The Cock Sucking Chronicles - The Middle, Pt. II / page: 129 - Erotic story Collection

Greetings and salutations fellow fellatio fans. I trust that you are happy and well, my Dear Reader? Good. If not, then please take a moment to suck off a friend, or a stranger, if no familiars are to hand. Just find a willing donor to administer an immediate semen treatment. Everyone should, no must suck cock; as I think I have already said, the World would be a much better place if every man was practised in the Art of Fellatio. We would be a much healthier society if we all regularly bonded with each other on that physical level which unites in a way no handshake or manly back slapping hug or spectator sport can. You will never feel a closer bond with another man than when he has his penis in your throat, or when he takes yours into his. We need to ditch our pre conceived notions of power and control and evolve male bonding to eradicate all the out dated unnecessary machismo and posturing.

The biggest lie about fellatio is that the giver is somehow surrendering, or prostrating themselves to the receiver. This is nonsense. When you place your cock into the care and trust of someones tooth filled mouth, there can be no confusion as to who is in control. In addition to this, we are never more vulnerable and exposed than when we orgasm. Using your mouth in this way is not belittling at all, it is the most empowering sexual act there is, it is the cock sucker who is in control of this situation. So, with our bellies full of cum, I can continue re-telling my sexual adventures for your delight and stimulation.

I awoke to find Andy had crept from the top bunk we had shared and was sleeping peacefully on the floor bedside mine. He had pulled the damp mattress from my bunk, resting the wet edge against the cell heater, a carefully positioned a towel over the wet patch. To fend off the chill he had dressed again, jeans and prison denim shirt. You have to hand it to the HM Prison Service, they really knew how to take care of us.

I levered myself up onto my elbows and gazed down at him. Was I falling in love? Surely not. Last night had been revelatory in every sense of the word but love? How could you be certain? I hopped down carefully, erection bouncing stiffly before me. It was 5.30am so there was plenty of time before they came to open the cells. I stepped up to the aluminium bowl and willed my Morning Glory into submission, pushing down and carefully pissing onto the sides so as not to wake him.

Naked, I lay down beside him and cuddled into his ample frame. He smiled in his sleep and rolled onto his back. His shirt fell open, exposing his wonderfully padded body, a many domed sculpture in chalk white flesh. His man boobs, with their stretched aureoles, thick brown nipples at their centre, looked sweet as desert. After all we did last night, I can't believe that I haven't sucked on them. With the lightest of touches, I traced their out line with a delicate finger. His chest rose to meet the touch. I let my other hand wander over his belly, down to the top of his jeans. I could feel his heat through the coarse blue cotton as I traced the outline of his penis. Deftly, I popped the top most button and as I fumbled with the second, his eyes flickered open.
"Good morning,"
"Hi," he answered hazily through the somnolent mists, sleep softening the edges of his consciousness. He stretched, he yawned the satisfied and peaceful yawn of a well fed cat. "What time is it?"
"Early." I stooped to kiss his chest, his shoulders, his neck. "At least an hour before they let us out," I whispered into his ear, slipping my hand into his jeans. "No 'pants, eh? You dirty boy!" We chuckled at the recollection as I stretched to cup his balls.
"I know," he grinned, "I'm such a cock slut!"

We kissed tenderly on our cell floor, each tongue exploring a strange new mouth. I could still detect the slightest hint of semen on his lips and as I gently massaged his testicles, I could feel his erection swelling and pressing against my wrist. Nimbly, I threw my legs over his hips and straddled him.

"I believe I owe you a blow job," I stated, matter-of-factly.
"Are you any good?" he joked. "Ow!" I twisted a nipple, in jest.
"Do you want it, or not?" I asked, fingering his shaft through the coarse fabric.
"Yes, please."
"Not good enough," I teased. "Now you're going to have to beg for it."
"I want it."
"That's nice. What do you want?"
"I want you to suck me off. I need you to suck my cock."

I bent down to kiss him and as I did so, I slid my hands under his shirt peeling aside the fabric and exposing his wonderfully rounded shoulders beneath. I kissed each one before creeping down his chest, kneading and sucking on each man breast in turn. He seemed to like that and so I lingered there a while, teasing his nipples with tongue and teeth, sucking, licking, nibbling. Steadily, but unhurriedly, I made way down towards his genitals. I showered his torso with hot breathy kisses, my tongue skipping lightly over his soft white skin.

His erection was very obvious as it strained against the indigo cotton of his jeans, the remaining buttons making a helpless captive of his manhood; I let my hot breath permeate through the material as I kissed it through the cloth.

"Well, what have we here?", a rhetorical question if ever there was one! "Is this for me?"
"It's all yours," he purred.
"And what do you think I should do with it?" I teased, popping a button.
"Whatever you want."
"Whatever?" I pursued, popping another button. The crown and topmost length of his shaft were peaking above the 'V' made by the remaining buttons and I could feel his heat on my face. "What would you have me do with it?"
"I really want you to suck it!" he persisted, emphatically raising his hips to meet my face.
"Really? And will you give me all your sperm?" I asked, opening the penultimate button.
"Oh yes. I'm going to give you all my hot creamy cum. I'm going to shoot it right down your throat."
"Well, I had better do a good job, then. I'm going to suck you off better than anything you have ever had before!" And with that, I popped open the final button, tearing roughly at the final obstacle.

His cock lay beached against his tummy, thick, veiny and hairy. As I'm sure I have already told you, his penis was no more than average in length but what it lacked in latitude, it more than made up for in longitude! His girth had to be almost three inches and his steel stiff erection was powered by a multitude of interlaced veins criss-crossing beneath the satin smooth skin. His cum tube rose splendidly above the surface of his shaft as if it had been carved out of stone and the entire shaft was rooted in a dense glossy foliage of deep brown pubes; the garden would need tending but that could wait. For now, my mind was elsewhere.

Meekly, I planted the tips of my fingers on either side of his hot shaft. I could feel his heart beating steadily as it pumped his erection sustaining blood into his cock. Reverently, I levered it up and into the vertical. His foreskin slid partially aside, revealing the blushing purple-puce glans within and the slit like opening at the tip; pure, crystal clear pre cum seeped readily from it and, as I let my breath fall across his engorged flesh, it rolled down the back of his penis. Gently, and with the profound awe which always accompanies this moment for me, I slowly peeled aside the hood to reveal and expose the florid prelate within.

As you can see, for me, the act of peeling aside the prepuce has recently taken on an almost religious significance, a prelude to the intimate communion to come. I continued to tug slowly but firmly until his entire blood flushed and sensuously scalloped tip was exposed. His frenulum tightened as I stretched his foreskin and his beautifully sculpted bell-like tip was pulled into a taut dome. A copious stream of pre cum wept from his sacred eye and rushed down the front of his shaft like holy water. As if kissing some holy relic, I puckered up and planted a supplicant's kiss on the intricate matrix of intersecting veins at the base of his tip. Then I let his erection slip from my fingers, springing back to land on his overhanging belly with an impressive smack!

"Oops! I better find a safer home for that!"

He raised his hips to help as I struggled to pull down his jeans. I got them as far as his knees and buried my face in his crotch. I could feel his legs wriggling as he struggled to kick them off before pulling his shirt over his head. We were now both completely naked, once more. I had to sit up and admire him! After all these cocks that had passed my way, all these men and boys who should have spent more time sucking and fucking and less time in the gym, it was such an invigorating breath of fresh air to be having sex with a man-shaped man, if you see what I mean!

We each held the other's gaze for a long moment. "I -" Hesitation. "I mean, you're amazing. I fucking love your body," I gushed.

"You're still talking," he pointed out. "I thought that you were going to take better care of my cock?"

Still sitting across his cool thighs, I took his penis in one hand, mine in the other and, as I stared up into his eyes, I brought them together, peeling aside foreskins and rubbing the florid blood flushed tips together. I made a tube with both hands and urgently worked one cock against the other. I collected saliva and dribbled it over the hot stiffened flesh. I wrapped his bell end in my foreskin and then mine in his. I beat the two poles together like drum sticks, always increasing the tempo.

It didn't take long before we were both breathing heavily, bucking and grinding together. We orgasmed almost simultaneously, his hot thick cum splashing across the sensitive front of my glans and bringing on my climax. It was a beautiful moment! I made an erotic fountain of our erect penises, shooting mighty blasts of hot white jism that pulsed up into the air; the powerful early ejaculate cascading down onto Andy's chest. We emptied our balls for one another, great thick jets of hot fresh semen splashing wetly over our penises, looping over my fingers and binding us together with thick white ropes. Our unmistakable evidence of love collided, separated and blended into an exquisite marmoreal confection as our erections throbbed and convulsed beneath my fingers. I squeezed out every last drop from my balls and flicked it onto his body. His cock and belly were generously spattered with puddles of fresh semen which coalesced making an inviting and uniquely salty sea which seemed almost to glow with its own magical phosphorescence. The unmistakable smell of the Sea was intense and, to a cum addict, the scent of so much semen was almost overwhelming.

"Ooh, breakfast!" I grinned, licking my slippery fingers.

The less creamy loads were already slipping quickly over his glorious belly, trickling down like vitreous waterfalls. I deftly flicked my tongue across his hips, gathering up the outlying spots, reaching up with both arms to catch as much as I could. I smeared our cooling semen over the mountainous terrane of his tummy before moving down for the main course.

As you know, Dear Reader, I am something of a Connoisseur of Cum. In fact, sometimes I feel I can almost tell what a man has been eating, how much they drink and when they last had an orgasm, all by the taste and texture of their semen. However, this was something of a first; as you know, usually, I just suck up other mens' jizz (as a cum slut, no one really gives a fuck whether or not you have your orgasm or not just so long as they get to unload on you, in you, whatever) but this, this was new, cleaning up my own and another's spilled seed was going to be special. I became wildly aroused.

I bowed my head to the task and slurped loudly as I dived into the most substantial pool of rapidly cooling semen; I withdrew a little as I sucked, teasing out a thick thread of cum and sucking it up like very over cooked spaghetti!

"Mmm, it tastes so good," I purred, leonine and satisfied, licking my lips.
"Wow, you really love it, don't you?" I nodded enthusiastically.
"I want to drain you every day, you taste so good," I replied, scooping up another morsel with my fingers. Tossing my head back, I let it languorously extend stretching and stretching before plopping down into my upturned mouth. I could tell that my cum play was a turn on for Andy, his marvellously thick manhood was still fully engorged. "That's what I call finger food."

I was finding it a little difficult to talk now as my mouth and throat were slick with sperm, coating my tongue and cheeks with a delightful film of man mucous. I luxuriated in the divine taste, in the texture and eager to continue with the benediction, I zealously dived back in. I cleaned up every last drop from his belly, his hips, his balls, licking my fingers and moaning like a professional slut. But I left the best 'til last.

Large sections of his cock were almost entirely obscured by dense white semen, the last and creamiest loads that you must patiently wait for, the best of it. It all looked so beautiful! As the last thick cock oysters were sliding down my throat intensifying that almost spicy burn, I scooped up Andy's cock with tongue and lips and finally sucked his sperm marbled penis into my mouth. Above me, he gasped ecstatically as I sucked him all the way in to my throat. Tiny white waves of semen were pushed down his shaft by my ever hungry lips, like the bow waves of a ship. I slipped easily over the greasy smooth skin and buried my nose in his pubes as I made a scabbard of my throat.

I held him there until I had to come up for air. Already aroused to the edge of madness and feeling lightheaded from all the semen, the lack of oxygen just heightened my excitement, as I knew it would. I held onto his shaft with one hand and stooped low to slurp up the spunk that had been pushed into his pubes ahead of my advancing lips. They're definitely going to have to go! I had to work hard harvesting the sperm which had matted them into pale greyish clumps, stopping from time to time to pick out the occasional loose hair, while pumping my fist steadily up and down his broad strong shaft. "These are going to have to go," I croaked through sperm encrusted lips.

"Do it, shave me."

No time like the present, I thought and leaving his hirsute base alone, I focussed my attention on his shaft and glans, licking and sucking until I quickly had his cock spit wet but clean of any sperm. "Be right back," I said, turning to fetch razor and tweezers before settling down at his side, my face level with his prodigious penis and sperm loaded testicles. "Now what would Sir like?" I asked, affecting an aristocratic tone.

"I've got something better," I told him, spitting a mouthful of saliva onto his cock. I spread it all over the front of his stiffened member with my tongue.
"Are you sure?"
"Best there is," I said, spitting again. "Why do you think you lick a cut?"
"Huh?" His entire body had tensed as I pressed the sharpened steel to his shaft. He was staring intently at the blade in my hand as I dragged it slowly and carefully up the front of his shaft.
"Antiseptic, see?" I continued, licking at the few pin pricks of blood as they blossomed on his phallus, like tiny poppies.

The more I stroked his beef bayonet with my razored steel, the harder he became. It didn't take long to defoliate his shaft completely. I rained down kisses on my handwork, always stopping short of his ultra sensitive tip, the nerve endings tingling, crying out for stimulation. I spat on his balls, licking and sucking each testicle, spreading my spit all over the rucked skin. I got them good and wet and then began the procedure all over again, spit, shave, lick; spit, shave, lick. Above me, he surrendered to my loving touch and sighed with pleasure at my every touch.

"Well?" I asked, "Is it to me a trim or the full monty?"
His nut sack was as smooth as the day he was born.
"Take it all off."
"A wise choice, Sir."
A small tuft of hair at most is all that is required, in my opinion. Chop down the jungle to reveal the sweetest flower.
"Beautiful!" I declared as I sat back on my heels to admire is shorn form. Without all that unnecessary hair, his cock looked like it had gained an extra inch or two in length. "Can I do your chest as well?"

He nodded his consent and I quickly whipped off the wiry brown tufts of hair nestling in his cleavage

"Do my crack as well, take it all off."

I shaved between his bum cheeks, clearing away the hairs from his perineum and, just for good measure I did his legs and arm pits as well!
"There!" I announced when I was finally finished. "You look spectacular."
"I look like a baby."
"A baby with a big fat cock!"

He laughed, wriggling over the mattress and reaching for my penis. I top and tailed with him, reciprocating as he took my semi erect cock into his mouth. Later, I would teach him how to deep throat but for now, I was more than happy to be just lying there amongst the debris of his former self exploring his sweet meats. We kissed and sucked at one another, each driving the other on to greater heights. It seemed that the more I turned him on, the harder he sucked and the harder he sucked the more I turned him on! We were locked in an accelerating cycle of lust each raising the arousal of the other with every sloppy kiss. His cock tasted wonderful, and it should do after all the cleaning and polishing it had received this morning but as we edged closer to release I knew that I wanted more from him. I pulled away, kneeling on the mattress , and helping him up. "Fuck my mouth, fuck it like you did last night."

I opened my mouth and held out my tongue for him. He adjusted his position. I wrapped my lips around his tasty flesh. He gripped my head in both hands. I pressed my tongue against his glans. He fucked my face. Oh, God, did he. His penis was flashing in and out of my mouth as fast as a strobe. His cock seemed to be everywhere, at the back of my mouth, in my throat, against my cheeks. It was all I could do was hang onto him, snatching a breath where I could. I was grunting like a hog as he drove his penis like a F1 champion around the circuit of my mouth. My mouth was slick with his pre cum and the last of our semen. I was finding it hard to swallow, difficult to breathe and then something I will never forget - I gagged! I couldn't believe it! Me? Gagging on cock, impossible or so I thought until then.

"Are you OK?" He asked, slipping free, genuine and urgent concern in his voice.
"Wow!" I spluttered. "I've never been fucked like that before."
"You don't like it?"
"Shit no, I loved it. I've just never been made to gag before."
"Don't be, I'm very glad that it happened." And I was. "Just keep it to yourself, Big Boy."

He smiled and pushed his cock into my throat again. Normal service was resumed and I swallowed his length with ease. As he stretched my throat, I knelt at his feet masturbating while he used my mouth to bring himself off. The first load arrived very suddenly, and with almost no warning. Suddenly, my mouth was full off hot, hot cum. Oh, God Iove the feeling! His cock jumped and twitched between my lips as his balls pulsed jet after thick creamy jet of man goo into my head. I swallowed frantically, desperate not to spill a drop. Gradually, his thrusting began to subside and I was able to push his cock around my mouth with my tongue, smearing his sperm everywhere. I would not let him withdraw until I had drained his balls utterly, milking every last drop up his shaft and into my belly.

He helped me to my feet and we kissed for another timeless moment.

"I love your cock."
"I love yours, too," he replied, handing me the towel.
"No thanks, I prefer to lick my fingers clean."

In less than eight hours, we had all but trashed our cell, piss wet mattress and blankets on the floor, soiled underpants and towels s**ttered, pubes clinging to everything, clothes and bedding strewn everywhere and the sweet, sweet all pervading aroma of man cum. The major plus though was that my cell mate had finally abandoned his homophobic ways and learned to embrace his true nature, and that was worth any flak we might take from now on.

After cleaning our selves up and re arranging the cell, we headed down to the shower block. The change in my cell mate was obvious for all to see. Last night he had went to his cell an uptight, homophobic prick and had emerged the next day with a wonderfully trimmed prick and a taste for man love. All conversation stopped as we entered the steam filled room. My regulars were waiting, barely able to conceal their excitement at the prospect of another ball draining from your truly. Without hesitation, I made as if to accommodate them when Andy took a firm grip on my elbow.
"Don't." I stared at the line of semi flaccid sex. "Please."
I was in a quandary; on the one hand, I had never baulked at the opportunity to siphon the sperm from any penis I had encountered but on the other, here was Andy all but pleading with me to stay with him. In hindsight, it really wasn't a difficult decision, after all Andy was a tremendous lay and he could fuck all night. Well, pretty ,much all night, anyway!
"Sorry, fellas, not this morning. I'm bushed!"
"Ah, c'mon over here and give us a wank with your lips," they laughed, waving their cocks in our direction. "You could both share!"
The thought made my heart skip a beat but again, Andy was the voice of reason. We showered in peace and began the same routine of prison life all over again. Well, the routine was similar but somethings had changed.

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