The Initiation / page: 190 - Erotic story Collection

“Whoa, Cheri?”

You turn and look over your shoulder toward the slightly familiar voice coming from behind you. Your newly-styled hair cuts through the air and settles down on your bared shoulders, the straps of your sundress pulled down low. Through your sunglasses you spot from whom the voice came from, baritone and husky. He stands a few feet away, just outside of your personal space but advancing closer. He is older, more solid, and sexier than you remember but his name comes to your lips as the few nights you spent together in college fifteen years ago does to your mind and to other more intimate parts of your thick body.

“Thomas,” you say quickly, your heart skipping a beat. “I haven’t seen you in years. How are you?”

“I am great Cheri,” he intones, his voice lower and affected with a bit of a hoarseness you find intriguing. His voice now sounds more powerful, primal even and you wonder what else has time changed about that college boy. “You look incredible.”

You blush slightly but you know that he is not lying. You do look good. A few more than a few extra pounds but curvy is in again. Plus since becoming single again you have take care to dress sexy but not slutty, although you have a few slutty outfits in the closet at home for special occasions as well. As he steps closer you can see his eyes dip and look directly at your ample cleavage, the lacy edges of your bra just visible peeking from your low-cut blouse.

“Thank you Thomas. You were always so good with a compliment.” You give a quiet giggle and feel lightheaded. You reach out and place a hand on his strong shoulder. “Working out Tom?”

“I work out some Cheri. But the best workouts I ever had were in your dorm room,” he says with a smirk on his face. Two or three days worth of a beard cover his face and his eyes you remember as bright blue are hidden behind dark sunglasses. He wears a black leather jacket and jeans as well as black boots. His jacket has a name patched on it. It reads Tomcat.

“Tomcat?” You catting around?” You laugh to yourself at your little joke. Inside you hope he says that he is and that he wants you to come along. Although you have come to terms with being divorced and single life has been fun, it has been a few months since your last fling and you have been feeling like a new adventure for a while. A fling with an old lover could be that adventure you think looking Thomas up and down like a piece of well developed meat.

He picks up what is hidden inside of your head. “You like what you see eh? How about we get together tonight and revisit old times?” He nods his head, willing you to say yes.

You nod along with him, feeling a little shiver travel down your spine. “I would love to,” you say. “Should I met you or….”

“Give me your address, I will pick you up.” You give him your address without question. He puts the info into his phone. “Make sure you wear something comfortable, he says and leans in for a kiss that lasts for a long time and gets deeper and deeper. His chest presses into yours and your nipples grow hard and aching as his leather jacket rubs against your breasts. You feel your panties growing damp as your pussy grow hot. This is going to be a good evening you tell yourself as Thomas pulls away and gives you a look over his shoulder as he walks over to a large black motorcycle and straddles it. He thumbs the starter and is quickly away down the road.

You stop by the lingerie store on the way home and pick up a new pair of boyshorts since you know that cut makes your fat ass look amazing. “I’d fuck me,” you say to yourself as you look at yourself in the full length mirror in your bathroom at home. Your skin is warm and smooth after a long bath and smells lightly of bath oils. Your pussy is shaved bare and the outer lips of your vulva are moist in anticipation of what is to come. You fight the urge to touch yourself again like did in the bath and come once more. “Gotta save some for Tom,” you muse to yourself.

You hear a motorcycle pull up outside your house and rev a couple of times. You quickly throw on a newer dress and pull on some boots and head out the door. Thomas sits astride his bike, bandana on his head holding back his dark hair just beginning to be shot through with gray. He motions you to come sit behind him and you settle in behind him wrapping your arms around his torso. You can feel his muscles bunch under his jacket. He smells of leather and gas and something more earthy. You lay your cheek against his back and notice the design on the back of his jacket. It is a werewolf standing over a body lying in a field under a full moon. A patch with the word ‘prospect’ is sewn over the logo. You think to ask him about the jacket but Thomas speeds off and you lose your breath in the squeal of tires.

You speed down back roads taking curves as they rapidly approach moving together as one. Your pussy tingles as the vibrations from the bike reach into your core. You hold on tight and close your eyes as you head into the countryside. After about an hour, Thomas pulls into a small bar parking lot set back off of the back road. He stops the bike next to four others and puts down the kickstand. He steps off the bike and shakes out his hair. He smiles a crooked grin and helps you off the bike, his large hand on your ass. It feels like a blowtorch on your skin where he touches you. He walks you toward the door of the bar.

“I hope you don’t mind coming here. It belongs to some friends of mine.” You enter the dark bar and the low sound of delta blues and the smell of wood and leather assault your senses. When eyes adjust you see five men in werewolf jackets at the bar. Smoke rises from an untouched cigarette on the bar. A slightly built woman works behind the bar pouring whisky into a row of shot glasses. A large man with gray hair and huge permanently grease-stained hands stands up and says in a deep heavy-chested voice, “I see the prodigal son has returned and he has brought a very nice gift with him. Hello sweetness, you look good enough to eat.”

You blush at the words and look toward Thomas for comfort but his look is not all that comforting. “She is tasty Butch. In fact,I don’t remember a sweeter tasting pussy in my life. Tight ass too,” Thomas says as he smacks your ass hard.

You jump at the sound in the small room more than the slap itself. Things are not going the way you imagined….not as you fantasized in the bath beforehand. You feel hot and confused as Thomas grabs your hand and leads you to the felt covered pool table. He whispers in your ear as he pressed you against the table, “This, you, are my initiation into the club baby. I remember the stories you used to tell me back in the day when we were hooking up and I thought you were turned on by the wildest, sexiest, sluttiest stories. I paged through your diary once while you were in the shower and I read about your fantasies about being gangbanged. Well here is the change for us both to get what we want Cheri.” He pushed you back on the table and steps between your legs.

You are struggling to take it all in. You feel like you are not in control of your body as Thomas lays you down and steps between your trembling legs. You want to scream, to run but you cannot. You think at first that you fear for your safety if you act out but slowly it enters your brain that you want this. You want to be taken, you be dominated, to be controlled, You want Thomas to take you right here in front of his biker buddies. You want to rut in public, to have your breasts exposed, your pussy exposed, your ass for all to see. You want to please Thomas, to put on the best show ever seen by his buddies, to see their hardening cocks in their jeans. to see their stiff pricks leaking pre-cum as they circle your naked body wanting to place their manhood in your hot mouth, hotter cunt, and even hotter ass. To gasp as Thomas pulls off your boots and rips off your dress. Your new boyshorts are soaked through with your pungent juices. You lift your ass off the table and push down your panties yourself and wrap your legs around Thomas’ lower back pulling his turgid cock into your sopping pussy. He bottoms out in your hot pussy, his cock head pressing deeply into your cervix.

“Fuck me Tommy!” you yell at the top of your lungs as all the breath in you goes out of your body. You feel his naked cock spear into you over and over as his friends battle over the best spot for the show. They rub their cocks through their jeans and tell you what a hot slut you are. A man with a dark tan pulls out his dick and you reach for it with your hand pulling him close and placing his leaking cock in your wet mouth. He groans as you swallow his average-sized prick and explodes in your mouth within minutes. You swallow his hot seed and his now softening cock is replaced by another hard prick; this one larger. He is more aggressive than the first guy, his hand on the back of your head as he fucks your mouth.

Thomas is still pounding away at your liquid cunt, the sound wet and loud in the bar. You see and hear Thomas groan as the barmaid steps p behind him and begins to tongue his balls and your asshole as he slows his pace and takes long deep strokes. He is shaking and breathing deep along with you as the cock in your mouth twitches and empties another load of thick cum down your throat.

A third cock presents itself and you rub it all over your lips and slap the hard member against your cheeks. You smile a dirty smile and wrap your lips around his manhood and take it down to its root, holding it at the back of your throat. Your eyes water and your lungs burn as you keep his cock deep in your throat, your tongue lapping at his balls. You feel around and under his balls and slid one finger into his ass. He shakes and sprays a huge load of cum down your throat as you swallow it all like the cum-hungry slut you are. You love the feeling of being the center of all this lust, of all this sexual energy. This is who you are, who you were meant to be. There is no judgment here; only tangled limbs,lust, and a****lism.

Thomas shudders and takes three deep, fast strokes and cums inside of your sore pussy. He always had stamina and this public display did not change that. His still hard cock pulls out of your pussy and you feel his hot seed leak from your battered lips and slide down your ass. The barmaid quickly dives in and laps and sucks the fresh semem from you. You lay back with one hand on the top of her head grinding her face into your center while pinching your nipples with the other hand. You come for the fourth or fifth time as she gapes your pussy open to get at the cum inside.

When she pulls away, her face covered in your’s and Thomas’ juices, Butch steps between your legs. He holds in hands the biggest cock you have ever seen in real life. It is red, pulsating with blood as he slaps your exposed clit repeatedly with his turgid member. You nearly jump off the table with each blow, pleasure and pain in each touch. He places the huge head at your opening and teases you by sliding it up and down your engorged lips. You growl at his teasing, wanting all of that massive cock in your well-fucked cunt. He laughs and rubs the wet head over your asshole. While you enjoy a good ass fuck on occasion, you have never had a cock that size in your pussy let alone your ass.

Butch looks you in the eye never taking his gaze from you as he slowly presses his cock head into your tight ass. You feel faint and breathing become difficult as you hold your breath awaiting the **** of your asshole by that huge cock. All of a sudden, Butch pulls back and rams his dick into your sopping pussy.

You gasp aloud as you are filled like never before. Well almost never before but that fisting your roommate in college gave you one drunken night was a long time ago. You feel your tissues stretch, your pussy sleeving tight around his shaft. You cum like never before in front of a room of strangers and you do not care. All that matters is that you wring every bit of pleasure out of this experience and you do, waves of pleasure passing through your body like never before.

You see Butch pull out of your cunt with a loud slurp and stroke his cock three time sending ropes of hot cum all over your body, your curves covered with seed. You rub the hot liquid into your aching breasts and shudder with post-orgasm spasms. You close your eyes, hear the sharp intake of breath, the smell of sex and cum and think to yourself, “I could get used to this.”

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