The Cock Sucking Chronicles - The Middle, Pt. 1 / page: 130 - Erotic story Collection

I knew that he was masturbating again. He thinks that I am sleeping. Above me, the bed springs rhythmically protest with increasing vigour as he furtively steals towards the conclusion. The tension between us had been building for weeks. He's a young man, bespectacled and a little overweight with a lovely little round paunch and a nice round ass. Late teens I guess, and as such, his libido is sky high. This nightly finger shuffle is beginning to wear a little thin, to be honest.

But, Dear Reader, I get ahead of myself. The more astute will have already determined that I am incarcerated and, those of you familiar with my passions, should have no difficulty in ascertaining the reasons for my imprisonment. After parting company with my old school teacher, Mr Masters, and his friends, I embarked on what the Judge described as a "Rampaging orgy of fellatio, sodomy and public indecency." He sentenced me to six months in gaol. For some reason, he thought that a spell behind the Door would enlighten me as to the error of my ways. Fool. I have been here for a mere six weeks, less than half of my time served and already I have established quite a reputation amongst my fellow lonely inmates. In fact, it has become customary for my early morning shower to include high protein breakfast, if you follow my meaning.

The tensions between my cellmate and I arose almost instantly. As you know, Dear Reader, I have made no secret of my hunger for man cream, after all how else can you make a sale if you don't advertise? Anyway, not to put too fine a point on it, Andy, my cellmate, is quite clearly a homophobe. There isn't an insult that he hasn't spat at me but, unfortunately for him, there isn't anything that he can say which I haven't already heard a hundred times before.

As he pathetically attempts to conceal his mounting excitement, I almost feel sorry for him. He knows that I would happily bring him off with my mouth, that I would give myself completely to his mastery and let him make a fine mess of me and yet he stubbornly chooses to deny himself the pleasure of my throat. And for what? Some perceived morality? An outdated definition of a man's sexuality? How long can he keep this up, I wonder? Sometimes I think that he may never let me take him into my mouth. And this is a problem, isn't it? Surrounded by all this cock, the one I want to sample most is the one that I can't have! Not a complete disaster, I grant you, as I am able to fully satiate my lust for cum from any number of happy donors but I am on slightly unfamiliar ground here.

Above me, a stifled, almost feminine, high pitched gasp and instantly the familiar piquant perfume of man juice permeates the cell. For a taste of revenge I immediately I throw back my covers and step naked to the toilet bowl. I glance at him and smile. With one hand, he's trying to cover the puddles of jizz pooling in the downy hair of his belly as he feigns sleep. How coy, I think to myself as I steal another sly glance over my shoulder, piss splashing noisily into the bowl. Strangely, his cock remains solidly engorged, the last of his cum leaking lazily over the delicate folds of his pale foreskin. Curious, I think to myself. He has never displayed himself to me like that before, fully erect and inflamed. The stink of my piss mingles with the aroma of his freshly spilled seed and, as I flush, he stirs a little, moaning quite softly, like a sleeping c***d. For who's benefit, I wonder and climb into my bed.

The next morning, I drained two fine specimens in the shower block before heading down to the mess for my second course, fruit and muesli, as usual. However, as I ate (both cock and cereal!) I couldn't get the previous evening's vision of Andy's thick vein laced erection, dribbling the last of his sperm onto his domed hairy tummy, out of my mind. Had he been playing with me? Was he waiting for me to clean him up? Maybe he thought that it wouldn't count, in the Great Heterosexual Scheme Of Things if he was 'asleep'? Who can say how these repressed minds work!

After breakfast, I sat reading in the recreation room, trying to avoid everyone's gaze and keep out of trouble. Ever since I was interred, Andy has assiduously avoided me, always sitting as far away as possible at every opportunity, as if he was afraid that he might catch 'Gay' if he got too close or that I might try to **** him. Or perhaps he was really just afraid of what he was thinking? Every now and then, I look up from my book and check out the parade of fine young ass as it bends over the pool table to play a shot and was stunned to find that Andy had taken up a cue. He was taking an inordinately long time over the shot he was lining up. Was he really showing for me? I couldn't wait for lights out.

I always sleep naked but this night, I make sure that I am fully nude before lights out. I am sitting on the edge of my bed, grooming my pubes as he enters the room. Trimming always makes me hard. He says nothing. But it was writ large all over his face: tonight, he wants it. I can't believe it! I can see him surreptitiously checking me out as he peels off his shirt and brushes his teeth. Rolls of almost chalk white flesh hang in folds at the sides of his chest, framing his not insubstantial man boobs, his deep brown areoles are stretched into broad ellipses, like two almond-shaped eyes, by the sheer bulk of his almost hairless chest. A vision of my cock slipping in and out of the folds of his corpulent torso flashes into my mind as he turns away to brush. No doubt about it, the boy has a pair of fleshy tits. As I study him, he bends over to spit; he has a very fine backside, pert even, small and peach like when you consider the rest of him. He looks nervous as he turns to face me, or is he just making for his bunk? I stand and we awkwardly shuffle past one another, I know better than to attempt any kind of accidental physical contact.

I head for the sink and begin to brush my teeth. I work the brush around my mouth, much more slowly than usual, all the while watching him. I make sure that my cheeks bulge as much as possible and slurp loudly over my brush. He strips out of his jeans but, still bashful, he leaves his underpants on. Nevertheless, I can clearly make out the outline of his erection behind the white cotton pants. I let paste and spit spill from my mouth and dribble onto my smooth broad chest.
"Oops!" I say, spitting. "Not normally so wasteful."
He says nothing, just lies there, staring at the ceiling.
"It's OK, you know."
"What?" he asks, after a moments pause. Is that fear or aggression in his voice?
"Fine," I breath, somewhat more moodily than I had intended. "Goodnight" I add and clamber beneath the sheets, waiting.
"What's OK?" he persists.
I let him simmer for a while longer.
"I said-"
"I heard what you said but if you can't ask, then you don't get."
Silence. An agonisingly long silence. I'm beginning to think that maybe I've blown my chance when suddenly, he hops down from the top bunk with a heavy thump. I sit up on one elbow and look up into his eyes. There's fear mixed with excitement and something else, something I have grown to recognise and love: Lust.
"Well?" I smile, I know that now he's mine; tonight, I am going to give him the time of his life!
"I, well, I er," he stammers.
"Take off your underpants," I whisper gently guiding him towards what we both know he wants. I swing my legs over the edge of my bunk and wait. He hesitates for a moment, glancing towards the spy hole in the door and just as I think that his courage may desert him, he whips down his 'pants, almost tripping over them as he practically charges at me, like a jousting Knight, lance at the ready.
"Suck me off," he gasps urgently, pushing his swollen cock into my face. "Suck it!"

I wrap my lips around his hot flesh and at once he begins enthusiastically fucking my face with short stabbing thrusts. You know, Dear Reader, so much man meat has passed over these lips in these few short years that it has become almost a reflex action to open my mouth for one and all but in this case, things are a little different. This boy is going to need some serious training if I am to ensure that this does not become a guilt laden one off, a quick gay dalliance for which he is certain to hate himself and which will make our relationship in this cell unendurable. So, I make a tight seal over his thick shaft and suck hard on his hot hard penis, letting him have free rein as he gallops closer to his climax but then, as the tip of his penis swells to critical mass and I am gulping down his pre cum, abruptly, I withdraw and turn my head away. He thrusts into mid air and almost slips his erection into my ear!
"What's wrong?" he gasps desperately, a serious and genuine concern colouring his tone.
"Nothing's wrong. This is just all a bit sudden."
"Oh," he mutters, crest fallen and a little out of breath. "Is it because I'm too fat?"
My heart aches a little for him and now I really do feel a genuine sympathy.
"No, not at all," I soothed. "I can dislocate my jaw." I smile up at him and wait for him to acknowledge my simple joke.
"So, what's wrong?"
"I need to be sure, that's all. We're going to be here for a while and, well, you've been a little, tense, to say the least." He slumps down heavily beside me on the bed and sighed deeply, his penis still glistening wetly with our combined juices. "I just don't want you to, well, you know?"
"Be such a cunt?"

We both laughed and, for a moment, there felt like there was a real connection between us, a real bond. I actually felt a sincere warmth for this boy. And this was unusual for me, something that I hadn't really experienced before. In the past, it had all been about sucking cock and draining balls but, with this awkward, shy man-virgin, something seemed to shift deep within me and, for a change, it wasn't someone else's erection.
"I was so close!" he mumbled, pathetically, tragically.
"I know," I replied, patting his thigh. Instantly, he tensed and a flicker of hope sparkled in his deep brown eyes.
"How can you tell?"
"There're little signs," I say, nonchalantly. "Your cock gets bigger, for a start. Well, even bigger, in your case."
He grinned sheepishly at my crude compliment. In truth, his cock was about average in length, fabulously and powerfully veined, but it was thick, my gosh was it thick, almost three fingers wide! "And what else?"

I stared at him, appraisingly. A line had definitely been crossed, a barrier removed but I didn't want to undo all that we had achieved this night. Then again, there really was only one way to find out. I leant towards him, breathing heavily into his ear and whispered, "Find out for yourself."
"I don't know how," he protested feebly as I began to firmly push his head towards my lap and the genitals sleeping there. He didn't resist at all.
"Just give it a little kiss," I suggest.

Gingerly, awkwardly, like a clumsy foal taking it's first steps into a new world, he pressed his lips against my penis. Almost before lips met skin, my cock had begun to swell. He glanced up at me, looking very pleased with himself and the change he was brining about in my body. He smiled warmly and turned his head to the task at hand. He worked his lips up and down my blood flushed shaft, chasing my cock all over my belly, as I stroked the folds of his pale white flesh, cool to the touch, and surprisingly soft.

"Oh, yes, just like that. All over, up and down, that's good," I whispered, encouragingly, but there was no need to encourage him, he was just doing what comes naturally to any man, if he's honest enough to embrace it.

I shuffled a little closer to the cold concrete wall, making a little more space for him on my bunk, and he moved easily into it, filling the space. I could feel the mattress shifting beneath me as he levered himself into position and bracing himself on his pudgy arms, he worked his mouth all over my cock and balls, thighs, belly and hips. Clearly he was enjoying himself!

"Open your mouth," I urged, gently. He paused and looked up at me; there was a truly filthy glint sparkling wickedly in his eyes, unlike anything I had seen before from him. It was very exciting! He held my gaze and parted his lips. His soft pink tongue rolled out to meet this new sensation. "Oh, that's good," I say but he just stared back, a new-born expectant and hungry sexual a****l. I peel back my foreskin and expose the florid purple fruit within.
"Now, put it in your mouth."
He inches forward. Lowers his head. Staring up at me through his eyebrows, he wraps his lips around the tip of my cock and sucks me into his mouth.
"Mmmm mm?" he asks.

To laugh would spoil the mood so I just reassure him that he's doing fine and, as his tongue toys with my flesh, I recline, lock my fingers behind my head, and reflect on my first recital with the Pink Oboe; you never forget your first.

As I watch, I can see that he has closed his eyes and I let him focus on exploring every millimetre of my erection. His lust for cock is obvious and I know that what I am fortunate to be experiencing this as this night is the release of many years sexual repression. As he throws himself utterly into the moment, slurping loudly over my manhood, struggling to make a good tight seal, I am conflicted between the urge to fill his belly with my sperm and my need to make the moment last. Clearly, he has a gift and, as his soft snowy white shoulders heave and flex, his cropped mousey brown head dancing rhythmically over my pole, I wonder what he's feeling; from a purely egotistical point of view I feel a very heady sense of satisfaction to know that mine is the first penis he has ever tasted but I can't help wondering how this will end.
"How does it feel?" I ask, keen to slow things down a bit.
"Fucking good!" he gushes, wholeheartedly. He ardently stuffs my prick between his lips, sucking hard, as if afraid my cock will disappear. His ebullience is invigorating and I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.
"Say you love it," I command. "Say you love sucking cock."
He hesitates for several minutes, his ardour seeming to drain from him and I fear that I may have burst the bubble. But then…
"I - I love it!" he enthuses. "I love sucking cock!" And he does, he clearly does. It's as if uttering the unutterable, confessing that which he has suspected and yet suppressed for so long, is the removal of the final self imposed shackle. The irony of finding yourself sexually liberated while in prison is not lost on me, Dear Reader!

I reach down and take his thickset head in both hands, stroking the bristly scalp with my long fingers. He snakes a hand over my abs and chest, making a fist of his other hand and pumping it steadily up and down my shaft. I lean forward fractionally and suck on his fingers, first one by one and then two at a time. He moans sweetly as I tongue and suck on his chubby digits. I'm loosing myself in a deep and overwhelming sense of bliss.

"You're going to make me cum," I blurt out, breathing heavily, thigh muscles bulging, tummy flat. This wasn't an instruction but a prediction in imminent danger of fulfilment and the thought seemed to re energise him.
"Oh God, yes!" he cries, beating my cock against the side of his face, his neck, his chest. "Oh, please cum all over me! I've been so naughty, I'm so bad!"
"You're a very dirty boy, aren't you?"
"I've been very bad," he drooled in the kind of lascivious drawl normally only heard in the soundtrack of certain special interest movies.
"You're a nasty little cock whore, aren't you?"
"Mmm, yeah, I love it!" he crooned, a delightfully coquettish giggle bubbling gleefully from his beaming face. "I love sucking your cock, it tastes so good!" He slurred out the last word emphasising 'Gooooo' in a profoundly sluttish moan before licking me from balls to tip.
"Yeah, that's right, you're my cock slut now, aren't you?" He smiled up at me, working his teeth up and down my shaft. "Aren't you? Say it," I demanded. "Tell me how much you're loving that cock."
"I'm so bad," he almost demurred. Almost! "I love your cock. I love sucking on your big fat cock, it feels so good. I want it so much."
"I know you do, you fucking dirty slut but bad boys must take their medicine."
"Oh, yes please," he as all but begging for my spunk. "Shoot it in my mouth! Shoot it in my face."

It seemed totally incredible to me that a person could go from complete suppression of their natural urges to utter abandonment of everything they thought they were, and all in just a few hours! You know, Dear Reader, I have often thought that if more men spent less time posturing and opened their minds to the joys of sucking cock, then the world would be a far more pleasant place to be. That's the way to build a society!

"Turn over." The bed springs squeaked plaintively as he heaved his bulk about on my bunk. "No, no, not that way." He looked perplexed. "Naughty boys must be punished; lie across my thighs. Face down, you dirty slut. You'll be begging to cum before I'm finished with you."

I manipulated him into position, lying face down across my legs with his sex pressing against my thighs and that oh so fine china white bum of his within easy reach. He looked up at me and a slight look of concern flashed across his face as I began to caress each firm half moon. His erection was burning hotly against my skin as I slowly began to explore his tender flesh. I let my breath cascade over his back and buttocks as I prised his thighs apart, slowly, inch by inch. He whimpered wonderfully as my fingers brushed against his hot, tight little bum hole but he didn't move away. I spanked and kneaded away at his domed flesh, pushing it one way then the other, pulling his bum cheeks apart and exposing the puckered darkened star at their centre to the cool night air.
"Do you trust me?" I asked him.

He nodded his consent. I licked my little finger and tentatively began to explore his back door. Again, the merest of whimpers, tinged with a little concern but, again, he did not try to resist or move away. I lubed up my index finger, and gently pushed it slowly up his bum. He moaned, almost a reflex sigh. I pushed my finger a little deeper and met no resistance, the room beyond was empty. I began to probe at the spongy flesh, carefully manipulating his prostate. I could feel his juices dribbling against my leg and, as I milked him, he began to raise his hips, bucking back on to my finger. Ever so slowly, I began to stretch his anus, working my index finger in ever increasing circles. His moans of encouragement were becoming more insistent and I had to take a firm grip on his hips to keep him from wriggling up onto all fours.
"You like that, huh?" I asked, smiling down at my handiwork.
"I want your cock inside me," he moaned from his bliss. "I want you to fuck me right now."

I wriggled out from underneath him and dextrously spun him through ninety degrees until his ass was pointing away from the bed and towards the opposite wall. In a 'doggy position' now, I planted a sloppy wet kiss on each of his butt cheeks, slipping by tongue in between and probing his well stretched bum hole.
"No, you - " he gasped, in half hearted protest, as my tongue delved deeper.

I lapped at his bum hole like a kitten with a bowl of milk: steady, rhythmic and bestial. I pushed one finger from each hand as far up as I could stuff them, prising his back door wide open. He yelped and buried his face in my blanket as I parted and stretched his tight virgin bum hole. His anus gaped as I teased open the hot ring of muscle with both index fingers, slipping them deeper, stretching him wider, gradually breaking him in. Expertly, I worked his tight little hole until I could slide the first three fingers of one hand two knuckles deep up into his body. Again he gasped, thrusting backwards onto my hand and again I worked him the both hands, slipping the first two fingers of each hand as far as I could push them, always widening his cum locker. With the palms of my hands pressed together as if in prayer, or as if holding a c***dhood pistol, I began to finger fuck him, slow and deliberate, always widening the circle, always making him moan.
"Christ, it hurts so good!" he gushed, as I began to up the pace a little.
"Don't move," I reply, withdrawing to retrieve a tube of cherry lubricant which I had paid for with many, many blow jobs! I smile down at him as I rummage through my locker, his rounded ass hanging in the air, where I left it, his splendid tummy drooping towards the mattress.

Quickly, I returned and took up my place behind him. His anus was still gaping a little, a dark and inviting opening, like the entrance to a magical cave or a secret railway tunnel. I stooped to soothe his increasingly pliant flesh blowing my moist breath across the threshold and letting it cool the burning flesh. I raised his hips a little higher, forcing his chest down onto the blanket and with hot breathy kisses I began lubing him up with cherries and spit. I could get my tongue so much deeper now, right up into the smooth flesh of his rectum. My tongue probed and lubricated, my fingers stretched and separated. Now that he was well and truly lubed up, my fingers slid easily into his body. With my left hand, I reached between his legs and stroked his flaccid cock while slipping the fingers of my right deeply into his gaping bum.

The first two fingers met no resistance at all and glided easily up into his body; I made a spear of my hand, the first three fingers pressed tightly together like a bird's beak and the third digit met with only fractionally more. I began to spread my fingers. He pushed back onto my wrist. I gave him a dozen of the best strokes before squeezing my fingers together again. I withdrew just enough to add the fourth. I penetrated him again, all four fingers pulling his well lubed anus apart.
"Oh, God!" was all he could manage to grunt.

Keeping my fingers tightly bunched, I added my thumb. I began to rotate my hand at the wrist, pushing ever deeper into his virgin territory. Two knuckles deep and he began his slutty moaning once again. With his hands outstretched, arms locked at the elbows, he braced himself against the wall and pushed back to meet my invasion. I withdrew once more and taking the grimy tube of lubricant, I filled his rectum with the sweet tasting goo before coating my right hand and forearm with a generous coating. Once more, I delved into his body. He took all four fingers up to the first knuckle with consummate ease. I added my thumb to the expedition and pushed on, two knuckles deep. He whimpered. Three knuckles and I thought that he might weep. Mercilessly, I drove deeper into the uncharted wilds of his body. Millimetre by hard earned millimetre, relentlessly widening the circle of his anus, I resolutely pushed on. Eventually, I crested the final knuckles and the rest of my hand slipped effortlessly into him. I held back and let him catch his breath.

My fingers explored the void, teasing his Man G Spot and, as I slowly slipped the rest of my hand inside, I compacted them into a fist. His anus formed a hot tight seal over my wrist as, inch by inch, he glided effortlessly up my forearm. His bladder and his spine pressed against my intruding fist as I gently squeezed aside his bowels. I withdrew to the wrist.

An involuntary sigh of ecstasy sprung from his lips and then I thrust my arm back into his body, punching his guts. He cried out, helpless and impaled at my mercy. Again I thrust into him. And again, and again and each punch drew a loud cry from his lips, muffled by the blankets he was chewing on. I reached between his legs and stroked his flaccid cock. I pulled it back towards me, slipping my thumb beneath his foreskin, rubbing at the slippery tip within as I worked his body like a boxer, punching harder, faster and deeper.

"Stop!" he begged. I hit him again. "Please, stop." There was desperation and discomfort in his voice. I began to draw my hand back. His bum gripped me tightly and I had to hold it still with my other hand as I struggled to extricate myself. I levered my fist from his battered body and after some careful manipulation, I was free; my fingers slipped out of his twitching gaping anus and I stooped to take his flaccid cock back into my mouth. His penis was wet, soaking wet. So was the bed.
"Oh God, fuck me, now!" his embarrassment plain to see.
"Patience, you filthy naughty boy." I spanked him, hard across his backside, the slap echoing around the room. "Stand up." He backed off the bunk and stood with sagging shoulders, shame burning his face more brightly than his arse hole. Looks like we're not sleeping tonight I thought, as I looked at the circle of dark grey on my bed. He followed my eyes to the damp stain.
"I'm sorry. I -"
"Don't worry, it's fine," I said. "I've been a little curious about water sports anyway. Means I get to piss on you later." His head jerked up, his face contorted in alarm. "k**ding! I'm only k**ding."
"Really, it's fine but I want to see you hard. Make yourself hard for me." He looked so self conscious. "Come on, now is not the time to be bashful!" His hand moved hesitantly towards his genitals. "That's it, stroke your cock for me while I freshen up."

As he stood there wanking in the middle of our cell, I went to the sink and washed my hands. He looked so cute and cuddly as he stood there pulling at his rapidly swelling penis.
"You look so fucking hot," I told him, throwing the towel onto the shared chair.
"Yeah, right," he snorted, dismissively.
"I think that you're perfect. Tits, ass, cock and plenty of flesh to play with. What's not to like?" His cock was fully hard now and I wanted it. "Get over here, you delicious mountain of a man." I knew that making him walk after such an ass pounding would be sending the most delightful of sensations rippling through his body. I smiled at the thought as I sank to my knees and waited for him. When he was within striking distance, I snatched at his hips and pulled him onto me. Expertly (well, I have had plenty of practice, as you know!) I sucked him, hands free, into my mouth. Semen and urine in a ratio I had not tasted before; a heady mix indeed. I had literally punched the piss out of him and milked a load from his prostate.
"Mmmm, yummy!" I declared before launching myself at his manhood. Utilising every trick I knew, I lavished the most intense and passionate attention on his penis. With this feral and unbridled exhibition of fellatio, he was ready to cum in no time. So, naturally, I stopped. I stood, spinning him around and bending him over.
"Yes, yes, do it!" he said. My cock was balls deep in him in an instant. He gripped the frame of the bunk beds and I fucked him with slow deep thrusts. "Fuck me!" he cried out, grunting and moaning far too loudly for my liking; I was afraid that the Screws might hear, I couldn't care less about the other prisoners!

I skilfully guided him along the edge of the bed, never letting my penis slip free for an instant, until I could reach my pillow. Snatching it up, I placed it on the floor between his legs, and taking a firm grip on those chunky white hips, I guided him down onto it. Together we sank to the floor, joined as one living sexual entity. As we knelt together with his back pressed into my chest, I pulled him close, flesh on flesh. Taking his head in my hands, I turned his mouth to meet mine and kissed him, fervently, passionately, honestly and deeply. Our tongues squirmed and writhed over one another, like two mating snakes. We held our embrace for what seemed like several lifetimes. I had never felt so connected to another human being. I lost track of time, I forgot where I was. It was an eternal kiss. Abruptly, he withdrew.
"Do me hard," was all he said.

My cock slipped free as I took hold of the back of his head and forcefully bent him over the bed. I spread his legs a little to give better leverage and, gripping his hip in one hand, I pressed my erection against his bum hole with the other. The tip slid into his gaping nether maw so very, very easily. I worked it around the dark pink puckered skin, in broad circles as it parted before my advances. Then, taking a firm grip of his hips, I mounted him, driving the full length of my hard fat cock balls deep up into his body in one powerful stroke. He cried out, loudly but this time I didn't care, let them come and I will do them all! I had no desire to break my lover though and so I held position for a moment. I thought that I could hear him sobbing but he was just catching his breath.
"OK?" I asked,
Turning to face me, slowly gyrating his skewered hips, he smiled mischievously, "Just knocked the wind out of me."
"Hell yeah. Fuck me, you fucking homo!" Not two days ago, that had been one of his favourite put downs and now here he was, harpooned on the end of my cock. "Fuck me in the arse and cum in my face." We couldn't help but smile at one another. He stretched his body across my sheets and raised his hips to meet me.

I did not need a second invitation. I took a very from grip on his love handles and began to ride him like a racehorse. I stabbed my cock into him like a serial killer, drawing grunts and cries from his enraptured face with every thrust. He buried his face into my blanket as I fucked him harder and harder. His cries were muffled by the blanket but not entirely silenced. They turned me on so much. I slapped his peachy ass as I rode him at a gallop, powering my erection deep into his yielding flesh.
"Harder!" he demanded. The boy was a machine! "Give it to me, fuck me with that big fat cock," he gasped.

I like a challenge and soon my cock was a blur as it flew in and out of his body like a piston. My thighs slapped against his backside like the applause from a solitary audience. I like to keep myself in shape, Dear Reader, but I have to admit, the sweat was coursing down my chest, pouring from my forehead in broad rivulets. My abs were aching.
"That's it, that's what I want. Feels good. Keep doing me like that. Bum me, give me your hot spunk! Oh, FUCK ME!"
I hammered and ploughed his arse hard and fast like that for a good fifteen minutes until I was exhausted but sill he wanted more. I thought that I might have to stop to catch my breath and I slowed a little.
"What's the matter? Don't stop!" Instantly, he was encouraging me onto the next level. "I want your cum," and before I could protest, he wriggled round and launched himself mouth first onto my cock. Clearly, he had been paying attention when the roles were reversed and as he lashed his tongue all over my ultra sensitised flesh, I braced myself on his alabaster shoulders.
"Fuck me," he begged, beating my cock against his tongue. "I want you to fuck me. I'm a naughty boy and I need to be punished." My excitement was building again. "Put that big hard cock in my arse and bum me. I need you to-"
He giggled sweetly as I grabbed at him, spinning him round and bending him over.
"Oooh," he cried, playfully, licentiously as I slammed my prick once more up his bum. "Yeah, give it to me!" He was wild, blissed out, he had utterly abandoned his former self. There was no going back now. In truth, it was the ride of my life, up until then. I fucked him every which way. He was bouncing enthusiastically on my pole, tweaking his tits and masturbating when, I could control myself no more.
"I'm going to cum!" I declared in an impassioned whisper.

I practically threw him onto the cold floor. He looked so vulnerable lying there, naked, his thick stiff penis nestling beneath the broad smile of his tubby tummy. I wiped my cock on his underpants and lowered myself onto his chest. He looked at me doubtfully.

"Shh shh shh," I soothed. "Open your mouth, I've got something to give you."

The briefest of hesitations meant that I was rubbing the tip of my cock against his closed lips when my orgasm was on me. In an instant, I was squirting hot man cream over his face, pooling instantly in the long valley separating top from bottom lip. The release was intense and I just kept rubbing my cock all over his face, smearing my spunk over his chin and cheeks as it was fired out of my balls. I was beginning to think that he was going to deny me when his sperm marbled lips parted, stretching my manly goodness into a thin translucent film that hung briefly over his mouth before dribbling over his teeth and down his throat. At once, I thrust my cock in, blasting and spraying sperm across his tongue. He sucked. I thrust into his head. He swallowed. I rode out my bliss.

I remained seated on his chest, looking down in wonder at his semen smeared face.
"That was fucking intense," I said. "You were amazing! Are you OK?"
He looked almost bashful but at least there was no sign of the conflict I had feared earlier in the evening.
"I feel alive," he replied, swallowing hard. "It feels like I have been asleep until now."

I ran my finger and thumb up the front of my cock and squeezed out the last of my semen. A glistening white marbled dome wept from my cock eye. I shuffled forwards. He held out his tongue and I placed it there, like an offering to the God of Cock. He pushed it over the highly charged and sensitive skin of my glans, chasing it with his tongue before sucking my cock to the back of his throat.

I leant forwards and kissed him, tasting my own juices as they lingered in his mouth. With my lips and tongue, I scooped up the last drops of cum from his face, letting them drop languidly into his upturned mouth. When he was clean, I tenderly kissed him again and helped him to his feet. We had been fucking and sucking for hours and I was exhausted. So engrossed had we been, that neither of us had noticed the lights going out.
"May I?" I asked, looking up at his bunk.
He smiled. "You may."

I climbed up and lay down, things had very definitely changed and for the better. Andy heaved himself up and wrapped his arms and legs around me. I was asleep in seconds, dreaming of cherry trees and cream.

In the morning, well. That's a whole other story.

New Story:


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