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He is naked before me. His gym toned body is tan and beautiful. I love to see his muscles work. They writhe like ropes under his warm and smooth skin. His green eyes meet mine. He cannot contain his smile. I love turning him on.

I am in a black thong. He loves the way is accents my ass and hips. I am dancing for him to Pink's "Get this party started." The beat is intoxicating.

He comes to me. I wrap my arms around his neck and we kiss. His penis is hot and hard against my body. Our tongues are wet and explore each other's mouth in lusty probes. His hands run up and down my body. I love his touch.

He grabs my thong and slides it down my body. My penis is achingly hard. He takes it in to his expert mouth. I shiver. His mouth is warm and wet. His muscular tongue slides all over my dick. I run my fingers through his hair. He cups my cum swollen balls as he sucks my cock so well. His hands reach around and squeeze my naked ass. He has such strong and confident hands!

His raises to his feet and consumes me in another kiss. I delight in his strong warm body. I feel so fragile compared to him. I feel so sexy knowing I will drive this beautiful sexy creature crazy with lust and desire. I will make him orgasm and he will pump and spill his seed deep in my body.

I drop to my knees. I smell his beautiful organ. I love the smell of his penis. There is a sexy musky soap clean smell around his genitals. I begin with his large hairy balls. I lick them with broad, bold stokes. "Oh yeah!" he purrs, putting his hands on his hips. I service my man. I take one of his large testicles in to my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the semen filled orb.

I lick up his massive shaft. My tongue and lips trace the thick veins that carry to hot blood of passion to his cock. I kiss it. I squeeze it. I slap it against my face. "My bitch likes to be dick slapped huh?" he says looking down at me with his light green eyes. I smile at him. He knows the answer.

I take in his large mushroom shaped head. I let my lips enjoy the soft ridge where the head meets his engorged shaft. My tongue circles him. "Hmmm" he moans. I take more of him in my mouth. I suck hard and massage the thick shaft with my tongue.

His cock is truly beautiful. It is a manly 8 inches. Have you seen 8 inches? It is very impressive. More impressive is how thick it is. My thumb and index finger cannot surround his shaft. It must be 2 inches in diameter. I k** him that he must get light headed trying to fill that monster. He is very proud of his penis. He really knows how to use it too! The shaft expands about an inch from his cock head. It is about as thick there as my wrist. This, I imagine, is what massages my prostrate and sends me in to euphoria. Veins rope their way around this wonder like rivers coursing hot lust. The head is like a mushroom, or one of those WWII German helmets.

I am very lucky to have found such a lover. When we first made love I thought I would not want him to fuck me. I could hardly get him in my mouth and I could not imagine being impaled by that b**st. How wrong I was! He is an expert. He makes me cum.

I have been seeing him for half of my life. Once a week. Every week. Now I can deep throat him and I cannot wait to have him fill me with his hot, hard, sexy, penis. I am such a cock whore!

I slobber all over his shaft, to lubricate it for my throat. I am the only lover he has had that can take all his meat. He sits on the couch. He knows what is coming. I position his cock so it, and my throat, are aligned. I breath on my lover's dick. I make him wait and build anticipation. I flatten my tongue. I ease the head in to my mouth. Then release it. I take the head and the wide part of his shaft in to my mouth. I release again.

He is moaning and groaning. He professes his love for my skills. I am pleasuring this beautiful man. I slide his cock until it reaches the back of my throat. I let rest in my mouth. I prepare myself and relax. With more pressure, his penis enters and expands my throat. I feel it hot, wet, and hard in me. I push further and my nose meets his dark pubic hair. A little more and my nose touches his warm body.

"Fuu uu uck!" he moans. I move my head side to side. I feel him move in my throat. I ease him out of my throat to catch a much needed breath. I slid him in again. And again. And again.

I take him out of my mouth. This is his favorite part. I hyperventilate. He scoots forward on the couch. I put my hands on his naked body. This is his cue. He grabs my hair in one hand while the other guides his cock in to my open mouth. He slides his big beauty deep in to my throat. With both hands gripping my head he begins fucking my mouth. His body pounds in to my face. His cock reams my throat. "Yeah Yeah Yeah" he shouts with each thrust.

I squeeze his leg to let him know I need air. He beats my face with his slobber covered dick while I hyperventilate for another round. The dull thud of his fat cock resonates through my head. My face is wet from my own saliva. I open my mouth. He fucks me ferociously. "Yes! You slut! Take that cock! Take it! Take it! Take it!" he shouts as he violates me. I love it.

He stops short of cuming. We are both out of breath.

Now it is my turn.

I am on my knees. My cheek rests on the blanket he uses to cover the floor. My hands spread my cheeks so he my see my anus. He loves to see my asshole and cheeks spread before him. It is my offering.

I feel so submissive. He excites me and inspires me. He makes me feel sexy and voraciously desired. He makes me beg for his hardness.

I want him inside me. I want to envelope his hardness. I want to be one with him. His desire feeds my fantasy. My body craves him.

Behind me his is on one knee. This is the way he always enters me. He gets down on his left knee so he can enter me from a more downward angle. It is very comfortable for me. He never jams it in. He makes love to me. When I need to be fucked hard, I usually have him sit on the couch so I can bounce on his wonderful penis. Today, I crave his love making skills.

I feel his head align with my hole, soft and slick. I love this moment. I love being entered for the first time during our sessions. He loves my ass and hips. He takes his time.

I feel pressure on my love hole. I close my eyes and yield to the anal sensations that intoxicate me. I feel pressure, then release, then pressure, then release. This is the anguishing pleasure with which he enters me. He moves forward and parts my tight hole a little more. He loves to tease me. I love to be teased.

My body aches for him. My anus stretches to allow his thick cock in to my body. I moan. The ritual is delicious. I savor every moment. A thousand times I whisper my submission to him, my love for his cock, my surrender to his skills, my desire to get him off. I give my body to him.

I feel his head pass my muscular anus. It rests just with in my ass. He waits. My sphincter hugs his welcome hardness and my bowels call for his length. I savor the feel of masculine penetration. It is wonderful to receive.

I feel him slide forward. My anus sends shivering pleasure through my body. My heart beats like a drum welcoming the King. "Take your throne" I think. He slides forward and back in small, ever deeper, slow penetrations. His girth fills me as nothing else in life can. He fills my void. I marvel at the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that come from having a sexy man take me. Sweet surrender.

I have been on the other side many times. I have had beautiful boys with round bottoms and skinny waists below me. I have enjoyed the sexy taper from broad shoulders and back to narrow waist. I have rubbed my hands on their lightly haired cheeks. I have seen them tremble and know what shakes them. I have watched my cock slide in to their tight and hot holes. I have felt their sphincter around my dick, muscular, hot, and smooth. I have mercilessly fucked them and wondered how they could take all of me in to their bowels and beg for more. I like watching my cock invade them. I like to rest deep in them and feel like we are one. I have cum in their ass, screaming as I shot my hot seed in to their bodies, marking them as my conquered lovers.

Even so, nothing satisfies me like a hard, long, and thick cock in my ass. Nothing satisfies me like surrendering to the a****l lust of a man determined to fuck and cum in me. I love to feel his power and desire. I love to carry his seed in my body. His penis is more than a sexual organ. It is the physical and hard manifestation of his lust and desire. I want it in me.

I feel his body meet mine. I have all my lover's cock inside me. He exhales "I love your tight little fuck hole baby." "Your cock feels so good lover. Never leave my ass" I reply. He draws his massive member out of my ass. My ass feels like the strings of a violin and his cock is the bow. Sweet melodic lines of pleasure play through my body. My cock aches as my prostrate is massaged by his beautiful cock. "Oh lover" I moan as he pushes forward.

Slowly he continues his deep penetrations and slow withdrawals. I know he is feeling me out. I want to pleasure his cock. I bear down as he enters and clench tight as he exits.

Suddenly he jams his cock up my ass. "Ha!" I scream. My heart races and my face flushes hot with excitement. His power turns me on. I am so excited to be fucked by him. His meat invades me with delicious brute force. I am his slut.

He laughs as he rests his huge cock deep in my ass.

"You like that, don't you?" he states.

"Yes" I answer unnecessarily.

"You want me to pound your ass with my big hard dick don't you?"

"Yes. I do"

"That's my ass, isn't it?"

"Its all yours"

"And you are my little bitch aren't you?"

"You know I am"

"Well, bitch, I am going to fuck you and get myself off. You are going to love it. You are going to beg for more and more. I am going to pound your sexy little whore body and make you see what a slut you are."


"I am going to use you and abuse you however I want. It is my ass."

"My ass is yours lover"

With that he spanks my ass. The sting radiates and tingles through my body. The tingles fade and are replace with a warm feeling where is hand slapped my cheek. He grabs my hips and begins his assault. He pulls out slowly and rams his cock to the hilt in one abrupt movement. He grunts with each thrust. Our bodies slam together with masculine determination. His big beautiful cock is so wonderfully deep in my body.

I feel his penis exit my ass. I feel a great void and sadness to have his hardness leave me. "Ooo yeah!" he says as he slides his thick and long cock in to my body slowly. He fills me. I am euphoric. I can feel his thickly veined shaft slip through my anus. I shiver in delight. It rubs my prostrate and semen oozes from my cock in drooling webs.

I feel my labored heartbeat in my chest and cock. I raise up on my hands and thrust back against him. He is motionless as I work his cock with my horny ass. "That's it you slut. Work that ass. Make your Daddy drop a load in your whore body."

I am his whore. I am his lover. I am whatever he wants me to be as long as he keeps fucking my body. I need his hard lust to fill me. I want his cum.

He grabs my waist and fucks me violently. He pounds my ass like a pile driver. Our bodies slap, slap, and slap, together. His penis rules my body. I am his slave. His thrusts blur in to a humming sensation in my ass. My body vibrates like a gong rung by a great big dick. Cum seeps continuously from my penis. I am lost in a agonizingly slow orgasm of mind, body, heart, and soul. He invades me with brute force. I am overcome with the sensation.

"**** me!" I scream. I had no idea the though was in my mind. It passed unfiltered through my mouth. "**** me!" I scream again. I want to be ****d by him. I want him to fuck me with all his might. I want to be sodomized like a fucking whore. I want him to take me weather I want it or not. I need his power to consume me. I want to be violated and humiliated.

"That's right bitch. I am r****g you. You fucking slut. Look at you take my big fucking dick in your little rosy fuckhole! You love it don't you bitch!"

"Yes. Yes I love your big dick. Take me. **** me. Cum in my ass. Give it to me baby!"

"Aaah! Yes! I am going to cum in your pussy ass. Yes! Yes! Yes!" he screams as he pounds my ass in relentless rhythm.

"I am cumming!" I scream. Although I never touched my penis, it erupts. I watch as boiling cum spurts helplessly from my swollen cock. I feel weak in the wake of his strength. I shake. My body floods with feelings of warmth and tingling. My mind reels. I feel like I am falling. "Hu un un un" I moan with each eruption of thick white semen. It feels as if his big cock is shoving the cum right out of my dick.

"Ahh! Fuck!" He screams as his seed is pumped in to my cum hungry body. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he slams in to me, shooting his load in to my body.

I am still cumming. Load after load spurts thick and white from my penis. Each spurt sends shocks of pleasure through my body. His hard dick amplifies these shocks and I am left moaning again and again.

My orgasm fades and he stops deep in my bowels. He shakes with electric jolts of hypersensitivity. His hands move over my body. His touch borders on ticklish. My whole body is filled with latent electricity that his touch releases. He is still deep in my body.

I am in love.

I can still feel his hard cock he begins to slowly trust again. Are you ready for round 2?

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