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Postapocalyptic reality 1

Jenny didn't look like a mutant. Not at all like the green skinned super-mutants, nor the hideous ghouls. She didn’t have two heads, or three arms, or anything out of the ordinary. In fact, she looked absolutely normal – maybe even a little prettier than the average Wasteland girl. But there was something that set her apart – a hidden mutation triggered by the radiation that her parents and grandparents had been exposed to.

Apart from cellular damage to most life-forms, the radiation that still manifested as polluted waters and eerie radioactive storms also caused a few beneficial changes to DNA in some cases, and actually served to accelerate evolution. Such examples are the increased size and ferocity of many of the insectoid life-forms, or the evolution of the bipedal Mirelurk, or the hardy two headed Brahmin that are so essential to the economy and ecology of the world.

As if to prove Darwin correct, most of the successful changes have enabled the recipient of the altered DNA to be better adapted to survive in the hostile environment of the wasteland, and humans are no exception. It was not unknown for some humans to have developed a resistance to radiation, so are able to drink rain water or swim in irradiated rivers and lakes without any ill effects. A great many developed darker, tougher skin that could cope better with the harsh weather and radiation. Some had developed a stronger and less discriminating digestive system, and are able to gain nourishment from almost anything they can chew and swallow.

And such is the case with Jenny's mutation. Jenny's mutation was somewhat unusual, and though not visible, was an excellent survival trait. However, she often regarded it more of a curse than a gift, because it wasn't an ability she could control, but it had enormous control over her.

Jenny was a Scavver – a Wastelander who survived and made a living from scavenging anything she could find in the wastelands that might prove useful, or could be sold for a few caps. Her parents, and her grandparents had been Scavvers, and as far as she knew so had their parents. As far as she was aware, neither of her parents possessed her mutation – though her mother did seem to have a natural affinity with wild b**sts and was often able to pacify them.

To further explain Jenny's mutant power, let us observe a typical day in her life. She is twenty two years old, yet despite living in the wastelands she could easily pass as a s*******n year old city dweller. Her outfit comprises of a leather jacket over a woollen jerkin, padded leather shin pads, and a mix of leather and combat armour shoulder and elbow protection. Today she is wearing loose fitting denim shorts held up by braces. Over the leather jacket she is wearing a harness that clips over her shoulder pads and has several large bags attached to the back, which are currently full of junk.

She would normally wear a smaller version of this bag, but pickings were getting scarce, so she had to venture further away from her camp than she preferred. Soon she would have to risk moving camp further out – maybe a little nearer to the river where pickings were rich. So far today she had found several empty bottles she could maybe get a couple of caps for, a broken security camera, two broken lamps, and a bag full of spent ammunition shells. For weapons, she was carrying a short stock shotgun and a small pipe pistol revolver. She would have preferred to have her sighted 308 rifle or her boosted laser rifle, but she was deplorably low on fusion cells, and the 308 hunting rifle was too heavy and cumbersome, so would reduce her carrying capacity. She needed to travel light so she could carry more junk back home.

So this scavenge was not ideal, having to travel to less familiar territory, lightly armed, and with a larger back-pack. As well as scavving useful junk, she was also scouting for a good location for a new camp. If she finds one, she will fortify it and then bring up her gear tomorrow. Requirements were quite specific – it had to be well hidden and easy to defend, but also have an alternative escape route should things go badly. It needed to be relatively close to a settlement or trade route so she doesn’t have to haul her “goods” too far to sell them.

She has been set up in her current camp for too long – there's nothing worth picking left in the immediate area, and the ruined town south is infested with Feral Ghouls. She needs to find a new scavving ground soon or she will end up having to sell vital equipment for a few messily caps.

Jenny needs a steady source of income to buy water and food, as her mutation is not one that enables her to thrive on dirty water and wild mutfruit. Most importantly – it mustn't be too close to someone else’s lair. She wasn't too hopeful about this area – There was no signs of Raiders or Feral ghouls here, but she had to go over some very rough terrain to get here, so she wouldn't be able to use her cart to move her belongings. About two years ago she had cobbled together a small two wheeled cart out of scraps, which was handy for pulling a large amount of scrap too heavy to carry to a settlement, or to use to transport all her belongings to a new camp in one go.

Scavvers don’t own many belongings – it's wise not to if your lifestyle is basically transitory, but they are loathe to part with certain essentials such as good weaponry, spare armour and clothing, sleeping bags, digging tools, and of course, cooking equipment. Trying to move that to a new location is tricky and often takes many runs. Some scavvers (the upwardly mobile ones) invest in a b**st of burden - usually a Brahmin, but that was not an option for Jenny. If she did find a suitable camp site here, she would have to sell her cart and most of her equipment, because she would never get it over the ridge, and the fifteen mile detour around it would be too dangerous.

It would have to a pretty damn good hideout to justify all the trouble, and that is exactly what she found, quite by chance. She was just about to give up on the area and decide whether to go home now or set up a temporary camp and return home in the morning when she hit the jackpot. She had ventured a bit further north and uphill than she had intended, and so hadn't noticed that the sun was getting lower. As soon as she realised that it was late afternoon, it was already too late to go home – the sun would be setting before she's even out of the ruins, and she would have to negotiate the ridge in the dark – a tricky task and quite dangerous.

She would have to stay here until the morning. Not a big deal – she'd done this before, she just needed a safe place to make a temporary camp.

Though the dilapidated house she was rummaging through was nothing more than two walls and half a flight of stairs going nowhere, it would serve as a good shelter for the night, so she started to arrange debris in the corner to make a concealment. She could crouch down well hidden, and might even be able to catch a few moments of sleep in safety until sunrise. From the house she could see anything moving in the ruins of the town below, but the walls would protect her back – all she need do is conceal herself and keep still for a few hours.

What she did not realise is that the collapsed pieces of plasterboard and remains of a door that she tried to prop up as cover were already being used as a hide by a wild mongrel. As soon as she dislodged the door, she heard a loud growl, and the b**st was already leaping out and baring its fangs at her before she was able to draw her pistol.

She fell back in surprise and stumbling on the remains of a wooden window frame, she was flat on her back in seconds. She quickly released the catches on her harness so she could move swiftly, but as she drew her pistol she heard more growls and caught a movement in the periphery of her vision. Another growl behind her as she scrambled to her feet told her she was surrounded by at least three, maybe four dogs.

This was when her natural defences kicked in – she automatically pissed herself and began to sweat. The attitude of the wild mutts changed almost instantly. The Alpha male caught the scent first and growled a warning to the others, who immediately began to whimper and hold back. Jenny knew that even with the initiative back in her court, she still wouldn't be able to kill the alpha before the rest were upon on her, and she'd be lucky to kill two of them before they tore her to pieces. If she had a 45 pistol, or even a 10mm she might stand a chance, or if there were only two of them, but she was vulnerable and outnumbered. She had no choice but to use her mutant talent to its best ability - but even as she took the decision to submit, she spotted a fifth dog sneak around the corner.

The hounds circled her slowly as she holstered her pistol and released the clasps on the braces that held her baggy wet shorts. Her mutant power was saving her life as the mangy curs caught the full strength of her scent, and the younger ones even contemplated fighting the alpha for first go. Jenny's mutated glands produced pheromones that exactly mimicked those of the females of whatever creature triggered her adrenaline. In short – her own fear and sense of danger automatically turned her into a potential mate instead of a meal.

Jenny's hormones developed this ability shortly after she reached puberty, but it was several years before she realised exactly what made her different from anyone else. She left her family when she was eighteen, afraid they might find out, and had been a lone scavenger ever since. By now she was used to her unique talent, and knew what to expect. Slowly she dropped to her hands and knees, and waited with trepidation.

She did not have to wait long – the larger and stockier of the pack (a reddish brown mutt that appeared to be a Labrador / Rottweiler mix) approached confidently – quite obviously the alpha male of the pack. She could see the quivering ruby red tip of it's emerging penis already peeking from its' mangy sheath, ready for action. The alpha sniffed briefly at her exposed crotch before quickly mounting her, and she felt his boney rocket poke at her quim.

She gasped as the hot hard member penetrated her vulva and the large mutt began thrusting hard at her exposed rear. Glancing around, she saw that all four of the other dogs were also male, and their little red rockets were also peeking from their flea bitten sheaths, and she realised with dismay she would have to satisfy each and every one of them. .

The alpha gripped her belly hard with his forepaws, and would have scratched her deeply were it not for her leather jerkin and wide belt. It was not the first time she had been taken like this, and her apparel was deliberately chosen to offer protection where it would be needed, but allow quick and easy access to her sex.

Jenny squealed a little as she felt a sharp pain when with a hard thrust of his pelvis, the big dog rammed his knot inside her. Within seconds the hot bulb began to swell, locking the mutt's throbbing member inside her vaginal passage as the other dogs watched enviously. Jenny tried to ignore the foul stench of the mutt's breath and tried hard not to look at the unhealthy scabrous bodies of the horny hounds awaiting their turn, but instead tried to put her mind somewhere else.

The alpha fucking her was a lot healthier and larger than the rest of his pack, and his swollen cock filled her completely. His knot rubbed against her clitoris as his boney dick hammered at her cervix mercilessly. He was hot and throbbing, bringing her to the point of orgasm when he suddenly ejaculated and flooded her womb with his semen. She could feel her belly swell with the hot fluid, but despite the pressure, his knot formed a tight seal stopping the deluge from leaking out. Jenny's thighs shook as her orgasm ripped through her body.

The dominant alpha male stopped thrusting as he emptied his balls into the female, then once satisfied, tried to pull out. The first time Jenny had been tied with a dog, they were unable to separate for at least twenty minutes, and she was stuck with the massive cock inside her as the dog tried to drag her away by his knot – an experience that had been painful to both. But that was several years ago, and she was now more experienced and used to being fucked by cocks of all shapes and sizes. This time though, she was not keen on having such a huge knot pulled out of her, only to be fucked by not just one, but four more dogs in quick succession, so though she could have easily allowed the dog to pull his knot out, she tightened her vaginal muscles to hold him in a bit longer.

The Alpha was happy to demonstrate his superiority by making his pack wait, so cocked his leg over her ass and fucked her butt to butt until his erection began to die down. By the time she was ready to let him go, his knot was smaller and came free without bruising or ripping her pussy. His semen had started to congeal, and slurped out of her gaping cunt like jelly as the next dog mounted her and thrust his already erect cock into her wet hole.

Jenny was thankful that there was nobody around to see her being used by the filthy wild mongrels, and despite feeling shame allowed herself to enjoy the experience. Being fucked by the filthy brutes was better than being eaten by them, and if she ignored the stench and filth, she could pretend these were chosen lovers falling over themselves to satisfy her carnal lusts.

She had been through similar situations enough times to master it. Just a shift in her mindset, and she was a wanton whore yearning to be filled with throbbing cocks and gushing semen. By the time the second dog had finished, she was drifting in waves of pleasure and was feeling disappointed when his knot plopped out of her loose cunt with a wet popping sound.

Seconds later two more dogs were fighting each other for their turn, and it wasn't long before another hot dick was boning her dripping hole. There was some scrabbling, and a confusion of legs before she felt greater weight on her back, and then she could feel two wet pointed dicks poking at her rear. One successfully entered her pussy and began to thrust deep into her, whilst another slimy cock jabbed against the small of her back before finally locating her little brown flower.

Too wrapped up into the orgy to even protest, Jenny flexed her ring to let the doggy cock burrow deep into her back passage. It wasn't a big cock like the alpha's organ, or even as big as the second dog, but she still felt a jab of pain as he lunged and buried his bone deep into her ass all the way to his scabby sheath. His knot began to swell as soon as it had nestled into her rectum, and she could feel the immense pressure of her g-spot being squeezed between to swollen knots. The very thought of being double penetrated was turning her on, and it wasnt long before another orgasm was building up inside her.

Unable to control herself and oblivious to the outside world she screamed in a mixture of pain and ecstasy as both her holes were pummelled by the horny mutts. It was barely a matter of minutes before the young dogs were ejaculating into her gut and uterus, and she almost passed out when the top dog pulled his golf ball sized knot out of her cum flooded back passage. Both dogs dismounted as the fifth and final mutt took his turn at fucking the human bitch. Jenny began to return to her senses just as the dog was ejaculating, and was starting to feel a little nauseous – partly from realisation of what had just happened and her disgust at the foul b**sts, and partly from an aching belly full of congealed doggy cum.

Each thrust of his swollen dick put more pressure against her insides that were already full of squelching cum. Both her uterus and her guts were holding most of what the first four dogs could empty into her, which was quite a lot as they hadn't mated in some time. Jenny was starting to feel sore now, and wished that this dog had also found her asshole before thrusting into her tired and abused pussy. She had already orgasmed twice, and was relieved when she felt the warmth of his seed spread inside her belly.

As the satisfied hound pulled his knot out of her with little resistance, she collapsed in an exhausted heap, to tired to move, and aching all over. Against her better judgement, she fell asleep (or passed out) for a while, and when she opened her eyes again she looked around. The sun had set now, and she could see nobody around except the five dogs, now licking the sticky mess from their shrinking cocks. She picked up her pistol and regarded the satiated a****ls. Five dogs and six bullets. If she aimed at their heads at close range, she could probably kill them all – if she was quick. But what if one shot was not enough?

Her .38 pea shooter of a revolver could possibly do the job if she shot each dog through the eye, but once she had fired two or three times she would lose the element of surprise and getting a clear shot might not be so easy. The shotgun would kill instantly, but only held two cartridges – the other three dogs would be at her throat before she could reload. So should she risk trying to kill them with her pistol? If more than one shot failed to kill instantly, she was done for. On the other hand, there didn’t seem to be any bitches in the pack, so unless they felt threatened or hungry, she was in no immediate danger from them.

It wasn't the first time she had been ****d by wild mongrels – or worse, and the shame she felt was always there afterwards. Not just shame of having been used by the lowest creatures on the planet, but more than that. Shame of having to admit to herself that she enjoyed it. That's why she usually killed them after – to try to kill the shame.

The Alpha stood up and regarded her steadily for a moment. She tucked her pistol back into her belt, then pulled a piece of jerky out from one of her arm pockets and tossed it over to him. He snatched it in his jaws, then disappeared under the debris under the stairwell. She could just walk away slowly and hope they don’t try to track her – or she could follow their leader. To hell with the shame – it's time she was honest with herself and thought of practicality.

She chose to follow, and found a small hole in the debris that led down some stairs – a cellar. She tentatively squeezed through the gap and explored the hidden lair. It smelled musty, and was dark, so she chanced using a torch from one of her pockets that she had wrested from a broken miner's lamp a few days ago. The battery was low, but the faint glow was enough to show her most of the cellar.

It looked like it had been used by another Scavver – there was a half eaten corpse gripping an empty 10mm pistol as well as the shrivelled corpse of a female dog. She kicked the corpse aside to expose an old mattress stained with dry blood. She'd slept on far worse, and wasn't too squeamish. There was also several cupboards, an unlit lantern, and some sort of workbench. There was also a dripping faucet and the broken remains of an enamel sink, but at the moment no way of knowing whether it was clean water or contaminated – though it was clearly good enough for the pack of mongrels.

Jenny's first thought was that now she had another weapon with more ammo, she could kill those dogs and the lair was hers, but then she thought wiser. As long as they recognised her as their bitch, she didn’t need to kill them. In fact, they would protect and guard her. At least for now. All she had to do was make sure they were well fed and let them service her when they felt horny. She could live with that.

Maybe if she cared well enough for them, she could tame them. Trained guard dogs are a highly prized commodity.

The alpha dog was sitting in a corner under the sink chewing on the jerky Jenny had given him. She found a plastic bowl and filled it with water from the faucet, then put it down next to the ferocious looking hound. He lapped at the water and whimpered slightly as she stroked his head. True, he was mangy and scabby – but a better diet and grooming could change that.

She heard scuttling behind her as the other four dogs came down the cellar steps, and she dished out more of the jerky. It was all of her supplies of meat, but she had some vegetables in her backpack.

Jenny took stock of her life. She had been a loner since leaving her family, and she had known ever since she discovered her mutant ability that it was a curse that doomed her to a life of solitude. At least, unless she was willing to throw in her lot with the most depraved Raider gang that would not be shocked or ashamed of her. But from what she had heard of Raiders, she would sooner be a loner than become one of them – assuming they didn’t just eat her as soon as they grew bored with her.

Thus lay the odd contradiction in her life. The only sexual release she could get (apart from one night stands with men who just wanted to use her) came from creatures that were a threat to her life. She had grown acquainted with the association with fear, danger, and sex that dangerous situations had become an aphrodisiac to her, and any dangerous a****l she had not submitted to yet was a source of anticipation.

Often, she would just shoot dead any dangerous creatures before they could even be aware of her, but more and more often she would find herself thinking “Why waste bullets?” and “What will it feel like to be ravished by this b**st?”

of course, in most cases she would kill the creature afterwards anyway, because when all is said and done it is a threat, and one day she might encounter something more hungry or angry than lust can overcome. Also, there is no telling what harm can come from being ****d by wasteland monsters – either from overdose of radiation, contracting some deadly infection, or simply torn apart by something too big and dangerous for her.

For instance, she was not sure she could survive being fucked by a Deathclaw, and she once had a very close shave when she was almost crushed to death by an amorous male Brahmin. Another good example was the Yao-guai. That incident had been about a year ago. Jenny had strayed into the hillsides to hunt game and forage for edible crop after exhausting her scavving area. Going deeper into the town would have put her too close to Raiders and Ferals, so as she couldnt afford to buy food, opted to find her own. That had been a risky move, because the wilderness is always more dangerous than close to the roads. True, there are fewer Raiders or rival Scavvers, and Ghouls are rare, but other creatures are more common.

Jenny had just shot down three Bloatflies with a scoped pipe rifle when she drew the attention of a Yao-Guai. She hadn't noticed it crouching in a large bush until she heard it growl and turned to see it pounding towards her. A .38 pipe rifle will do little more than annoy the giant bear, so she instantly dropped her weapon and let the urine flow from between her legs and hope the pheromones kicked in in-time.

They did, and the b**st slowed down to sniff at the strange creature. It looked like a human and wore the strange coverings that humans wore, but it smelled unmistakably like a female Yao-guai. Not only that, but a receptive female. Mentally preparing herself, Jenny dropped her pants and turned her back to the b**st. She had never been so close to a live one before, but she had heard they were gentle to their own kind, so closed her eyes and waited for what was to follow with a rapidly beating heart.

As excited as she was, there was no doubting her fear, and that caused her to sweat even more, making the Yao-guai as horny as hell. She grew a little excited as she felt the b**st's hot breath on the back of her neck, and her legs were shaking. Then the hot breath chased down hers spine to her nether regions, and she almost screamed and had to bite her lip as she felt a rough tongue sc**** over her labia. The rough tongue tried to probe her pussy, but the more the adrenaline pumped through her body, the more aroused the b**st became, and it was mere moments before she felt the huge paws grab her hips and the Yao-guai's hard penis plunged into her cunt. This time she did scream as the flared organ stretched her pussy wide and thrust deep into her . It had a long penis bone like a dog, only much bigger, and the cockhead was massively flared. The lust engorged organ sank deep inside her, hitting her cervix hard, so hard it almost broke through into her womb. She tried to wriggle off the long cock that was almost splitting her open, but the a****l was too far into it's fucking to stop.

Eventually his huge balls let go of their load and his massive ursine member hosed her insides with at least a pint of cum. The Yao-guai then left her semi-conscious until she was able to crawl to her feet and limp back home, bruised and bleeding. In retrospect, she had done the only thing she could. There is no way she could outrun a Yao-guai, and it wouldn’t be possible to kill any Yao-guai (let alone a giant specimen such as that one) with a low calibre pipe rifle. Even from a distance, she would have run out of ammo before even slowing it down. If she hadn't let it fuck her, she wouldn’t have limped home injured, she would have been dead in moments.

But that wasn’t the point. The point was she didn’t even think about it. She didn’t try to figure out her best option, she just dropped her pants and wondered what sex with a giant Yao-guai would be like. She was letting her mutant talent, gift, curse, whatever define who and what she is. an b**st slut.

Could she ever change that?

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