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It was not the first time she had seriously considered using her talent to help domesticate a****ls. She often wished she had a Brahmin to help her carry the heavy burdens she had to haul home, or to a trader for sale, so she once decided to capture one. Domesticating the strange two headed bovine that populated the wasteland was actually quite common, but it is usually a slow process. They are
rather placid ruminants that are descended from pre-war cattle, and are relatively docile. They are usually lured into a farm or community by placing troughs of water where they are likely to wander, and are then herded into an enclosure. After prolonged contact with humans they become used to them after a while, and can be trained to pull carts or carry large loads. The cows are preferred, because they are more docile, and of course – produce milk.

There was the big problem in Jenny's plan. Her talent only works on males. Her mutant power has several limitations. Apart from only working on males, it is useless against Feral Ghouls, as Ghouls don't really have much of a sex drive anyway and have almost no sense of smell. Ferals are so degraded by radiation that their only instinct is to attack and devour.

Likewise, it is of no use against Super-Mutants, as they are usually incapable of reproduction and have no females. It is rumoured that there are a few “throwbacks” that do have a sex drive and are capable of getting erections – but they have absolutely no reaction to pheromones at all. They were artificially created as super-soldiers, and not natural creatures, so her body cannot produce anything that will affect them.

The effect she has on humans is minimal, as humans have evolved to be more social than instinctive, so have very little reaction to pheromones. However, they are likely to be aroused by her looks and general appearance, but in any case initiating sexual arousal in a man is only going to put her in more danger most of the time – particularly amongst Raiders, who are known for sadism and depravity.

Her talent would also be a liability against creatures such as Radroaches and Bloat Fly too, as her pheromones would cause them to swarm over her, and even if they didn't penetrate her they would give her a near lethal dose of radiation. Besides, Radroach males inseminate their females by stabbing their sharp chitinous members through their shells, so she would get multiple stab wounds from dozens of tiny radioactive dagger penises.

Sex with a Radscorpion would probably be lethal, unless she was wearing power armour. In their ritual courtship, the male Radscorpion grasps the females claws in his own, then drags her over where he has deposited his sperm. He wouldn't outright kill Jenny, but tearing her arms out of their sockets or chopping her hands off at the wrist would not be good for her general well-being. However, producing female Radscorpion pheromones would stop him from attacking her and give her ample opportunity to run away, with the creature unlikely to give chase. Apart from the incident with the Yao-Guai she tried to avoid very large a****ls.

But getting back to her Brahmin plan. Jenny had considered using her ability to seduce and tame a bull Brahmin to use as a b**st of burden, and maybe hire out as a stud to farms wanting their Brahmin cows inseminating. The first problem is that she can't turn on her talent at will – it is an autonomous response to fear, so first she had to get close to a Brahmin bull and trigger her own fear responses. She had seen a plain of rough grasses that were used by Brahmin, so stalked the area looking for a male.

She didn't have to wait long, as most wild herds have at least one bull amongst them, and she soon spotted one. He was a big brute too – almost twice the size of the cows, which are somewhat bigger than most pre-war cattle to begin with. As he turned she caught sight of his enormous balls – four testes as big as melons hung between the b**st's hind legs. Jenny gulped and wondered just how much cum he would deposit in her and what it's effect might be. Was it radioactive? Probably not – the milk of Brahmin cows wasn't. In fact it was said that Brahmin milk could cure radiation sickness. Next she had to get close enough to him without scaring him off. This was not so hard as she expected because bulls are more aggressive, so as soon as he spotted her, he didn’t run away but instead started to stomp the ground ready to charge her.

Now the biggest hurdle was over – trying to get scared. She didn’t have to try hard – the sight of the huge b**st with it's four dangerous looking horns charging at her caused her so much fear, she almost turned and ran. But as soon as the bull caught the smell of the yellow stream puddling at her feet, he stopped, confused for a moment. Jenny knew she would not be able to carry the weight of the b**st when he tried to mount her, so edged slowly back to the large boulder she had been crouching behind when she was waiting for the heard to arrive. The bull stopped charging and sniffed at the air and snorted. He followed, sniffing for several seconds at the puddle of urine she had left behind. He snorted again, shook both his heads and bellowed. Terrified, but excited, Jenny leaned over the boulder, her bare ass exposed to the air.

Moments later, she felt the ground vibrate as the heavy two headed behemoth thudded towards her, and she could soon smell the heady musk and feel the b**sts warm breath fan her buttocks. There was a loud bellow as the bull mounted her, and she felt her body crushed and winded under the enormous weight. Her breath was knocked from her, and she was too stunned to even notice that the b**sts' thin hard member had penetrated her vulva. She had barely recovered from the initial shock before she felt another blow as he thrust his member deeper inside her. Though the tip of the bull's penis was tapered and relatively thin, the base was considerably thicker, and Jenny soon felt her pussy being stretched as the huge organ rammed into her. She began to panic as she was unable to draw breath and was being crushed between the rock and the heavy b**st that lay across her back.

If she had a breath left in her body, she would undoubtedly have screamed in pain as the huge b**st's penis bashed hard against her cervix, and roughly fucked her senseless. The bull thrust again, and Jenny realised that she might possible be able to slip out from under the bull between thrusts – but to do so she would have to impale herself as deep as possible onto the hard shaft that was withdrawing from her bruised pussy. After the next thrust, she gauged the length of the erect bovine cock to time her own backward thrust. At the precise second that she knew he had pulled back as far as he was going to, she pushed back with her hands firmly on the top of the boulder, and impaled herself down onto his dick all the way to his sheath. The bull Brahmin bellowed loudly, and Jenny suddenly felt his massive cock bulge and pulse before suddenly filling her with a mighty deluge of hot semen. Her belly bulged and almost exploded as the bull ejaculated his full load into her womb.

There was a disgusting squelching sound as in spite of the girth of the cock plugging her vagina, thick creamy cum spurted out, spattering the ground and the bull's heavy balls. Jenny successfully extricated herself from between the Brahmin and the rock before collapsing to the ground.

When she came round a few moments later, the bull Brahmin had already lost interest in her and was wandering back to the herd. Jenny lay gasping for breath, her chest heaving, her back aching, her legs like jelly, and her still swollen belly hurting badly. By the time she was able to stagger to her feet, the herd and wandered off and were nowhere in sight. As she stood up clutching her aching tummy, at least a pint of thick creamy goo gushed out of her pussy. She was determined never to try that stunt again – at least not without power armour.

Seeing as Brahmin are supposed to be easy to domesticate, and she had failed so badly there, she put that idea out of her head for a long time. A dog though? That is another matter. Dog's can be trained, and they aren't too big for her. Well not quite anyway.

Through the night Jenny dreamed of being fucked by dozens of viscous wild dogs one after another without rest, burying their big knots inside her and filling her with so much cum that her swollen belly was touching the floor and still getting bigger until her fingers and toes could barely touch the floor – and then she awoke to Alfred licking her face.

She still ached a little from the previous days exertions, but nevertheless stumbled to her feet and filled the plastic bowl with water. Alfred drank from it first – the other four dogs waiting for a certain look from him, before gathering around the bowl to drink. Jenny was intrigued by that, as the dogs could just as easily have drunk from the dripping tap. Jenny had no more jerky, so she pulled on her pants, and grabbed the pipe rifle before climbing up the stairs into the daylight. She blinked a few times, getting used to the bright sunlight before setting off to look for food. She heard a scampering behind her, and soon the big Alpha was by her side. She grinned.

“Come on then Alfred – let's go a hunting.” a few moments later there was more scampering, and the other four mongrels were following a discrete distance behind.

Fifteen minutes later she was squatting behind a tree stalking a two headed Radstag. It was only a doe, but it had plenty of meat on it and would feed the dogs for a day or two. Jenny wasn't sure how accurate the scope was, so aimed for one of the thighs. The shot was slightly off, but the doe was crippled, so she compensated with her next shot to one of it's heads. This was spot on, and though that shot wasn't enough to kill it outright, by now the pack were on her and she was dead by the time Jenny got to the body. She called Alfred off, and he barked a command to the pack to fall back.

Jenny slung the carcass over her shoulders and staggered back to the cellar with the dogs close behind. She didnt try to get it into the cellar – it was too big to get through, and anyway she didn’t want her new home smelling like an abattoir, so she butchered it with her large hunting knife using a fridge door as a table. She cut out the still warm heart and gave it to Alfred, then threw the offal to the rest of the dogs, and cut up the meat into strips to make into jerky. She was a little apprehensive about using the old fireplace as a smoker as a plume of smoke coming out of the chimney would give away her position to any Raiders in the locale, but it was pretty clear that it had been used this way before, and now she had protection.

There was a stove and a cooking pot in the cellar, so after foraging for a few wild carrots and some edible mushrooms, she added the last of the vegetables in her backpack and with a few chunks of Radstag meat and a bottle of Gwinett stout cooked herself a tasty stew. She could give the bones to the dogs, and maybe boil a couple to make stock. “This will keep the boys happy for a few days.” she said to herself as she stored the jerky in a cooler.

By late afternoon she still hadn't been back to the old camp for her stuff (but it was hidden well enough), nor had she scavenged anything of worth, but she had gone a step further in winning the loyalty of her pack, and she had ensured the larder was well stocked. Things were looking good.

Jenny spent the remainder of the day clearing out the cellar. She didn't want the decaying remains of the female dog, nor the half eaten remains of the previous tenant fouling the place up, so she dumped them outside a good distance away. She had found a piece of tubing to fix the water filter, so it was soon making clean water again. She had also found a clump of moss in a marsh with some Radstools growing in it. Radstools are a small glowing green fungus with a number of uses. It grows in very moist areas that are soaked with radioactive water, which the fungus absorbs and glows. As a result, the fungus glows bright green, and the more radiation, the more it glows. This is handy for making night lights, and also a good way to test for radiation if you don’t have access to a radiation meter (not everyone has a PIP-boy). It is also one of the main ingredients for making Radaway, and can be used to replace used filters in water purifiers.

She let a piece dry out and waited for it to dim, then put it in a cup of the water from the faucet. It began to glow again, very slightly. So the tap water is a little contaminated, as she suspected. She tried another piece in some of the treated water, and there was no glow – her purifier worked!

Though not a chem expert, like all good Scavvers she knew enough to survive, and most Scavvers knew that rainwater is quite drinkable if you filter it through a few layers of carbon (or the digestive system of a Brahvin) and boil it. Better still, filter it and distilling it, then filter it again. Some Scavvers claimed you could avoid radiation sickness by drinking Radstag urine, but you had to be pretty damned thirsty to go that far.

The fact remains that the rivers, seas, and lakes were all so badly contaminated by the nuclear war that even the fresh rains are unsafe for drinking and still contains fallout, and clean water is a valuable commodity. As Jenny placed another full bottle of clean water in the cupboard, she considered whether or not she should trade any spare. It might raise too many eyebrows and arouse too much curiosity. Scavvers don't sell clean water – they only buy it, and at a somewhat higher price than is really fair. Most big towns and communities have access to clean water, but most outsiders – wastelanders, do not. She was curious to see how the dogs would react to clean water though. Though they had adapted to surviving on dirty water, they didn't look too healthy, and cleaner water might change that. She poured half a bottle of the water into the dog's drinking bowl, then made a mental note to look out for empty bottles whilst scavving. She went up top to douse the fire before the sun set, then called Alfred in. Having been well fed for the day, the dogs didn’t really need to go out hunting, but they felt full of energy, and wanted to be out of Jenny's way whilst she was cleaning out the cellar.

There were a few embers still glowing in the fireplace, so she lay a few more strips of meat over the grill and leaned a broken door over the fireplace so the glow could not be seen, then retired to the cellar. She kept the stove burning – nobody could see the glow down in the cellar, and not even the smoke would be seen in the darkness of the night. Jenny ladled a few scoops of the hot stew into a mess tin and tucked in hungrily. This was the first hot meal she had eaten since two days ago, and it certainly hit the spot. Winter was drawing in and the nights were getting longer and colder. Less time to hunt and forage, more time to sit shivering, wondering whether life would get better or worse.

Except tonight she wasn;t shivering. Tonight she was in a warm place with four brick walls around her, a warm meal in her belly, and a real hope that life was going to get better. Alfred sniffed at the bowl of clean water, then looked at Jenny quizzically.

“Go ahead Alfie – it's good water. Only the best for us from now on.”

the dog lapped at the water, aware that it was somehow different from ordinary water. Something missing, something about it that made it better. A strange new feeling began to flow through both Jenny and Alfred, one they couldn't actually put a name to – a feeling we call optimism.

After finishing her meal, there was little left to fill the time. She had explored every inch of the basement (and not found another stash of weapons or equipment), and had cleaned the place up. Apart from the small stash under the stairwell and the one mattress, there was little to suggest that this was a home base, so she surmised that this was just a temporary outpost and workshop, and that the owner had another bigger base somewhere else. It made sense – a lot of well established Wastelanders had several such outposts s**ttered about, particularly if their operations covered a wide area.

However, this was heaven for someone who spent most of their life travelling and at best made do with a lean-to under a bridge or sleeping in the remains of an old bus. Of course, it wasn't absolutely perfect – she would need to make a few improvements. Security for instance. True, she had a pack of dogs to protect the place, but that wouldn't help if for instance someone threw a hand grenade into the cellar whilst she and the dogs were sleeping. She doused the lantern, so that the only light in the cellar was the faint glow from the stove – that would not be seen from outside. But the light from the lantern might cause a glow around the hatchway that could be seen from a distance at night. The main drawback was there was no alternative exit, no escape. If an enemy was aware she was down there, they would have her trapped. She wondered if it was feasible to dig a tunnel through the back. For that she would need a pick and a shovel – heavy work, and it would take a long time – time that would be better spent on day to day survival.

Maybe she could put up a curtain on the stairwell, or maybe fix the hatch so it can be closed at night. Maybe she could build a shack or hide around the ruins of the house. Maybe she could build kennels outside for the dogs, so if there are any intruders around they will attack them before the intruders reach the hatch, and alert her in time. So many options, but right now her resources were limited – she had no curtains or blankets. That was something she would need to scavenge soon. She remembered that the reason she was scouting this area to begin with was because it looked promising for fresh finds, so maybe she'd come across something when she gets back to scavving again.

With just a faint glow to see by, there wasn't anything she could do right now other than sleep. Or maybe ….. She grinned as an idea came to her. Why not? She wasn't tired enough to sleep, and daybreak was hours away.

She could see Alfred's eyes glowing, staring at her in the almost darkness as she sat on the mattress.
“Here boy” she called to him, and he rapidly responded, eagerly plodding himself onto the mattress between her ankles. Jenny slipped out of her leathers then spread her thighs apart to invite the dog to her sex. She gasped as his rough tongue began to taste her pussy, and soon she was getting wet down there. Jenny groaned as Alfred's probing tongue worked deeper between her labia, lapping her juices and burying his snout between her thighs. She whimpered as he licked her sensitive clitoris, and crooned “Alfie! Alfie! Yes - don't stop!”

She ran her fingers over his back, felt the raw muscles in his shoulders and neck, and realised she wanted him inside her. She turned over onto her stomach and then raised her bottom in the air as she drew her knees up close. She almost climaxed as the big tongue flitted between her pussy and asshole, and begged the hound to take her.

Alfred flawlessly mounted her, and she felt the hot wet tip of his penis poke at her wet pussy as he lay his heavy chest over her back. His front paws grasped her lower belly as his love bone penetrated her quim like a knife through butter. She squealed in pleasure as he thrust his growing member deep inside her, slamming it hard against her pubis as soon as he was sure of his mark. She bit her lip as his knot slammed against her vulva. He clutched her tightly to his chest as his powerful thighs thrust hard like a jack-hammer, forcing a yelp from her lips as hi rammed his knot inside her. He thrust again, forcing his cock as deep inside her pussy as it would go until he was sure they were well and truly tied.

Jenny felt his cock throbbing inside her, his knot swelling bigger until it was almost unbearable. She couldn’t take any more, she needed him out of her, but that was not possible now he had tied. Then she felt the warm rush of his semen filling her womb and spreading a great warmth inside her belly. Her head was swimming as the big dog fucked her relentlessly, and she knew that he was the greatest lover she had ever had.

The other dogs were watching from their side of the room, not daring to approach until their alpha gave permission – and he wasn’t in any hurry to do that just yet. Jenny could feel the pressure inside her as her belly filled with hot doggy cum, and let out a howl as she orgasmed with Alfred's massive dick slushing inside her. Eventually, he dismounted and pulled out of her with an audible pop,

One of the other dogs tentatively started to trot over to the mattress, a little unsure of the situation, as this time Jenny did not smell like a dog-bitch. Jenny tried to stroke his head, but he withdrew nervously at first, but then allowed her to touch him. She stroked his head a couple of times, then softly ran her hand under his chest to stroke his belly. The mangy mutt whimpered, enjoying this new sensation. Being a wild dog, it had never experienced being touched and caressed by human hands before, but found it strangely pleasing. Her fingers lightly danced around his sheath, teasing the sensitive wet tip that was beginning to peek out. She stroked the tube of skin and teased it back to expose more of his hot shaft. The faintly glowing stove was too her back, so she could not see the dog clearly, but she could feel his warm cock in her hand, and felt it pulse and grow with each throb.

A couple more of the curious mutts drew closer to her, and she could sense them sniffing at her. She crawled forward on her hands and knees, and moved to the grey mutt's side, so she could make out his glistening cock in the dim light. It wasn't nearly as big as Alfred's huge cock, but was similarly shaped with a pointed tip and wide bulge in the middle. Jenny slid her head closer and with his warm knot in her right hand, guided the hot dripping tip to her lips. She could feel another of the dogs licking her still gaping pussy, and a shiver of pleasure ran up her spine. As she took the mutt's penis deep into her mouth and sucked, she felt a weight on her back as the braver of the dogs sniffing at her rear tried to mount her.

At first she barely felt the thin boney cock slide into her wet folds, but he quickly began to grow, and with just a few quick thrusts had his knot inside her. There was another dog by her side, and with a cock deep in her mouth and another rapidly swelling inside her cunt, she reached out with her right hand to caress the dog next to her. It didn't take her long to find his belly, and was soon fingering his sheath. His warm penis was throbbing in her grip and starting to spurt over her wrist even as she could taste hot doggy cum flood her mouth. Seconds later she felt heat spread through her belly as the dog fucking her also ejaculated.

She swallowed as much of the grey dog's cum as she could, then shifted to lick the cock of the brownish mutt that she was masturbating. The unseen hound that fucked her was much smaller than Alfred, so once he had finished filling Jenny with his seed, pulled out with little resistance. Moments later she felt another weight upon her back as the fourth mongrel mounted her. Though she couldn't see it, his cock was a little shorter, but thicker, and took a few thrusts to fully penetrate her. His knot was already quite large, causing Jenny to grunt in pain as he rammed it into her. She almost gagged on the hot cock in her mouth as the b**st on her back rutted hard and filled her with his hard cock. Though not as long as Alfred's, his organ was easily as thick, and if anything his bulging knot was bigger. She could feel his huge hairless balls slap against her pubic mound as he buried his meat deep inside her. Her eyes bulged as she once again felt her belly swell with hot cum, whilst the dog she was sucking off released his full load into her throat, his hot bulbous knot pressing against her lips. She coughed and spluttered, firmly pinned between the two hounds as one gripped her waist and the other gripped her head and she needed both hands on the floor to steady herself.

Jenny was utterly overwhelmed and out of control of the situation, but she had successfully satisfied her pack once again. The dog fucking her was firmly knotted, and unable to pull out of her in spite of the vigorous workout they had given her pussy, and ended up fucking her butt to butt until his knot had decreased enough to extricate from her stretched pussy.

Jenny crawled back to her mattress sore and exhausted, but totally satisfied, fell into a deep sleep almost immediately.

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