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Finally the day arrived, we were to spend the night together in a quiet hotel away from both our lives... he had been waiting and planning for this moment when he could finally give her the pleasure she deserved.

We meet and check in, walking to our room in silence, we enter, unpack a few things and finally stand facing each other at the end of the bed.

He reaches out his arms inviting her into an embrace, she steps forward nervously. Gently he envelopes her in his long arms, his large manly hands spread out holding her close to him. She senses his manhood starting to wake as it is pressed between them.

Slowly she raises her eyes to meet his, her lips slightly parted in anticipation, he looks down, devouring her with his eyes. He lowers his head and gently places a single tender kiss on her forehead. His hand moves up and cups the side of her face before dropping to her shoulder, his fingers with a gossamer touch tracing the outline of her ear, don the side of her neck and around to her back before idly tip-toeing down her spine, sending shivers through her tense body. As she arches her back, he takes the opportunity to lean lower and place his lips gently upon hers, lightly, tenderly, inviting her to dictate the pace. In response, she gently parts her lips and teases his with the tip of her tongue. He responds and their tongues dance gently together, being the sole focus of both their worlds for a short time. All to soon, he releases her and steps back.

He slowly unbuttons his shirt and removes it slowly, letting her finally see his close-shaven chest. In response, she removes her blouse, slowly, with a shy sideways glance as she reveals she reveals her bra and the marvellous delights it supports.

Next he removes his shoes, sock,and trousers to stand finally in front of her in his boxer shorts, revelling in the sight of her undressing for him until she stands there in all her beauty in just her bra and panties.

Again he opens his arms invitingly and she, shyly, hesitantly, steps forward to finally feel his long manly arms and large manly hands folding around her in a tight embrace. This time there is no hiding his rising excitement their bodies are crushed together. Her body betrays her awakening desire also as her nipples harden beneath her lacy cups and her skin starts to glow as only a sexually aroused woman can.

Again they kiss, long, slow, deep. Savouring every moment, their world condensed into the warmth of contact between their bodies and the questing, teasing dance as they explore each other with their tongues. Her arms up around his shoulders, his on her lower back, occasionally reaching lower to press their bodies even closer together.

He reaches around behind her and gently unfastens her bra, easing it off her body as his hands trace the line underneath her armpits and around to the wondrous delights on her chest. Finally lifting t clear to reveal her body in all its glory.

He controls his lustful instinct and steps back and kneels in front of her, the aroma of her awakening sexuality teasing at his nose. He reaches out to her hips,and teasingly plays with the sides of her panties before hooking them with his fingers and starting to, oh so slowly, pull them to the floor - eye riveted on her emerging pubis, devouring her with his eyes but not touching. He is so close she can feel his hot breath on the moisture between her legs, she aches for him, but he waits teasingly, letting her tension mount. She step out of her panties and stands, hand on hips, defiantly looking at him in the fullness of her womanhood, a treasure for any man to behold.

He stands an waits for her to kneel before him. She reaches out, grasping the sides of his boxers and stars to lower them, having to go back up and work them to release his rampant manhood. She sees it for the first time in its shaven glory - hers to do with as she pleases later, but for now just to watch and wait.

He guides her to the bed and lays her down gently, climbing up beside her, their hips touching, her on her back, him up on one elbow looking down across her supine body. Again he bends his head down to kiss her now demanding mouth, but all too quickly breaks away and playfully kisses her eyelids, forehead,nose and chin.

he then starts working down her neck and across her shoulders, being careful to avoid her quivering mounds with their crowning delights. He kisses along each arm in turn to her fingers, then back up again, across and down the other arm and back up. Now playfully to her neck, chin, a quick peck on her lips then slowly down her neck and across the centre of her chest and down to her belly, teasing around her naval. Then back up, tracing the outline of her breasts one after the other, slowly circling n to their hearts, never quite getting there, teasing, waiting, building the tension.

Finally he licks his lips thoroughly and places a single quick wet kiss on each waiting nipple, getting the aureole and nipple wet. He then withdraws and, pursing his lips, makes several quick passes on each side blowing a thin jet of air from his lips, making her gasp as the sudden chill it imparts to her nipples in passing makes them contract in painful, joyful,unbearable sensation. He smiles knowingly and with a final kiss on her lips moves down to her feet.

He gently moves her feet apart, easing her legs and revealing his target nestling between her quivering thighs, small droplets of moisture gleaming in the light revealing her heightened level of arousal, her labia starting to swell gently and bloom red in readiness.

He is in no hurry and moves to her feet, gently caressing her toes one by one, kissing the arch of her foot and around her ankle, teasing, tickling, stimulating, looking for every reaction, questing for the maximum response to his never stopping touch. Slowly working up one leg, he stays to the outside, reaching her thigh then across, pausing to play idly with her navel with his tongue before tracing the mirror path down her other leg to her foot, again teasing, tickling, kissing, rubbing, arousing her.

She moans in frustration, signalling he needs to hurry, but still he takes his time - the delights to come are best appreciated when made to wait.

He slowly kisses up her leg, working from outside to inside and pauses at her knee, lifting it to kiss the tender flesh behind the knee, teasing her, opening her womanhood as he lifts her leg, but without touching. He then lowers her leg and continues up her thigh, circling outside, across, inside and back, being careful to never let more than hit hot breath touch her tender nether lips. He skirts he womanhood and proceeds to complete the same lazy journey down the other leg, teasing, kissing, inflaming her desire.

Finally he moves up alongside her again and starts to kiss her face, finding her mouth and enjoying her frustrated, angry tongue as it probes deep within his mouth, insistent, demanding, directing what she needs for her other lips. With a smile he moves down between her legs again, on his knees between her calves, enjoying her radiant beauty as she lies spread out before him.

He bends down, bringing his mouth closer to her womanhood, blowing on it gently, teasingly. She reaches for his head, but a slight shake of his head stills her arms and she places them behind her head, forcing hr ample chest outwards towards him.

Slowly, lazily, tauntingly he starts to kiss around her naval, to and fro across from hip to hip, moving in ever lower arcs until he is just brushing her aching mound with his chin. Then down first one side then the other, kissing, exploring with his tongue, so close but never giving release.

Finally she can take it no more and thrusts her hips forwards, contacting his questing mouth with her moist, hot, demanding opening. He acquiesces and licks gently from her perineum, around her opening and up to her labia, teasing, sucking, savouring the taste and texture. Again, up and down first one side then the other, repeatedly faster, harder. Quickly, his tongue darts out, entering her and is withdrawn. She gasps in delight. The dance continues.

Eventually he home in on her hood, kissing, sucking, searching for the bud beneath. Finding it, he plays with it idly with his tongue, flicking it from side to side, sucking, nipping with his teeth gently, increasing her arousal. She starts to lose control, thrusting her hips up against him crushing her clitoris into him, pressing her wide wet warmth across his mouth and nose. He uses his whole face to please her, chin, tongue, nose, lips, teeth, all darting, pressing, opening, intruding, rubbing. Faster, deeper, harder, their dance increasingly frantic. He reaches up and grasps her breasts, pulling at her nipples, stimulating, teasing, pinching, driving her to the edge.

Finally, in an shuddering, thundering moment, she orgasms, her body releasing her love to him, coating his face in her essence as he keeps working her moist, rampant sexuality, a smile in his eyes as he looks across her quivering body, revelling in the wonder of her orgasm.

He slows and eases, not quite breaking off but letting her orgasm crest and star to subside, her body starting to relax into that warm post-orgasmic bliss. He chuckles gently and she realises he has not finished yet. Quickly his tongue darts out and penetrates her anus, sending electric shocks coursing through her nether regions, startling, unknown yet welcome. He then darts back to her clitoris, sucking id deeply into his mouth, playing with it, nipping at it with his teeth. First one then two finger penetrate her moistness, probing deep within her, searching for that little mound of nerves then finding it, rubbing it, pressing it, working around it. all the whilst working her hood, lips and clit with his mouth. Her hips thrust uncontrollably into his face, taking everything she can into her, sucking his finger inside as her orgasm builds again. Relentlessly he drives her onward, never letting her drawn breath as he takes to to an even greater height, t come down in another long drawn out explosion of pleasure throughout her body, her neck, shoulders, chest and breasts flushing deep pink as her orgasm reaches peak, the sign he has been looking or, working for, waiting for. Now she knows how he can please her.

Slowly, gently, tenderly, he releases her and as she slowly tries to regain her composure, he snuggles up against her side, arm d****d across her belly, leg over hers. He leans over an kisses her, gently, with tenderness. She kisses back, tasting her juices on his lips and face.

Smiling then lay back together, realising that this is going to be a long and wonderful night ahead, once they recover and continue to explore each others desires until dawn.

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