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This is a true story. I have left the Masters name out as he is now happily married and has started a new life with a wonderful guy and I would not want to embarrass him.
I have always been a sub male, a bottom where sex is concerned and had lots of sexy encounters thanks to the gay apps that put you in touch with those who are looking for this type of guy.
I had joined a leather fetish app with an eye on buying a bit of gear and then dipping a toe in the BDSM world and seeing what it might bring. Almost immediately I clicked on a profile of a sexy looking guy, bald, grey beard and a sexy smile looking confident with his steel blue eyes. I read his blog which ticked all the boxes I wanted, Dom, friendly, easy going and looking for a sub to serve.
I clicked on and sent my first message. “Hello Sir, love your profile” I wrote. I opened my private pics so he could see what I looked like naked, aroused, bent over on all fours and in rubber underwear.
There was no reply that day and I dismissed it that I was not his type and although disappointed continued to send messages to other Dom’s on the site. I had some chats with a few Dom’s who did reply and noticed they all had one thing in common, they were all very friendly and some gave a few hints on how to approach Guys when chatting.
Then two days later the phone pinged and the red dot on messages showed that the Master I had first responded to had replied.
”Hello Sub” he wrote “Nice pics, where are you based?” He said
I replied immediately.
”Hello Sir, thank you for replying, I’m in Manchester” I said
”Ah, long way from me then, I’m Greenwich” he put with a sad emoji
”Not at all Sir” I wrote hopefully “ I work all around the country and could easily get to you if you wanted to meet up”
“Sounds good, what you into?” Said Master
”I’m quite new to this scene Sir so looking to serve a Master and learn the ropes ( if you will pardon the pun) Sir” I said with a smiley emoji
“Lol” came the reply “ I can help with that if you really want to serve a Dom” he said
”I would love that Sir”
”Excellent, any more pics of you dressed up?” He said” In let’s say, more feminine gear?” Another smiley at the end
My heart thumped a bit harder. I was already hard just chatting to him, looking at his profile pics dressed in a leather shirt and trousers with biker boots and bending a riding crop in his hands.
I have worn panties Sir but haven’t any pics” I replied.
”Hmm I like the sound of that” he said, “What do you think of this?” He wrote. A picture of a guy on his knees dressed in white stockings, panties and suspenders nuzzling into his Masters groin pinged into the chat.
”God, Yes” i replied
Smiley emoji followed.”Are you interested in serving me dressed like this?” He wrote.
” I would love to do that Sir” I replied.
”Perfect!” He said with a smiley face “ send me your number and we can chat”
I did so immediately and within minutes my phone rang
”Hello Sir?” I answered
”Hello bitch” said the rich, deep voice. “How are you?”
My cock leaked at how he sounded and was addressing me as a bitch.
”I’m very well thank you Master” I replied. And we chatted for over an hour about our work that and eventually my desire to serve him.
Master explained he wanted to own me. That I would need to follow his rules to the letter, let him control my mind as well as my body and that I would Be set tasks to see how committed I was
I agreed that I would be a willing and obedient bitch and would not let him down.
He then said that the tasks would start that day by me going and buying lingerie and sending him pics of me dressed up and that I had one hour. I said I would do as I was told and he finished the call by saying how he hoped I meant what I was saying about serving him completely and that I would not disappoint him.
I promised and repeated my promise and would not let my Master down.
”OK, one hour or it’s over before it began” he said and hung up.
I googled nearest lingerie stores and hurried across town to the Ann Summers store about 20 mins away.
I quickly grabbed a set of black suspenders, lace top sheer nylons and a little pair of gossamer panties and headed to the check out.
The lady smiled knowingly as she popped them in a bag and totted up the price. “There will be hundreds of guys buying sissy gear” I thought to myself and she won’t care either way as long a sissy her bonus target is hit.
”That’s ninety eight pounds, forty sir” she smiled
i tapped my pin in and smiled, the cost would be worth it when I was wearing them in the presence of my new Master.
I went down to the toilets and stripped in a cubicle and dressed up in my new outfit. My cock was raging hard and popped out at the top of the shiny sheer black panties with the little pink bow at the front.
The suspenders had matching bows at the top of each strap and I set my phone up on the cistern and took lots of pics of me. Posing on my tiptoes, bending over slightly to show off my bottom in the sexy underwear and sent them off to my Master.
I then put my suit back on over the top of them, put my underpants and socks in the bag and set off back to my car.
The feel of the nylons tight on my legs and the panties riding up into crack of my bottom almost ha down me cumming as I got into the car.
”Ping” Master had replied.
”F*ck yes” he wrote “ Call me now”
I picked “Master”on the in car screen and pressed call.
”Hello Master, did I please you with my choice?” I said hopefully
He was pleased and praised me, saying I was a very good bitch for doing as I was told. We chatted for another hour as I drove home and he said he would FaceTime me later that evening and to be dressed in my “bitch gear” always now as I belonged to him.
I promised that I would and was so happy to know I belonged to him.
He said I had passed my first task and then gave me my second of the day.
” Now as you have submitted to the life of being a Superior males bitch you must follow the rules all bitches abide by” he said authoritatively
”Only Alpha males have hair so you must present yourself smooth, completely hairless from the neck down while in public and completely smooth when in my service, understood?”
I immediately agreed to completing this order.
”Good bitch, I look forward to seeing your new bitch body in its new outfit later tonight, he laughed, oh, and no wanking till I say so” and hung up
I almost creamed my panties at his demands but knew that I would follow whatever commands he gave me without question to please him.
I called at the supermarket on my way home and bought some hair removal cream and prepared myself for my Masters call. I shaved the last stubborn patches and admired my new look in the mirror. My cock was leaking pre cum like a tap and I minced downstairs loving this feeling of ownership. Daddy had told me that he liked to be in control of a sub 24/7 and the wearing of bitch gear, not being allowed to w*nk go to the toilet or eat unless given permission to do so meant that despite not being close in distance, I would still be under his command completely.
I constantly checked my phone n between revisiting his profile to gaze at his photo gallery. Daddy had unlocked the private pics for me and I struggled to keep from touching myself as I looked at his sexy c*ck, praying it would be deep inside me in the very near future.
At to o’clock that evening my phone rang.
”Hello Master, thank you so much for calling” I said.
Daddy smiled, I could see he was in his bedroom and sat next to a computer on a table.
”Hello my bitch” he smiled happily “Are you nice and smooth like a real c*nt bitch should be?” He asked.
”Yes Daddy” I said and stood the phone on the table so he could see my body as I presented myself fo his inspection, slowly turning and bending over, pulling the panties to one side so he could see my hairless bottom, the slowly and carefully pulling down my soaking panties at the front to show of my hairless c* ck.
”Good bitch” he smiled “now put on some music and do a sexy dance for your Master” he grinned.
I put the music channel on and started to gyrate in front of the screen for him. He was smiling and took out his c*ck and started to masturbate as I danced as sexily as I could for him. I felt self conscious but knew I had to do as commanded and bent over and smiled over my shoulder and I slipped the panties down to expose my bottom.
He quickly shot his load and praised my dancing. I watched as he shot his hot load over his stomach and then smiled into the phone at me.
He told me to kneel with my hands on my head and told me what he now expected of me.
My bottom was now my “pussy” and my c*ck was now my “clit”
I was not to contact any other men and was his property. I would only eat when told to do so and must text when I wanted to use the toilet.
I promised I would obey.
”Good bitch” he smiled. “Tomorrow you will buy exactly the same bitch gear you are dressed in now in red, white pink, do you understand?” He smiled.
I quickly agreed but my heart thumped at the thought of the cost.
”Your task tomorrow is to get a pint pot and fill it instead of using the toilet. You will squat when you fill it like a bitch and drink it all up, then thank me for allowing you to do that and send me the video, ok?”
”Yes Master, thank you” I said happily.
I had fallen into this routine very easily and realised that it was always what I wanted. The Masters of this world could see this in subs and manipulated them into doing their bidding by praise and task setting.
I looked forward to completing my new tasks.
I did not sleep very well that evening due to being so turned on and the fantastic sensation my bitch gear gave me wearing them to bed.
Daddy had told me I was to throw away all my male underwear and replace it with the most feminine sexy botch gear I could afford.
I jumped out of bed after finally nodding off at the early alarm and set up my phone to record me slipping my panties around my ankles and squatting over the pint glass I had readied the evening before. I pointed my clit into the glass and received my self into it almost over filling it. I then smiled and said “As ordered Daddy” and drank the lot and sent it to him.
The taste was not as bad as I thought, and I quickly got accustomed to the smell
“good bitch” came the immediate reply “Call me now”
I face timed him and saw him lay naked on his bed. He panned the phone so I could see his entire body and his erect c*ck
”Bend over and finger your self bitch” he said and I set the phone on the table so he could see me completing his command.
He quickly relieved himself and lay with his hot mess all up his stomach.
” You really turn me on bitch” he said happily.
“Buy all the new gear and send me photos of you in it by lunchtime” he smiled and hung up.
I rang in work and booked emergency leave with no problems at all and set off to Ann Summers.
“Back so Soon?” Smiled the assistant. “Your lady must be a very girl” she grinned as I set out all the new lingerie to add up the cost.
I was going red and she smiled.
”Don’t worry” she said quietly. “And if the shop is busy next time just attract my attention and touch what you want to buy and I will collect it for you discreetly” she smiled.
”Thank you so much” I gushed
””No problem sweetie” she grinned, “Enjoy yourself in your new outfits”
The total was over three hundred pounds but I knew I had to do it or be dismissed.
How I didn’t ejaculate as I dressed I will never know and sent the pics and awaited my Masters reply.

part two to follow

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