Evening the Score - Chapter 11 / page: 154 - Erotic story Collection

We completed our errands and went shopping for the food and supplies we’d need for the evening. Jess looked so hot around town dressed as the was, and the attention she received seemed to turn her on even more. My cock never softened, and after several hours of this, it was getting a little sore. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer, and, as promised, I fucked her. In the grocery store bathroom. After watching her bend over in the frozen foods isle. Reaching for something deep within the display. Her ass and glistening cunt clearly visible. When she returned upright, her nipples were once again rock hard and huge, pointing right at me. I grabbed her hand, left the shopping cart, raced to the bathroom, locked the door, pushed her against the wall, hiked her skirt, and plunged my cock balls deep. Two strokes later, I shot a huge load of sperm deep inside her, and she moaned, loudly, the orgasm rippling through her body. When I finished, I turned her around, push her to a kneeling position, and shove my cock down her throat. She eagerly deep throated my cock clean, taking each ball into her mouth.

As quickly as we started, we finished, and headed back to the cart. Throughout the rest of our shopping trip, my cum was dripping out of her still very wet cunt, and down her thighs and calfs. I easily noticed, and I’m pretty sure most others had as well. Amazingly, I remained hard the entire time. We loaded up the car, the headed home, Jess’ fingers working her cunt, plunging in and pulling out cum laden fingers, erotically licking them clean, then repeating the process, occasionally offering me a taste. The smell and taste was intoxicating.

But, back to reality. Arriving home, we cleaned ourselves up. I began to prepare cedar plank salmon and asparagus for our guests, complete with a few bottles of chardonnay, and martinis to start the evening. This is one of Jess’ favorite dishes as well, so she was happy with my choices.

“You bought four salmon fillets. Does that mean we’re having two guests?”, inquired Jess.

I just looked at her with a slight grin on my face. She knew I wasn’t going to tell her anything, so I turned my attention back to prepping our dinner. When I did speak, it was more to ask her to help prepare for the evening. “Honey, could you get out the wine glasses, and put the martini glasses in the freezer? Oh, and please make sure the wine is in the fridge.” Without a word, Jess turned and did as I asked, then set about cleaning and arranging the house.

As the afternoon went on, I could tell she was getting a little nervous. I had no idea why, after all she’s done, she can’t possibly be feeling apprehensive. Even at the sex party, she never showed any sign of anything except maybe excitement.

“Nervous?”, I asked.

“A little.”, she replied.


“Because I don’t know what to expect!”, she replied shakily.

I looked at her for a bit, seeing her eyes and demeanor, the utter lack of self confidence. She had gone from a whore earlier in the day, to a scared little girl. I smiled at her, wickedly.

“We’re about done here. Why don’t you go up and take a nice long bath. Maybe it’ll sooth and calm you down. I can finish the rest of the preparation.” This gave her an excuse to take a bit more time to prepare herself.

“Ok, honey.”, she said. And with that, she gave me a deep, wet kiss, grinding her tits into my chest, and her pelvis into my cock, and headed to our bedroom and drew the water into the tub.

I finished up a bit later, and headed to get ready myself. When I got to the master bath, Jess had the tub full and steaming, rose petals floating in the water, candles around the tub, and was shaving every inch of her sexy, sultry, slutty body. My cock stood at attention watching her.

“Someone can’t wait!”, she commented. She seemed much more relaxed now. I pulled my gaze away, turned on, and jumped into the shower.

About ten minutes later, I was finished, even though I washed myself more thoroughly than usual. When I got out and dried off, I noticed Jess had the hot water running again, and had a facial mask and cucumbers over her eyes.

Relaxed?”, I asked.

“Hmm, mmm.”, was her reply.

“Wonderful. Our guests should arrive in about an hour.”, I informed her. I didn’t want her so relaxed that she missed the arrival.

“Not to worry.”, she replied, “I’ll be ready to make an entrance!” I could hardly wait.

I laid out some loose black slacks, a comfortable silk shirt, and my “dress” flip flops. No underwear, of course. I got dressed, grabbed a special item from the closet, and left the room. And went back to making the final preparations for our guests. I fired up the grill, and went to prepare the martinis.

About thirty minutes later, I heard Jess leaving the bedroom, and heading to the kitchen. When she entered, I suddenly stopped breathing.

There she stood, in the outfit I laid out for her earlier in the day. What a knockout, she looked so hot, so sexy, so SLUTTY, my cock hardened immediately, sticking straight out of my pants.

“I take that as approval?”, she asked, in her bedroom, fuck me voice.

“Oh, yeah!!” My approval was not disguised in any way.

Her perfume was intoxicating. The micro dress fit perfectly. Just her nipples were covered, as well as her pussy. It was clear she wore no underwear. And when she turned around, her hot ass was plain to see.

“If we weren’t having guests, I’d fuck you right here.”, I said.

I went up behind her, rubbed my hard cock up and down her ass, and grabbed and squeezed her tits, hard. She responded by backing her ass hard against my cock head, and her nipples hardened for full length and thickness. From my point of view, her large nipples and excitement were very evident. I reached down to her pussy, baby smooth, slid three fingers along, then into her slit, and she was already dripping down her inside thigh. I could feel the double toy I got for her, slid my fingers alongside and as deep as I could. She had it in, but she was dripping so much, I thought she was cumming. I brought my juice coated hand to my mouth, inhaled her scent deeply, and sucked my fingers clean.

“How does the toy feel?”, I asked, wanting to know exactly how excited she was. “It feels so good, walking around, I’ve been having mini orgasms since I put it in.” Perfect!

A few minutes later, our doorbell rang. Jess immediately stiffened up, apparently, nervous again. But, she put a welcoming smile on her face as I went to open the door.

When I opened the door, I glanced at Jess quickly before welcoming our guests. Her face had gone from a genuine welcoming smile, to complete amazement. Oh, she still had her smile, but I could tell from her eyes, a range of emotions were coursing throughout her mind and body.

There, in our doorway, stood Sharon and Bill. Two black swingers, straight from a fashion magazine, they were both gorgeous. I welcomed them into our home, shaking Bill’s hand, and giving Sharon and big hug and kiss on the cheek. Jess, just a couple of feet away, regained her composure, and genuinely greeted our guests, hugging and kissing both on the cheek. I glanced over at Jess, and, glancing back at me, the excitement in her eyes was unmistakeable. I could tell from the looks in Bill and Sharon’s eyes, they were excited as well, looking at me, and definitely at Jess.

Bill arrived in baggy black slacks, like mine, casual silk shirt, as well, and sport coat. What was readily apparent, was that he also wasn’t wearing underwear, and the bulge in his pants, although flacid, was remarkably huge. Glancing at Jess again, I could see that here eyes had caught that little detail (although hardly little) as well.

Sharon, on the other hand, arrived in a long overcoat, and 6” heels that screamed “Fuck Me!”. Love that! Bill, the gentleman, reached over and began to remove Sharon’s overcoat. Once opened and removed, I swear, my mouth, and Jess’ too, hit the floor. There, in front of us, was the most beautiful woman either of has ever seen.

Sharon’s body was flawless. Even though they were both our age, her body was perfection. Both of their skin was very dark, but Sharon’s glowed in the light of our home. Her legs seemed to go on forever, and were fit and toned, as was her whole body, and her tits, well, they just stuck out like they were eighteen years old. Her outfit for the evening was little more than a tunic, straps around her neck that led to thin material that barely covered her breasts. In fact, the tops of her areola were visible as the material held just below. Her nipples, larger than Jess’, seemed to hold up the entire ensemble. A deep plunging neckline of thin, narrow material that stopped just above her mound. And a beautiful piercing and jewelry adorned her belly button. From there, a very short flap covered her pussy, but stopped at the tops of her thighs. Her outfit was backless, and the rear flap started just below her butt crack, and stopped just below her ass cheeks. On the sides, a huge open area from her shoulders down, held together only by a piece of clear elastic. Her perfume, was the same as what Jess was wearing. Intoxicating.

I could not wait to unwrap that present.

I looked over at Jess, and to my amazement, she was staring at Sharon, her mouth slightly open, her eyes wide. She wasn’t staring at Bill’s enormous cock any longer. It’s as if she’d never seen a woman before that she wanted to be with. At least that’s the way I interpreted her gaze.

After what seemed like hours, but were only seconds of greetings and introductions, we welcomed our guests into our home. As they passed us, walking in, I closed the door, and moving close to Jess, I put my arm around her waist, pulling her close to me, and whispered in her ear:

“Our playmates for the evening are completely, totally, and unabashedly bi.”

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