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20 YearsOf Infidelity     Chapter Four
Monday morning Jason was bouncing in his seat with excitement at going to the south of Spain. His excitement extended to other things as soon as his dad left for work. We hadn't had sex since Friday afternoon with Jason's dad staying home for the weekend. We watched from the living room window until my husband's car backed out of the driveway. Not wanting to wait any longer Jason stripped his shorts down and pulled me to sit on my knees as he plunked down onto the sofa. Laughing at this display of teen horniness, I took the time to strip off my clothes before taking his hard cock in my hands to stroke and milk the shaft. When a large drop of pre-cum formed, I held my hair out of the way and lowered my mouth to lick the drop off his large bulbous cock head. I breathed in the familiar, slightly musky smell of his cock and balls as I took more of his cock. Hearing his moan of excitement I lowered my head further until he was pressed against the back of my throat.
20 YearsOf Infidelity     Chapter Four 2
Jason is too large to take all of his giant cock in my mouth so I used my hand to stroke the area around the base I couldn't suck. My hand and mouth moved in rhythm as I bobbed my head over his lap to suck his cock. With much practiced experience on my part, it wasn't long before I had Jason in a state where he couldn't stop himself from thrusting his hips upwards to fuck my mouth. I'd had months of practice by now in sucking his nine+ inch monster. I used my hand wrapped around the base to keep him from choking me but I didn't ask him to go slower. Jason gasped out he was coming and used a hand to try and push my head down further. His tip slid as deep as I could comfortably take it and I felt his cock contract and release, contract and release on my tongue as cum splashed against the back of my throat in time with his contractions. The first time Jason comes in the morning, his cock always leaves a huge, thick load in my mouth or pussy. Today he had two and a half days worth of cum to unload. One jet of cum was followed by another and another until he gasped and relaxed into the chair.
I kept my lips tight against his cock as I moved slowly up his length while milking his shaft with my hand to get all the cum I could in my mouth. With just the tip left between my lips, I milked the entire length of his shaft a few more times while sucking hard on the head. When I was sure I'd gotten all the cum there was, I sat back on my ankles and gave him a good look at the thick, white wad of cum he'd shot into my mouth. I watched him watch me as I moved my tongue to play with his cum until I swallowed.
20 YearsOf Infidelity     Chapter Four 3
With cum in my belly, I took his now semi-hard cock back in my mouth and this time I was able to suck all of it in my mouth. With the vigor of a 17 year old teen boy, in no time his cock was hard again. Letting him slip from my mouth again I stood, gathered our clothes and ran for his bedroom with Jason only a step behind. Throwing ourselves on his bed, Jason gave me a deep, long kiss while cupping and squeezing my tits. Pinching my hard nipples his mouth moved to kiss and nip at my neck. This always caused a low moan to escape my mouth.
Jason kept kissing my neck as his hand squeezed my tits harder and pinched my nipples between his thumb and finger until they hurt and throbbed. His mouth left my neck and lowered to suck as much of my tit into his mouth while his hand skimmed over my flat belly to dip between my legs. Keeping his fingers together he pressed down on my outer lips and used a circular motion to move my hard, still hidden clit around and against my protecting folds.
We could both hear the wet sounds as my moist lips separated and came together with the motion of his fingers. I began to unc0nsciously rotate my hips and push up against his hand to increase the pressure on my clit. My eyes squeezed shut and as I spread my legs wider to give all of my pussy to his hand, my moans became a gasp when he split me and two long fingers thrust inside while his thumb pressed and massaged my hard clit. At the same time he sucked my hard nipple just as roughly as his fingers were treating my pussy. My back came off the bed as muscle spasms swept over me while he bit and chewed on my nipple while his two fingers became three fingers filling and stretching my tight pussy.
20 YearsOf Infidelity     Chapter Four 4
It didn't take me much longer to come when he moved to replace his thumb with his tongue. The length of his tongue pressed and moved and slid against the entire hooded area and the hard exposed tip of my clit. My muscles locked and with gasped breaths all I could say was Oh, My God... Oh, My God... Oh, My God!! over and over until with a spasm that seemed to include all my body I grabbed the back of Jason's head and pressed his mouth hard against my pussy and started coming as I rubbed my pussy against his face, covering his chin and cheeks wet with my grool.
Jason forced his head from my grasp so he could finger fuck my pussy hard, deep and fast. His thumb bumped against my clit with each inward thrust of his hand. As my long orgasm continued to roll over me his fingers curled up to press against my G-spot. He had his own much practiced experience in frigging my pussy and he roughly began pushing a fourth finger inside me. Locking his fingers into a claw he grasped my hard pubis while his hand pulled up, almost lifting my ass off the bed. He showed no mercy to my abused pussy. Lifting and thrusting as hard as he could as wave after gut clenching, teeth clenching wave of orgasm rolled over me.
When it became too much even for me, I grabbed his wrist and tried to push his hand out of my drenched pussy. He resisted just long enough to lift my ass and hips entirely off the bed. His hand tried hard to curl into a fist, his palm pressing my pussy lips hard against my clit while his fingers pushed as deep into my pussy as he could get them. One last long, long, looong final orgasmic spasm swept over me forcing another loud scream from me of, Oh, fucking SHIIIT!! before his hand and fingers released my pussy. Oh, my God. Jason hadn't even come in me and my ass crack and the bed sheet under me was soaked from my own pussy juice.
I barely had time to gulp in a breath of air as my gut muscles clenched and unclenched spastically before he moved up to cover me and his cock thrust hard inside my now stretched pussy. I was pinned to the bed by Jason's cock and weight but I sure as hell didn't want to go anywhere else at the moment! LOL I was stretched from four fingers and, my God!, my cunt was gushing grool, but I still couldn't take all of that long, thick cock on the first stroke.
20 YearsOf Infidelity     Chapter Four 5
I had some discomfort as Jason's thick cock pulled and stretched my pussy wider but I was beyond caring. I wanted cock! Yelling for Jason to Fuck me!, I spread my legs wider and one hard thrust was followed quickly by another until I was stretched and filled as more and more cock pushed inside me. As soon as his entire cock was buried between my pussy lips, he began to pound his cock into me. I was no longer caught up in an orgasm but I was in complete bliss. I felt like I was floating and couldn't move as his thrusts pushed the air from my lungs in quieter gasping moans of oh god oh god oh god...
Jason was in complete control of my body as he used me to push himself closer to his release. Jason was practiced enough by now to slow his thrusts as his release neared. Grinding his hard pubis against my reddened pussy lips trying to get his cock as deep as it would go. The base of his cock was almost the girth of my wrist and my pussy entrance was stretched, oh, so good!
My moans of oh god, oh god oh god... quickly changed to more demanding cries of, fuck me... fuck me... Fuck! Me!, as he continued to grind our groins together. After a long weekend of no sex I didn't want grinding! Damn it! I wanted more hard, pounding fucking! Finally, Jason must have gotten tired of listening to me scream, FUCK ME! and pulled my legs apart until I was completely open to his thrusts he rose higher over me, locked his elbows and began to do just what I was begging for. Jason fucked my pussy as hard and fast as a fit, teen boy can. The sound of our bodies crashing together was loud and wet. Jason's pounding between my legs had me gasping from the air he was forcing from my lungs with each hard thrust but that didn't stop me from still demanding that Jason fuckmefuckmefuckme... over and over!
20 YearsOf Infidelity     Chapter Four 6
Jason was breathing hard when his breath caught and he gasped as he pressed his cock deep and with short, sharp thrusts he spilled inside me. My eyes were still closed as Jason unlocked his elbows and moved down to cover me with his body. Both of us were drenched in sweat. His hot breath on my neck caused new shivers to sweep over me as every move of our bodies made his still hard cock move inside me. I wrapped my arms around him and breathed out one final ohhhhhmyyyygaaawddd.
My muscles were like jelly and even without Jason's weight pressing me down into the mattress, I doubt I could have moved at that moment even if the house was on fire. I thought that Jason was finished but if I'd been horny from three days without sex, Jason had been, too. And Jason was a horny teen boy... With slow, thrusting movements after he'd come, Jason continued to fuck me even while he sucked on my tits and caught his breath. Releasing my tit from his sucking mouth, Jason rose up over me again and began fucking me hard. Grabbing Jason's arms to keep my head from being pushed against the headboard by his rapid, hard thrusts, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed every minute. I'm not sure if Jason came again or not, but from the amount of grool and cum that had been forced from my cunt by his thrusts I wouldn't be surprised if he had.
20 YearsOf Infidelity     Chapter Four 7
Jason and I had been fucking for several months now and I took a long moment to congratulate myself over what an incredible lover I'd turned him into. Don't get me wrong. Taking a new lover is exciting... The new and unknown feeling of what to expect... But, for me? For the complete, bone deep bliss I was feeling now? Give me an attentive lover who knows exactly what I like and when to give it to me!
Even after sex Jason couldn't keep his hands off my body for long. Moving to lie on his side he reached over to run his hand up and down my still sweaty torso, cupping my breasts and massaging my aching thigh muscles in turn. If I hadn't had plans for the day it would have been nothing new for Jason and I to stay in bed until he was randy and ready for more sex. During Summer vacation it was not unusual for us to fuck four or even five times before his dad returned home if neither of us had plans for the day.
The first two weeks of his vacation we'd fuck even more times. Once when my husband was on a four day trip to his corporate office, Jason fucked me twelve times between midnight to midnight. I'd kept count, amazed that even his youthful stamina and my pussy could take so much.
As Summer progressed we'd calmed down but, even so, our sex this morning was a normal start to the day for us. Many nights, lying in bed next to my sleeping husband, just thinking about the pulse-pounding sex and muscles-turned-to-jelly orgasms that awaited me only a few hours away would make me wet. Sometimes I'd be right on the verge of waking my husband up for a quicky or going to the master bedroom's bathroom to masturbate before finally turning over to go to sleep. As sexually in-sync as Jason and I were, my husband continued to drift further and further away from showing any desire for me.
With Jason fondling my breast furthest from him while sucking on the nipple closest, I tried to think of the last time my husband had shown as much desire and vigor in our fucking. I couldn't. A quicky on a weekend every three or four weeks before leaving for a golf date was what I'd come to expect from him unless I initiated it. Meanwhile, my husband was amusing himself with chasing skirts at work. My friend at his office kept me up-to-date on his conquests and I'd long since stopped caring. 'I'm getting all the cock I could hope for', I thought with a smile as I moved my hand down to run my fingers through the cum that covered my pussy lips and ran down my ass crack to the soaked sheets below my ass. Licking my fingers clean, I moved down to take Jason's still wet but now soft cock in my mouth to suck him clean. I love playing with Jason's cock when it's soft and I can suck all of it into my mouth to play with. Even soft he's a mouthful but I like it and I know Jason likes it, too, because it doesn't take much time before he starts hardening. I've sucked Jason's cock back to life for one more quick fuck just before his dad comes home many times.
20 YearsOf Infidelity     Chapter Four 8
Today though, not wanting Jason to gain a full hard-on just to say no to more sex, I pulled my mouth away and slapped his belly, commanding him to get up. He was disappointed and even more not ready to leave his bed when I told him we were going to the library. I got him up and while he put new sheets on his bed, I tossed his cum stained sheets in the washer with a few dirty t-shirts and started a wash cycle. Jason met me in his shower for a quick wash so we wouldn't smell like sweat and sex to people at the library.
At the library I signed onto a computer (OMG! Can anyone remember 'the old days' when every household didn't have an internet connection and at least one computer? THE HORROR!!!!) and Jason finally looked intrigued as I began pulling up maps of Spain's Costa Del Sol. I went closer and closer to the area our condo would be and printed out several maps of the town we'd be in and the surrounding areas.
Next, at Jason's quiet urging, I researched nudie beaches in the area and found all the info we needed. I pointed to one just about a ten minute walk from our condo and whispered that that beach was for me and his dad. I pointed to another about 40 minutes away by trail and told him that was HIS beach! I printed out more maps for us, paid for them and we left.
Walking to the car Jason asked if I wanted to go home and make another wet spot. I had to laugh at his eagerness fueled by visions of young lovelies walking around naked on the sand. After all, it had been over two hours since he'd had sex. An eternity for a horny, 17 year old boy. I tossed him the keys and suggested we go for a road trip instead.
Jason knew what 'road trip' meant and headed for Highway 17. I-95 wasn't far away and as soon as we were on the interstate, I reached over to free him from his shorts and stroked his cock to hardness. Jason pushed the seat back as far as he could and still work the pedals. My hand motion didn't stop as pre-cum collected on the tip. Using my finger to spread the slippery cum over the large head of his cock, I looked around to make sure no cars were close before disappearing from view and taking his large, purple cockhead in my mouth. I was hidden from all drivers except big rig drivers and fuck 'em. I didn't know then and they didn't know me. An appreciative air horn now and then on other road trips had just spurred me to suck harder. I like sucking cock and since we weren't in any hurry I took my time licking, sucking and nibbling on the tip of Jason's large, round head. Spreading the large amount of pre-cum I milked from the shaft across the head with the tip of my tongue. When I decided I'd teased Jason enough, I got down to serious cock sucking.
20 YearsOf Infidelity     Chapter Four 9
Jason had the auto-speed set and had backed the seat away from the steering wheel to it's limit so there was plenty of room for me to bob my head up and down over his lap. My bra had been unhooked by Jason almost before we were out of the library's parking lot. I'd taken it all the way off under my shirt shortly after. Now, Jason had his left hand on the wheel while his right hand was under my shirt molding my tits. Excited and primed from my playing with his cock, with deep, fast movements of my mouth and hand on the part of the shaft I couldn't take between my lips, I had Jason's cum in my mouth in less than five minutes as his hand tightened on my tit. Though smaller than his first-of-the-day load, I was still very satisfied at the amount of cum in my mouth as I straightened up in my seat to again let Jason watch me roll it round my mouth before swallowing.
We were laughing and in good spirits when I told Jason to head for I-26 and go towards Charleston so we'd double back on our trail and not end up too far from home. He pushed his now satisfied cock into his shorts and followed my directions. There wasn't anything we had to do and it was nice just cruising down the interstate with the top down. I sat close to Jason with his arm across my shoulders while his hand reached down at times to push my unbuttoned shirt open to squeeze my bare tits. For some unknown reason I just couldn't stop Jason from unbuttoning my shirt as far down as he could reach just as quickly as I buttoned it. LOL It still wasn't quite noon and we had hours left before needing to be home. A quick stop for drive through fast food and when we hit I-26 I changed my mind and told Jason to head west towards Columbia instead. Jason smiled because he knew what that meant.
I didn't need to give Jason further instructions as the miles flew by until the exit we both wanted came. A few miles more and he turned into the lot of a no-tell/motel. We'd found this place on another road trip and it offered all we needed for the next two hours. Privacy, a bed, air conditioning and a shower for later. I hopped out and checked us in. Cash, of course, and the bored guy behind the counter didn't bother asking for ID. As soon as we were inside our clothes came off and we fell onto the bed for another sex romp. This time the sex wasn't as rough and frantic as our sex in the morning had been but it was very satisfying to spread my legs for some slow in-and-out stroking of my pussy as I stretched to take Jason's cock. There was no reason to make this fuck anything but a quicky and Jason quickened his strokes as he got closer to coming. When he was ready he whispered, 'I wanna come in your mouth again.' I nodded and he pulled his cock out of my pussy, walked on his knees towards my head as I raised up onto my elbows to bring my mouth level with his cock. Jason managed to get the tip between my lips just as the first stream of hot cum exploded over my tongue.
I moved my tongue over just the head of his cock but other than that, waited motionless with just the large head of his cock in my mouth. Jason used his hand and stroked his cock to milk more cum to what I was tasting. Having come only a short time before the load in my mouth wasn't large. Jason seemed to not care about the size of the load though as I waited until I was sure he'd stroked out the last of his cum before bending my head back so he could look down and watch me as I played the cum over my lips before swallowing and licking my lips clean.
Lying back onto my back with Jason still on his knees straddling my torso, I reached up, took his cock in my hands and began trying to stroke him back to hardness. Even a horny teen needs time to get hard, though, after coming as many times as Jason had this morning.
20 YearsOf Infidelity     Chapter Four 10
I didn't feel like complaining though, because all the time that Jason needed to get hard again, he spent with his head between my thighs. His mouth hard against my pussy and his tongue either going deep in my pussy or lashing my clit. With fingers and mouth he licked, sucked and fingered my pussy to a wonderful orgasm. Jason still wasn't hard enough to fuck as I regained my senses from my orgasm. We spent our time huddled together as I played with the cock in my hand.
It wasn't really that long before the cock in my hands was hard and Jason was ready for more. Pushing my legs apart, Jason moved over me, put the tip of his cock to my slit and mounted me. My pussy was stretched and sloppy wet from my orgasm and Jason took me in one long, slow thrust to begin another slow, unhurried fuck as we kissed and he took turns sucking on my tits. Over time his thrusts came harder and deeper and then he rose up on locked arms to really fuck me hard. To keep from coming too soon he pulled out, put me in doggy and mounted me that way. I lowered my shoulders to the mattress and reached between my legs to touch my clit. To tell the truth, I was amazed when, between Jason's cock stroking inside my pussy and my finger lightly sliding over my hard clit, it wasn't very long before I knew I had another orgasm building inside me. Usually my clit becomes so sensitive that I rarely like for it to be even touched after sex. Now, just after one orgasm I was building quickly to come again!
'Don't come. Don't come, yet... Oh, God I'm so close to coming again. Don't come yet!...' I moaned out as I closed my eyes and lowered my chest to flatten my tits against the mattress. That was all the instructions Jason needed to know to keep his strokes slow and even while I surrendered myself to just feeling my orgasm reaching out for me. Jason's cock and my fingers pushed me closer and closer... When I felt my muscles clench as my orgasm rolled out from my cunt to every part of my body, so, too, did Jason feel my pussy clench around his cock. Again, my experienced lover needed no instructions. He didn't need to be told to pull out all the stops and his hands tightened on my hips as he began to fuck me as hard and fast as he could. Oh, shit I was in Heaven as I pressed hard against my clit and came and came and came as Jason, having already come four times today, showed no sign of losing control and coming early as he crashed against my ass with his hard groin, driving his long, thick cock into me over and over... Every wave of gut clenching orgasm felt more powerful than the last until I felt I couldn't endure what I was feeling any more. I was yelling, screaming, commanding Jason now to, Come in me! Come in me! Oh, shit come! Oh, God! Jason I need you to come! Please, God, come in me!
By the time Jason came in me, muscles deep in my gut were clenched so hard I was having trouble breathing except in short, hard gasps. As soon as Jason released my hips, I couldn't take any more stimulation between my legs and I quickly slid off his cock to lie belly down on the mattress. I was covered in sweat but it wasn't the cool air of our air conditioned room that made me shiver. My entire body was quivering in orgasmic aftershocks as I tried to gasp air into my lungs after one of the longest and hardest orgasms of my life! Jason collapsed beside me and we both stayed quiet except for our hard breathing as we recovered.
Damn, my head was swimming after one hard orgasm less than half an hour ago and now this incredible orgasm I'd just experienced. God, I wanted to do nothing more than to just lie there, but I knew I couldn't afford to fall asleep. I knew Jason might fall asleep, too and we couldn't afford to sleep for even an hour. Not with a long drive still ahead of us to get home before my husband.
'Oh, God. Jason you have no idea how hard you just made me come', I managed to whisper when I could breath better. 'That was incredible.'
Pushing myself up onto my hands and knees I moaned as deep stomach muscles that were sore from clenching and unclenching during my long orgasm were stretched. I smiled at Jason before taking his cock into my mouth again to clean our cum. Jason was barely awake enough to let out a long satisfied moan of appreciation as I sucked the last taste from him. His moan became a groan of something else when I let his cock fall from my mouth and I told him to get up. We needed to shower and hit the road!
20 YearsOf Infidelity     Chapter Four 11
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