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The Cure for Successful Marriage - 03 - Melanie Enters in The Dance

Pam's Residence, Italy

Somewhere in Gallura, north-east of Sardinia

A week later,

It's been a little more than a week that they are at his mother-in-law's house and failing to fuck his wife, really too lazy and stuck to do it at Pam, Freddie Benson takes advantage of every opportunity to get his balls emptied by his s!ster-in-law and Carly. Walking in the trails around the house, shopping in town, etc ... Of the blow, he spends almost more time with them than with Melanie who blames him. He must be more on his guard.

Looking back, it's kind of funny that Sam became his s!ster-in-law, if his myself of 13-year-old would have ever imagined such a thing, he would now have a syncope. In a somewhat twisted manner, his first two loves have also become his wives and at least, they never say no to a little treat.

After explaining the situation to the girls, he is more present with his wife for two days but Melanie still refuses to do it in the evening, in the intimacy of their room, by fear they may be heard by the other three women occupants of the large house.

After two days, Freddie begins to regret not taking advantage of the two good sluts lend to everything, who are on the other side of the corridor. He suspects that they do not deprive themselves to relieve each other. As a last chance, he asks his wife to at least make a small preliminary. She refuses, telling him that she does not like to do that. Disappointed, he decides to fall asleeep once again frustrated by his wife who does not fulfil her conjugal duties.

He dreamed of his wife more sexually liberated, offering herself to his desires, very happy to offer herself unreservedly as her twin, of which Sam is absolutely not cold in the eyes. Freddie dreamed of a naked Melanie kneeling on the bed and leaning forward to enjoy the pussy deliciously offered by another beautiful woman with jet-black hair. Melanie slipped her fingers into her sex to open her delicate wet slit, she collects the juice to use it as a lubricant for her ass, while she slipped the tip of her tongue along the brunette's slit to her clitoris that she teased without pity. Melanie hums the name of Tasha between her lips before lowering her head to go to her anus. Tasha was lying on the bed with her legs spread, she supports herself on one arm and slipped her fingers with her free hand into her lover's blonde hair, she giggled in feeling Melanie's tongue tease her asshole and her breathing tickling her wet pussy. That was all he remembered before he woke up.

Because about three o'clock in the morning, the only male of the residence awoke suddenly, his bladder being full. He slept naked and not wanting to get dressed just to walk a few yards in the corridor, Freddie goes to the toilet. He relieves himself, washes his hands and goes up the corridor gently so as not to wake anyone up.

It was a bit random that he dreams of Tasha Gibson, he has not heard of her or Gibby Gibson, her husband, for years. He has never been too friendly with Gibby, especially when he was doing his knocks off to "steal" the girlfriends of others, be it the big br0ther artist of Carly or himself. He sees his wife Tasha almost every day, whether it's publicities or magazines. She became a celebrated top model, especially regarding her nudity or almost nudity in some famous magazines. Whatever, it's just a dream!

His door is all at end, a few meters before is the girls' room. He stops in front, envious of their games and just by thinking, his cock swells slightly. He decides to see them again the next day, Freddie is about to leave when the door opens. It's Carly!

Her friend with black hair of coal wore a bathrobe/nightie that fell to her ankles. This nightie is totally transparent, he can see her small nipples through the low fabric in tulle embroidered of a floral motif, and this was closed in the hollow of the neckline by a knot of satin. Carly has always been gifted in the fashion, even for fine lingerie. However, in her position, her nightie shows her navel up her thighs and Freddie could see clearly her crotch.

"What are you doing here?" the brunette asks him as she is enough happy to see him in Adam's outfit.

"Nothing, I got up to go to the toilet, and you?" Freddie answers trying not to think about fucking her here and now.

"Same" she advances by smiling, she passes her hand on his cock half hard and crosses the corridor by swinging her hips.

Her beautiful little ass through the transparent fabric wakes up in him a crazy desire to fuck her in the hallway, no matter if he gets caught. Unwittingly, he is hard again like steel, Carly sits on the toilet in leaving the door wide open, she does what she has to do and takes paper to clean herself gently. He remains in the middle of the corridor, naked as she relieves herself before him, he looks at her as a hungry for sex. She comes back to him, she just freezes at her height and smiles him again.

"You know, I miss your big cock, I love it, you know" Carly said as she undid the knot of the nightie to open it completely, unveiling her athletic body (similar to Shelby Marx as a teenager) "Sam and I talked, we thought about moving to Florida, close enough to you to meet us more often. So, you just have to wrinkle a muscle or something else, to get treatment at your favourite physiother****t."

"Your body misses me too, and that of your girlfriend too. My darling does not want to fuck here because of you and Pam" he sighs annoyance.

"Melanie is too stupid, darling. How would she not want your big member?" she catches his cock with both hands saying this, she gently masturbates his cock while his breathing runs.

"Not here, my wife could get up too to piss" he whispers in case if.

"Don't care! I love too your dick, I want it!" Carly accelerates the rhythm of these hands.

She kneels down and begins to suck him like a crazy, Freddie lets himself do it. He too wants it too!

"Ohhh, they look really full, darling" the brunette said to him licking his big and beautiful balls.

"Yes, nothing for two days, you know very well ..."

"Yesss! Sperm is Sam's stuff, but I want to swallow it all today," Carly takes again his cock in her mouth.

Freddie holds her head in his both hands as if it was her ass and he fucks her. Her mouth is superb, a real pussy, he contains himself for not to moan. Carly sucks him divinely and she caresses her clit at the same time. One hand on his head for the rhythm and the other descends on her little breast, he squeezes it, her moans are choked by his cock. He bites his lip to avoid bellowing in the corridor, her saliva flows along his balls and he hears big drops fall on the ground.

"Ha-ha what a sucker! You're too talented, my bitch!"

Carly looks at him with eyes that sparkle, she also appreciates this moment but suddenly, Carly freezes.

"What? I have not yet cum" Freddie complains softly.

Her eyes are taped on something behind him. With his hand, he still makes her mouth coming-and-going on his cock but Carly puts less energy. Intrigued, the young husband sketches a movement back and what was his surprise to discover who is behind him right now.

Melanie Benson was there! The door of their open bedroom, his blonde is naked (he is amazed knowing she showed very little of her pretty skin in recent years), her nipples stiffened, a hand on her pussy, Freddie did not know what to do.

Seeing his wife say no words and visibly excited by the show, the an!mal and instinctive side of Freddie takes over. He puts in profile and encourages Carly to resume her blowjob more beautiful. The brunette does not pray, Carly takes all his cock in mouth without flinching, Freddie looks at his wife a few meters. Melanie stares at him while masturbating, something he had never seen her do before. She refused that he make her cunnis and she lets him hardly touch her pussy.

Carly does not lose the rhythm, he is about to cum and he warns her. She nods, ready to receive his juice and here are three big jets in her mouth. Carly is less accustomed than her best friend/girlfriend in this art, she does not manage to keep everything in her mouth, his sperm overflowing from her lips. Freddie continues to cum, his jets land on her face and breasts, Carly picks up his cum around her mouth with her tongue.

"Sam is right, your sperm is delicious" Carly says as he smiles at her.

"Show me!" Freddie had not noticed it, but his wife is now with them.

Melanie is right there, focused on his ejaculation. He had not really seen her approaching with her finger. She picks up a sip of his cum on Carly's little chest, the blonde turns to her husband and carries his seed to her mouth.

"Hmmm but yes! It has good taste" Melanie declares from her 'tasting' after a long silence.

Still staring at him, his wife kneels beside Carly and she starts sucking his cock to clean it, Freddie cannot believe it!

A few hours before Melanie categorically refused what she is doing right now!

* * *

Once his dick perfectly cleaned, Melanie gets up and kisses at full mouth. She then pulled him to their bedroom, still holding his member of flesh in her hand.

"C'mon, your fuck has me really excited, you bastard. You will fucked me, I said 'fucked' like you fucked my s!ster and Carly these last few days, is not it bastard?" the blonde says, Freddie smiles and he drools in advance of the sequel. Just before entering the bedroom, Melanie turns to Carly "you too, comes my bitch."

Arriving in front of their bed, his wife sat on the edge and began to jerk him gently, Carly got rid of her nightie and positioned himself beside her.

"Kiss her while I make you harden" Melanie orders him, her husband kisses Carly and fondling her beautiful little pussy, the brunette is soaked.

Freddie puts two fingers directly into her and Carly moans, his wife licks his cock and massages his balls, she hesitates to stick his penis in her mouth, but these licks allow her to harden his thick venous dick. He feels a hand caressing his buttocks.

"Wait Melly, I'll show you how to do it."

The former technical producer of iCarly recognizes the voice of Sam, he turns away from Carly to see directly his s!ster-in-law. Sam wears an even lighter outfit that her best friend/girlfriend wore earlier, Melanie's twin s!ster's outfit consists of a yellow top so tiny that the bottom of her breasts protrude from the top, as well as a yellow tanga. Sam stands beside his wife.

"Do not be afraid, it's not gonna bite you! Look at my darling" Sam puts her hand over his wife's and firmly, she begins to jerk him, she covers Melanie's on his balls by kneading them well with her other hand "like that, do not hesitate! You do not hurt him and he loves it, look at him."

Freddie smiles and feels that his cock also loves this treatment, he takes again the mouth of Carly and adds one other finger in her sex. Her wet runs on his fingers, Sam continues to explain to his wife the art of blowjob.

"I show you and after, you do like me, okay?" she says and her s!ster agrees. Sam looks at him and smiles in corner, she gently swallows his cock up to the mid-length making some back-and-forth "hmmmm too good! Your husband has a dick so good my beautiful, at yours!"

Melanie imitates her twin s!ster with less assurance but the effect is there, not as good as Sam certainly but seeing his wife suck him enchants him. Sam helps Melanie with her hands by pushing her against him so that she swallows a little more his cock, returned to its maximum. His s!ster-in-law massages his balls.

"You love seeing your wife sucking you, is not it my bastard? Yes, that's good, right!"

He moaned softly as an answer. After a few moments of blowjob, Melanie retires to resume her breathing for lack of habit. She looks at him with a look that he did not recognize, full of savagery. Sam takes his cock in the mouth and accelerates the pace, as she does so well, he raises her top to release her big boobs before catching one and squeeze it. He knows she loves it. Carly gets on all fours and gets in front of her girlfriend to lick her pussy, Sam spreads her thighs and enjoys, while motivating her s!ster.

"Go my darling, swallow this dick and go as deep as me!"

Melanie gives him a look of embers again and she sucks him thoroughly staring at him. After a few back-and-forth, his wife grabs his buttocks and accelerates again.

"Yes, my darling, you have understood everything. Look how your man loves!"

Her husband moaned louder and louder. As with Sam earlier, he grabs her breasts in full hands and squeezes them.

"Haaaa sweetheart! Go, suck me haaaa yes!"

While Melanie seems to take a taste for the blowjob, and always motivating, Sam plunges a hand between her s!ster's thighs. Melanie worries, looking at her out of the corner of her eye.

"Concentrate on his cock, let me do."

His wife closes her eyes and resumes her pace, while Sam plays with Melanie's clit.

"Hmmm, she wets this bitch, Freddork, it makes her get wet, this blowjob" Sam says while raising Carly, she kisses her while she is full of wet from her own pussy "do the same at my s!ster, baby!"

Like a cat always in doggy style, Carly puts between Melanie's thighs and laps her pussy gently. Freddie feels his wife shudder, but it motivates her and she accelerates again. Finally, he fucks her mouth. Sam gets up to take his head and tie it on her breasts, he grabs her buttocks to find her wet hole and pushes a finger into her.

"Fuck! You're a lucky guy: you've got 9 holes just for you! You're gonna have to take strength, my dirty pig" Sam whispers in his ear after a moan.

Freddie feels his sap ready to burst, his wife cum under the tongues of Carly and she releases his cock. Sam does not lose a second and she masturbates him very strong by pointing his rod on his wife, his jets of cum come out and land on the face of Melanie, who licks his seed. The s!ster of his wife leans and mixes her tongue to that of her s!ster to recover his juice on the face and clean his dick. He is a man filled by this blowjob hopeless conjugal.

"Melly, we'll tell Pam tomorrow that we're going to take a ride to the shack near the river" Sam said to her, sliding her tongue at lips ajar from her twin "we'll make you try new things again."

"Um, I do not know if-" Melanie tried to retort but she received a spanking from Carly, she was shocked.

"You do not behave like a model wife" Carly scolds her softly, frowning "from now on, you will not refuse him anymore. We'll help you take on your role as a married whore and we help you at become the sperm discharge you have to be. It's your punishment to frustrate our man!"

"We're going to help you revive your sex life" Sam adds, recovering traces of sperm on her body "from now on, you'll have to share him because he's our male every three. Go, we leave you in lover, good night Melly, Freddarling."

"Good night, my stallion, you will fuck my ass tomorrow. Okay, it miss me" Carly said after kissing them fiercely, stroking his cock and her pussy.

Both go out at the same time that Carly gets her nightie and Sam closes the door behind them. Freddie turns to Melanie, she still has that look of embers in her eyes.

"So, you loved my blowjob, my love?"

"Yes, a lot! Since the time I was waiting" he replies, feeling a bit embarrassed "are not you angry?"

"No, you're right, I need their training" Melanie reassures him by caressing his chest with love "tomorrow, you can sodomize me too? Carly seems to love."

"Of course, I've been dreaming about it for years!"

"Let's go to bed. If I have trouble falling asleeep, we can ... fuck, what do you think?"

Freddie gets up and kisses her fiercely by lifting her like a bride and laying her on their bed.

Finally! His Melanie wants him! Their love will endure forever!

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