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It was a great Saturday morning. I was up early making sure the Harley was all ready to go. I was planing on a run with my friends and it was going to be an all week long get away. Now let me give some back ground I am a mid aged guy that had some luck and some bad luck. I worked hard and invested well. I got married and that did not work out due to the job. Too much away from home. Got some k**s but they are all good and I have paid out the divorce and still I am able to retire early. My house is paid for the car and boat and truck is all paid for and all family new. The bike is custom and all mine also. I have not contact with the es except for k**s issues but that is getting fewer. The k**s are all on their own so not too much input from me except the phone calls on a weekly basis to get updates. So really my life is good right now. I ride when I want I holiday when I want. I am comfortable enough and have a good enough income that I want or wait for nothing so basically I am the envy of a lot of my friends . Now saying that I am also the fall back guy to all my buddies they come over and we do the games together we have the BBQ together we all have bikes so there is always that. I always have a car or bike in the awesome shop from one of my buddies or a buddy of a buddy. So I am very happy.

This Saturday was the same I was all set up my bike was shiny and I had the Pussy Pad on the back or P-Pad as sometimes I called it in case I hooked up with some biker slut on the run. Even if I did not hook up with anyone Brenda was driving the pick up truck with all our gear so we were light on the bikes. Now Brenda and Jack were neighbours that I found out were also into the lifestyle of cuckold. I was one of Brenda's many fucks and she was a great fuck so if I needed something on the run I always had her and she knew it as did Jack. So I was looking forward to a good week long run.

Brenda pulled the truck around and I tossed my gear in the back. I was booked in Hotels and resorts during the whole route. Some of the guys had camping grounds booked but I liked my comfort. I walked to the cab of the truck and leaned in to talk to Brenda

"All ready for the run" I asked

Brenda looked at me with the look of a cock hungry milf that she was.

"Sure am" as she pulled her top down and I rubbed her tit. She then looked at me.

"Jack is all locked up for the week."

I laughed as I knew that Jack then was wearing a Chasity cage on his cock and she was not letting him out. This meant that she was on the prowl for any cock she could get . Not the other riders were off limits to keep it on the down and low. The only reason I was one of her bulls was I found a few JPEGS on their laptop while I was house watching. So I was now in the loop. I gave Brenda a deep hard kiss and I rubber her tits and I put my hand down between her thighs also. she was so hot she was already wet. Jack cam around the corner and he just stopped and watched as this is what he was allowed to do by Brenda. After I felt her up and my cock was feeling a little tighter I pulled out of the window and moved to my bike.

I threw my leather clad leg over the seat turned the key and I hit the switch to start it. My baby came to life with a roar I picked it up off the side stand and moved it into place with my foot. O looked over at Brenda gave her a nod and with a kick I dropped the machine into gear and I twisted the throttle and roared away from the curb. We three were to meet the other guys at a coffee shop not far from the neighbourhood and we would ride out from there.

After a short little run to the Timmies I pulled the bike into the lot and the other guys looked like they had just arrived also. Jack puled in fo;;owed by Brenda in the pick up. The guys all tossed their gear into the box of the truck we all got a coffee and stood around BS'ing as we sucked back of coffee's and soon we were ready to ride. there was four of us and Brenda so we were feeling good. The first part of the ride was going to be fast as we wanted to get out on the highway and get some distance between us and the city. We rolled out onto the highway two abreast with Brenda following up a little back. We all moved as one since we had ridden together for many years. There was a bit of traffic of the weekend warriors heading to the lake or camping but we threaded out way through them with out much hassle. We rolled into a little town where the two highways split and we were taking the less traveled one up through the mountains. My bike was running strong as were the other guys. Just we we rolled out of that town there on the side of the road was a hitchhiker. Not just any hitchhiker but she looked fucking hot. She had a back pack over her shoulder had Red hair and her bare legs were long and lean. I fucken near crashed the bike as I cut over and sk**ded to a stop. The other guys all weaving a bit to avoid my sudden movement just laughed and rode on. I shut down the bike and she came walking up. I watched as she walked up in the little frame of the mirror and I was watching her move like a smooth cat. she reached the bike and I could already smell her. She was fucking perfect.

"where you going" I asked

"Anywhere you are." She answered.

"Hop on, put this on" as I handed her my spare brain bucket.

She lifted her leg over the seat and I felt her slide down my back onto the P-Pad. she wrapped her arms around my waist and rested her head on my shoulder. I reached back grabbed her legs and lifted them up and wrapped them around my hips. she crossed her ankles and I put my hand on her bare calf leaned back a little.

"You ok, you ready" I asked

"Just great Babe" she answered.

"I am Ripper" I said

"Hi I am Sindy" she replied

I hit the starter button and the bike came to life. I looked over my shoulder dropped her into gear and twisted the grip. She kicked a little on the loose gravel but Sindy road it out like a pro as I pulled onto the highway and started going through the gears to get her up to speed to catch up to the guys. Not to long up the winding road I was able to catch a glimpse of Brenda's truck on a corner and it was not to long after that that I had the whole group in my sights. Sindy was riding like a champ not a movement out of place and she was stuck to my back like glue. I could feel her rather large tits pressing against my leather. and her fucking hot long tanned legs every once in awhile squeezed my hips in a corner to just give her some stability. I quickly closed the gap to my guys and I blasted full throttle past Brenda just before a corner. She hit the horn as I blew by and I was making my way up behind the guys. I pulled out quickly and very soon I was in my lead left hand position in the group. Cindy leaned close to my ear and asked.

"These your guys"

I yelled over the sound of the wind and the motors "Yes"

I checked the guys out in the group and I saw a lot of grinning teeth on the buddies. Sindy's ass must have been hanging out on both sides of the P-Pad and it must have looked like it was rammed right up her ass. Her tiny little jean shorts she was wearing was not hiding anything. and her top was tied just under her tits. If she moved back a little the air flow between us most likely would have lifter her shirt open to expose her tits. Through out the day we got to know one another and we all stopped for a few beers and some food ,gas and just to sight see also, Brenda and Sindy were getting along quite well and I had some fantasies of bedding them both on this trip. Now Sindy seemed like she was just having a runaway also. What she was running from was not my business but she was a prime candidate for a good fuck partner. As the day started to roll into early night we were approaching the stopping point for the first day. I rolled into the hotel parking and the guys were going to camp out on the first night. Brenda followed me in and I grabbed my gear from the box of her truck. All three of us entered the lobby of the hotel and I checked in and asked for two keys. After that I turned to Brenda and gave her a key as she left to catch up to the guys at the camp around and get them their gear. After she left and Sindy and I found the room. Looks like she was going to be a keeper for a day or two at least. I threw my bag on the couch and I said to Sindy.

"Gotta go and secure the bike"

"I am just going to take a shower while you are gone" she answered.

I grabbed the room key and I was off to go to the lobby. I have stopped at this same hotel on a regular basis and I had a fuck buddy that worked at the front desk. As I approached the desk I could see that she was not working on the night shift. I walked over.

"Hey babe how's going"

Val looked up and with a smile she answered. "Oh hey Ripper glad to see you back."

She checked the register and saw what room I was in and that I had company.

With. frown she asked " I see you are not alone do you want more company."

I grinned and said "You know me Babe never enough pussy around to satisfy me".

Her faced turned red as I said it loud enough for the other girl on the front desk to hear and she giggled as she looked at Val.

"Well sir I will see what we can do to help you with the air con in your room."

I laughed and loudly said "Yeah air con that is what I need fixed."

I left the front desk nd went to tend to the bike. I rolled it into the underground parking and found what I was looking for. It was a well lit area with a large pole as I chained my bike to the pole. When I left I went to the Valet and tipped him to make sure my bike was watched for the night. He grinned pocketed the tip and told me

"No problem Sir."

I went back into the lobby and as I got into the elevator I looked over at the front desk and Val blew me a kiss and I knew it was going to be a good night.

I walked back into the room and I heard the shower still running. I quickly dropped my clothes and I figured hey. I walked into the bathroom and the shower was huge. I t had no doors as it was a walk a round a large glass wall. I entered the shower and I wrapped my arms around Sindy and cupped her perfect tits. She leaned back into me and wiggled her ass and said.

"I was waiting for you."

I turned her around and she immediately slid down my body and took my hardening cock into her hands. She had bar of soap with her and she started to stroke my cock with the soap until it was at it's fullest. she moved ut pf the way and the cascading water rinsed off my cock. She stroked it a few times lightly and looked up and me.

"You are much bigger than my Husband" she said as she slowly sank her mouth down over my cock head and shaft.

I rolled my head back and let the water cascade over my head and down my back as she applied perfect pressure with her lips and tongue to my cock. With my head still leaning back I placed a hand on her head and I gently pushed forward as my cock slid down into her throat. There was no choking or gagging as she was an expert. she was bobbing up and down on my cock as I was as hard as I could be. She was a master I felt amazing. I was starting to hold her head and stroke in and out of her mouth and she kept up the pace and pressure. I was starting to feel to good and I did not want to blow my load yet with out fucking Sindy so I pulled out and lifted her to her feet. She let out a moan of disappointment and said.

"Don't worry babe I will blow my load in your mouth."

She grinned from ear to ear as I now lowered my head to her tits. Sindy had those perfect tits they were firm and round and the tips of them turned up and her nipples almost pointed right at her face. My God they were super to suck on . As I was switching from nipple to nipple my hand was down between her thighs and I was sliding my finger up between her pussy lips.

"AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH" as she groaned when I played with her clit.

I lifted her up onto my shoulders and she gripped the top of the wall as I slid her pussy right up to my face and I started to lick and suck on her lips and clit. Sindy tightened her thighs around my head as I was tongue fucking her pussy. She let go of the wall with one hand and grabbed my hair and pulled my face hard into her pussy. I was sucking and licking her clit for all myeline and I felt her thighs again tighten around my head as she started to cum into my mouth. With a huge groan she went limp on my shoulders as she came and I almost dropped her as her body became just a mass of jelly.

I slid her down off my shoulders and she found her legs as I turned her toward the glass door and I bent her over at the waist as I lined my cock up with her very wet pussy and in one shove I buried my whole cock into her channel. she gripped the wall and groaned again as I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her. I was pulling and pushing my hard cock in and out of her as she was pushing back against my cock as she was getting into the fucking I was giving her.

"Harder, Harder"she was saying over her shoulder.

I grippe her hips and was now slamming my cock into her out bodies were making a slapping sound with every thrust and I was fucking her hard . she dropped her head down and I felt her pussy start to spasm on my dick as she started to cum again this time she was squirting her juices around my cock shaft. I gripped her under the arms and lifted her up against the glass door. Her amazing tits were smashed up against the glass and I was pumping her with as much force as I could. her head rolled back and she screamed.


With that she collapsed into my arms. I slid my cock out of her I was still hard as I had not cum yet. I rinsed us both off under the water and I carried her out into the bedroom. I half pushed half threw her onto the bed and she bounced completely exhausted from her orgasms.

I was just towering off as the door to the room opened and in walked Brenda. She looked at me with my hard cock and looked at Sindy on the bed and asked.

"Who's first."

I grinned as I walked over to her grabbed her and gave her a deep kiss as I slid my hand down her body to her crotch. She was already warm and I lifted my hand and slipped it into her jean shorts. Brenda rarely wore panties and today was no different as I slipped my hand right over her bald pussy and slipped two fingers into her as I cupped her tits. with my other hand. Brenda was rubbing my cock and I was groaning into her mouth. we broke from the kiss and she looked at Sindy on the bed and asked if I had fucked her to death. I laughed

"Not yet" was my reply.

Brenda smiled and slid down my body to take my hard cock into her mouth. She was also a master at cock sucking and I was groaning and moaning in no time I really needed to release as I was getting sore from being hard for so long. Sindy was watching from the bed and she was started to get aroused again also. Her hand slid down her body to her hyper sensitive pussy from all the orgasms that she has had already. She moaned through her teeth as she bit her lower lip and watched as Brenda deep throated my cock. I was holding Brenda's head as I started to pump into her mouth and I was finally starting to feel that familiar feeling of a building orgasm. Now Sindy was well and truly into it as she watched as I was starting to pump Brenda's face harder. I was just a bout to shoot my load into her mouth as I pulled out and quickly moved over to Sindy I grabbed her head and slid her mouth over my pulsating cock as I started to shoot my load into her mouth. Brenda let out a groan as she watched my balls spasm as I was ejaculating my load into her mouth. I pulled back and shot the last few spurts onto her face. I took a few steps back and collapsed into the chair. Brenda was on to Sindy in a flash and the two of them were swapping my cum back and forth between their mouths as they kissed one another.

I grabbed a beer and sat back to watch my buddies wife face fuck this new hottie we had found. It was truly a very sexy sight and soon Brenda had her face buried into Sindy's pussy and making her squirm and squeak as she finger fucked her and sucked on her clit. Sindy was soon having another orgasm and I was stroking my cock slowly as I watched.

Brenda swilled her juices stood up and stripped in a hurry as soon as she was nude she grabbed Sindy's head and pulled her into her own wanted pussy and Sindy started to devour Brenda. For fuck sakes these two were really putting on a show and I was so involved that I did not hear the door open and close behind me.

I was watching Sindy face fuck Brenda and I was stroking my hard cock again as I felt a very soft pair of tits rub against my neck and some soft hands run down my chest to my hard cock. I turned my head to the side to receive a soft tongue into my mouth as Val had now entered into the scene. I looked at her

"Shift over."

"Work is," she said "But this one is just starting".

Like I said before I have been to this resort on a few occasions and I had fucked Val most times here and she was a hot little fuck with a super tight little pussy and an even tighter little asshole. She was pure naughty. She had once before brought a work mate with her and that was a freaky night also. But this night was looking up to be the best one ever. Sindy was gripping Brenda's tight ass and holder her into her face as I could her the slurping sounds coming from her mouth. Brenda's head was rolled right back and she was groaning as she started to cum. her hands were holding Sindy in place and she started to buck against Sindy's mouth as she came hard. She was rolling around on the bed from side to side rolling Sindy with her trapped between her thighs. Val and I were watching almost mesmerized at the scene of her orgasm. she released Sindy's head and rolled off to the side as Sindy slid down our of her thighs.

My cock was rock hard and Val was coming around the side of the chair to deal with me. She was stroking her hand up and down and she bent to give the head a kiss. Brenda was recovering from her orgasm as she stood and walked over to her back pack that was earlier tossed on the floor. Sindy was watching as Val was sucking on my cock soon Val spread her legs over my thighs and slowly lowered her self down onto my hard cock . She was giving me a reverse cowgirl and Sindy was watching from the floor. From the left Brenda appeared in the scene again this time she was wearing a two shafted strap on and she had it attached nice and tight and had some lube in her hand. she walked straight over to Sindy and I laughed as I had seen Brenda use this before on some other girl a few months ago and the fucking she gave that girl that night was incredible. I knew Sindy was in for the fucking of her life.

Brenda pulled Sindy by the hair up over the foot of the bed. She squeezed some lube onto her double headed cock and made sure both heads and shafts were lubed up and slippery. Sindy was looking right into my eyes with the look of lust and I knew soon she would be on another planet or orgasmic delight. Val was sliding up and down on my head cock faster and faster as she was also watching what was about to happen. Brenda made sure her straps were tight and in one push she was in both Sindy's pussy and ass at the same time and with the same force. Sindy eyes blew open wide at the first sensation of her being double penetrated by Brenda. Sindy clenched her fists into the bed cover and bit the blanket also to muffle her cry as Brenda mercilessly started to double fuck her.

Val was jumboping up and down on my cock now and she was also moaning pretty loudly as she started to cum. I felt her juices run out of her pussy and down over my balls as she leaned back agains me and twitched from her orgasm. I was running a finger up and down over her slit and clit and with every touch of her clit she jumped a little. I was playing with one of her tits also as she was still leaking fluids from her pussy. This girl had the largest ejaculates that I have every been with. As she calmed down both of us focused on Brenda fucking the ever loving shit out of Sindy.

Breda was relentless with her attack and Sindy was obvious to anything else going on and she just went from one orgasm to the next she just never stopped coming. Finally I saw that she was literally passing out from the exhaustion. Brenda also noticing this pulled out and let Sindy slid off the bed to a pile on the floor. Brenda now walked over to me and Val and helped Val up off of me she then turned her around and pushed her back onto the bed Val fell back with her legs spread and Brenda was on a mission tonight. she added some lube to her b**st between her legs and she slid both heads into Val this time and laid on top of her giving her an awesome tongue kiss as she double fucked Val in the missionary position.

This was a night to chalk up to impossible to explain. Brenda was on another level tonight and I was witnessing it all. Val was trying to scream her orgasm out but Brenda kept her mouth cover ed with her own as she fucked Val very hard. I noticed from this angle that there was a but plug in Brenda's ass and that her double headed dildo also had a third head that was buried in her pussy. My god this slut was amazing as she fucked and fucked Val.

Finally the two of them had a mind blowing orgasm together and every one collapsed. I had gathered enough strength to get up and I lifted everyone onto the bed. I slid in-between Brenda and Sindy and we all out finally passed out.

it was late morning when I finally awoke to a loud banging on the door. I rolled out from between all the nude bodies arm and legs and with out any clothes on and a morning hard on I went to the door. The banging on the door was just about as loud as the banging in my head as I pulled the door open wide. There is the door stood Jack and the guys. The three nude bodies of Brenda Sindy and Val were all on display on the bed clearly visible from the door. The guys all looked and stared at the girls and at one another waiting for Jack to lose his shit but nothing happened as I expected. I smiled and said sorry guys go on with out me I am going to stay here for a few night and get my freak on. I laughed at the looks on the guys faces as I closed the door as Jack was turning and leaving. I grabbed a beer ailed over to the window and watched as the four bikes pulled out of the resort to three of them turning east to continue the ride and Jack's bike turning west to return home alone. I smiled as I heard one of the girls say bring that cock back to bed. I swilled the beer and I climbed back into bed with a hard on and slowly sank it into Sindy's pussy as we all snuggled in for a sleep before the fucking started again.

Best week long runaway I ever had. We all stayed in the resort for the whole week. We fucked like crazy people Val worked her shifts and then joined up Brenda and Sindy became inseparable and I heard Sindy on the phone with her husband basically telling him she was not coming home and that she had met someone else. I had the most incredible week of sex in my life and as the week came to an end as we all headed home me on my bike Sindy in Brenda's truck and Val staying at the resort, I was already planning next years run wondering what kind of shit I was going to get into.

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