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My husband was always working, not really paying attention to what was clearly going on around him.
He was, and I’m guessing still is, a construction worker but you wouldn’t guess by looking at him. A 5 foot nothing Italian man with what was growing to be a disappointing beer belly.
Still, I did love him, he always brought home gifts and spoiled me rotten. Im sure he knew that was an easy way to keep me around, I always have been bought very easily.
There just wasn’t the spark we had when we started dating, that charisma had rubbed off and we both stopped trying so hard.
So, as with any failing marriage, I would often find myself day dreaming about being swept off my feet again, this time by someone taller, bolder and stronger. Someone who would pleasure me like my husband simply never could.

This was one of those days. Looking out of my apartment window, I laid eyes on an almost god like physique, shirtless with sweat rippling down his dark, stone like, abs.
Im sure he couldn’t see me but if he had, all he would see would be me clutching my stomach, trying to control the butterflies now fluttering inside me.
He was atop the scaffolding across the street, clearing debris away from the windows, dirt covering his chest as he lifted brick after broken brick. Now this was the builder I thought I had signed up for.
Being bored and feeling a little silly, I wolf whistled to him and he almost lost his balance! he put his load down and wiped his forehead with a filthy rag.

“Whatch’ya doing young lady?!” He called across the street.

“Enjoying the view!” I hollered back.

With a smile and a wink, he got back to work. I lifted my tank top and pinched my nipples gently, slowly rolling them in my fingertips.
I knew he would look back through the window and after a double take, he was fixed onto my exposed chest.
I winked back, pulling a sad face and lowering my bottom lip, as if to say ‘what a shame you’re not here, my husband is at work’.
To my surprise, he beckoned me over to him, waving me over.
That was an invitation I was not going to pass up.

I closed my curtains and began to change out of my nightwear.
Sliding my shorts down, the situation was starting to dawn on me, the butterflies felt more like bees, vibrating my body.
My knees were getting weak just imagining his swollen manhood thinking about my breasts.
I went to the closet to retrieve my much underused lingerie, it was black and lacy, with flower petal pattens on the waistband and roses covering the nipples on the bra.
Being a few years since I’d purchased these, the panties were enveloped by my curved ass so all you could see from behind was my butt cheeks and a thin strip of black material.
The bra was another story. My breasts had grown at least a full cup size since I wore it last, the strap was stretching almost to its limit and my swollen breasts were almost falling out.
Lastly was my silk, red, dress that just fell over my exposed body, gliding over my skin and adding goosebumps to my already nervous appearance.

I left the apartment and a note for my husband, should he return before me, and rode the elevator to the ground floor.
The elevator stopped a couple floors down and a round man, no older than eighteen stepped in.
He was shaking, just dying to ogle my figure, dreaming about what was under my dress.
I reached for his hand and ran it over my swollen breasts, feeling my nipples harden and watching his hand tremble.
Finally the elevator hit the ground floor and the young man left first, hiding the growing bulge in his pants as best he could.
I stepped out into the street.

The scaffolding across the street went all the way to the top of the building so I’m glad I wore pimples and not high heels.
The first few floors were fine as there were ramps leading from platform to platform but as I got higher, it came apparent I had to use the ladders.
It wasn’t the heights that worked me, it was the fact of hundreds of pedestrians being able to see up my dress, taking pictures of my lacy, and after my excursion in the elevator, downright damp panties.
These feelings quickly left me when I finally reached the top of the scaffolding, greeted by the filthy black man who had beckoned me over.
Sweaty and exhausted, I wasn’t at all sure what was going to happen next.

Before I knew what was happening, my red dress was torn open, the fabric just barely clinging to my shoulders.
The wind was blowing my hair and the remnants of my dress all over the place.
I was freezing atop this building but I dared not shiver or show weakness to this man.
He approached me with a wild look in his eyes, he wasn’t done with his my dress. My bra was split apart by his raw, dirty hands and he grabbed my breasts and squeezed them hard, leaving grey dust all over me.
It was pain like I had not experienced before but I wanted him to keep doing it, to grip my tits with fury, to clamp down on my nipples, to ravage me right there for everyone to see.

I let out a quite audible moan to add kindling to the fire which burned inside both of us.
The he stopped and gestured to my apartment building. It was a let down as i was hoping to climax but then I saw it.
My curtains had been reopened and there sat my husband, watching us. I was almost overcome with shock and shame until i noticed he had something in his hand.
He was stroking his cock, all the while watching his wife be defiled by a stronger man.
This was all the encouragement i needed and I planted a kiss on my lovers lips.

Not finished yet, he tugged at my panties until they too fell from my now naked, filthy body.
He guided me down to his shorts, which I pulled down hungrily, eager to see his throbbing cock.
It was huge with a capital BIG.
Roughly, he pushed my head onto his erect cock and thrust hard into my mouth. I couldn’t breathe but it didn’t matter to either of us in this moment.
He was sliding his cock down my throat deeper with every thrust and starting to twitch. I knew what this meant and prepared myself to take this mans first load of hot, sticky cum to the back of my throat.
It burst from his cock and filled my mouth quickly, dripping from my mouth, still being fucked orally.
as his shaft softened, i swallowed his load thankfully.

My soacking wet pussy was on next on the menu as he pushed me backwards and split my legs apart.
He devoured my hungry pussy, sliding his tongue in and out and almost chewing on my clit.
my juices were covering his mouth and chin, leaking all over the wooden floor.
I wrapped my legs around his neck and locked his head to my pussy, demanding more from this brute.
With a quick glance to my husband, I let out a loud groan and begged him for more.
The bees in my stomach had now become crashing waves as wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure overtook my body.
I screamed and gripped his hair, my legs seized up and my chest was shaking, my breasts bouncing as i came harder and harder with this huge man between my legs.

He wasted no time in pulling himself back up and pinning me down by my arms. His solid cock was positioned right at the entrance to my aching vagina.
His hips jerked forwards and his manhood spread my pussy lips apart like open doors.
I yelled in ecstasy as I was helpless to grip his back. Pumping hard and fast, I felt like he was going to split me in two, my body taking a pounding, almost breaking under the pressure of this mans strength.
Great big hairy hands found their way to my neck as he started to chock me, not content with taking my body and spirit, he wanted to see me turn red.
I clawed at his back, taking each fresh thrust of his cock and meeting him with my hips.
Everything started to go a bit fuzzy and I was on the verge of climax. He picked up the pace and built my orgasm to its highest point.
With a grunt, his black python erupted inside me, splashing my walls with his seed and filling my pussy until it leaked out and between my ass cheeks. This feeling was enough to send me over as my whole body started to shake uncontrollably.
Before I had finished cumming, I had pulled him onto of me, our sweaty, filthy bodies, glistening together in the evening sun.

As I looked back towards my apartment, I could no longer see my husband.
Then I saw him coming up the scaffolding, carrying a fresh set of clothes and some blankets.
He passed my king kong a can of beer, his hands covered in his own spunk.
We sat together, watching the sunset, me and my husband just waiting for my new friend to get his energy back...

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