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So I'm not sure what exactly got into her today haha but she is still with Ben. He has come to see her late at night on the weekend quite a bit recently, usually on Friday nights once we're already home, but this is new. Recently when he's come over, they've started texting late and he comes over, fucks her mouth and her pussy, they both cum and then he sleeps on our couch and we sleep in bed together. Then, they'll usually fuck again in the morning and he will leave and we'll start our weekend together.

Like I posted earlier, I had stuff going on last night and she didn't feel like joining. She texted me at about 11 to tell me Ben was coming over. I came home later and they were naked and asleep in bed so I went to sleep in the spare bedroom. I came upstairs this morning and overheard her telling him she thinks my cock shrunk, then if she could suck his. I showered and cooked breakfast and she was very cheery and warm to me when she came out. The three of us ate together and then she said she had to run a few errands and didn't leave any clear expectation to Ben to stay or leave. After an awkward twenty minutes or so it became clear to me that he wasn't leaving. I came into the bedroom to make a post and just kind of hung out. After a while I could hear her come home, and heard her talking to Ben in the living room

Not going to lie haha, she left me uncaged and I was jerking off in the bedroom. It's a rare chance for her to not cage me when she's cucking me. I jerked off four times today. I heard her coming so I pretended I wasn't (I told her now haha), and she came in with shopping bags. She just said 'hey baby' like her bull wasn't out in the living room and kissed me. She showed me what she had bought (new clothes), to which I told her she looked amazing. She said it's getting hot out, then undressed in front of me and put on short shorts and a tanktop. She caught me staring and laughed (she'd been bent over with her bare ass facing right towards me), then came over and sat on my lap. She told me she missed me (I hadn't talked to her much since yesterday other than breakfast since I was out when Ben came over). She made out with me and cuddled and hugged me for a little bit, then she got up and said 'come on' and started going out to the living room.

Ben was sitting on the loveseat watching a movie and without a word or warning to either of us, Heather plopped down by him so I had to sit on the full-size couch alone. She started talking to him and asked what he was doing today. He said he wasn't sure and he asked her and she just bluntly said 'I want to fuck.' Holy hell, it was so hot. He teased her and she rubbed his leg and said 'yeah, I was hoping you were still here.' He put his arm around her back so it was grabbing her ass in her shorts, and she pulled into him. She looked over at me and smiled, then flipped me off. Ben started laughing and she did too, and she said 'I don't know man, it must be the nice weather, I'm horny as fuck.' He joked to her 'your husband's right there' and she gave an embarrassed kind of smile and said 'shut up, you know what I mean.' She leaned over and started making out with him, then tugged at the bottom of his shirt and said 'will you take your shirt off?'

She repositioned so he was sitting up shirtless and she was laying on her side in his lap, nibbling on his abs and rubbing her hands on his chest and arms. He reached over and grabbed her ass and kept squeezing it, and she wiggled it around approvingly. She asked him if he'd been working out and he said he always did, and she asked if he had been more than normal. He said he'd been trying knew things and she said she could tell and that he looks 'so sexy.' She laughed and again said 'god, I don't know why I'm so horny.' She reached at his shorts and started rubbing his cock through them, then started to tug them down. He was naked on our couch, and already hard as rock.

She repositioned again so that she was still on her side facing him, but she was in front of his cock. And fuck did she get dirty with it. I could tell she was having a blast though and taking her time. She kept reaching up and stroking his cock or putting her fingers around his head and twisting then using her tongue and mouth too. Fuck, she got so dirty with her mouth. She kept licking up and down his shaft, then sucking and licking on his nuts. At one point his nuts were on her face and she was digging under with her face, probably licking at his asshole or the base of his nuts. And she was content too. She must have just licked him and served him like that for almost an hour total.

The shit she said to him was so hot too. She joked that she had told me she wasn't going to cuck me until after the wedding. He asked 'oh yeah?' and she said 'oops' and laughed (she's seen him at least every other weekend, often every weekend). He told her she just can't stay away and she said 'I know, it's a problem.' He asked what she meant and she told him 'I just can't help it. Your dick is so big. I love it.' He moaned and she could tell he was loving it so she kept going. She told him that it's 'a real man's dick' and that she had heard it was big before he ever fucked her. He laughed and asked from who and she said 'a girl at the bar, what's her name?' He didn't know and asked her to describe her and she did, and he figured out who she meant. He said she never fucked him and she said 'oh, she said you were hung.' He insisted he didn't fuck her and she said 'oh, well word travels fast I guess. I told my friend didn't I?' Fuck, I was so hard haha, especially knowing she meant Kirra and that I'd actually heard them talk to each other about how hung he is. She said 'girls do talk you know,' and he said 'trust me, I know.' I'm sure he does haha. It blows my mind thinking about how it must be for hung alphas, and just different women trying to fuck them every night. But, I guess that's why I'm a cuckold. I am so incredibly lucky to have such a hot wife, but I need to understand she has urges too. She eventually said 'they talk about their LITTLE DICKED HUSBANDS TOO' (really loud haha, making it obvious she was referring to me). Ben laughed and asked what they say and she said 'they're all like, oh my god, I'm so sorry, that's so terrible.' He laughed out loud and she looked over at me and said 'just k**ding baby. come sit by me.' And gestured to the end of the couch where she was sprawled out, where there was no room.

She got on her hands and knees so there was a little spot at the end facing her ass. She had also stripped down at this point, so I was facing right into her bare sweaty big ass. I sat by her and watched his hand squeezing it, then she told me to lick her. I might be the only one, but I don't feel licking pussy from behind while she's on her knees is very pleasant haha. My nose was right in her asshole and his hand was right by my face grabbing her. She told me I could masturbate but not cum, but I declined because of this morning when they were talking about how my cock had shrunk. But, she made it clear she wasn't asking. She ordered me to take my pants off and pull it out, so I did, and she moved and pointed at it and said 'look at that little dicklet.' I saw Ben look at it and I felt so humiliated. She started grabbing both and saying 'hmm I wonder which I'm going to choose' and stuff like that, then she burst out laughing and leaned over and kissed me and said 'I'm sorry baby, I'm in a nasty mood today.' She started sucking his while holding mine still in her hand, and talking shit to me and saying 'Look at this real man's cock' and stuff. Holy fuck, I was about to cum just from her touching it. Finally she slapped it lightly and told me to cage up.

I went to the bedroom to start to put the cage on but after a minute they followed me right in. It was obviously planned haha, she bent over the bed with her ass up and he came in behind her and started fucking her and she screamed. She kept telling me 'cage on, cage on' (she knows it's hard for me to get on when I'm hard) and I was really struggling with it. She told me no handjobs for three months if it's not on by the time she cums. With how horny she was I knew I didn't have long haha. I raced into the bathroom to get lube and I put it on as fast I could. It really hurt slamming it shut, but I got it on and came back and she was already cumming on his cock. Still waiting for the ruling on whether she considers that as before she came. He didn't make it long after either though, with her sucking him so long. He kept fucking her for another minute and she had another huge orgasm, then he started panting to cum and shot inside her as she screamed.

He stayed inside of her for a minute, then pulled out and cum just dripped all down her legs. She sat like that for a minute, then climbed into bed. Ben was panting hard and I was just waiting, but she told me to come to her. I came and layed with her, and after a minute she let me eat the creampie. She told me she was sorry that she had gotten carried away, and I told her I understood. We layed and cuddled for quite a while, then she got on her phone.

She got up and went out to the living room where Ben still was, and she said 'Kirra wants to drink. Want to come?' Fuck, I was dying with her asking him first haha. I heard him say sure, and she said okay, just a minute. She came back in and laid back down with me again, then told me she was going to go to Kirra's with Ben. She asked if I minded staying and she kissed me and said Kirra had recently broken up with her boyfriend and it would be awkward with all of us there. I asked in amazement whether she was going to have a threesome and she laughed and said she didn't know but Kirra deserved it. So, fuck. I was ashamed being asked to stay. She told me all day tomorrow we will hang out and that she is just really horny today and wants to keep fucking him.

She has texted me a bit, but as of now I have no idea what is going on and whether they are having a threesome or what. I will post an update. But what a day. This has been a shock. Oh yeah, she also said 'think of it as my bachelorrette party' haha (we are getting married in under two months). Hot thought, but if she decides to have a real bachelorette party, I have a feeling I'm going to get cucked like crazy. I guess this is what I get for cumming four times today.

Well, the whole day with Heather is off haha. I got an extremely long handjob this morning as a reward. I picked her up from Kirra's last night and she was wasted. She told me this morning while she was playing with my cock that they did have a threesome. She said she wasn't sure what was going to happen and that she seemed guarded when they first got there, but started drinking in the late afternoon/early evening. Kirra just broke up with her boyfriend within about the last week so it sounded like she was just glad for the company. Heather said though that when they started getting buzzed that her and Ben started making out and she told Kirra to join. She said Kirra laughed and seemed reluctant but eventually did, then they had a threesome with him. That is the first haha. She obviously knows all about the cuckolding and is a very open person, but it just hasn't happened yet. A lot of it I think was that Heather didn't know if she wanted to, but I guess she decided she did. Then they went out and at night Ben just fucked Kirra and I picked her up.

Fuck was that a good handjob though. It was definitely teasing (slow, a lot of holding it still) but it felt amazing and she did it forever. We laid in bed, both in underwear, and made out while she played with my cock and I got to touch her body. I didn't fuck her but I did get to cum.

Afterwards though, she all of a sudden said 'oh my god!' and I asked what. She had her phone and she laughed and said "I guess Jay is going to be like thirty minutes away for his work today." She looked at me almost for approval, and I asked if she wanted to see him. She smiled and said 'fuck, I don't know, I'm so hung over.' I held her and told her it's whatever she wants to do. She said she didn't know and went about her day. I wasn't really dying since I just came, but I was definitely getting horny again. Then, about thirty minutes ago she said out of nowhere 'I can't say no to my bull, can I?' I laughed and told her of course she can. She said 'shut up, you're making this harder.' I told asked her if she wanted to, and she didn't reply. I assured her it was fine either way and she replied 'I feel greedy.' It made me laugh haha, she is definitely a greedy little slutwife but I love it. I told her she deserves a bigger cock whenever she wants and she came and made out with me. She asked if I was sure because she said we were hanging out today. I told her of course, and I could see her just rationalize it haha and say he had told her he needed to be back tonight anyways so he wouldn't be here long and then we could hang out. She actually said 'thank you' haha, and told me she's going to fuck me later.

So, I made it out of the cage for a couple hours. Now I'm back in and we're expecting and hosting Jay soon.

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