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Out of Afrika, Chapter 31

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr and Wunderboi


Seydou mused over the past few years since he retired from Rhino and set-up his photography business. It had been the best move he ever made and he was still excited with how things had worked out, especially from the aspect that a lot of his work most recently resulted from his previous association with Rhino industries which often sent customers his way. Indeed, he never knew where his next contract would take him or what the subject might be (the recent trip to Lerotica was a good example of that!) Yes, work was a delight and each day he went to his studio looking forward to the next surprise.

It was one such morning when he took a call on his Rhino cell phone from a young farmer's daughter who said that she would like for him to create a portrait of her for her parents. She said she had met him briefly three years previously and her name was 'Sandy McGraw'. She said the portrait was to be a surprise for her parents.

She told him that she had gotten the idea when she had spotted him while she was with her parents and her younger sister were working at The Farmer's Market on a recent Saturday tending their stall. She said that she wasn't able to speak with him then but thought it might work to invite the friendly black photographer to visit or maybe come to him.
He was free so he told her he would be available at the appointed time, but who was she? He could not place the name 'Sandy' but he knew that they were near neighbours.

Stan and his wife Becky were quite familiar with Rhino, having had a Rhino 'repeater' antenna tower installation on their farm some years before. Seydou as chief finance officer with Rhino at that time had visited them briefly to make the generous financial settlement and then arranged for Tyrone the installation engineer to come along later to do the work.

Sandy had first met the handsome black man when she was fifteen and working selling vegetables at the Market. Her Daddy, Stan, had introduced Mr Seydou to her and commented that he was one of the founders of the famous Rhino Industries and a world-class photographer.

When her father left them to serve another customer, Mr Seydou stood very close to the nubile young teen while taking a long time examining the carrots. She felt his intimate stare.

He accidentally brushed against her rapidly developing breasts. She felt a most strange moistness between her legs as she smelled his maleness so close to her. She was confused but admitted to herself that it felt strangely exciting.
He was delighted with the quality of the carrots and told her they were for his prized stallion 'standing at stud.' She didn't know what that meant and thought it would be rude to ask. When he reached into his pocket to pull out his business card she looked down and saw what appeared to be the outline of a large thick cock with an erection seemingly forming in his tight white pants.

He handed her his card and took her dainty hand in his and held it saying:"You are very beautiful, Sandy, I would like to create a portrait of you for your parents, perhaps when you are a little older?

"I remember your mother fondly as well. Your parents were very kind to me when I first visited your lovely farm.
"Ask your friends at school, many of their mothers have brought their daughters to me to photograph.
"Of course I can do you alone anytime, if you know what I mean.

"Please call me if you would like that, there is no charge for the first sitting."

Sandy flushed a deep crimson, why had that happened? Why had this handsome black man showed such an interest in her? Surely he wasn't enamoured with such a young inexperienced white girl? What had caused her to blush?
She kept his card hidden deep in her underwear drawer.


That morning Sandy looked at her wonderfully full, firm woman's breasts and admired them in the mirror. Her mother had very big breasts which she was quite proud of, and Sandy longed for hers to get bigger. She was not sure why, but her Daddy seemed to be very keen on it too.

She put on her favourite red bra and called Mr Seydou on her new Rhino phone that she had received from her parents on her s*******nth birthday. She wondered if he even remembered her.

Her girlfriends had told her that the photographer liked the girls to wear casual attire with blouse buttons undone or at least some of them, so she made sure not to disappoint him. They also reported breathlessly that if he 'liked her' he might want to take photos of her 'nearly naked.'

She wasn't sure what that meant so she wore her skin tight wrangler jeans. Perhaps he might wish her to be topless? Heavens, she thought, I would never do that. not in front of a stranger!.

As the McGraw farm was not far from his very private property, Seydou saddled up his horse and slung his small travel camera bag over his back. The pitch-black stallion had just that morning mounted a friend's mare and Seydou was wondering if the union would 'take' and the promised foal would be a fine racehorse. Time would tell.

His wonderful stallion, Raunch, was used to having three or four mares to service at a time and provide them with his prodigious seed, but today's session was hurried with only one mare being put to him. Raunch was clearly still very frisky.

The mare's first foal had been promised to his friend Mr Rush, so Seydou and his handlers were especially careful with the tricky procedure. The new girl who helped them was a sight for sore eyes wearing black tights that rode up into her pussy and clearly outlined her fabulous ass. Her full breasts in a crop top attracted the eyes of the other men.
He was quite sure he would have a challenge keeping the black farmhands away from the ripe and sexy white sixteen-year-old.

Thinking of Rush always automatically made Seydou fondly remember the man's spectacular wife Rosie.
What a woman! The night of Rush's 75th birthday was seared in his memory as he had fucked the 35-year-old Rosie at Rush's request while Rush watched intently. It was a first for Seydou to have a rich white lawyer offer his bombshell of a wife to him. It made him outrageously horny thinking about her.

Perhaps it was time to have them both over for dinner and see if they might like a repeat performance? He was positive she would, but he needed to be sure that Rush was onside as well.

When he saw Sandy leaning up against the barn door he instantly remembered the girl who had taken his card when she was fifteen. Heavens, he thought, she had really matured and was nicely grown up, and starting to look like her mother who was a favourite with the Rhino Techies who visited their farm from time to time.

He felt his cock stir as he stared at her full chest provocatively displayed with most of her blouse open, just as he liked. He remembered that Tyrone, the very well hung black serviceman had told him that he had received a warm welcome from Becky, Sandy's mother, who provided sexual favours to him every time he visited.

Seydou smiled at the memory of the encounters with her that Tyrone described to him in great detail. There was also something about the young daughter being with her Daddy that he couldn't quite remember. This must be the young daughter all grown up, my, he thought she is quite lovely. She approached the gleaming black stallion, which snorted and threw its head back. "Easy, big boy, she's a friend." Seydou's voice was both soft and firm.

Being used to smaller a****ls all her life, Sandy stood silently and let the big horse approach her.
She gently touched and rubbed his snout. He quieted down.

Seydou stared at the girl's full chest with her shirt gaping open to fully reveal her full breasts in her pretty red bra. As well, Sandy was staring at Seydou's crotch as he alighted from the beautiful stallion, she could not help it as his obvious hard-on was right at her eye level. He made no move to hide it.


Sandy had been fond of black boys from the time she moved to Hawksville High School as a very nervous 13-year-old when her father was finally convinced by her mother to stop home-schooling her. She had mixed feeling about that for her father had taught her a lot and she had been looking forward to having more of his lessons.

On her first day of school, she and another girl were being bullied when one of the older black students stopped the banned initiation process.

Her saviour was a junior on the senior football team and DeShawn had walked her to her nearby grandmothers' house after school that day. She was safe there until her parents picked her up.

While her grandmother worked part-time, and her grandfather had died, the house was a convenient safe haven for her high school years.

As the weeks fled past she would wait in the School Library until football practice was over and then meet DeShawn and he would walk her home. She wanted to be a cheerleader, but at 13 found out she was too young.
Every day she looked forward to seeing the handsome black boy whom, it seemed, most everyone in school knew.
He would hold her hand and carry her books as they walked to her grandmother's home. As the days grew shorter and the months passed she was very happy to have his company. He was gentle and kind to her. More important, the school bullies kept their distance.

On his 18th birthday, she bought him a mobile phone. It was a Rhino mobile smart phone and she had saved for months to buy it.

She asked her grandmother for permission to let her ask him to come inside when they got home that day and her'knowing'grandmother who was only in her late fifties smiled. She liked DeShawn and openly admired his physique. She gave Sandy her permission but at the same time felt a flash of jealousy thinking about what these two youngsters might get up to on their own in her house.

Sandy now had her own key and with grandmother away for the day there was no one else about.
They sat close to each other on the living room couch examining the new Rhino phone. He was thrilled with it. Their legs touched. Why did that make her heart race?

He kissed her with his thanks. It was the first French kiss she had ever experienced and she was thrilled and excited as his tongue probed her wet mouth and their passion grew.

After a period of kissing and hugging, he took her hand and placed it on his full erection and when she did not take it away or resist his advances in any way he was delighted. He wondered if he was her first time.

He then gently taught her how to masturbate him.
He kindly explained that it was called a 'hand job' and told her it was a rite of passage into womanhood, and that 'generally most of the girls in ninth grade did it.' She was amazed at the size of his cock, it was far bigger than her father's. Certainly, she did not know what to expect when he took it out but the size and girth of his black glistening cock thrilled her.

She trusted him and she showed an immediate affinity for pampering his erect cock.
He was sweet with her innocence and showed her how to alter her grip on his erection, how to stroke and most importantly, how to prolong the intense pleasure. He explained how to arouse him further by running her fingertips around his large cockhead.

He told her about cum and that he would warn her when it was about to erupt, and then how to keep stroking hard to make sure 'she got it all' and he would tell her when to stop.

She remembered that first time very fondly.

Sandy remembered how he was so kind and gentle and how long he held her afterwards with her pussy throbbing and soaking wet.

After he left she went to the bathroom to examine her bald young pussy and she touched and masturbated herself for the first time, smelling and licking his cum off of her hand and tasting the salty special taste. She swallowed it all, not knowing what else to do with it and not wanting her grandmother to be suspicious.

After that first time, she often pleasured DeShawn with her hand whenever he wanted during weekdays and sometimes on the weekends if she happened to be at her Grandmother's playing with and feeding the big German Shepherd pure-bred dog and doing other chores around the house.

She liked pleasuring DeShawn. Sometimes the German Shepherd watched them, licking his chops.
One Sunday morning while she waited for her Grandmother to take her to The Church of the Black Staff for the first time, she was watering the plants and was bent over at the waist to do so.

The big dog silently came up behind her and pushed his snout up between her bare legs under her short kilt.
Before she was able to react, the dog's warm wet pink tongue snaked up against her panty clad pussy, his wet, cool nose pressed firmly into her anus.

She froze. The wet warmth felt amazing. She didn't want it to stop.

Oh my God, she thought. What would it be like if she had not worn panties? Her heart was pounding.
Her hand shaking, she reached down and pulled her soaking wet panties to the side. The nice dog licked her now naked pussy with his rough tongue snaking over her clitoris, again and again.

Then the tongue snaked between her parted ass-cheeks and licked hungrily at her pert little anus.
She was rooted to the spot. She was panting, biting her lip so as to not scream in ecstasy.
It was like masturbating only much much better. He licked her to an orgasm. She squirted in his face and all over the hardwood floor. He happily licked it up.

She heard her grandmother coming down the long staircase. She turned away, petting the dog's head and said
"That's a good boy, you run along now, and let Auntie Sandy get ready for church."

Grandmother was none the wiser.

The next day Sandy allowed DeShawn access to her soaking wet pussy and let him masturbate her.
She made no mention of the dog.

She loved squirting in the black boy's hand. She loved it when he caressed and kissed her breasts and sucked hungrily on her engorged nipples. She asked him why he wanted to be with her and not one or more of the much older girls.
He replied, "I really like to help the younger girls get assimilated to high school life.

"I can't stand to see the bullying.
"It is a huge turn on to have an innocent young 9th grader let me help her learn the black culture."
That was the day DeShawn showed Sandy how to suck his cock.

That was also the day when they both watched the big German Shepherd mount the neighbour's dog which was in heat. DeShawn explained some of the facts of life to her and encouraged her to take Ms Miller's SexED class.
She signed up for the class the very next day.


Sandy declined to go with her parents to the Saturday Farmers market but secretly arranged to meet with Seydou at his farm instead. She didn't know what to expect as she stared at the big black man in front of her. He was so handsome, with a little grey hair starting to show itself at his temples. He didn't seem to be all that interested in taking her picture, rather, he was more enthusiastic about showing her Rauch, his black stallion, and started to talk more and more about his prized horse:

"We should take off his saddle and give him a good wash as he had quite a workout this morning with the mare. In fact, we are hoping she will be with foal soon."

Sandy blushed, "Do you mean what I think you mean?" she asked innocently.

"Yes," he replied.

"We had him inside the barn on his special riser, and with two men on each side, we positioned him to enter the mare. Our young teen hotwalker took his erect cock in her hand and after stroking it pushed it into the gaping hole the mare had lubricated.

"In fact, the girl had helped lubricate the mare before that to make the entry easier, after that Raunch performed like the pro he is and gave it to her until he loaded her with his seed!"

Sandy stammered, "But, but, I mean, er, what's a hotwalker and was the hotwalker was a girl?"

"Oh yes," Seydou stated matter of factly, "it's what the stablemaid is called when she does this task of taking care of a horse after it's been exercised and is hot and sweaty; a hotwalker.

"The young girls like stimulating the horses with their hands, sometimes more than they like masturbating their boyfriends!

"And I am convinced that the horses provide more energetic performances and copious amounts of their seed when stimulated by pretty young girls.

"They don't react nearly as well when aroused by young boys' hands and occasionally their mouths and lips."
Sandy thought she was going to faint but, in truth, she was intrigued at hearing such explicit details. Perhaps it may have been the humming of Seydou's Rhino smart phone which was causing her to be curious. She tried to change the subject but Seydou ignored her and just told her to go inside the huge barn, fetch a big bucket and fill it with soapy water.

Seydou quietly followed, leading the big handsome horse which was now very quiet. His eyes never left the teenager's tight ass. God, he thought, her body is to die for. He gathered that she must have had had some experience with the boys in school as he had observed her face flushing at the mention of masturbation.

He smiled as he reflected on the many very young girls he had photographed in the nude. He would see if he could convince Sandy to do some special, very naughty things that he could photograph for his own private collection.
As always, he would be patient and build their sexual connection until she was virtually begging for his cock.
Seydou expertly tied the horse up safely and slid the saddle off his prize stallion. He took something out of the saddlebag which he did not show her.

She thoughtfully brought Raunch some carrots and as she fed him the treat, Seydou snapped off a number of photos. He would take his time to build the sexual tension. Sandy smiled as the horse finished off his snack and his head dipped and pushed against her chest, as she giggled then laughed out loud.

That will make a really neat photo, she thought.

Sandy grabbed some cloths and wet them and started washing the big black horse. He seemed to enjoy it.
Seydou started to coach her in a commanding fashion:

"Wash his underside now my dear, that's a good girl. He will show his appreciation soon as you tease him a little near his cock."

She blushed crimson and washed back towards the suggested target as requested.

"He really got quite sweaty down there and there is a lot of his seed that needs to be cleaned up, please touch it now and then slip your other hand gently over his big ball sack."

She did as was directed. The horse's cock twitched eagerly in anticipation.

"Did you notice?

"He is ready for you to hold his cock, stroke it first with one hand and watch how it grows."
Sandy followed the older black man's instructions to the letter. Her parents would not be home for hours.
She was having an 'out of body' experience and wanted to please the kind, nice photographer.

She wanted to be as good to him as her mother was to the nice black technician, Tyrone, who visited from Rhino to service the antenna on a bi-weekly basis.

It was always the same when Tyrone came over. Her Daddy would welcome the black man and then take her upstairs and leave the black man with his wife.

But Sandy was much younger then and as she sat on her Daddy's lap he would get very quiet as his wife called out and she would hear things like, "Oh, God, don't stop, it is so big." Over and over again. She wondered what that meant.
Seydou's voice returned to his normal gentle tone, soft but firm, and in the background the phone kept up its humming, a sound that was quite mesmerizing.

She sensed the camera motor drive whirring.
Sandy's nipples thickened.
Her pussy was damp.
She reached again for the horse's cock. Her small hand could not encircle it. It was getting bigger, thicker and much longer.
It was immense.
She remembered the girls in school talking about the black boys' cocks being bigger than white boys'.
She remembered some of the older girls in Ms Miller's SexED class referring to black men as having 'horse cocks' and now she was stroking a real horse cock.

It continued to grow. Soft it was bigger than DeShawn's big cock when it was erect. It was huge.
She kept stroking, it got bigger and bigger.

The voice returned:
"Sit on the milking stool, stroke his erection with both hands, when he is ready to cum I will tell you and we will gather his seed in the special bag I brought for that purpose.

"Talk to me, describe what you are feeling, talk dirty, I want you to help make me hard.
"That's a good girl."

Seydou was thrilled. This was what he lived for. His black friends at Rhino all lusted after white wives and compared notes on who was the best in bed. They passed the women around when they tired of one. They partied on the weekends with married white women while their husbands waited on them and served them.

Seydou even enjoyed the occasional young teen rebuffing him or having their mother taking them from him before he could disrobe them for a photo session. He loved the challenge. It excited him no end. They usually came back anyway, as it was not as if there were a lot of expert photographers in Hawksville!

Having a young beauty like Sandy do his bidding was thrilling.

He took his time.

He knew her parents would not be back from the market until late in the day. Being a Saturday it was a most important day for them to maximize their sales as much as possible.

By then he would be finished taking special photos of her naked in her bedroom, he was sure.

He wondered if she was a virgin. He wondered how old her younger sister was but decided he would wait on that question, perhaps there were family photos in the farmhouse and he could see for himself.

The teen girls at the high school all talked about fucking, but in his experience, it was mostly talk.

Sandy had probably started early giving handjobs and then likely got into blowjobs. He thought about her pretty s*******n-year-old lips licking and her sweet mouth sucking his cock.

He got rock hard again.

Sandy was having all manner of naughty thoughts going through her head, she had no idea what could be causing them.

"Yes, Mr Seydou, Raunch is very hard, both my hands are pumping him together, there is lots of room for more hands, he is huge. Another girl could help me, would you like to watch that? Would that make you hard, and turn you on?
"Perhaps your new hotwalker and I could both do this topless, would that make you hard?

"His cock is throbbing I can feel the veins getting larger, his cockhead is out completely. I want to be a hotwalker for you and learn how to help the horses fuck.

"My pussy is soaking wet, I want your hard black cock in my mouth.

"I was taught how to suck cock by my black boyfriend, not long after I met you. I love it.
"I want to please you as I do for him. He says I am a wonderful cocksucker.
"Please don't tell my parents, or my boyfriend, let this be our secret."

Seydou was raging hard. He bent over behind her stool and positioned the special bag over the horse's cockhead to take the seed.

"Keep pumping, that's it you are such a good girl. Here it cums; harder, harder."

The bags provided by the Chinese businessmen worked like a charm. When full, this one would go to the refrigerator first, and then be frozen in special containers for overseas shipment. He paid his young staff well, but it was a pittance compared to the fortune he charged and got from the Chinese for top quality horse seed.

Sandy was very flushed, her chest was heaving and Seydou longed to cup the big breasts and take off her bra and suck her nipples. But he could not distract her. Let her finish off the horse first.

He loved watching. In fact, while he did not admit to liking boys he did like watching them masturbate his horses too. Sometimes when he watched in his office on the closed circuit Rhino TV he would see boys sucking each other off after they finished with the horse. The process clearly had quite an effect on them.

Finally, Raunch was done. Seydou sensed it and told Sandy her to stop her frantic stroking of the horse's cock. For a first-timer, he felt she had done amazingly well.

"Let's go in the house and you can take a shower, I'm sure you could use one after that workout.
"You did an amazing job, young lady, I am very happy.

"Here, let me give you a hug."

Sandy felt his arms go around her and right away she felt his big erection pressing against her mid-section. God, it felt huge. She was sweating profusely and suddenly she felt her bra clasp being undone. The horse watched. The older black man removed her totally unbuttoned shirt and then her pretty red bra. He had his camera poised.

A cool breeze slipped in through the wide-open barn door to caress her full breasts.
Her nipples stood straight out.

She was topless.

"Caress the horse's snout again. Push your breasts into his mouth, he will lick them." Seydou ordered gently as the phone continued to hum.

He photographed her.

She put her arms around the horse's head and the top of its neck with her breasts heaving. Raunch's big red tongue snaked across her bare breasts thrilling her. What was she doing for Pete's sake letting a horse lick her breasts and nipples?

Then she thought back to her brief experience with the big German Sheppard, maybe a****ls liked her in some strange special way?

She wondered what she would do on the coming weekend when she was dog sitting for her Grandmother when DeShawn was away playing football. Do dogs remember? Would he do it again?

Should she encourage the dog?

Her tight jeans rode up into her, separating the lips of her wet vagina. The horse picked up the scent. He stuck his snout down into her wet cunt.

"Oh! Oh!" She exclaimed as his nose flared wide and his tongue explored the crotch of her arousal.
The hard rubbing between her legs felt incredible. The warmth spread quickly through her loins.
"Enough!" Seydou said sharply.

"Let's go inside and get you into that shower."

She was absolutely helpless with lust.

In bathroom, she stripped off the tight jeans and threw them in the hamper. She seemed oblivious to his presence so he quietly played with his camera lenses while pretending not to stare at the now fully naked teenager

His cock was fully erect. He wanted her to see it. She wanted to see it, feel it and most of all, suck it.

She padded over to the shower and got in the clear glass stall. He watched. Her ass was even tighter than he could have imagined, he followed her into the bathroom his cock forming a large tent in his pants.

She put on a show for him, tweaking her nipples and then flattening her big breasts against the warming glass wall right in front of him. He pulled his pants down and similarly flattened his big black erect cock against the glass on the outside.

They moved in concert seemingly fucking each other except for the layer of glass between them. The water coursed down over her perfect body, she turned to show him the crack in her ass and spread the cheeks so he could see her cute little anus.

The water poured down her back and through her ass cheeks and down her legs.

She laughed out loud as she stepped out of the shower.

He helped her dry off.

His hands took liberties and kept her in an aroused state. She looked down at his black fingers pleasuring her pretty pink pussy lips. She made no effort to ask him to stop. It was like making out with an older black DeShawn she thought to herself.

Black men seemed to like her, she thought proudly. She took his cock into her hand.

She was thrilled as his black hands moved liberally over her pure white virginal body

This would be a day she would never forget. She briefly wondered if he would take her virginity. She certainly was game for it, she was way too far gone to even attempt to stop him.

In fact, she wanted him to fuck her with his big black cock. DeShawn would understand, she was sure.
Back in the bedroom, he stated quietly:

"Please masturbate for me, just do whatever you want to your pretty body while I take pictures."

She was totally at ease. She turned first one way, then the other, her fingers patting then stroking her clit, she turned away from him and bending over the chair she spread her asscheeks exposing her whole being including her pert little pink rosebud of an anus.

She slipped two fingers in her pussy and brought herself to an orgasm while he watched and photographed her.
It was then that he made the decision.

He would not under any circumstances take her virginity. This girl was special.

Like Denise who was now a huge porn star for Rhino, he would make Sandy the next big star.

Her parents would be easily convinced it was a wonderful opportunity for her.

He would make a point of getting to know her little sister.

He formulated a plan. On her eighteenth birthday, he would have DeShawn take her virginity while he filmed and the pictures would tell the story of the curious cowgirl and her birthday present of the black man's cock.

He might even include the sexy new hotwalker. He would have to spend more time with her to get her ready.
In return, he would ask Sandy to keep her part of the bargain and save herself until then.

Without being instructed she approached him and took the camera from his hands and carefully placed it on the nightstand. She knelt and looked up locking into his brown eyes with her own.

She worshipped his big black cock, kissing and licking it and feverishly sucking it, while at the same time lightly holding his balls in her dainty hands until she felt them contract and he exploded in her mouth.

She swallowed every drop.

Then she carefully and thoroughly licked him clean.

Seydou was thrilled; she was a natural.


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