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Coupling Siblings

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Ishant could never forget the night, he started getting hot about his sister, Kalpna. They were standing with her back to him, when she started moving back, held his hands and put them softly on her sensitive, hurting; swollen but still lax tits. She was moaning and guiding his hands to go all around those mounds of meat topped with larger than normal nipples. Ishant felt the nipples quite robotically and made her suck her breath as he rolled the nipples between his fingers, making them still firmer and perky; making her feel so good in her pussy. She was repeating for her brother to keep it up as she felt deeper and deeper tingle in her pussy making her dazed and just not knowing how could the nipples give a tingle in her pussy. She wanted to ask her elder brother about, how the wiring worked but then kept shut, thinking, he neither had the tits like her, nor nipples as big and most of all he did not have a pussy. She guessed, he would say; he did not know. How utterly false or out rightly wrong she could be but that’s what she thought.

Her hand came back and felt her brother’s cock extending and growing to poke in her slow moving butt crack to feel it more and more intruding. Her breathing was growing harder every second. She was thinking about her brother getting an erection over her. Oh God! Was that ok? She was also liking and enjoying, him having the hard on, making her slit feel wet and shaky. She was not his just a pest anymore, she was contemplating, planning something special for her elder brother. She wanted more of his attention, his male attention and was sure to get it.

Ishant had always taken his younger sister as a pest, just an unpleasant, spoiled person but now growing up, her tits and nice round ass was a major attraction for him. He suddenly realized that whenever she came to his room, she was always in a mood to talk about sex. She had told Ishant that for no reason, dad had not signed the consent form and she was not allowed to sit in the sex education classes. She had no clue, WTF went wrong when one day she saw blood inside her panties and came very worried to her brother for advice. She told him that she had not had sex but still there was blood coming out. Ishant was disappointed to find her still virgin and spent some time with her explaining masturbation, clit, G spot, bleeding; when and why. She was open and honest to tell that she did not know much but that rubbing her small slit was a lot of fun and felt very good including the nipples for producing special sensations and stimulations.

Next morning, she was extra thankful, putting arms around his neck, kissing his neck and admitting that she had a very good time last night playing with herself. “Oh brother” she said, “You are a boy and you cannot imagine or feel what I felt”. She was told that the boys had their own feelings to enjoy in their own ways, which Ishant was getting plenty right then and she insisted to know about boy’s stuff and in detail.

Ishant had a feeling that Kalpna’s tits were growing bigger every day and even the curves of her waist and hips were grabbing his attention. Kalpna was also becoming cunning and noticing his attention to her body. Was she a teaser or what? Almost every night after mom and dad would go in their bedroom, she would walk into Ishant’s room wearing skimpy night dress; showing her body at late hours.

Now as she knew that her brother was liking her body, she was not just a pest but a pure and simple whore, coming behind the chair of his computer desk and put her arms around his neck and start massaging gently but very suggestive and sexy way. It was one of those night when she caught her brother off guard and whispered for him to feel her big tits as she backed into him. After a while, as they took a seat on the bed; she told Ishant that finally she had sex for the first time and it was very painful and ended very quickly and then the boy left without even saying a word to her. Ishant had to sit her down once again and explain about the guys who did not understand the girls, their pussies or the process of fucking, very well. She laid her head on his lightly hairy chest for comfort and soothing effect to her pussy hurting after some guy just broke her seal fast and instead of making love to her, just tore her open, germinated her with his sperm and quit.

Ishant’s cock was coming to life as it extended and probed in her side. Kalpna was also heating up, her face and body were feeling sexy currents go from him to her and then jump back to him; back and forth, back and forth. Then slowly, she pushed him backwards to fall on his back and crawled on top of him, his boner standing right in the middle of his thighs like a huge steeple of meat. Ishant held her lovingly and told her that the next guy would not be as stupid hopefully and fuck her the way she deserved. His arms were just wrapped around her almost involuntarily as she had started kissing him on his neck mostly. Although they were both clothed, she used her feet to spread his legs and threw herself, pronging her pussy on his hard flag staff. Ishant had a hint of feeling her sweet ass as she writhed there. He felt as if she were to bite his ear when she came that close and whispered that mom and dad both shall be away from tomorrow for the whole weekend and also begged him to show her, what a really good sex was all about.

Ishant was lip locked but had a lot of double thoughts in his mind when he said that her next boyfriend would do that more aptly but of course they can practice a little explaining that she has to make the guy work her to heat up and also make sure to not let him pile drive from the get go but to take it all slowly. That was when she came back, bluntly saying if that was the way, he did it to his girls; shamelessly. Ishant only answered that tomorrow night, once the parents will be gone and they will have the privacy; he will show and tell some things; his single eyed dragon was straight up between her nightgown legs and Kalpna not shying to rub herself on it.

With his robe tented high, Ishant was ready to fuck her right at that moment but felt more right for tomorrow night when he reminded her about tomorrow, pushing her off him. “Why not right now”, she whispered; making it even more difficult to resist but he knew the parents were only 2 doors away.

Both siblings, waved the parents ‘good bye’ at the door and soon as they closed the door, they started touching each other. Ishant shoved his finger down her tiny shorts, into her little pussy while she went straight for his balls and both giggled loud. “You are a bad girl”, said Ishant. “As if you were a saint”, Kalpna gave the answer. She held brother Ishant’s hand on her bare pussy and moved it up and down slowly while he reached under sister Kalpna’s blouse and brazier to feel those awesome looking tits. Kalpna sighed and broke away to run upstairs while Ishant looked at those sweet, wiggly ass buns from behind.

She moaned and then, slowly started taking off her blouse, tossing it at her brother, then the bra, hiding her tits behind it. Finally, slipping down her tiny shorts and playing peek a boo with her slit. The sexy bitch for a little sister was now sexually teasing her brother. Ishant wondered; what the fuck went wrong with his little bitch. She was nothing but a sex machine, enticing him to fuck her. Soon as she disappeared and perhaps went to her room, Ishant decided to go upstairs too. As he entered his room, mother fucker! On his bed were his Kalpna’s panties, laid nicely on the pillow. Ishant picked it up and felt the dampness in the crotch area. The bitch had got fucked only once as she told him and that too not properly but she was already turning into a nympho. She deserved to be fucked hard; he thought loudly.

She came to Ishant’s room as he sat on his computer chair. He told her that tonight he will talk to her about the girl / boy paraphernalia. “I will show you the things, boys like and try to teach you, what girls can do to turn a boy on”. Ishant said and she giggled saying that she was a very slow learner and he might as well get ready to show and repeat it over multiple times. Ishant got the legit of her talk and turned but she was fast to get away. It was getting enormously impossible; not to fuck her as she knew all the right buttons to push, making him go crazy for her. “What a shame, she was a perfect fuck but did not have a boyfriend to carry her on his sexy cock and fuck her good; the way she deserved”. He thought. Kalpana was surely more attractive and sexier than Ishant’s girlfriend and she was also using this fact for her advantage, making it impossible to resist. Even if he wanted not to see her sexy body and closed his eyes; her puffy nipples were always on his face making him suck them so bad. The smell from her Coonie; the tight little slit emitted an odor, a fresh clean aroma to turn any man into an a****l. She truly had a beautiful looking perfectly fuck able slit in front of his eyes even when he was sleeping. It was increasingly difficult, not to fuck her even if he did not want to. Ishant would have loved to fuck her hard and deep making her cooze all sore and destroyed, while she moaned loud and enjoyed her orgasms again and again. He gave no fucking shit to all of the ‘do nots’ to do with a sister.

Ishant was not alone. Kalpna was also almost sure that she will get to fuck with her brother tonight. She wanted him to fuck her. He knew all the right things to do to the girls and she could make him boil, losing all his brotherly senses and have sex with her. The time will come when her boyfriends will fuck her the way she should be but now it was time for her brother to do the deed. She wanted to have her brother’s cock in her through her pussy, no more dreaming, no more wishing but real hard porn style home made fucking with no rules, no restrictions, no out of bounds or any other crap. Her heart crying, ‘please brother, help! Fuck me, show me the correct fucking way. My very dear brother please, please.

She had decided, came back to his room and took him to her room. Standing face to face, arms around each other, feeling each other. Her hips and ass were warm, his lips and broad chest were smooth and throbbing; they kept going. Ishant feeling her tits and nipples, Kalpna feeling his cock and balls. With closed eyes, they both stepped in heaven as girlfriend and boyfriend. Both trying their best to make other hot. Starting with a soft lip to lip kissing; letting it grow into hot tongue kissing, slowly, gradually as a new boat is lowered into the water. Next her; gently pushing her swollen, engorged pussy onto his hard on, carefully as the bricks are laid, making sure the wall would go up straight. Hearts banging away together.

Ishant’s big cock sticking straight out, making it impossible for her to push her pussy slightly and gently on to it. She opened her robe and took the thick anaconda between her legs making Ishant feel the warmth and wetness of her cunt as she moved back and forth on it slowly. Pussy sliding over the cock teeter totter; a no nonsense, heavenly pleasure. Her tits pressing into him, her nipples piercing into him, they dropped on the king sized bed. Her under him, kissing still going on. Robes thrown apart, Ishant laying naked on top of his naked sister Kalpna. What a fucking shameless, brazen scene to cherish. Ishant’s cock helped itself to her cunt entrance, her legs spreading more and more automatically. The tightest pussy ever made, the sweetest wrapping for Ishant’s cock; moving in deep, backing out and moving in again deeper this time. Kalpna moaning, short, quiet moans, her eyes closed, a bit of white is seen in her eyes, her arms around his neck, keeping the kiss to go on. Slowly a true and steady fucking motion was in progress. Sister’s pussy for brother’s cock; ultimate pussy for decisive cock for sure. Both feeling the warmth, the sweetness, joy of true sibling love at its peak as it was meant to be and should be. A sister’s pussy, the best fit for a brother’s hard thick cock.

Ishant and Kalpna had finally discovered the truth. They knew, it would be good but could it be so much over the top; sure yes, only for those brothers who dare to step out of the box and take their sisters as their practice pussies. Kalpna’s pussy feeling a familiar tingle, jolts of pressure as brotherly cock slides in and out of her depth. Ishant’s finger flicking her clitoris in synch with each stroke of his thick cock. Something started to build, surge, soar and rising to come up from Kalpna’s couchie cooch. It began to ingest, demolish Ishant’s fucking abilities. Still coming up, up. Ooooungh, Ounghhh, Yeah, Godohgodohgodohahhhh.

Ishant felt her orgasmic wrench tightening on his pipes, taking over her and his body. He released a stream of his natural juices to mix with her brew. She moaning with each bursting flow and he producing a painful sigh jumping out with each squirt. Endless hot fucking till the very last drop. Both brother and sister; completely out of breath, still holding each other tight for life. Him still thrusting as her pussy squeezed his limping muscle, her pussy squirming so intense, some more and more. Ishant’s balls totally dry but the pumping continued awesome, hurting, splendid, aching, grand and desired.

More fucking done during the night, pussy in bad shape, damaged, destroyed; cock in awe and pain, balls sore and shrunk like prunes. Early morning hours in the bathroom, under warm shower. Bodies fucked, souls still in need for a total commitment. Hands spreading over the soapy slick bodies, exciting and sex provoking. Remembering the most essential, cock sucking and pussy licking missed almost inadvertently but under extreme desire of first sibling coupling.

Ishant explained it to Kalpna and she remembering it too. All her classmate girls always talking of taking the boys cocks in their mouths, licking their balls, sucking gently and then increasing the pressure to be felt in the balls, finally making the boys to ejaculate in their mouths. Most liked the act and did it happily. Some loved the taste, some enjoyed the texture and the hot sizzling burning feeling in the nostrils while swallowing. Kalpna’s pussy was in as much daze as she herself, begging for some rest and promising more elaborate and complete sessions during the day all day and coming night too.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan May 1, 2019.

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