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Eve was sitting in front of her dressing table putting the final touches to her makeup, strange to think only 24 hours ago she and Alan were having the mother of all rows and now her she was preparing to make things up with him.

She had accused him of having an affair and using the cancellation of the trains as an excuse to cover up his overnight stay with his bimbo of an assistant, who was only good for spreading her legs and sucking cock or pussy whatever was to hand. On reflection and after ringing the hotel he was supposed to be staying at she had decided she was hasty on this occasion, In order to make amends she had booked a table for 2 at 8 and a room for the night. Alan would get an evening and night he would remember for a long time if things went to her plan.

Eve had decided against underwear and was wearing only a very tight fitting dress that showed of her ample breast to best advantage, and if one looked close enough it was also possible to make out the outline of her already throbbing pussy. She had rung Alan at work and left a message for him to go straight to the hotel and meet her there around 7.45 for a drink before dinner.

One last look in the mirror and she was satisfied that she was dressed to kill and would no doubt be the attraction of the evening in the restaurant. Taxi arrived and she arrived at the hotel at 7.20 just in time to check in and then be ready to greet Alan. To her total amazement Alan arrived and his bimbo was on his arm, dress around her arse and tits barely covered. Eve moved to the side and observed as Alan went to reception, clearly he had either not got the message or had decided to punish Eve with this slut cum whore.

Feeling disappointed at her efforts Eve decided that whatever she was going to have a good evening and fuck Alan he had had her chance and her first thoughts had been correct. Moving to the bar she ordered a drink and sat on a bar stool not really caring that her dress had ridden up so high it was possible to see the bare flesh of her groin if one sat in the right position. After the third drink she had forgotten about the table in the restaurant and was now captivated by the sight of the elderly gent sat at a table across the room with his eyes transfixed on her thighs, The though interested her and she moved her knees further apart to allow him the best view.

Max, the elderly guy, was rubbing his inner thigh and continued to ogle the sight in front of him. After a few more minutes he had obviously decided some form of action was required and he arose and made his way to the bar stool next to Eve. He duly sat down and without saying anything placed his left hand on her knee and slowly slid it upwards. Eve to her total surprise opened up even more not believing she could behave like this, but soon forgot that when she felt two fingers sliding either side of her now very wet clit and a third finger was entering her open love tube. Max spoke for the first time “You fancy anything” and Eve responded without speaking but slid her arse to the end of the stool to allow Max’s fingers to do their work

Max called the barman and ordered two more drinks without stopping his fingers pleasuring he juicy flesh they had become embedded in. “Whets your room number” he enquired, and as Eve was afraid she would gasp or let out a scream of pure joy, she just pushed the key over to Max,. He continued for a few minutes more his middle knuckle now well inserted in the welcoming tunnel of her willing pussy, then said see you upstairs in 5, and then withdrew has hand downed his drink and left.

Eve was pleasantly shocked as she was about to be fucked in her hotel room by a guy she had not even spoken to and any other day of the year would probably not give a second glance at. It was the thought of Alan's cock busily pounding his bimbo’s cunt and arse that had decided two can play that game so she finished her drink and stood up ready to leave. She could not help feeling people around the bar had seen what had happened and the sweet smell of sex was in the air. She had no choice now but to just walk away to the elevator, she thought to herself maybe the evening and night will not be wasted after all.

Part Two

Max had been waiting in the lift for Eve to arrive and he pressed the floor button after she had entered, they were alone in the lift and the doors closed and it started its journey to the top floor. Max pressed the stop button when the lift was part way up and started to nuzzle Eve’s neck an his hands soon found the full weight of her ample bust as each took control of a now hardening nipple and finger and thumb caressed the growing protrusion. Eve moved her head to one side and made no attempt to stop Max, and she found her own hands wandering behind her in search of Max’s organ.

Rubbing the growing cock from the outside Eve could already tell that she would soon be pleasured by this willing piece of flesh, but for the present the tingling from her own tits was also having the desired effect between her already very damp thighs.

Max was satisfied that his conquest was now ripe for the taking and decided the bedroom rather than the lift would be better in case somebody interrupted when the stopped lift was restarted. His hands had already found their way to the damp patch on Eve’s dress and he was content in the knowledge her cunt would not be offering any resistance. Max pressed the start button of the lift and it continued the journey to the top floor.

Once inside the bedroom Max took hold of Eve and kissed her full on the cheeks and she surprised herself by responding with vigour and she grabbed his manhood with both hands. Dropping to her knees she unbuckled the belt of his trousers, undid the zip and released the willing manhood. She lapped her tongue over the tip and pulled back the foreskin before taking the whole member into her mouth and down her throat.

She seldom had had such an opportunity lately and was making the most of it, Max was standing in front of her thrusting his cock in and out to meet her own movements. She now had two swollen balls in her hands and gently squeezing them she could feel the response from the cock. Her tongue was now sliding up and down the length of the shaft and she could taste the pre cum every time the tongue glided over the tip. Max had slowly slipped the strapped of her dress off the shoulders and down to her elbows, Eve’s fleshy tits now bobbed up and down, each movement sending the dress further towards the floor allowing Max full freedom to hold and caress them.

After what seemed an eternity Eve stopped sucking and stood up and as she did the dress continued its downward descent to reveal her well shaven cunt and throbbing clit. Max quickly removed the rest of his clothing and told Eve to bend over the dressing table. Standing behind her Max slowly rubbed the tip of his manhood between Eve’s thighs, quite content to locate either of the two openings willing to accept him. Eve slid her hand between her legs and soon grabbed the swollen cock and guided it towards her pussy, rubbing the tip against her clit as she did so. Slowly she moved backwards to meet the cock as Max was also moving forward. It was not long before a rhythm was going and Max was holding Eve’s hips as she was massaging her clit. They continued to and fro Max going deeper and deeper inside Eve’s very willing body, and it was not long before Eve felt herself pent up as she started to squirt all over her hand and pushed herself as hard as possible back onto Max pride and joy.

Exhausted Eve managed to stagger to the bed and collapse in a heap feeling very contented and pleasured, Max followed and twisted Eve onto her back , took hold of her ankles and thrust her legs wide apart revealing a dark space high in her thighs, it was appealing to him to come hither and lick it, suck it and fuck it. Eve closed her eyes and felt the tongue slide gently over her clit as two fingers entered her love tube whilst another went into the rear entrance it was not long before Eve was again pushing hard against the fingers that now massaged the inner sanctum of her cunt. Eve was not able to control herself and once again squirted her love juices all over Max’s hand and then she crashed back onto the bed.

Part Three

It was now a couple of hours, and two bottles of wine, after they had last connected together Max had convinced Eve to use the handcuffs that had been conveniently attached to the head board, she was also blindfolded and her ankles had been strapped to her wrists, very ungamely but her cunt and arse were on full view to anybody in the room. Eve had never in her wildest dreams ever considered being dominated this way, but as the evening had progressed she had decided to go for it and enjoy whatever was thrown her way.

There was a knock on the door and Max opened it, Eve strained to her the voices and was convinced she had drunk the wine to fast, the next thing she felt a light touch of a smaller finger caressing around her crack and her tits now being sucked by something smelling of perfume. Suddenly the realisation struck home, it was the bimbo, and the cheek of her taking her after being fucked all evening by her own husband, actually made Eve feel very erotic and randy, Bimbo was now standing with her pussy rubbing against Eve’s, mmmm she murmured then without warning a double headed dildo was inserted into both of eves holes and the Bimbo was soon riding blissfully away.

Alan turned to Max and asked how their plan for the evening had gone, Max duly replied that Eve had cooperated in every way expected and had even been forceful and took the lead in some of the activities. Both Max and Alan sat and watched as Bimbo continued to fuck the hog tied Eve and were pleasantly surprised to see Eve’s response to the onslaught.

They waited patiently for a while and then Max stood up with his cock throbbing and made his way towards the bed. Alan quickly undressed and followed. It was moments before Max had his throbbing cock buried deep inside Bimbo’s ass, and Alan was feeding his cock to his wife’s gasping mouth. The four interlinked continued to pleasure each other and both Bimbo and Eve enjoyed a mixture of single cock, double cock and cunt for the next few hours. Once they were all spent and both girls covered head to toe in dried spunk they eventually fell asleep. Eve slept with Max’s cock in her mouth, Max had his fingers buried inside Bimbo and Alan had his flaccid cock in his wife’s ass. They slept on until morning.

Eve awoke first and was suffering aches and pains, her body had never been so contorted, but even so she had a big grin on her face when she recalled what had happened to her in 12 hours, Fingered in a public bar by a stranger, repeated in a lift, then taken in every way imaginable in the bedroom, then to add she was taken by a woman who she detested and ended up making passionate love to her in from of her husband and an old sod who she would never have given a second glance to. Eve was now well inducted into the world of swinging courtesy of Max, Alan’s boss.

Who know’s maybe things are looking up and anything could happen in the coming days and weeks

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