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The Permissive Purity of Father Fontane [4]
Part 3 - Twenty miles


It was Sunday morning and Father Everett Fontane had delivered a message about purity and the sins of the flesh and reminded his followers how hard he had worked to rid Pristine Valley of the conspicuous sex trades and driven them to the wicked city.

Seated behind the chief priest was Father Simon Dott who had been re-frocked and ordained as priest in the Valley just a few weeks before. He watched the congregation gush over the hero that Fontane had become, yet wondered what uninformed parishioners would think if they knew that the good Father was regularly getting blow jobs in his office. Certainly some knew because Fontane had said that “anyone who should know, knows. We just don’t go out broadcasting it”.

In the beginning, Dott had nobly tried to poke holes in Fontane’s unconventional doctrine, but the older priest had an answer for everything, including how it all fit neatly into gaps that existed in the vows of celibacy. His explanations were so concise and the temptations so enticing that Dott had not only lost the argument, but also his will to resist.

Dott had never made an issue of Fontane’s escapades because, since signing on as a counseling priest, he was getting plenty of blow jobs himself.

When Fontane was through speaking, Dott followed him outside to greet smiling parishioners who dressed in their Sunday best and seemed so wholesome. One could only wonder what perversions lurked in the darkness of their homes, iniquities the chief priest wouldn’t challenge as long as they remained hidden.

Fontane hugged c***dren, shook hands, embraced mothers, and seemed to know everyone by name. Dott greeted the few that he had met in his short stay in the Valley and his nerves soared when the parents of two of his cocksuckers approached. They knew their sons were regularly blowing him yet they acted as if nothing was unusual.

“Only in Pristine Valley,” he murmured as they walked away.

A woman with waves of bouncy blond hair and a white summer dress, and a younger girl who looked similar, approached Fontane. The woman wrapped her arms around the older priest and gave him a full, frontal hug. When she stepped away, the younger girl hugged him the same.

While they talked, the younger girl stood before Fontane and he ran his hands over her shoulders and leaned forward to kiss the girl’s head.

How Biden-esque, Dott chuckled.

“Come here you two,” Fontane said. “Want you to meet someone.” He led them to Dott and said, “This here is our new priest, Father Simon Dott. Father, this is my niece Hayden and her daughter Dana.”

The woman extended her hand with a smile.

Despite the cocksuckers in his new life, Dott still had an eye for pretty girls and both of them were knockouts. He just hoped his rising appreciation wasn’t obvious.

The woman turned to Fontane and said, “Uncle Everett, you MUST come by. You haven’t been out to see us for much too long and you simply must!”

“Yes I know,” Fontane replied. “It’s a bit of a drive and I’ve been sort of tied up what with all the counseling and getting Father Dott started.”

“Well, that’s no excuse!” she protested with a mock-pout. “I insist you come and see us. Tonight. I’ll fix a great dinner! Besides, you can’t tell me that your appointments are more important than us!”

“You’re right. Of course.”

“Good! Come by at 4pm so we can catch up on lost time,” she said before they departed.

When the last of the parishioners left, Dott asked, “Everett, is there something going on?”

“Going on?”

“Well yes. When Hayden said she wanted to catch up on lost time, she winked.”


“I don’t know, just thought it seemed a little coy.”

“You don’t think I’m messin’ with my niece, do you? Hell Simon, I told you I never broke a single part of the vow of celibacy. So no, I’m NOT fucking my niece, I’m not messing with my niece, and I’m not involved with my niece. What do you think I am, some kind of hypocrite?”

“Never mind. Of course you aren’t.”

Still, as mid-morning became late afternoon, Simon Dott struggled to get those thoughts out of his head and he had to because it wasn’t fair to have such suspicions when he knew that Fontane had said he disapproved of i****t.

Dott needed a distraction but Sundays didn’t commonly have appointments and he wasn’t the kind of man who would pick up a phone and call one of his counseling families and ask them to bring their boy to suck his dick. Instead, he went to his quarters, pulled the shades, and engaged in a wonderfully successful hour of masturbation.

It was nearly 9pm when headlights flashed across his shaded window and he heard the familiar tweet of Fontane’s remote car locks. He felt guilty for his earlier conversation with the man. He dressed quickly and went to the hallway.

Fontane was just putting his key into the lock of his door when Dott called out, “Everett, I...I just want to say that I’m sorry for what I said earlier.”

Fontane seemed bright; almost jolly. He smiled and shook his gray head. “No need to be apologizin’ Dott. Been a great day so no need to be stirrin’ up settled water.”

“Okay. Well, as long as everything is all right between us.”

“All right? Hell yes. Fact, why don’t you come on in and we’ll sip some Jack Daniels and talk for awhile.”

He poured each of them a small glass of liquor, kicked off his shoes, and put his feet on a low table. They talked for some time before Dott asked the older priest how his visit with his family had gone.

“Very well. Yes. Very well. I really should get out there more often. Dana really does need a lot more counseling.”

“’Counseling’?” Dott blurted. “You can’t mean...”

Fontane laughed and his head nodded. “Yes Simon, I do mean that.”

Dott was aghast. “Are you telling me that you let that girl suck you off?”

“Yup. Exactly what I’m saying. You got a problem with it?”

“I can’t believe this. Yes, I have a problem with it. You said yourself that our vows specifically say we’re not to have any form of intimate contact with females yet you let your grand niece suck your dick! There’s no way you can justify that!”

“Ha-ha. Well, I sure ain’t surprised to hear the cynical Father Dott say that.”

“Cynical?!? Father Fontane, you said you never broke a single part of the vow of celibacy, yet now I find out you’ve been sticking your dick in the mouth of a girl!”

“Oh Simon, you are quite a worrier aren’t you? Yes, I’ve been gettin’ my dick sucked by that girl, but maybe you don’t know what you don’t know.”

“Suppose you enlighten me then.”

Fontane pulled his feet from the table and leaned closer.

“What you don’t know, Simon,” the man said, seeming to relish his associate’s agony, “is that pretty girl ain’t my grand niece.”

“You said she was.”

“Her name ain’t Dana either.”

“What are you talking about?”

After a swig of alcohol, Fontane said, “Because Simon, her name is Daniel.”


“Yup. She’s a boy. So, looks like I can’t be gettin’ my dick sucked by a girl, now can I?”

Dott’s head clanged with a hundred questions all at one time.

“Th...That’s a boy?”

“Sure is. Dresses up pretty nice, don’t you think?”

“I...I can’t believe it.” But, what Father Simon Dott mostly could not believe was how he had gotten an instant erection at the first sight of what he thought was a girl only to now learn that “she” was actually a boy.

“If you don’t believe it, I’ll get her birth certificate.”

“This is...This is crazy!”

“Naw, ain’t crazy. It’s Pristine Valley,” Fontane laughed.

“But still, she’s...I mean he’s---”

“’She’,” Fontane corrected. “He’s a she and she needs to be addressed that way.”

“But still, ‘she’s’ related to you and I thought you despised i****t.”

“Simon, Simon, Simon, we’ve talked about this. Remember? If it ain’t sex, it ain’t sin and bj’s ain’t sex. So no, I didn’t have sex with a relative. Happy now?”

There just was no arguing with the man. He was either the most clever and opportunistic Dott had ever met, or the most delusional. While his upper head couldn’t decide between the two, his lower head was nodding. Imagine having that cute face and bouncy blond hair bobbing in your lap.

“But let me tell you, It ain’t all what it seems,” Fontane said. “There’s problems. That’s the reason I don’t go out there more. Been meaning to talk to you about it.”

“How could there be problems with a boy...I mean, that?”

Fontane poured more liquor and brushed his hand through his cotton candy-like hair. “She wants to be more of a girl and ‘cuz of that, she wants to take cock deep as girls do. That ain’t my thing. But love them deepthroat types. So I been thinkin’ of telling Hayden that her daughter needs someone else, someone like you. Bet you’d love to stick your dick in that pretty little mouth, wouldn’t you?”

“Who...who wouldn’t?”

“Well then, tomorrow could be your lucky day, but only if you promise to do it ongoing, not some one-time thing. Think you could do that?”


“Thought so. But listen, don’t you go wankin’ off tonight thinkin’ about it ‘cuz I plan to call Hayden and tell her you’ll be there at 10am. Trust me boy, you’re gonna need all the stamina you can get.”

“But, no mother would put her son...I mean daughter...with a complete stranger.”

“Of course they would, Simon. We’re priests, not perverts.”


Father Simon Dott hardly noticed the twenty-mile drive to Hayden’s rural home because his thoughts were so consumed with anticipation. His nerves jangled as he knocked on her door and only eased slightly when she smiled and gave him a casual hug.

“Well Father Dott, my uncle Everett says all the right things about you. But, let’s sit and talk for a few moments.”

She motioned Dott toward a sofa while she sat opposite in an elegant colonial chair.

“You DO know, why you are you here, don’t you?”

“Father Fontane explained things.”

“Then, tell me. Tell me why you are here.”

“I...He...He said I’m to help Dana with counseling.”

Hayden laughed. “Yes. Counseling. And that means cocksucking, doesn’t it?”

Dott was taken aback by her frankness. He shrugged. "I...suppose."

“So, you just drove twenty miles because someone told you that my daughter would suck your dick.”

He wondered if he had fallen into some kind of police sting and would soon see cuffs and cameras.

“Of course you did. Admit it because I don’t want to bring Dana out and then have to tell her there was a mistake. I’m sure you understand. Say it!”

“Okay, yes. I drove twenty miles to...because Father Fontane said your daughter would...would suck my cock.”

Hayden smiled and her head shook. “You DO realize how sleazy that sounds. But, very well then.” She yelled at the hallway behind her and Dana appeared and was reintroduced to the priest.

“Father Dott, you make sure you take good care of my daughter, if you know what I mean. Do your ‘counseling in her room and Dana, don’t answer the door until I get back. Who knows what kind of degenerates are lurking out there?”

"Y...You’re leaving?” Dott asked.

“Yes. I’m nearly late for a meeting at the grange.”

How bat-crazy were people of the Valley? He had just admitted that he drove twenty miles to put his penis in her daughter’s mouth, yet she was leaving!

He heard a girlish voice say, “Come on!” as Dana took him by the hand and led him to a bedroom that was mostly pink and lace and stuffed a****ls. The “girl” was on her knees in seconds and cooing, “Oooo, I think I’m gonna like you!” Her hand grazed the front of his black pants, then squeezed his already-hard cock.

She fumbled with his zipper and worked it open while he looked down at her pretty face and the rapids amid rivers of thick, blond hair. She couldn’t be a boy, could she? But, did he really want to find out just then? If she truly was a girl, then he would be breaking his vows. But then, if everyone was lying, it wouldn’t be his fault.

Besides, that luscious mouth was right there---right in front of him!---and there was no way he would leave that house until he guided his pleasure-seeking missile right into those juicy lips!

“Ooooo, I like,” the girl swooned. Her eyes never left his shaft while her fingers gently stroked.

She stroked for a few seconds longer before her perfect lips came to it and pushed over the tip and then over the head and Dott’s knees nearly gave way. She pushed again and began moving slowly forward and back and forward and back. Her mouth was so soft and Father Simon Dott could not believe he was watching a pretty “girl” down on her knees and sucking the stiffest hard-on he could remember.

“Oh yeah, Dana,” he muttered. “Suck!”

If her fingers had felt purely magical then her mouth felt purely mystical. His cock jerked from her slow, soft, passionate sucking with a mouth that was altogether snugged to his cock.

“Do...Do you like that, Dana?” he asked after his thoughts reminded him that this was a ministry to the needy.

The girl hummed and her head moved slightly up and down.

He closed his eyes and basked in the glory of her sweet, cocksucking mouth. He loved the feeling as it crawl forward and back and his rock-hard cock absorbed every sensation.

It was so sordid; so wickedly demented. In a rural part of the immaculate Pristine Valley, a young girl was in her bedroom, on her knees, purring with passion, and performing oral sex on a priest.

Her mother knew. His boss knew. Both had given their blessing.

She was better than all of those women who had turned him down in life and even better because she sucked like a cocksucking boy because, well, that’s what she was.

He felt the rush of orgasm and quickly pulled her head back.

“Dana...I...” He needed a few seconds to gather himself. “Everett said you want to be more of a girl. To...To learn to take it deep.”

Her eyes were simmering. “Mmmmm, yes, but not now.”

“But, I That’s why we do counseling.”

“No,” she cooed. “Not today. Today I want to suck!”

“But...I mean---”

“No Father Dott. I want you to sit in my comfy chair and let me suck until you cum in my mouth, like I do my great uncle.”

The image of her sucking Fontane’s cock was disturbing but it was also disturbingly hot.

“Why not now?” he asked.

“Because, if I suck on your cock, then it will like me. And, if you do it in my throat I won’t get to swallow and I want to swallow so that you know I like you. And, if I don’t let you put it all the way in me, then I know you will come back!”

She nudged him toward the chair and he was helpless to her touch. His legs felt weak and he nearly fell. She was between his legs in an instant and her mouth was around his prick again and his head lay back against the chair and Dana’s moist and mystical mouth began caressing his wanton and needy hard-on.

She looked like a girl, talked like a girl, and acted like a girl. She would fool anyone. He would call her a girl if she wanted. He would call her Dana if she insisted. He could call her anything as long as she didn’t stop sucking until he got his nuts off---for her benefit, of course.

Her head bobbed in long, even strokes. He didn’t know for how long, but in time, she shortened the strokes and quickened her pace and she hummed more.

Dott’s cock demanded he put his hands on her head and push and pull and thrust his hips in short-stroked unison. His breathing was coming in gasps and his body writhed and the girl kept sucking and together they worked for what they both wanted most.

His rib cage rattled like earth tremors and his balls felt like clamps and his hips thrust and he held her head and his body froze and…

In the pink bedroom of a rural home, a local priest ejaculated in a girl’s mouth.

He shot spate after spate of spunk into her with such force that he knew he was decorating her tonsils. His entire body was shaking and his hands were gripping her head as he emptied his desperate balls right in the mouth of the girl-who-was-a-boy.

All too soon, it was over.

As the storm passed and calm began to settle in, his shaking body ebbed to trembling and his cock dwindled to half-hardness.

She slowly lifted her face to look at him. Her eyes were dazed and her thick hair mussed. She opened her mouth to show the thick deposit of jizz that she had received. She ran her tongue through it and, with angelic eyes of a devil, her lips sealed, her throat bulged, and her mouth reopened to show that she had swallowed it all.

Several minutes later, Father Dott stood with her on her front porch as they said good-bye.

A block down that rural road, a neighbor boy had been making his way toward Dana’s house. He hoped-upon-hope that this would be the day he would finally be able to kiss the girl of his dreams.

Yet, when he was within eye-shot, he stopped because he saw Dana standing at her front door talking to a priest. The boy could have slapped himself silly! What was he thinking? How could he dare have such indecent thoughts about a girl so pure and a family so wholesome that priests regularly visited?!?

He turned and walked away.

Sometimes, bad timing is a good thing.

Had the boy arrived minutes earlier, Dana would not have answered the door. If the boy had looked for her through her bedroom window, he would have seen the girl of his dreams eagerly performing oral sex on the erection of a man who had driven twenty miles to put his penis in her mouth.

Or, had the boy arrived a minute later, the priest would have been gone and the boy would have knocked on Dana’s door. If she had answered, she would finally have granted his amorous request and he would have French kissed her. When the time came for him to leave, Dana would say good-bye with a giggle because she knew something that no other person on the planet would ever know:

That boy who was leaving and was so proud of his success had just coated his own mouth with the semen of a local priest.

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