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During our chat I learned that Pippa never knew her dad and I got the impression that Alice didn’t even know who it was either so poor old Pippa had never had a father figure and what was good was that there was chemistry between us and she was starting to see me as that father figure she had never had, it was all nice to hear and she couldn’t thank me enough for what I had done for her with the PC, we learnt a lot about each other in the half hour or so we were there until Alice walked in with a big plate of sandwiches and a cold beer.
“Here you go guys” she said as she put the plate on the desk and handed me the beer, “Not long to go now, thought you might be hungry” she said smiling and Pippa was already tucking in as I cracked open the can.
Alice grabbed a foot stool and placed it next to Pippa at the desk and duly sat down, now I am not sure if this was the best idea as the stool was low and as she sat her knees were higher than her waist which meant that with her in that summer dress she was giving me the most perfect view of her light pink panties, ‘Damn’ I thought as the last thing I wanted was to sit here in her robe with a boner,

Considering the layout and size of Pippa’s room to give an idea of how far away Alice was if we both leant forward we could touch hands so the direct view I had up her dress was pretty magical, even though her knees were together her feet were apart, her panties were tight and I could make out a few stray pubic hairs poking out the sides and a sweet slit all on view, as she adjusted her position slightly I saw that she was wearing a thong, it was becoming more difficult to control the erection happening under my robe, I had to have my arms on my lap.

It was a pleasant chat and it was becoming increasingly hard to avert my gaze from between Alice’s legs and at one point she caught me looking but instead of an immediate cover up she just gave me a sweet smile and parted her legs slightly, Pippa couldn’t see from where she was sitting and Alice couldn’t see below Pippa’s waist from where she was sitting either but they could both see the affect they were having on me, my cock was throbbing now.

The chat was nothing sexual and no innuendos came out, it was light and pleasant talking about our lives and interests and a lot about Pippa and her upbringing without a father, my gaze kept switching between both of them as I listened with interest, Pippa at one point sat with one foot up on her chair which I think she was unaware gave me a glorious look between her legs, she had no panties on as they were in my pocket and I could clearly see her little labia lips protruding and a small mound of fair pubic hair but while Alice was static her daughter kept changing positions but the crazy thing was I had mother and daughter both teasing me but neither of them knew or could see the other one doing it, priceless!

I stood up to grab another sandwich and it was obvious by the tent pole under my robe that my arousal had got the better of me and although no words were said the evidence was plain to see, “Another beer Frank?” Alice asked as I sat back down on the edge of the bed and as Alice rose up from the foot stool she made sure I had a great view of paradise, she knew I was looking and smiled sweetly, it was like she stood up in slow motion.
“Will you be my Dad?” Pippa asked as her mum was leaving the room which made her stop in her tracks and take a quick look back, I was speechless, I really didn’t know what to say, “I saw the way you were looking at Mummy” she continued but if only she knew where and why I was looking at her mum so lovingly but I had to come up with an answer, I cleared my throat just as Alice re-entered the room
“Aww that’s so nice Pip but let’s just see how things pan out eh” I said as Alice handed me another beer before resuming her position on the foot stool giving me exactly the same view up her dress.

Alice looked on with interest at how I was handling Pippa’s difficult question and I had got the impression that she liked me but had no idea I had fucked her daughter earlier so I thought I could use this situation to my advantage
“”Honey” I said trying to look her in the eye which was difficult with so many open legs on view, “You are a great girl and nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be a father figure in your life” I looked across at Alice and she smiled nodding her head in approval,
“And if you want and your mum agrees you can come spend the weekend and we can get to know each other better” I continued wondering if I had over stepped the mark but judging by the reaction I got I think I was worrying unduly,
“Really” Pippa screeched with a massive grin on her face looking at her mum for approval, “Can I Mummy, please can I go stay with Frank” she pleaded, Alice looked at me and saw me glancing down between her legs which parted a bit further as if to acknowledge that her pussy was on offer, we waited on her response
“Frank” she said with a smiling face, “You are the first man to take an interest in Pippa, she can be difficult at times but you have showed love and patience”, if only she knew,
“After you left last night she wouldn’t shut up about how kind and attentive you were and even I could see the connection so I would be so happy for her to go stay”
Pippa was ecstatic and jumped up off her chair and gave her mum a big hug before coming across to me, I stood up and gave her a big hug probably lasted longer than it should but I felt my cock digging into her stomach and so did she as I felt her hugging me tight.

“Aww” came the reaction from Alice as she saw us hugging and as I sat back down on the bed she could easily see the bulge under the robe but made no mention of it.
“I have an idea” said Alice as if a light bub had lit above her head, “Why don’t you pack your bag tonight so Frank can take it with him and then go over straight from school tomorrow? Which I thought was a great plan and judging by Pip’s reaction she did too as she jumped up looking for her back pack.
“Help me up Frank, your washing should be done” Alice said holding out her arm so I stood up and as I pulled her up we hugged, “Thank you Frank” she said in a soft voice, “She needs this”

Alice left the room and I quickly gave Pippa back her panties telling her to put them in her bag, she smiled sweetly at me, “Thank you dad!” she said and we both giggled.

I went downstairs where Alice was in the kitchen getting my clothes out the dryer, “All done babe” she said handing me the clothes, “Thank you again, its really nice” she said as she again reached out for a hug and just as I thought my cock had started to behave the feel of her warm body was just too much and I felt it rising against her belly, as we hugged my hands slipped down and I had hold of her arse cheeks which I gave a gentle squeeze, she moaned as she felt my hands exploring her arse, the robe had opened and my hard cock pressed against the fabric of her dress.

She broke from the embrace and slipped the robe off me and looked down as I stand there naked in the kitchen and she reached forward and grabbed my balls gently, “Mmm” she sighed softly as her hand ran up the length of my stiff cock.
It was then that we heard Pippa’s footsteps coming down the stairs so Alice quickly rushed into the lounge so that her daughter wouldn’t catch me naked, “Frank is just getting dressed” she said to Pip in a frantic voice and I quickly pulled on my shirt and shorts and wandered into the lounge.
Pip handed me her backpack with a few things in and gave me a big hug thanking me again for everything I had done and told me she would be round after school tomorrow and Alice agreed to pick her up from mine on Sunday afternoon, a perfect plan.

I drove hope thinking that the day had gone pretty well and looked forward to Pippa’s visit for the weekend, Lisa was away on a camping trip with her friends so I planned that Pip could have her room but I knew that Friday was going to be a long day while I waited for Pip’s arrival.
I got home and run Pips bag up to Lisa’s room and hoping that she had packed her dirty knickers I searched through her bag emptying it on the bed. Bless her I thought as I emptied out her cloths, all she had packed was 2 tee shirts, a pair of shorts, a small denim skirt and 2 pairs of panties one of which were the dirty panties from today.
I picked them out and swiftly held them up to my nose taking a deep intake of breath to savour the aroma that they gave off, the mixture of our juices gave out a unique smell and they were still slightly damp.
I laid out the rest of her clothes neatly on the bed taking the dirty pair down to the washing machine but before putting them in I just had to try to see if plan A would have worked.

I slipped out of my shorts and slowly pulled on Pips panties, they did have a bit of stretch in them but were very tight and there was no way I could have worn them home so it was good that we had a plan B.

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