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Five big black cocks for me again

I had met this huge black man named Marcus in a plane, several months ago.
He had led me to a black gangbang with some of his friends; Victor agreed and I had enjoyed a nice night with all them, using and abusing my mouth, cunt and ass. They really had given me a screwing like I could never forget it.
One of them was named Jones, who had a monster black cock so huge that I could not stand him in my asshole during that gangbang.
Jones got in touch with me after several months of absence. I met him in some different motels, every time Victor was on a business trip. Jones had a real huge monster black cock and he told me he could not stay away from my sweet pussy. Several times he had tried to fuck me in the ass, but his piece was really massive and it was impossible for my asshole to stand it. I felt real pain every time he tried, no matter how much lube we used or how my asshole was stretched.

One day he called me to say that he would like to arrange a gangbang meeting for me with some of his friends. It would be all black guys…
"Are you willing to be a total slut for one more evening? Nothing will be off limits?" He asked me.
I answered I was ready to be a total slut for him and anyone he would command me…
Friday night was set for the meeting. Victor would be out of town all weekend. I did not dare to tell him I would be gangbanged by five huge black cocks during all night long….
When I arrived at Jones place that evening, he led me into the living room. He looked over me from my feet to my chin, telling me that I was very sexy and beautiful that night… His friends would be glad of having a perfect slut blonde wife willing to be well used and fucked.
He fixed me a drink and then slipped his hand under my skirt, finding my bare shaved pubis, my pussy lips well open and my cunt really wet, ready for a good fucking session.
“Oh, babe, I knew you are so hot!!” He said, kissing my lips.
He then proceeded to explain me the rules for the Gang Bang.
I was supposed to do anything and will fuck anyone he would tell me.
Absolutely nothing will be off limits, not my mouth, neither my cunt, nor my asshole.
There will probably be some kind of bondage and double penetration for sure.
There would be no time limit; I would serve all guys until everyone was spent.
There will be no rubbers at all used; I should take every load of cum without any protection.
Jones grabbed my hair and made me look at him in his eyes:
“Do you have any problems with these rules, bitch?". He asked seriously.
I look at him with my best sexy look and said quietly:
“Please, Jones, don't let these men be too rough with me." “I will submit to your every wish but I do not want to spend the weekend in a hospital, please”

"Well, bitch, nothing is going to happen to you, nobody will harm my white little slut." He answered.

“I will be your slut for the evening." I said very quietly…

He told me to be sitting on the couch when he came in with his friends. Then he left me there alone.
Around eight o’clock the door opened and Jones walked in with his mates.
I stood in the middle of the bedroom and soon I felt several hands fondling me, making me real wet.
After a few minutes of this, Jones picked me up and carried me into the bedroom, placing me on the king sized bed. It wasn't long before every man there was naked and I was sitting on the edge of the bed sucking Jones's huge cock. As I did this others gathered around and soon I had black cocks placed into my hands.

As I was switch sucking between Jones and another well hung black man called Lee; he finally took charge and organized things. Lee announced that everybody would have his chance with the “white married slut”; but first one of them, called Starkey, would be the first one.
They all backed away except for Starkey, who pushed me back on the bed and started to go down on me, licking and sucking my tits very roughly. Then he ran his tongue down my belly to my tight cunt.
I squirmed around uncontrollably as that black man shoved his tongue into my pussy lips. He certainly seemed like an expert as he run his tongue and swirled around my swollen clitoris.
Soon I heard myself begging him to fuck me; so, he rose up and placed my ass on the edge of the bed and worked the head of his huge black dick into my now swollen cunt.
He quickened his pace and kept working deeper into my cunt. I looked at him and begged:
“You bastard, fuck me harder; split me wide open and fill me up with your black seed…”
After that I started quicken my thrusts towards Starkey, pulling his black cock deeper into me. He fucked me hard, riding my mound and grunting wildly with every stroke. Finally he tensed up and with a few hard strokes he shot his load into my insides. Few seconds later I let go of my grip on Starkey’s ass and he pulled out of me, with his seed spilling out of my vagina and down the crack of my ass.

In no time another man had taken his place and was stroking me and him himself to another orgasm. While his cock was nothing like Starkey’s; it was still plenty ample and was really reaming me out.
I yelled at him: "Fuck me!". Then he lost total control and released his load into my womb. He continued stroking, whipping up my own juices with his for a while. The black guy pulled out of me and turned to Jones, saying: "That cunt is one crazy bitch!. I want more of that slut later."

This time an older man with grey hair and a large belly made me bend over my elbows and knees. Then he mounted me and started pounding my cunt with no mercy, playing with my nipples from behind. Then Lee presented his cock for me to lick. I squirmed around and wildly licked that huge black cock, as I was pushing hard at the black old man fucking my cunt from behind. Suddenly he filled my cunt with his warm semen and quickly withdrew from me…
At this point, Lee was the only man who had not fucked me yet. He smiled and announced:
“I want to fuck that bitch’s beautiful ass. I want another of you in her cunt at the same time."
Then I was ordered to straddle the second guy. He lubed his black cock head with some jelly and made me to lower my pussy onto his hard erect cock under me. After this, Lee told me to lean forward and he spread my ass cheeks, working his thick cock into my tight little anus.
Soon all three were rocking back and forth with me sandwiched between their dark bodies…

Starkey then kneeled in front of me and grabbed my hair, shoving his cock between my open lips. Finally Lee let go of his load into my anus and when he pulled out his place was quickly taken by another, and then another. The man in my cunt finally dumped his load into me and crawled out from underneath and made way for another. The last man fucked my cunt real wild…
Jones came back to the scene. I opened my eyes and saw him standing there naked, grabbing his huge piece with both hands. I looked at him in the eyes and begged:
"Please!, split me open with that monster black cock, fuck me in the ass, I beg you…”
He replied that my asshole was too tight for his thick dick, but I insisted:
“I will do anything to feel you up in my asshole. I don't care if you tear me up!"

I turned over again on all fours and buried my face into a pillow.

Jones got on his knees behind me and placed some lube on my rear entrance and his dick. Then I felt him fingering my ass, making me squirm around pleading and begging him to fuck my asshole. The moment of truth was here and he started to guide the head of his huge black cock into my ass. As he did this, I raised my face off the pillow and cried in pain, breathing heavily as he guided himself into my rectum.

He started pushing hard, ramming into my anus. With each stroke he let out a loud grunt and another small amount of his bare black shaft worked into my tight ass. With each stroke I was gasping and involuntarily trying to pull away but I could not. I found myself pushing back to meet his strokes. After several minutes Jones was still only six inches into my anus and he was sodomizing me real hard,

He gritted his teeth and yelled: "Take it all you dirty slut, take it all! You wanted me to split you open?
Then I spread my legs further apart and shoved back at him letting out a loud scream with every painful stroke. Suddenly about another four inches abruptly disappeared into my asshole.
When this happened, I finally shuddered with a crashing orgasm, followed by another and another.
As I came on a forth orgasm, the last of his huge black cock finally went in up to the hilt. Once Jones got there he withdrew part way and with another last plunge he went all the way in.
Then I felt he was releasing his hot semen deeper into my asshole, burning my insides…
We both collapsed onto the bed with Jones on top of me and his cock still impaling my asshole. I lay there whimpering like a little kitten with pain tears welling up in my eyes.
Jones finally withdrew from me, leaving my anus gaping wide open for all in the room to see.
After Jones, every black man in the room took his turn to sodomize me, one after one…
By dawn, just Lee and I were still there. I was lying on messy, sweat and cum stained sheets. Cum was dripping out of all my three orifices and I had my skin and hair also covered with dried cum…
Lee and I went out into the living room, had a drink and I passed out on the couch.

When I awoke several hours later in the morning, Lee was still naked before me and he wanted more sex. I opened my mouth and lazily sucked his cock, telling him it was all I could do as my pussy and ass were so sore… Lee enjoyed me sucking him, until he exploded inside my mouth.
Then he drove me back home, where I got a nice warm tub bath.

My loving Victor called me in the afternoon, telling me he was coming back that same evening and that he was real horny and willing to be between my legs…
“Oh, what a pity, honey… I am now suffering a real bad headache…I will be not in the mood…”

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