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A week later, talking with Carlos, my 'field supervisor' over the lawn and landscaping crew I ran, came up to me and said, in confidential tone of voice: "I think I have another young hombre' for you, Senior.' " He gave a faint smile, and tilted his head in the direction of yet another young Latino guy, who had recently begun to work for my crew.

"His name is Manuel," Carlos said, as we both glanced over at where Manuel was getting a leaf blower off the back of the trailer. "He's from Nicaragua. He's 22. Married, but his wife and son are back in Nicaragua. He was saying to me the other day that he really needs more money! His wife keeps after him to send her more money. She's also pregnant. Again. And he's worried about the cost of yet another mouth to feed. He's nice. He doesn't drink or smoke like the rest of these guys do. He's also very Catholic! You know what I mean?"

"I get it," I replied.

"But," Carlos said, "he's desperate to make some more money to send home! So, good Catholic, or not, I think he' what you like to do. You know? For the money, that is! Besides," he added with that curious smirk, or smile he could often flash, he's lonely! He's HORNY!"

"Thank you, Carlos," I replied. "You have always been very helpful to me in these matters; and I know that you probably don't like what it is I do, still, you help me out anyway." I took out my wallet, and handed him a little extra cash for the tip he'd just given me about the young Manuel! Then I added: "Have you told him about me; about what I like?"

"No, Seniour, I have not. Do you wish for me to do so?"

"Please do," I replied. "Ask him if he could come by the shop later on tonight; after work; and I'll give him fifty dollars. Also, as usual, make sure he knows I do not consider him to be gay! Okay? Tell him that this is precisely what I like! Tell him that he can regard me as Queer as he likes. I don't care one way or the other about that. All I'm after is..." I paused for a second as Manuel walked past Carlos and I with the weed trimmer in hand, "...well, you know."

"See, Senior. I understand perfectly; and, thank you for the extra cash! Much appreciated!"

"Your a good man, Carlos."

Later in the day, my phone buzzed. It was Carlos. He was calling to tell me that the young Manuel would be interested in making some extra pay. "Like I said earlier," Carlos said, "he really needs the money. He says he's not Queer, but, it you pay him the $50.00, he'll do what it is your interested in. Okay?"

"That's great, Carlos," I said feeling suddenly excited. "Can he come back to the shop later today?"

"See, I will drop him off after everyone else is gone home, but you will need to give him a ride back to where he is staying after words."

"Not a problem," I replied. "That will be just fine. Thanks, Carlos. I really do appreciate this! I mean that."

As always, when Manuel got to the shop (no one was there now except for me), he was very nervous acting. I didn't push anything on him too fast. From what I knew, he had never had sex with another man before (being a rather dangerous undertaking where he had come from), so instead, we had a beer together, so he could relax a bit more.

Interestingly, Manuel understood English better than I thought he might, so, though he couldn't speak it very well, he could nod to the things he did understand, and that helped.

"Did Carlos tell you that I do not regard you as gay?" I asked him, as we sipped our cold Corona's.

He nodded in the affirmative at that.

"Good," I said. "I'm gay," I went on to say, "but I definitely do not think of you as that. Okay? In fact, it is because you are NOT gay that I want the way I do."

He nodded that he understood at least most of what I was saying.

"I know you're married, Manuel; and that you have a c***d with your wife. I have no intentions of breaking up your marriage. Do you understand?"

He nodded once again that he was getting at least the gist of my words.

"Good! Good. All I'm after" I said, "all I want from you, is to suck your cock, and, when the time comes, to have your seed! Do you understand that?"

He blushed ever so slightly as he thought over my words, but he nodded that he understood me.

At that point, even though I hadn't asked him if he'd actually let me do that with him, I handed him the $50.00 in cash.

He looked at it, and then up at me.

"May I," I asked, "suck your cock? Will you let me do that?"

A moment passed where I began to think that he was going to refuse me after all, and had he, I would let him keep the $50.00 anyway! In a way, he'd already 'earned' it simply by dropping by the shop! I studied his face intently, but then, suddenly, he shoved the cash into his jeans pocket, and stood up---and, as he did, he began unzipping the fly to his work jeans, and within a matter of a few seconds, he had his cock and balls out in the open light, that filtered in through the grimy, east-facing windows. He had, I was so excited to see, a really fantastic cock, and a very ample sized set of balls! As a c***d, someone had him circumcised, and whoever had done so, had done a magnificent job of it; and his fantastic, perfectly shaped cock head had that beautifully sleek, almost aerodynamic glans, that, of course, was perfect for sliding deep into a woman's vagina (but also, for me, into an eager, greedy, and cock-hungry gringo Queer's mouth! 

"What a beautiful specimen of manhood," I said, gazing at his cock. "May I?" I asked him, indicating could I touch it; and he nodded yes.

I stood there for a few moments, in silence, as I stroked his cock shaft; which, pleasing me very much, began to grow thicker, and more erect!

It never ceased to amaze me how even diehard heterosexual guys (even generally homophobic guys) enjoyed having another guy at least fondle their cocks for a while! It had nothing to do with them being gay, either! What it had to do with was the simple, automatic physical response to touch; any touch! I'd sucked off so many 'straight' guys in my life, that the fuss about gay, or not gay, seemed a pointless worry. A good, satisfying blow job, was something any guy loved, straight, or gay, it didn't matter!

"Your wife, is a very lucky lady, Manuel," I said, stroking his erection, and looking up into his large, brown eyes at the same time; and he said: "Gracias." That was it. That was all that actually needed to be said! "Your wife will never know about any of this, Manuel. So, relax. Enjoy. Let this gringo Queer relieve you of a little of that delicious Latin cum I know you've brought with here. Okay?"

He nodded. He even smiled faintly, and I thought that was a good sign. A very good sign!

Then, after I'd fondled and stroked Manuel's beautiful, dark brown cock, I knelt down on the shop floor, and began to lick, to kiss, and eventually suck his cock as if (and this was the way it always was with me) there might never be another opportunity to enjoy a cock!

As I felt my mouth around Manuel's fabulous cock head and upper shaft, I went into a kind of urgent frenzy, and I gave that young man the best blow job I could possible provide him! I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and it soon seemed as if he was enjoying it as well; and this inspired me to even greater effort! When he came, I wanted him to WANT to come; and I wanted him to WANT me to have that big load of cum! I wanted him, in other words, to fuck my mouth as he would have fucked his young wife back home!

I think I at least partly succeeded in this, because when Manuel eventually ejaculated, the load was a truly massive one, and as he came (and came, and came!), he held on to my head as he drove his cock in and out of his mouth; and the look on his face was that unmistakable look of utter pleasure; and that, almost more than the load itself, pleased me very much!

When his orgasm was complete, I held his cock in my mouth for several more moments, and then, somewhat reluctantly, I let it slip out. I'd already swallowed every drop of the cum he'd turned loose of.

I remained kneeling there on the floor, and looked up into Manuel's face. I smiled. "That," I said, giving him the thumbs-up sign, "was grande'! Mucho grande'!!" I licked my lips in a display of savoring his cum.

"See," he said. "Gracious!"

"My pleasure, Manuel!" I gave his cock head a quick kiss, and then I stood up and took a couple of steps back so that he could zip up.

I watched him zip up, smiling as I did. Things could not have worked out any better!

After he'd zipped up his fly, he made a brief sign-of-the-cross, that Catholics do. Was he asking for forgiveness because of the 'sin' he had just committed? Perhaps. Or, perhaps he was thanking God for the chance to make some more money for his wife and c***d?! Both were likely. Either way, I had his cum in me now!

When I drove Manuel back to where he was living, and as I had with all the other young Latino stud's I'd drained of their cum, I let him out several blocks away. As I slowed to a stop, I gave Manuel's upper thigh a brief pat of affection.

"Gracious, Manuel," I said, and he nodded his understanding 

He walked away into growing darkness of late summer. Then I turned the pick up truck around and headed home. I knew that if it worked out, I would love to have that young cock in my mouth once again! Only time would tell, though.

The End

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