

“Did you enjoy as much as you thought?” I asked.

“Well I came twice while they were shagging me!” She exclaimed.

“What happened after they finished?” I asked.

“Well it was pretty late so I just let them stay until morning” Anna confessed.

“Did anything else happen?” I wondered.

“I woke up in the morning naked, I remembered the two guys were there and I felt a bit ashamed. I wanted them to go straight away but they wanted more. They were either side of me in bed and were both touching me. They didn't have another condom so I wouldn't let them fuck me, so one put his cock in my mouth while the other licked me and jerked himself off.” Anna said.

“Where did they cum?” I asked.

“One I was sucking cum in my mouth, the other one spunked on my tits” Anna replied.

“Mmmm naughty girl! Did you spit it out?” I asked.

“No, I just swallowed it this time” Anna answered.

“Was that all?” I enquired.

“Yeah they left after that” She said.

I was so turned on by what she had told me and I had been jerking off while we chatted. I was past ready to cum and had been stalling for quite some time.

“Let me finish in your mouth” I asked her.

She knelt down and took my twitching cock in her soft mouth and started to bob her head dutifully. It didn't take long before I was past the point of no return and I began pumping my load into her welcoming mouth. Once I had finished she let my cock fall from her lips and looked up at me giggling, showing me the cum she had collected in her mouth, then swallowing it and showing me the resultant empty mouth.

“You have been watching too much porn while you have been at Uni!” I laughed.

She jumped up pleased with herself and announced she was going for a shower before we went out.

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