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The Seduction Of Carol...    Chapter Four Mo turned out to be a perfect choice from the men I'd had to choose from in the hotel's bar. His cock was long but narrow without the girth to really stretch my pussy the way Jason's cock did. However, Mo had the other qualities I looked for in lovers. Strength, endurance and energy...
The Seduction Of Carol...    Chapter Four 2
Strength because at 5'10" I like a strong man who can position me in whatever way he wanted when I was in the mood to be manhandled. Endurance because, well, what woman doesn't like a man who can fuck for more than three minutes? LOL Energy because I liked to have hard sex. Not necessarily rough sex but hard sex that pounded me between the legs for a long time... Mmmmmmm, give me that any day, every day!
Mo was working his cock inside me, taking his time to wet his shaft with my juice when he asked if this was a one-time fuck. He told me that if this was a one-time fuck he'd take his time and enjoy himself but if not he'd just fuck me hard and fast in the knowledge we'd fuck again. Groaning as his balls touched my ass cheeks as his cock slid all the way up my pussy, I looked up at him and said that I was ready to fuck all night if he was. At that Mo held my legs up and began fucking me hard and fast.
From missionary, Mo pulled me onto my hands and knees. Fucking me doggy until his hard thrusts pushed me face down on the mattress. I could only lie there, pinned by his cock, while he continued to pound my pussy with long, hard thrusts. It still took Mo a good ten minutes of pounding me before he came and I was urging him to fuck me harder every second of it From the huge amount of cum he spilled, Mo must not have had sex for a while. When Mo moved to lie beside me, I rose up on my knees and saw a large pool of cum on the sheets while more thick cum oozed from my pussy hole to drip onto the bed.
The Seduction Of Carol...    Chapter Four 3
Sliding two fingers up my slit I captured most of the cum before bringing my fingers to my mouth to suck Mo's cum from them. Repeating, I slid my fingers deeper inside my pussy for more cum and grool to be tasted while Mo groaned how sexy it was to watch me eat his cum.  I took his cock in my mouth for a quick lick or two. I would have done more except I had plans for Mo's cock. Rising from the bed I took his hand and got him to his feet to follow me out into the room where Carol was still on the sofa getting fucked.
Larry had already fucked her and was sitting in a chair watching as Curly took his turn on Carol. I stood and watched Carol on her back with Curly between her spread legs giving her a good fucking before going to sit on the couch by Carol's head. I reached between the two sweaty bodies to grasp a large, fleshy tit and gave it a squeeze. Sliding off the couch onto my knees, I leaned in to kiss her as she tried to return my kiss between gasps caused by Curly's energetic thrusts.
Looking at Curly and Larry's cocks, they were good but only a bit above average, I told Carol I'd brought her a treat. I turned Carol's head so I could again lean in to whisper in her ear, 'You look like you're having fun.'
'God, yes... Oh, yes... I never thought... I'd do something... Like this...' Carol managed to gasp out between Curly's thrusts.
'I've brought you something to suck on until Curly's done between your legs. It's your first big, black cock.'
I motioned Mo forward and he sank to his knees where I'd been. Pulling Carol's head closer to the edge of the couch, Mo rubbed the head of his semi-hard cock over Carol's lips. Carol moaned again when she saw the long shaft he was going to feed her. Carol didn't hesitate to open her mouth and take two cocks for the first time. Since all she really needed to do was just lie there with her legs and mouth open I didn't see that letting two men satisfy themselves with her body was beyond her skill level. LOL
The Seduction Of Carol...    Chapter Four 4
As I watched, Mo worked more and more of his length into Carol's mouth until I was sure he was at, or even a little beyond, the back of her mouth. Unlike me, she must not have had a strong gag reflex that she would have to learn how to suppress. I'd learned how to throat cock by the method of try-try-again with Jason's large cock until I could take his entire length with the head of his cock in my throat. True, Mo's cock was shorter in length and much smaller in girth than Jason's but I was still impressed at how much cock was fucking her mouth while she showed no indication of gagging. I wondered how much trouble Carol would have throating Jason's very large cock.
Jason's gonna have fun finding out, I thought.
I was still on my knees, bending over to whisper in Carol's ear what a good little cock slut she was when Larry went to his knees behind me and began probing between my legs with the tip of his cock. Reaching back between my legs I guided his cock to my pussy and spread my legs wider as he pushed inside me. I was lubricated with my grool and Mo's cum so Larry had no problem mounting me to the balls in only a couple of sliding thrusts.
The Seduction Of Carol...    Chapter Four 5
Telling Carol that Larry was fucking me, I kept up a whispered conversation in her ear. A one-way conversation since she couldn't respond with Mo's cock fucking her mouth. I was telling her how Larry's cock was pulling so much cum and grool from my pussy that it was dripping onto the carpet when Curly groaned and came in her pussy.
The Seduction Of Carol...    Chapter Four 6 Telling Larry to pull out from me and Mo to withdraw from Carol's mouth, I walked on my knees to the other end of the couch and as Curly withdrew his cock and moved out of the way, I gripped Carol's legs and pulled and pushed her until she was in position to sit on my head which I laid back on the couch cushion. Gripping her hips I pulled her down until I could start sucking on her cummy pussy. Unlike my small, almost non-existent inner lips and tiny nubbin of a clit, Carol had large, floppy lips that I loved burying my lips between while pushing my tongue as far in her pussy as I could. Grool and cum flowed into my mouth as I sucked and licked while the men enjoyed watching our girl-on-girl action.
The Seduction Of Carol...    Chapter Four 7
Sucking and licking between her lips and her clit, which was also much larger than mine, I collected all the cum from her creamy pussy I could. Pulling my head out from between her thighs, I stood and leaned down to share what I had in my mouth by kissing Carol hard and thrusting my tongue into her mouth.
The Seduction Of Carol...    Chapter Four 8
The men waited patiently while we shared cum but when our mouths separated, Larry and Mo were there with hard cocks as they positioned Carol and I to sit side by side with our asses on the edge of the couch. Dropping to their knees between our legs, Mo slid into Carol as Larry resumed fucking me.
This time it was Larry who came in me first. Clamping my pussy shut with my fingers as Larry pulled out, I got up and balanced on the couch to stand astride Carol. With her head leaned back against the back of the couch, I lowered my pussy to her mouth and let her suck all the cum from my pussy she could before we kissed again to share cum.
For the rest of the night until the men had to leave, we would be fucked until one man or another would come. If in Carol's pussy, I would suck the cum from her to share. If I was the one to receive a cum load, Carol would push her mouth against my pussy.
When the men left, Carol and I went to lie down on my bed. Kissing her, I asked if she'd enjoyed herself. Pushing her face against the side of my neck she whispered, 'Oh, God. I can't believe I just let three strangers fuck me.'
'But, did you have fun?'
'Yes! Shit! What kind'a girl does that make me? I never thought I'd do anything like this and now I have and...'
'And you had fun,' I finished the sentence she was to embarrassed to finish. 'And what kind'a girl does enjoying three me tonight make you? It makes you just like me. A slut. Say it... Admit you're a slut,' I laughed and gathered Carol's plump body in my arms to hold her tight while my tongue tickled her neck without mercy. Unable to escape my grasp, Carol finally gasped out between laughs, 'Yes! Yes, I'm a slut. I'm a slut!'
The Seduction Of Carol...    Chapter Four 9
I didn't relent, only taking my mouth from her neck long enough to ask, 'Who's slut are you?'
I was digging my fingers into her ribs finding her most ticklish spots until she answered correctly I in a scream, 'Yours! I'm your slut! Oh, God, stop tickling me! I'm your slut!'
I finally stopped my attacks and once Carol had calmed down I leaned in to softly kiss her neck. Carol moaned now instead of convulsing in hysterical laughter. Whispering in her ear, I asked, 'Do you know why I picked three men to come up here?' When Carol said no, I answered my own question, 'It's because you've had three boys before now. In one night you've doubled the men you've let screw you to six. Next weekend, I think I'll invite six men so you can double that number.'
'You wouldn't!'
'I would and I will if I feel like it. Pshaw! Three men and you? That's a four-some... But six men? You'll have your first gangbang.'
'I can't! I can't let six men... Six strangers...' Carol sounded very unsure.
'Sure you can,' I reassured her. 'You can because you're a slut who enjoyed tonight.'
I leaned in to kiss her neck softly before adding, 'You can because you're my slut.'

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