Beach Blanket Gang Bang / page: 124 - Erotic story Collection

It had been a long, hot day in South Central Los Angeles and the A/C in the building where Cathy worked had been out since before noon and she had spent much of the day working on her computer with streams of perspiration running down her back and cleavage, soaking the back of her white, satin blouse and outlining where her bra cups stopped and the swell of her breasts rose out of the lace that strained to contain her round, plump "C" cup breasts.

The mid-fifty redhead was still very pleasant to look at and the guys in the warehouse enjoyed bringing paperwork to her when the A/C worked so that they could see if her nipples were sticking out through her bra and today, they came in to check out how her, now nearly see-through blouse. She really wanted to unbutton it a button or two so that she could get some airflow, but knew she couldn't until she was on her way home.

"Bruce, I am stopping at the beach on the way home." Cathy had told her husband when she called him on his cell as she left the parking lot at work.

"Okay, sweetie," Bruce had said, "But keep track of the time so you aren't too late. Remember we had some plans tonight."

"Oh, I won't be too late." Cat had replied. "I am really looking forward to making love tonight." The slightly plump woman had told her husband with smile that he couldn't see.

"I just need to unwind a bit and you know how the sand and ocean relaxes me." She continued as she pulled onto the 110 Freeway.

"I'll call you when I am about twenty minutes from home, so that you can pour me a glass of wine. Bye for now." She said to Bruce.

"Okay babe. I will check the wine cooler and see what we have. See you in a while. Love you." Bruce had said as his wife hung up the phone.

Traffic wasn't too bad for a Thursday evening and it only took Cathy about an hour to go the twenty-some miles to where she wanted to park on Pacific Coast Highway, just past the Seal Beach/Huntington Beach line. Deciding that she didn't want to wait until she got home to have a glass of wine, she had stopped at a little liquor store and picked up a bottle of Pinot Grigio and a plastic cup.

She had unbuttoned her blouse down past her bra after she got in her car, trying to cool off and the clerk at the store had gotten and eyeful when she bent over to get her wine from the bottom shelf of the cooler. She paid for her wine, completely unaware why the clerk was smiling at her, then she headed on down the road, found the parking lot she wanted, and pulled in. She drove to the farthest end of the lot, where it was deserted, parked the car and got out.

"I think I still have a beach towel and chair." She said to herself as she opened the trunk and rummaged around until she found what she was looking for.

She pushed the trunk closed and headed for the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. It took her a couple of minutes to cover the two hundred yards to the water and then setup her low chair and spread her beach towel out.

"Don't see anyone around." Cathy said out loud as she pulled the wine and plastic cup out of her beach bag and opened the bottle.

"Good thing I was a girl scout. She said to herself as she fished her cork puller out of the bottom of her bag.

The sunset was beautiful and Cathy took several pictures of it with her cell phone while walking, barefoot, in the sand right at the water's edge. She wandered on down the beach for about a quarter-mile and then decided she better head home. She had drunk nearly half the bottle of wine she had purchased and, because she had missed lunch, was feeling a bit tipsy.

"Going to have to sit in the car for a bit before I drive home, so I better call Bruce and let him know I am going to be later than I thought." The plump, slightly drunk woman said aloud.

"Hey baby, I am going to be later than I thought. I picked up some wine and am feeling a bit too tipsy to drive just now." Cathy told her husband when he picked up the phone.

"Do I need to come get you?" Bruce asked his wife, with a tinge of anger in his voice.

"No, I'll just be later than I had said I would. We can still bounce around tomorrow night." She said, reacting to the annoyance she heard in her husband's tone.

"Well, call me if you need me to come get you. Bye." He said to her as he hung up.

She had picked up her towel and chair and started back to the parking lot as she was talking to her husband and was about half-way to her car as she put her phone away. Because she hadn't had lunch and had drank half of a bottle of wine fairly quickly, Cathy was really feeling the effects of the alcohol and she was so distracted that she did not see the group of college k**s walking towards her from the parking lot.

"Hey, lady." One of the young men said to her as they got close. "What are you doing on the beach all by yourself?"

"Just heading back to my car." Cathy said.

"Needed to relax after a long day."

"Well, we know exactly what you mean." One of the other guys said.

"We are gonna go have a few more beers. You want to join us?" The first guy said to her, as he smiled at the other guys with him.

"No thanks, I am just going to head on home and go to bed." Cathy said as she started to walk around the group.

She could smell the beer and the aroma of pot coming from the group and decided that she better move on quickly, but the seven young men had spread out in front of her and she had to walk between them to get to her car.

"Hey, you got a nice set of titties for an older woman." Said the guy closest to her as she tried to walk between him and the first guy she had spoken with.

"Thank you...I think." The plump redhead replied as she attempted to move on.

"I think you should show us those titties. You know, like Marti Gras." The first guy said, as he took Cathy by the arm and pulled her towards him.

"Let me go. HELP!" Cathy screamed, dropping her bag and trying to wrench free of the young man's grasp.

"No, no, no." Another of the guys said as he grabbed her by her left arm and put his hand over her mouth.

Cathy suddenly found herself surrounded by the group of young men and felt hands all over her breasts and ass as she struggled to get free. One of the men was now behind her holding both arms, while another kept his hand over her mouth and fondled her right breast through her blouse.

"I have got to see these tits." One of the seven said as he opened the last three buttons on her blouse and pulled it open.

"UUMMHH! UUMMHH!" Was the only sound Cathy could make with the big hand over her mouth.

"What I can see is not bad, but I NEED more." The guy said. "Let's see what you got under this bra." He continued as he grabbed the bottom of the bra cups and yanked up on them, causing her plump tits to fall free to the admiring smiles of the seven young men.

"DAMN! Those ARE nice titties for an old woman."

The young man said to Cathy and to his friends who were moving in closer to get a better look in the increasing darkness.

"Get the blouse and bra clear off!" One of the other guys said as he licked his lips and stared at the plump tits in front of him.

"Look at how hard her nipples are! God, I want to suck those things." The first guy said as he bent down, wrapped his hands around her tits, and inhaled Cathy's rock-hard nipple."

"UMMMM, UMMMM!" Cathy mumbled through the hand that was still clamped over her mouth.

When the men opened her blouse and removed her bra, the cool beach breeze had caused goose-bumps to rise all over the plump woman's body, causing her nipples to become rock-hard and stand straight out from her breasts. She was trying to communicate with the group of men, but they wouldn't let her speak. Finally, the one who seemed to be the leader of the group looked at her and said;

"Joe is going to take his hand off your mouth and Seth is going to let go of your arms. You are not going to scream or try to run, understand? Shake your head "yes" if you understand."

Cathy nodded yes and the huge hand that covered her mouth as moved away and her arms were freed.

"Now, take off your blouse and your bra, so we can play with them gorgeous knockers." The leader said.

"Please don't hurt me. Please just let me go and no one will ever know about this." Cathy said to the leader.

"Hey, she has a half-empty bottle of wine in her beach bag and it's still cold. She's been drinking i*****lLY on the beach." Seth said.

"Who the fuck are you going to tell about anything WE do, when YOU been drinking in public?"

"Now, take off your blouse and bra, like Louie said, so we can play with your tits." Seth continued.

Cathy slid her blouse off and then pulled the bra off, tossing both of them onto the sand next to where Seth had dropped her beach bag and stood there, naked from the waist up in front of seven college frat boys.

"My turn." Seth said as he knelt in front of this woman who was old enough to be his mother, and buried his fingers into her right breast. At the same time, he took her left nipple in his mouth and began to suck on it with abandon.

A small moan escaped from the plumper's lips as the warm tongue swirled around her bud and the lips formed a seal as Seth tried to suck the nipple to the back of his throat.

"Oohh!" Cathy moaned again as he switched breasts. "Ouch! Please don't twist my entire breast. It hurts." She said to the group in general as Seth twisted her left breast and tugged violently on the left nipple.

"Here, have some more wine." The leader said to her as he handed her the plastic cup from her bag.

It was completely full and she knew he wanted to get her more intoxicated, so she shook her head no.

"Drink the wine." He said with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Okay." Was all Cathy said as she took the cup and sipped at it.

"NO! I said DRINK the wine." The leader said, obviously beginning to lose his temper.

"Okay" Cathy said again as she tipped the glass up and drained it.

"Good girl!" One of the guys who had been silent said. "Now, have another." He continued, handing her a full glass again.

"Okay." Was her one word reply as she again drained the plastic cup that she had been given.

As she took the last drop of wine from the glass, something sharp stuck her in the ass, through her skirt and panties.

"Ouch, what was that? She asked, but got no reply.

She could feel the alcohol coursing through her veins and didn't even wait for them to tell her to take the last glass they handed her. She was feeling very warm and her vision was getting blurry

"Hey, I think she should suck our dicks." Joe said as he slid his shorts off, revealing his rigid seven inch cock. "Get her towel out and she can kneel on it while she sucks us off."

"I don't want to do that." Cathy said with a bit of a giggle, as the wine and cool ocean wind caused her to nipples to get even harder than they had been.

"Who cares what you want. I want a blow job, so start sucking, bitch." Joe said to her as he spread her towel on the sand and Seth took her by the shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

The rigid cock was directly in front of her face and she knew that pleading would do no good, so she put her hands on the young man's ass and pulled him towards her, taking his throbbing cock in her mouth and sucking on it as her tongue swirled around it.

"Oh yeah, that's it! Joe said as Cathy started a slow bobbing motion up and down the length of his cock.

"Fuck yes, this bitch is good!" Joe moaned as she began to move her head faster in an effort to finish him off.

"You like to suck cock, don't you...Cathy." The leader said to her, causing her to stop and look at him.

He was holding her driver's license and was going through the rest of the stuff in her wallet.

"Nobody told you to stop, Cathy." Joe laughed as he grabbed her by the sides of her head and drove his cock back into her mouth.

"I think I want to face fuck her." Joe said as he began to thrust his hips, driving his cock ever deeper into Cathy's mouth, causing her to gag as it hit the back of her throat.

"Umph." Was the only sound coming from her as the young cock slammed into her mouth and throat while her eyes pleaded with him to squirt in her mouth.

"You never answered James' question." Joe said as he neared his climax.

"You like to suck cock, don't you?" He groaned as he bottomed out in her mouth and his cock erupted in a shower of creamy white semen.

"Unhuh, unhuh." Cathy moaned as the young college student bathed her throat with more cum than she had swallowed in a long time.

All the other guys had been watching in amused amazement as the fifty-something woman did her best to drain the cum from Joe's seven inch cock. Her tits had been bouncing and swaying the entire time and one of the James had about decided he wanted to fuck her tits when Joe came in her mouth.

Grant had been staring at her ass as she knelt in front of them all and had decided he wanted to fuck it real hard. When Seth stepped in front of Cathy so that she could suck him off, Grant sat down in the sand behind her and started rubbing her firm, round ass through her skirt. By that point, Cathy was really feeling the wine and did not protest as Grant slid his hands under her skirt and began to rub her panty clad ass cheeks.

Seth was about the same length as Joe, but was much bigger around and she had a little trouble stretching her mouth around him.

"My, but you have a big cock." Cathy said with a devilish grin as she looked up at Seth's boyish face and licked the end of his cock.

"Damn, what was in that wine?" Seth asked James as Cathy slid her mouth over his cock and sucked on it as hard as she could.

"I dropped a little X in the second cup I gave her and I shot her in the ass with a nice tranq. We can do anything we want to her and she won't tell anyone." James said with a smile.

"Hey Joe, go get this bitch another bottle of wine. And bring a blanket when you get back, because this towel aint big enough for what I got in mind." James called over his shoulder as Joe set off to get more wine.

Grant now had Cathy's skirt and panties off and was nearly cumming on himself as he rubbed, slapped and bit her plump ass. The alcohol and d**gs in her system had her oblivious to the cold night air and she was working on the cock in her mouth like there was no tomorrow and all she did was moan when Grant slid two fingers into her pussy and then stuck them into her asshole..

"OOOhhh." She groaned as the fingers slid into her ass and then "Umph. Umph. Umph." Each time she moved down the cock in her mouth.

"Oh my God. She's taking me all the way down to the base of my cock. She's burying her nose in my pubes. I have never had a bitch suck my cock like this before." Seth said with a dreamy expression on his face.

Even in her d**g and alcohol high, Cathy knew that Joe was about to cum and she sped up her bobbing to finish him off.

"Uummmmm, ummmmmmm, ummmmmm. Oh yeah baby, give it to me. Cum in my mouth." The plump redhead moaned around the young cock she was sucking.

"Ohhh Shhiittt!" Seth groaned as his cock exploded into Cathy's mouth.

She slurped and sucked on his deflating cock, trying to get every drop of juice out of it and as he pulled away from her Rudy stepped in to take his place.

"Thisss iss a verrry big peeniis." Cathy slurred as the full effect of the d**gs hit her.

"Hey guys, look what I found by that trash can." Rudy said, holding up a few plastic clothes pins.

"Hold your tits up for me." Rudy told Cathy.

"Okay" She giggled as she cupped both of her "C" cup breasts and held them up for Rudy to do with as he pleased.

"You need a little pain, don't you, Cathy." He said to her as he took her left tit in his hand and placed one of the clothes pins on her nipple.

"That hurts, please take it off." She whimpered as he tugged and twisted on the plastic pin.

"NO!" Was his one word response as he took the right tit in his hand and clamped a clothes pin on that nipple.

"AWWHH." She wailed as he twisted the pin he had just attached.

"Suck my cock." He commanded Cathy as he sat down in the beach chair she had had with her.

"Okay." She was all she said as she leaned down and took his nine inch dick in her mouth.

Her ass was now stuck up in the air and grant looked at it and said:

"Damn! I have to have it!"

He had already peeled his shorts off and he slid his cock into her pussy to get a little lubrication on it.

"She's fucking soaking wet. The X is really getting her going." Grant said as he pulled his cock out of her pussy.

The others could see the pussy juice glistening in the moonlight and all they could do was whistle.

"I am fucking this ass." Grant said as he placed the golf ball sized head of his cock against Cathy's asshole and pushed.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" She groaned around the cock in her mouth as the young man slid into her ass and bottomed out against her ass.

Grant took hold of the plump redhead's hips and pulled his cock all the way out of her ass, then drove it back in again. His thrusting was getting more and more frantic as he battered her ass with is cock and hands. He reached under her and grabbed hold of her breasts, which were swinging and swaying as she bobbed on the cock in her mouth and he slammed his cock into her and grabbed both clothes pins at the nipples and squeezed down as hard as he could.

"AAWWWWWHHHHHHHHH! URUGHHHHH" She wailed as the pain in her nipples made its way through the d**gs and alcohol in her brain.

"Stop. It hurts, please stop." Cathy begged, only to have Rudy grab her head and drive it down on his cock again.

"Mummph. Mummph" She mewled as she was now being hammered between by Rudy in her mouth and Grant in her ass.

"Ahhh, fuck." Grant groaned as his cock erupted in a series of eight spurts into Cathy's ass.

"Oh yeah!" Rudy said as he shot his load down her throat.

As both men pulled their cocks out of the d**gged plump woman, she fell over on her side and just lay in the sand.

"Hey guys, I got the wine for our guest and the blanket James wanted. I could hear you all from 100 feet away and it made my dick hard again. I think I want to fuck her cunt now." Joe said as he walked back onto the gathering.

"No, my turn first," James said. "As wet as her pussy is, I want that first and I damn sure am not going to eat it after you fuck it. So, spread the blanket out and let's get our guest on it. Give her another glass of wine while we're spreading the blanket out too."

Joe opened the cheap wine he had bought and poured a glass for Cathy.

"Here you go honey, have some more wine." He said as he handed it to her.

"I need some water." Was her response.

"We aint got no water." Joe said to her. "You'll have to be happy with the wine."

Cathy took the wine and drank it down, then handed the plastic cup back to Joe.

"You still have five cocks to suck, so get with it." James said as he moved her into the middle of the blanket.

"Okay, then I can go home, right?" Cathy said,

"Yup, when we are finished with you, you can go home." Came James' reply.

The drunk, d**gged woman tried to kneel but James stepped in front of her, took her by the breasts and forced her over on her back.

"Put your feet flat on the blanket." James told her as he dropped down and spread her legs.

He grabbed her feet and placed the soles down on the blanket and moved between her legs so that his face was just an inch away from her pussy.

"Somebody stick a dick in her mouth, I don't want her moaning or screaming and attracting attention." James said.

Greg, who had yet to use her, straddled her chest and wrapped her tits around his cock, which was the biggest of all seven at nearly 11 inches, and spit into the valley he had created. He slowly stroked her cleavage with his enormous cock while moving its head ever closer to her mouth.

James spread her pussy lips apart and started licking her clit and fingering her vagina.

"Oh, that feels good." She sighed as his licking, nibbling and fingering became more rapid.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh." She moaned as her first orgasm of the night built up in her.

"This bitch loves to be eaten" James said, almost into her pussy.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Oh yes!, Oh more! Please don't stop!. I wanna cum too." Cathy whimpered as she moved ever closer to the orgasm she wanted.

"Stick your fingers in her ass." Grant said to James, who immediately did what was suggested.

He was now licking her clit and soaking slit, had three fingers in her vagina, pumping in and out, and shoved two more fingers up her asshole. The combination put her over the edge:

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh fuck yes! I am going to cummmmmm!" And as she did, she squirted pussy juice all over James' face.

Just as that happened, Greg forced his cock into her open mouth and shot several strings of sticky white cum into it. He was still cumming when he pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot the last three spurts all over her face, nearly sealing her right eye with the sticky white goo.

Cathy lay there, soaked in sweat, with cum leaking out of her ass and more covering her face, when, to the disbelief of the seven men there, she said:

"Somebody fuck my pussy."

There were several high fives as the few remaining clothes hit the sand and the main event got underway.

"Somebody fuck my pussy." The drunk/d**gged plumper had said to the seven college guys standing around her as she lay on naked on a blanket on the beach.

"Oh hell yes!" Bobby said as he dropped to his knees between Cathy's wide spread legs and aimed his solid 8 inch cock at her pussy.

Bobby leaned down and slid the head of his dick into her vagina and flexed his hips, driving in until he bottomed out. His hips made a loud "SLAP" as he did so and Cathy moaned with pleasure.

"OOOHHHHH! Oh more. Fuck me now, please." She whimpered as the 24 year old pistoned in and out of her soaking wet pussy, urging him on as he did.

"Let me put my legs up." She said in a lust crazed voice as she moved her feet up and rested them on his broad shoulders, giving him complete access to her cunt.

"Cum in my pussy. Fill me up with your cum." Cathy said to him as he continued to drive into her.

Her head was flopping from side to side and both hands were wrapped in her own hair as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her d**g and alcohol inflamed brain.

"Fuck, this bitch's pussy is great. She's better than Karen or Leslie." Bobby said as he flexed his ass and drove into her cervix, causing her to moan even louder.

"More please, please, more." The fifty-something redhead begged as sweat began to run off her body in rivulets, soaking the blanket she lay on.

For thirty minutes the young college stud hammered her pussy, battering and bruising it as he did.

"Oh shit, I am going to dump my load." Bobby groaned as he felt his own orgasm build to its crescendo and then break as he leaned down and kissed her passionately.

"Oh yes, baby. Fill my cunt up with your cum." Cathy moaned through the kiss, as he flooded her pussy with hot sperm-loaded semen.

He pulled out of her as the last jet shot out of his cock, splattering all over her mound causing the hair to mat together.

"My turn." Dwayne, the last of the seven young men, said as he dropped down and prepared to shove his cock into Cathy's sperm filled pussy.

"I want to fuck her again." Joe said as he moved to join Dwayne on the blanket with the plump woman they were gang-banging.

"Dwayne, lay down on your back and let the bitch straddle your cock." James said, acting as a kind of director while waiting for his cock to recover so he could fuck her.

Dwayne did as he was told, lying on his back with his seven inch cock sticking straight up into the air.

"Sit on my dick, slut." Dwayne said to Cathy, who was still lying on the blanket recovering from the pounding Bobby had just given her.

"Yes, I want to feel you inside me." She said as she struggled to get to her knees.

Two of the other guys grabbed her by the shoulders with one hand and their free hand wrapped around her tits as they pulled on her on the clothes pins on her nipples and guided her onto Dwayne's waiting cock. She straddled his hips and slid down his cock.

"YES! Hurt my titties. OH MY GOD!" She groaned as her nipples and plump, hanging breasts were pulled and pinched while the seven inch cock slid into her dripping pussy.

Her hips immediately began to pump up and down on Dwayne's dick. The walls of her vagina were grabbing and clasping it as her hips rose and fell, trying to milk Dwayne dry.

"Oh fuck yeah," Dwayne said as he reached down and grabbed her hips.

"She's trying to milk the cum right out of me. Bend down here...Cathy." Dwayne said as he tried to remember her name.

Cathy immediately did as she was told, causing her tits to hang down, directly into Dwayne's face.

"Suck my titties." Cathy said as she looked down at the twenty-seven year old senior.

"Suck my nipples and bite my titties." She said again as her hips began to move faster.

"I can do that." Dwayne said as he released her hips and grabbed hold of her swinging tits.

He yanked the clothes pins off, inhaled her left nipple and sucked on it as hard as he could.

"Oh fuck yes, that feels so good." Cathy said as the young man sucked and munched on her tits.

"I am joining the party." James said as he knelt down behind Cathy and aimed his cock at her, still leaking, anus.

Cathy felt the pressure of James' cock against her ass and wiggled her hips to help him slide in.

"She's really digging this." James said over his shoulder.

"The "X" has really got her going good." He continued as he took a firm as he flexed his hips forward causing his cock to slide into her ass with an obscene "pop".

"Aaahhhhh" She wailed as James drove into her ass as quickly as he could.

"This feels so fucking good." James said, as he felt the walls of her ass ripple ahead of his thick cock.

"Yes, it does feel good." Cathy said softly as her hips worked to milk the two cocks she was riding.

James and Dwayne settled into a synchronized stroking of the plumper's ass and pussy, creating a rhythmic sound:

The "Smack, smack, smack, smack" could be heard for quite a distance from the spectacle taking place on the moonlit beach, but there was no one left to hear it other than the people involved.

"Oh God. Oh God. Oh God!" The plump women said repeatedly as her body was buffeted between the two twenty-somethings.

The other five young men stood around the threesome and stroked their cocks, waiting for their turn to use her again for nearly twenty minutes.

"Look at her ass jiggle," James said as he stared at the plump ass he had his cock buried in.

Cathy's body was covered in sweat as she moaned and whimpered between the two men and she mumbled incoherently between gasps and groans as they used her for their pleasure.

"Damn she's tight and loving every stroke of my cock." James continued as he repeatedly slapped her ass cheeks, turning them red in the cool night air.

"Oooo, more master. More." Cathy whimpered each time the strong hand came down across her ass.

Meanwhile, Dwayne continued to use her tits as hand holds, sucking, biting and pinching every inch of her twin globes as they hung down in his face.

"Here, suck on this." Grant said as he grabbed Cathy by the hair and stuck his cock, that he had been stroking as he watched the redhead getting fucked, in her mouth.

"Mmmmmm." She moaned as she sucked greedily on the cock in her mouth.

"I am going to cum in her mouth." Grant groaned as he shot his second load of the night.

Cathy never stopped bobbing her head until the limp cock fell out of her mouth and she could feel her own orgasm building as she licked and sucked on the now, deflated cock. She had swallowed every squirt that he fired into her mouth and never missed a beat as she rode the two cocks using her.

"Oh, I am going to cum. Bite my tits. Bite them hard." She mewed as her head flopped down and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Dwayne sank his teeth into her right breast and shook his head like a dog with a squeaky toy. As he attacked Cathy's right tit with his teeth, he took her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pinched down as hard as he could.

"OWWWWWWW!" She moaned as the pain burned into her, but it was enough to put her over the edge again.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah. Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she wailed as her head flopped from side to side while waves of orgasmic bliss swept over her.

"OH SHIT!" Both men said at the same time, as both shot gobs of cum into her ass and pussy.

As they finished using Cathy's plump body, they just let her fall off of Dwayne, landing on the blanket covered sand. A loud "Pop" was heard as James cock left her ass as she fell over and Dwayne's cock made a slurping sound as it fell out of her pussy.

The plump redhead was lying on her back with her legs splayed open and cum running out of her pussy and ass when Seth knelt down and used her tits as a wrapper for his cock. He had been stroking himself the whole time James and Dwayne had been fucking her and the site of Dwayne's teeth marks on her tits was enough to set him off. He came all over her chest, squirting some of his sperm up into her slightly open mouth.

"You all taste so good." Cathy said as she licked her lips while a dreamy look settled on her face.

The seven young men were taking a breather from their gang-bang of the plump woman who seemed to be passed out on the blanket and were enjoying their beer and a joint when they heard a female voice calling for Seth. It was his sometimes girlfriend, Vivian.

"Seth. Are you out here? I can smell our pot, dumb ass."

"Over here." Seth called to her as the group saw her shape in appear out of the darkness.

"What are you guys doing out here and why are you all naked?" Vivian asked before she spotted the naked woman passed out on the blanket.

"Who is that? She asked as she pointed at Cathy.

"Oh, that's Cathy. We met her here and invited her to party with us.

She's been a lot of fun so far, but she's resting right now." James said with a smirk.

"My ass hurts." Cathy murmured as she began to stir.

"We should give her some more wine, or something." Seth said to James.

"Yeah, where's wine?" James asked as he looked around the piles of discarded clothing.

"Here it is." Grant said as he tossed it to James.

"Give her some more wine. We still got some partying to do and we can't do it without our guest of honor." James said

George opened the wine and he and Bobby coaxed Cathy into opening her mouth and swallowing quite a bit of it.

Her breasts, which had been spilling over her ribcage, swung down to their normal position on her chest and Bobby couldn't help but cup one and pinch and pull on the nipple.

"Ummmm, that feels good." Cathy murmured as she leaned back against Bobby and let him play with her tits.

"You can touch my pussy, if you want." She said with a giggle as she felt his cock rise up against her back.

"You're kind of messy. So I'll just play with your tits." Bobby said, almost embarrassed by his refusal to play with the d**gged women's sperm-filled pussy.

"Then I'll do it myself." She said as she stuck two fingers into her pussy and scooped some of the dripping semen out of her vagina.

She raised her hand to her lips and licked and sucked the messy white goo off her fingers, saying;

"That tastes so good. I love the taste of cum."

"How many of you have fucked her?" Vivian asked as she looked at the scene before her.

"Just three of us have fucked her cunt so far." James said. "Why?"

"Oh, I would kind of like to lick the cum out of her pussy when you're done." The coed said as she blushed a little and shifted nervously from foot to foot.

"You can do that, if you want. But, you have to be naked like the rest of us and we get to watch." Seth said to her as he put his arm around her and fondled her right breast through her sweatshirt, causing her nipples to harden and poke through her top.

"Okay, I just want to taste all that cum, without having to do all the work to get it." Vivian said as she took a hit off the joint that James passed her.

"I think it's time to get back to the party, we've been ignoring our guest." James said.

"Her Cathy, take a hit off of this." Vivian said to the redheaded plumper as she placed the joint between the woman's lips.

"I've never done pot before," She said as she took it from the coed and inhaled heavily on the wet paper.

"Take a couple more hits." James said to her. "It will help you relax more."

"I like the smell." Cathy said as she took two more long hits before handing it to Joe.

"Hey Greg, you ever done a DP on a woman before? Joe asked.

"You mean one in her ass and one in her pussy?" Greg responded.

"No man. I mean two in her ass or two in her pussy." Joe replied.

"Oh damn! That would hurt!" Vivian said with a cringe. "But it would be fun to watch."

"Let's DP this bitch and see how it is." Joe said as he positioned himself on his back on the blanket.

Cathy, who was still leaning against Bobby watched as Joe positioned himself and then motioned for her to mount his cock. She shifted to her hands and knees as Bobby helped her to stand up.

"Sit down on my cock with your back to me." Joe said to Cathy, who did as she was told.

Joe's cock easily slid into her pussy as Joe reached around and pulled her back against his chest.

"That feels so good." Cathy whispered as her eyes closed.

She started to pump her hips, sliding up and down on Joe's cock as the pot hit her system.

"Come on Greg, crawl on in her." Joe said to Greg as the later positioned himself between the spread legs of the other two.

"What are you doing?" Cathy asked Greg as she opened her eyes and looked down just in time to see the head of his cock pop into her pussy with Joe's.

Greg moved closer to Cathy, forcing his cock further into the stretching pussy of the plump woman.

"OH MY GOD, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" She cried as she felt her pussy being forced open more than it ever had been. She tried to wiggle her hips, but had nowhere to go.

"Oh please don't stop. It hurts a little, but feels good too." She said as she put her hands on Greg's chest to help support his weight.

Greg was fucking her with long, hard strokes, while Vivian watched with a fascinated look on her face, having never seen a woman take two cocks in her pussy before.

"Look at her sweat." The coed said to no one in particular as she moved closer and watched the rivers of perspiration running down the plump, older woman's body.

"AAAAAHHH. AAAAAHHH." Cathy moaned as her head dropped back against Joe's shoulder and her eyes closed to slits.

"Suck her tits." James hollered at Greg, who immediately leaned forward and sucked and bit her tits in a frenzy of movement that matched the pounding her pussy was taking.

Greg's cock was being forced up against her clit and Cathy, who was completely bombed, was enjoying the feeling of the two cocks in her pussy.

"Un huh, un huh. Fuck me. I want all of your baby juice. I want all your sperm." She moaned as she surrendered to the feelings in her pussy and the thrusting cock shuddered and exploded in her gaping pussy.

While Greg was fucking her from the front, Joe had been mauling whichever breast Greg didn't have in his mouth. He was nearly ready to orgasm when Greg shot his cum into the plump redhead, sending him over the edge as well.

"Fuck." He said as he dug his fingers into Cathy's tits and twisted them as hard as he could. As Greg pulled out Joe pushed Cathy off his lap and she collapsed on the blanket at his side.

"I didn't get to cum." She said as her voice trailed off.

"We'll have to take care of that." Seth said. As he went to where she lay and rolled her over onto her back.

"Shit. I think she's passed out!" He said as he looked at her laying there. "

"Who cares?" James said as he moved to where she lay and rolled her over on her face.

"She thought her ass hurt before, wait until I get done." He continued as he positioned her how he wanted her, and then moved behind her slightly raised ass.

"Watch this!" James said as he put the head of his dick into Cathy's slightly gaping asshole and shoved his hips forward as hard as he could.

A loud "smack" told everyone that he had bottomed out in her ass. Then, he pulled his cock completely out of her ass and then dove in again.

He positioned his hands on either side of her shoulders and took his upper body weight on his well muscled arms as he moved his knees up so they were on making contact with the outside of her hips. Once he was positioned the way he wanted, he pulled his cock out of her then drove in again.

The sound of "Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack" resounded across the beach as James fucked her ass as fast and hard as he could.

"Go for it, man." Seth urged as he and the others stood watching the couple on the blanket.

"Yeah, dude." George said. "Ride that ass. Fuck it good."

"Ohhhhhh." Cathy moaned softly as the hammering her ass was taking began to reach her d**g and alcohol dulled brain.

As it became apparent that the redheaded plumper was reacting to the fucking her ass was taking, James picked up the pace.

"Oh, baby. Fuck my ass good. Hurt my ass, make my ass hurt." Cathy said as she emerged from her stupor and tried to rise up on her elbows.

"Wrap your hands around my tits and use them as hand holds. Come on baby, root on me. Pound my ass." Cathy begged as the college student reached under her and grabbed her swinging jugs.

"You want me to root on you? You want me to use your tits?" James asked her lustily.

"Yes, yeah, I want you to do all that. Do anything you want to me. I want to be used." Cathy said as she surrendered completely to the wine, "X" and d**gs that she had been injected with. She had become a wanton slut.

"I can do anything to you I want?" James asked as a smile spread across his face.

"Anything, anything you want. All of you." She said as she lay her head down on the blanket.

"Bobby, hand me my pack." James said to Bobby.

Bobby grabbed the bag and handed it to James, who took a package of straight pins out. His cock was still buried in her plump ass and he had several pins in his right hand as he said;

"I have always wanted to do this. I saw it on a bondage webpage and it looked like fun."

With that, he placed one of the pins against Cathy's ass, causing her to jump at the sharp touch.

"Ready, Cathy?" He asked.

"Yes," She replied somewhat hesitantly.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH." She cried out as the pin sunk into her ass cheek to the 't' handle.

"OOOOOOOOOOOH." She cried again as another pin was buried into her other ass cheek.

James was staring at his handy work and couldn't wait any longer.

"Raise up, bitch." He snarled at her as he reached under her and grabbed hold of her tits again.

"Here goes." He continued as he pulled his cock out of her ass so that just the head was in her and then he shoved back into her with a savagery that Cathy had never felt from a lover.

"OH FUCK!" He said as the pleasure washed over him as he gave in to the sadistic urges that he felt.

"Give me your nipples, cunt." James said as he took her sensitive buds between his thumbs and forefingers and latched down on them.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" She screamed into the blanket as her nipples were pinched, twisted and pulled while her ass was being hammered.

"FFUUUUCCCCKKKK!" James said as he felt his orgasm build and then explode from his cock as he slammed his hips against Cathy's plump, jiggling ass, driving the straight pins even deeper into her.

He had never had an orgasm so intense as he shot at least eight jets of cum deep into bowels while she whimpered and cried, begging him to stop pinching her tits and to take the pins out of her ass.

"Please don't stop. Hurt my ass more, please!" She whimpered as James cock rapidly deflated and fell out of her ass.

"I will be glad to hurt your ass more." James said as he stuck two additional pins into her ass cheeks and then slapped her ass as hard as he could.

"Damn, I wanted pictures." Vivian said with a pout.

"No prob." James said as he moved out of the way of the coed, cell phone.

"Roll her over, so I can get pics of her tits too." The young coed said to the men standing there watching.

"Sure we can do that, I want to fuck her cunt anyway." One of the college boys said.

"Roll over on your back, Cathy." James said to her.

"Okay." She mumbled as the d**gs and alcohol caused her to drift towards u*********sness.

"She's out again." James said as he reached down, grabbed her shoulder and rolled her onto her back.

"I wish she had cum on her tits. I love pictures of tits covered in cum." Vivian said.

"Okay." Two of the guys said as they knelt next to her and stroked their hard cocks.

"I have never cum on a girl's tits before." One of the young men said as he furiously stroked his cock.

"Take it easy, bro." George said to him. "You are going to rub the skin off your dick."

"Oh shit!" The guy said as his cock began squirting sticky, white cum on the passed out woman's breasts.

"I am cumming too." The second guy said as he aimed his dick directly at her left nipple and shot several jets on it and onto her breast.

"That's perfect." The coed said. "Look at how it's running down to her chest." She continued as the camera flashed like a strobe light.

"Watch this." Grant said as he knelt down next to the groups' 'Guest of honor.'

"That is going to hurt when she wakes up." Viv said as she watched Grant stick two needles through each of her Cathy's nipples.

"Hey, I want to do something." James said as he, too knelt next to the drunken woman.

"I saw this in the same movie that I saw the guy stick pins in the woman's ass." He continued as he put a ring of straight pins around the plump redhead's right nipple.

"See you just break the skin and then slide the pin under the skin to where you want the tip to come out." He said as he finished his bondage tit-pinning.

"COOL!" Vivian said as she took more pictures.

"These will go viral when I post them." She said.

"I want to fuck her." One of the men said as he positioned himself between her splayed legs and slid his rock hard 9 inch cock into her cum soaked pussy channel.

"This feels good, even if her pussy is stretched out and leaking cum." He said as he thrust into her as far as he could, before pulling out and then thrusting into her again.

"Oo, oo, oo, oo." The woman began to moan as her clit was rubbed by the huge cock in her vagina, causing her to regain consciousness again.

"OOOOOOHH!" She groaned as the world came back into focus a bit and she became fully aware that she was being fucked again.

She lifted her hands and grasped the young man's shoulders and stared up into his face.

"Kiss me." She said. "Please kiss me."

He leaned down and passionately kissed the woman he was fucking, sticking his tongue into her mouth as her tongue danced with his.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Cathy moaned as the college student increased the speed he was fucking her at.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH." She moaned as her pussy clasped the young cock in her, trying to milk it dry and as her orgasm washed over her battered, abused body, she passed out again.

"Shit, I am gonna cum." The young man said as his cock seemed to burst, filling her pussy with even more cum.

"That was good pussy." He said as he pulled his cock out of Cathy's vagina, moved up, and wiped the last few drops of it on her face.

Looking at James and Seth, who were both watching the scene before them, Vivian said;

"I want to eat all that cum."

"You know the rule, you have to be naked." Seth said to her as James and the other five guys nodded in agreement.

"It will be worth it." She said as she peeled her sweatshirt and bikini top off in one movement.

Then, she stuck her thumbs in the waistband of her sweat pants and wiggled out of them. She let them fall to her ankles and stepped out of them, revealing a natural blond, neatly trimmed mound of pubic hair that contrasted with her deep tanned body.

She dropped down on her knees and buried her face in the plump woman's, cum covered pussy. She spread the woman's pussy lips and started licking her clit as she scooped cum out of Cathy's vagina and then licking it off her fingers.

"Oh, this tastes so good." The coed said as she continued to lap at Cathy's clit and slit, while reaching under the plumper's ass and sliding three fingers into the woman's asshole.

"OOHHHH." Cathy said as the sensations penetrated her foggy mind just as the fingers penetrated her well fucked ass.

"That feels so good. I want more." She said groggily, not realizing that the person eating her pussy and fingering her ass was a female.

"Lick my clit faster, please." She said as another orgasm built up in her pussy.

"Sure!" Vivian said, as she increased both the speed of her tongue and the thrusting of her fingers.

"OH GOD!" Cathy groaned as she pumped her hips into the coed's face in an effort to trigger her release.

"Yes, yes, yes. I am...aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhrrrggg!" She moaned as she reached down and grabbed the young woman's hair and pulled her licking tongue and sucking lips into her pulsating pussy.

"That was so good." She whispered as the last orgasmic waves faded away.

"I would love to eat more cum from her." Viv said as she sat up and licked as much of the residual off her face that she could.

"I think she should return the favor. Don't you?"

The young woman said to the seven men who had formed a circle and were sitting, watching the young woman lick the older woman to orgasm.

"I think that is a fine idea." James said to the group in general.

"I would love to eat more cum from her." Viv said as she sat up and licked as much of the residual off her face that she could.

"I think she should return the favor. Don't you?"

The young woman said to the seven men who had formed a circle and were sitting, watching the young woman lick the older woman to orgasm.

"I think that is a fine idea." James said to the group in general.

"But, shouldn't she be eating cum out of your pussy." Seth, who had become almost frighteningly horny watching Vivian eat the older woman's cum filled pussy, said to his girlfriend, Vivian.

"OH MY! I don't think I have ever seen you that hard. MY GOD! The head of your cock is bright purple!" Vivian said as her eyes grew to the size of silver dollars.

"I don't think I want you fucking me right now. You'd be too rough." The coed said as she tried to back away from Seth as he stepped towards her.

"No, I am sure I don't want you fucking me right now. Why don't you go fuck our guest again?" She continued, still backing up.

"I want to see this." George and Booby said at the same time as they stepped up behind Vivian to prevent her further retreat from Seth.

"Come here, baby." Seth said as he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him, smashing his lips against hers in a violent kiss as he reached down, grabbed her ass, and pulled her hips tight against his own.

"Mmmmm." Vivian protested as she struggled against Seth.

Pulling away from Viv's mouth, Seth said: "Get on your back and spread your legs, sweetie, cuz poppa's coming to play."

Realizing that resistance was futile, Viv dropped down on her ass and then lay back to await her fate. The young coed spread her legs, reached down and ran two fingers through her slick, wet pussy to make sure she was well lubricated for her boyfriend's rock hard over-swollen cock.

Smiling, Vivian said; "Come on Sugar Bear. Do me good." As she reached up to pull Seth down to her.

"OH GOD! You're so big." Viv said as the hugely swollen head of her boy friend's cock popped into her wet vagina as he shoved it into her with an a****listic grunt.

"Uhhh" Seth grunted again as he moved forward on his knees so that he could get deep into his girl-friend's pussy.

"Seth, please don't be too rough." Viv pleaded as Seth positioned himself to ravage her.

"Please baby, don't be too rough. As hard as you are, it will really...OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!" The coed groaned as Seth simultaneously flipped her feet over his shoulders and slammed his pelvis into her completely exposed pussy.

"Uh." Seth grunted each time he slammed into Viv's exposed cunt which was making obscene slurping sounds as he hammered into her and then yanked his cock all the way out of her, just to drive it back in again.

Vivian was unable to do anything to prevent her own ravishment as Seth pounded her. All she could do was grunt and moan as his over swollen cock bottomed out against her cervix and battered her clit.

"DUDE! Slam her cunt." James shouted as he and the other young men stood around watching the pair rooting on the blanket next to the passed out plump, mature redhead who was snoring loudly.

"I GET SLOPPY SECONDS!" George said as he tightly held his rigid cock in his hand.

"We can tag team her." Bobby said, "Or maybe DP her ass."

"No way. No one fucks her but me. You can all DP Cathy, there." Seth said as he continued to pummel the now senseless Vivian.

"Dudes, I am gonna fuckin cum." Seth said as his face contorted in the classic male orgasmic grimace and his cock erupted in thick jets of hot white cum.

"Oh, oh, oh, baby, me too, I am gonna cum with youuuuu. OOOOOOOOOO." Vivian slurred out as her orgasm swept over her like a tsunami, leaving her completely spent as she lay under Seth while both tried to catch their breath.

"Oh God, Puppy. That was SO fucking great. I can't believe how much cum you shot into me." She panted as she struggled to lower her legs, which were still pinned under Seth.

"Puppy? Really? Shit, now we have a new name for you." James said with a huge laugh.

"If you too are done, let's get Viv on top of Cathy and watch her eat pussy." George said from behind James, who was still laughing at Vivian's pet name for Seth.

Seth rolled off of his girlfriend and James and Bobby grabbed her by the arms and lifted her to her feet.

"Roll Cathy over on her back and spread he legs." James said to George.

George and Joe grabbed her legs and rolled her from her side to her back while Grant rolled her upper body.

"Man! Look at those titties!" Grant said to the others as Cathy's "C" cup breasts splayed out on her chest.

"I GOT to fuck her again." Grant said as he crossed over her body, stood between her legs and stared down at her plump, nude body.

"Dude, her nipples are hard as rocks and look at how crinkled up the pink circle things are." He said in amazement.

"They're called aureola, you idiot." Vivian giggled as she dropped to her knees with her pussy just inches from the older woman's face.

"Fuck her, Grant." The coed said softly as she took a hit off the joint Seth had just handed her.

"We need to make sure she's awake, first." James said as he absentmindedly stroked his cock, which was coming back to life as he looked at Cathy's plump tits and full hips.

"Get up, Viv. Let's give her some more smoke and some wine." Seth said as he playfully pushed his girlfriend off Cathy.

"Hey Cathy, wake up. We want to party with you some more." Grant and Bobby said to her as they knelt beside her head and shook her shoulder.

"You mean you want to fuck me some more." Cathy said through the haze she was in.

"Yeah, we want to fuck you some more." James said as he lifted her head and put the wine bottle to her lips and poured some of the cool liquid into her mouth.

"Not, not so fast." She said as she choked and coughed on the wine.

"Let me sit up and I'll drink it by myself." Cathy said and rose to a sitting position with her knees bent and her lower legs slightly behind her.

"Here you go, babe. Take a hit of this." Bobby said as he handed her the pot and sat down behind her, pulling her back towards him.

"I need to play with your nipples. I got to play with them, they are so fucking sweet." He said as he reached around in front of her and cupped both of her breasts.

"Man, I love the weight of these things." He continued as he raised them in his hands and bounced them gently.

"You like my titties, don't you?" She said as she took a long pull off the joint and then another drink of the wine.

"I am soooo horney. What did you give me?" She stammered as she leaned back and let the young man have his way with her tits.

"X" Baby. I gave you ecstasy. That's why you're 'so horney'" James said to her as he squatted down in front of her and stuck his, now hard, cock into her mouth.

The drunk/d**gged woman immediately wrapped her lips around the twenty-something cock and began to bob on it as she made obscene, slurping sounds.

"Mmmmmmmm. I love cock." She said around the cock in her mouth and then she returned to her bobbing and sucking.

Bobby continued playing with her breasts, alternating between rubbing her tits and plucking and inching her nipples. He discovered that every time he stretched the nipple out and twisted it, she would moan and gently grind her hips into the blanket.

"Oooooo, oooooo, more. Do it more." She crooned around James' cock as her eyes closed to slits and a dreamy look crept over her face.

"I want to cum down her throat." James said as he took hold of the sides of her head and began to thrust his cock deep into her mouth.

"Uh huh, uh huh." Cathy murmured around the cock that was now thrusting into her mouth.

"Oh yeah, suck it, bitch." James said as his thrusting became more urgent.

"Oh fuck yeah!" He said a few seconds later, as his cock spurted what semen he had left into her mouth while she swallowed every drop and then licked her lips as James' limp dick fell out of her mouth. Meanwhile, Bobby had continued to play with her tits, unaware that she was nearing an orgasm.

"UHHHHHHHHHH." She groaned as the first wave snuck out of her pussy and rose up to her d**g clouded brain, causing her head to drop back onto Bobby's shoulder.

"Damn! She gets to orgasm from having her nipples played with! That's not fair!" Vivian, who had been watching the scene before her, said to the guys around her.

"Get her on her back; I want to see what happens when Viv's sweet snatch is planted on her face." Seth said to Bobby, who was still pinching and pulling on the plump redhead's nipple and tits.

"Yeah, I want to see that, too." Bobby said as he moved Cathy onto her back.

Vivian dropped down with her knees on either side of the older woman's head and then scooted towards Cathy's waist, positioning herself so that her young, cum filled pussy was directly over Cathy's mouth.

"Hey Cathy, I got something for you." The coed said as she dipped her hips down just enough that her, still dripping vagina was touching Cathy's lips.

"Umm, what's happening?" She said as her eyes fluttered open and she saw the young pussy in her face.

"Lick my pussy!" Viv said, looking back over her shoulder as she ground her hips down onto Cathy's face.

"Suck Seth's cum out of me." She demanded.

"I don't want to." The older woman muttered.

"Who cares what you want? I want you to lick my pussy." Viv said, grinding her hips into Cathy's face for effect.

"Who knows? You might like it." George said.

"Spread her lips and start licking and sucking me out of her." Seth said, "Or we'll roll you over and shove a wine bottle up your ass."

The threat seemed to reach through Cathy's the haze and she reached up and spread the young coed's pussy lips apart, revealing her cream-pied vagina.

"I'll try, but I might be sick!" Cathy said.

"You won't be sick, you'll love it." Viv said with a sly smile.

"It tastes good." She said with a surprised tone in her voice, after her tongue had snaked up to Viv's vagina and licked some of Seth's cum out. With that, Cathy pulled the younger woman's hips down to her mouth and stuck her tongue as far into her pussy as she could.

"OOOOHHHHHHH!" The coed moaned loudly as the sweet sensations of having her pussy licked swept over her.

"God that feels so good! OOOHHH! Don't stop." She said as an a****listic groan to crawled out of her throat and escaped into the cool night air.

"I want to try this." Cathy said as she touched Viv's clit with the tip of her tongue and then swirled it around the rapidly swelling bud.

"OOOOOOO. That feels good." Viv said softly as her lower jaw went slack and her hips ground into Cathy's mouth and tongue.

The guys stood watching in stunned silence while wild slurping sounds came from between the young woman's legs as the stoned, older woman let go of the last of her inhibitions and ravaged the pussy that was wrapped around her face.

"Aaaaaaaaahhh." Viv moaned as her face took on a dreamy look and her hips pumped and ground on the plumper's face at an ever increasing pace.

"Suck my clit." Cathy said from between Viv's legs.

"Yes, yes, I can do that." The coed whimpered as she dropped down onto Cathy's stomach, spread the woman's pussy lips with her soft, little fingers and wrapped her lips around the rock-hard clit of the fifty-five year old redhead and started sucking it and teasing it with the tip of her tongue.

"OH FUCK!" The plump redhead exclaimed as she exploded in a mind shattering orgasm.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DON'T STOP! MY GOD, PLEASE DON'T STOP" She wailed as her body convulsed in wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

Her hips were bucking like a prize bronco and she ejaculated so much pussy juice that she soaked Vivians' hair, which had flopped down between Cathy's legs while the coed sucked on her clit.

As her orgasm slowly subsided, Cathy said:

"Your turn sweetie." As she slid her fingertips in between the younger woman's pussy lips and parted them as if they were the petals of a rare flower.

Vivian was so turned on, that her pussy literally had fluid running out of it. The plump redhead licked it up like nectar from the gods while she eased two fingers into the coed's vagina and gently touched its front wall with her fingertips. She rubbed that special spot that many men can't find, as a series of whimpering, whining sounds squeaked their way out of the coed's throat.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH." The young woman moaned, softly at first and then louder and louder.

Vivian's hips started humping the redhead's hand as she fingered Viv's vagina with increasing speed. Then Cathy raised her head just enough to wrap her lips around Vivian's clit and gently sucked on it while flicking it with the tip of her tongue.

"OOHH, Fuck!" The coed said as her eyes rolled back into her head and her lower jaw went slack.

To the amazement of the seven men watching the two women making love to one another, Vivian just collapsed on top of Cathy's plump, sweaty body and whimpered for at least five minutes while her hips pumped in little circles. Her orgasm washed over her in wave after wave of blissful release while her pussy juices flowed like a stream, coating the face of the woman underneath her.

"I can't take any more." Bobby said to the other six young men watching the spectacle before them.

"I have t fuck one of them." He continued as he dropped to his knees and pushed Vivian off of Cathy.

He positioned himself between Viv's legs as Seth said:

"No way bro. I am the only one who fucks her pussy. If you want Viv, you'll have to use her ass or mouth. If you want pussy, you'll need to fuck Cathy there.

"Oh hell yes, I'll take Viv's sweet little ass." Bobby said as he helped Seth get Viv settled in on Seth's cock.

"Baby, what...what are you doing? You said you weren't going to share me." Viv said as she slowly became aware of what was happening.

"Yeah, yeah, sugar. But they're all so horny after watching you two women do each other that you got to help them out. Bobby will be gentle with your ass. Won't you bro?" Seth said in a general manner, not really caring if his girl-friend approved or not.

"Sure, I'll be gentle." Bobby said as Viv's pussy slid down over Seth's cock, causing her to moan loudly.

"OOOOOHHHH." Viv moaned as her pussy bottomed out against her boyfriend's hips as Bobby stared through drunken, lust crazed eyes at the coed's smooth, round, tanned ass, fixated on her asshole.

"Here comes Bobby." He said as he placed the hugely swollen head of his cock against Viv's puckered little anus and pushed forward, popping past her sphincter and into her ass.

"OUCH! Not so fast." Viv whined over her shoulder at bobby as he wiggled forward on his knees and pushed harder, trying to bottom out in the soft ass of Seth's girlfriend.

"OOOOHHHH! You're hurting me. Seth, tell him to be soft." She continued as Bobby's hips slammed into her ass cheeks.

"Shut up and fuck me." Seth replied as he and Bobby quickly settled into rhythm stroking Vivian's lush, young body from front and back.

"Uh, uh, uh." Viv grunted with each stroke as George stepped up in front of her, grabbed her by the ears and shoved his cock into her mouth.

"Suck my cock." George grunted as the three young studs made Vivian airtight for the first time in her young life.

"Um, uh, mmm, ah" were the only sounds coming from her as she realized that the three men using her had no desires except to cum in her. All they wanted was to use one of her holes for their own pleasure and she suddenly felt sorry for the plump, d**gged/drunk mature redhead that they had been using all night.

Vivian glanced out of the corner of her eye to where Cathy had been lying on the blanket and saw that she too, was in much the same position she was. There was a hard cock in all of her holes as well and the three young men using her were rooting on her and hammering away for all they were worth.

Vivian glanced out of the corner of her eye to where Cathy had been lying on the blanket and saw that the plump woman was in much the same position she was. There was a hard cock in all of her holes as well and the three young men using her were rooting on her and hammering away for all they were worth.

Grant, who was in her pussy, seemed to be getting frustrated and was taking it out on her tits by twisting and pulling on her nipples as hard as he could. He pulled one of the needles out of her left tit and jammed it into her nipple, causing her to groan around the cock in her mouth. James was standing to the side watching the two women being used as he tugged and pulled on his cock. But try as he might, he could not get an erection and he too, seemed to be getting frustrated and angry.

"Uummmmph." Cathy moaned as the young cock tried to burrow its way down her throat.

"God damn it!" Grant said, "Her cunt is so full of cum that I can't get enough friction to cum myself."

"I am doing just fine in her plump ass." Joe said as he pulled his cock all the way out of Cathy's ass and then slammed back in as hard as he could.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHHH, it hurts." She said as she bobbed and slurped on the rock hard cock in her mouth.

"Pull out of her ass!" Grant told Joe as he continued to stab Cathy's tits and nipples with the needle he had pulled out of her.

"Fuck you, I aint stopping." Joe replied as he stroked the woman's ass.

"No, just pullout long enough for me to get my cock in her ass, and then you shove yours back in. We already did a dp on her cunt, now let's do her ass." Grant said back to Joe.

"Oh fuck yeah. Let's do it." Joe said as he yanked his cock out of Cathy's ass, causing her to groan again.

"Un uh, un uh." She said as the cock in her mouth erupted in hot streams of white cum and dribbled out of the corner of her mouth.

"Oh yeah, we got to do her now!" Joe said as Grant pulled his super-slick cock out of her well used pussy and repositioned himself so that the bloated, purple head of his cock rested against her slightly gaping asshole and plunged into it.

"Jump on in!" Grant said to Joe.

"I've never done a dp on an ass, so this is going to be fun." The college student said as he shoved his cock into Cathy's plump ass, next to Grant's.

"AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!" She half-screamed as the second cock stretched her bruised asshole further than it had ever been in her life.

"Somebody shut her up." Grant said as the two young men see-sawed in and out of her.

"Suck me hard, bitch." James said as he stuck his half-erect cock into her mouth and grabbed her head with both hands.


Vivian had given up on doing anything except being the cum receptacle for Seth, George, and Bobby, who were all grunting and moaning as they approached their orgasms.

"Oh fuck, baby. I am going to cum so hard." Seth groan as he grabbed Viv's hips pushed her down over his spurting cock.

"Me too, shit!" Bobby said as he thrust his huge penis into the coed's ass and spewed his semen deep into her.

"Uuggggg." Was the only thing that George said, as he shot his sperm down Viv's throat.

George and Bobby both collapsed, yanking their rapidly deflating dicks out of the exhausted coed.

"Let me up baby. I got to go piss." Seth said as he rolled his girlfriend off of him and onto the towels they had used.

Viv ended up on her side, facing where Cathy was being buffeted between Joe, Grant and James.

"Damn, she's going to be sore as hell tomorrow. She won't be able to sit for a month." Vivian thought to herself. "She probably won't want a dick in her pussy for a while either."

Seth got up and walked over by the trash cans and relieved himself, then returned to the sex-fest, only to find Viv asleep. He lay down next to her and pulled a beach towel over them both and was asleep himself in seconds.


Cathy was groaning nearly continuously as Grant and Joe hammered away on her ass.

"OH FUCK, THIS FEELS SO GOOD!" Grant said as he slid in and out of the plumper's ass.

"You love this, don't you Cathy?" Looking at her face, contorting in pain as her ass was stretched and James' now hard cock slid down her throat, said to her.

"Unhuh." She tried to say around James' cock.

"I do love it." She thought to herself through the d**gs and alcohol, as she sucked and bobbed, trying to get James to cum in her mouth one more time.

"Oh my God. I am going to squirt again." Joe said, as he spurted what cum he had left into her ass.

"Me too." Grant gasped as he also began to empty the remainder of his sperm into her ass.

"Dude! She's got cum running out of her ass and it's dripping down onto your nuts." Joe said to Grant, who just smiled, grabbed Cathy's right tit and stuck one of the pins from her nipple completely into her battered breast.

"OH, that hurts, please take it out." She whined as she managed to pull her mouth off James' cock for a second.

"Sure baby." Grant said as he pulled the pin from her tit and thrust it into her nipple, causing her to cry out in pain. But, to everyone's surprise, Cathy had a body shaking, pussy-juice squirting orgasm.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...OOOOOOOO...AAAAHHHHHHH!" She wailed as her head dropped back onto Grants shoulder and rolled from side to side while cum ran from of stretched out asshole and cunt.

"Get off Grant and get on your knees, Cathy dear." James said to her as he grabbed both tits and started lifting her to her feet.

"Here, have some more wine and another pill. You seem to be coming down off your high and we don't want that now, do we?" James said as he let go of her tits long enough to grab a packet of "X" out of his pants pocket and force fed it to her, and then poured the last of a bottle of wine down her throat.

"Now get on your hands and knees and put your ass in the air for me." James demanded.

"But...but my ass hurts so bad already, can't I suck you off, please?" She begged as she dropped to her knees and wrapped her hands and mouth around James' rigid cock and looked up at him with loving puppy-dog eyes.

"No way, bitch. Put that big ass of yours into the air, reach back and spread it. I am going to pound on you until I cum, even if that takes the rest of the night." James said to the plump redhead.

"Okay, I'll do what you want." Cathy said as she turned her back to James, dropped her head down onto the blanket, reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could.

"Hehehehehehehehehehe. Do my ass, good." She giggled as the latest does of "X" and alcohol hit her system like a truck.

"Oh yeah, baby. Daddy's going to drive you into the ground." James smirked as he dropped to his knees, aimed the head of his cock at Cathy's gaping, cum filled ass and drove his dick into her, balls deep. Cathy let out a strangled, nearly a****l, groan as her fingers dug into the blanket and her hands curled into fists.

"Aaaarrggg."She groaned as her head flipped from side-to-side and her eyes rolled back into her head.

"Look at this ass jiggle and shake. DAMN! This feels so fucking good." James said as he grabbed Cathy by the hips and began to pound her in earnest.

"OH! More, more, more." The plumper said as she drove her ass back into James' cock.

"I can fuck for hours now and I am going to wear your fat ass out." James told her, his face a mask of determination as he drove into her cum-slick asshole and then pulled out so he could dive in again.

"OOOOOHHHHHHH. GOD! Please fuck me harder. Make my ass jiggle for you." The d**gged woman slurred.

"You got it." James replied. "And away we go." He continued as he drove his hips forward so hard that he pushed her down onto her stomach.

"AAAAAHHHHHH. Yes, pound me, pound my ass. Fuck me until I can't move." She groaned as she lay her head down on the right side, closed her eyes and panted like a bitch in heat.

The rest of the guys, less Seth who was snoring on the towel he and Vivian lay on, who had been fucking Cathy all night sat down in a semi-circle around them to James ride Cathy like a two dollar whore. They were all sure that this was going to be an epic ass-fuck.

"Got to get into the right position." James said as he scooted his knees up so that they straddled Cathy's plump, sweaty ass, moving his pelvis as close to her ass-hole as he could get, and then pushed his eight inches in until his pubes were tickling her ass.

"Hehehehe, you're tickling my ass with your pubes." She laughed as she wiggled back at him.

"You... are going to get pounded." James said. He leaned forward, placing the palms of her hands on the prostrated woman's shoulder blades, pinning her to the ground and pulled his cock completely out of her ass, then he drove back into her as hard as he could.

"SMACK, SMACK, SMACK" resounded across the silent beach with each thrust of James' hips.

"Spread your ass, bitch." James snarled at her as he jack-hammered her shaking, jiggling ass.

"I...can't...breath. You're pushing down on me too... hard." She panted.

"I don't give a shit. Spread your ass." He demanded again.

"O...okay." She wheezed, reaching back with both hands and spreading her battered ass to provide her tormentor better, deeper access to her, still leaking asshole.

James, who had been fucking the plump, d**gged/drunk redhead for nearly half an hour by this time, was now pounding on her ass as hard and fast as he could, but try as he might, he could not cum again.

"Fuck, I can't cum." He said to the circle of men around him.

"Hurt her, maybe that will get you off, dude."

Bobby recommended, while he tried to stroke his cock hard again, but without much success.

"Yeah, yeah." Said James as he snaked his hand under her right breast and yanked one of the needles out of her nipple and squeezed her tit as hard as he could.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAA." She squealed as her fingers dug even deeper into the blanket and her eyes and mouth sprung open like saucers.

"NO, NO, NO. Please don't!" She pleaded as James stuck the needle into the side of her plump tit.

"Shut the fuck up and let me cum." James snarled at her as he continued to stick the needle into the plump woman's tit.

Looking at the circle of young men sitting around them, James said:

"Shit, one of you stick your dick in her mouth so all I have to listen to is my cock up her ass and her moans."

Bobby, who was sitting directly in front of the impaled plumper immediately slid forward, grabbed her by her hair, lifted her head just a bit, and then stuck the swollen head of his cock between Cathy's lips and snarled at her:

"Suck my cock, cunt."

"Yes, okay, I will." The well-fucked, plump mature woman passively said as she closed he lips around the hard, young penis in front of her.

"Damn, I still can't cum!" James said with rising anger in his voice.

"God damn it! I am going to have to really hurt this cunt to get off one more time." He continued through clinched teeth.

"Dude, I got an idea to help you." George said to James.

"Take your cock out of her ass for a minute and roll her over on her back." The young man said.

"Why?" James asked as he continued to pound on her, now raw, ass.

"Just fuckin do it and I bet you get off again." George replied.

Yanking his cock out of the groaning woman, James said:

"Okay, but if I don't, I get to fuck your sister."

"Shit you can fuck my sister anyway, as long as I can watch and take pictures for you." George laughed.

"Roll over on your back, bitch." George said to Cathy, who was still sucking on Bobby's fat cock.

"Okay." She said, as she rolled over onto her back, assuming that James was going to fuck her slimy, cum-filled pussy.

"Now what?" She asked groggily as she settled into her new position.

"Bobby, stick your cock back into her mouth." George said and then;

"James, put her legs over your shoulders and stick your cock back up her fat ass."

"Okay, bro. I am still not sure what you are doing, but I love the feeling of my cock penetrating her asshole."

Cathy started to protest;

"No, not my assho..."

But she was cut short by Bobby, who was kneeling next to her, sticking his cock back down her throat, gagging her in the process.

"I love fucking women in the ass." James said as he grabbed her ankles and put her calves over his arms and popped his hugely swollen, purple cockhead back into Cathy's slightly open, cream pie of an asshole.

"UHHH!" The plump, mature woman grunted around the cock in her mouth as she felt the golf-ball sized head of James' dick slide into her asshole and then his balls bounce off of her plump ass cheeks as he bottomed out in her back passage.

"Pull out until just the head of your dick is in her ass, squirt this baby oil on her taint and let it run down over your cock as push back in. Do that a couple times and you'll have her nice and lubed, even better than our cum in her."

James did as he was told and after a couple of strokes, James was sliding in and out of the woman who was old enough to be his mother with ease, but suddenly, Cathy's eyes popped wide open and she mumbled around the dick in her mouth;

"It's burning. It's burning. Please stop, it hurts, it's burning so bad."

Laughing at the extreme discomfort of their new friend as he continued to drill her asshole, James said;

"Now what George, how is this going to help me cum?

"Like this." George said as he pulled another needle out of Cathy's right nipple and buried it in her tit, causing her to scream around Bobby's dick.


"That was nice, bro. Do it again. Here, let me hold her tit for you and drive it right down the center of her nipple." James said, still fucking her burning asshole.

"Hell, all you guys grab a needle and do whatever you want too to this bitch." James grunted

All the young men seemed to pounce on the impaled woman, yanking needles out of her nipples and

poking into her all over her body.

"Uh...ouch...AHHHHH...NO...aiiiee...stop...Uh, unuh." She protested as she tried to wiggle away from the huge cock that was buried in her ass and the needles that attacked her plump, target-rich body.

While all of that was happening, James wrapped his big hand around Cathy's left breast, standing it up and positioning it for George's attack.

"Bobby, let her watch this." James said as his excitement rose and his pumping became more urgent.

"Yeah, this should be fun!" Bobby said as he pulled his cock from her sucking mouth and lifted her head just enough that she could see what was happening to her nipple.

"Cover her mouth with your hand." George said to Bobby as he positioned the needle directly over the center of the woman's ultra sensitive nipple and let its sharp tip penetrate just enough to let her know exactly what was coming.


She screamed into the hand that covered her mouth as the three inch long needle was SLOWLY pushed into her hard, erect nipple.

James groaned as he watched the needle being shoved into her nipple and down into her tit.

"Bobby, stick your cock down her throat to keep her quiet." He ordered as he watched the other men sticking and stabbing the plump woman.

They were sticking them into her boobs and arms. They were sticking them into her bibs and sides and they were sticking them, some deeply, into her plump, jiggling ass.

"Oh FUCK! YEAH!" James said as he felt his orgasm approaching.

"More, bros, more. I am almost there." He groaned as he felt the stirrings of his hard-earned climax begin.

"Oh shit, bury them in her tits and ass!" James continued as he stared at the one sticking out of her left nipple.

With her breasts splayed out on her ribcage and her ass curled up off the ground as James hammered her like piston in a muscle car, all of the guys with a needle shoved them into her to the hilt. George shoved one through her right nipple, Bobby, who had been holding her head with one hand as he fucked her mouth and had been stabbing into her right tit, buried his as deeply as he could in her left one.

"Watch this." Grant said as he buried his in her left ass cheek as Joe stabbed her right ass cheek at the same time.

As Cathy screamed around Bobby's dick at the pain being inflicted on her tits and ass, James rabbit-fucked her asshole until he finally came.

"OH FUCK." He said as his faced turned red from the exertion of rabbit-fucking her and three squirts of cum shot into her battered ass and Bobby ejaculated into her bruised mouth.

"Oh shit, I love cumming in bitches' mouths." He said as she shot a huge gob of sperm-laden semen down her throat as she gagged and whined from the assault her body was enduring as James fell off to the side with his arm over his face panting like a dog, as he tried to catch his breath.

"Dude, that was great! How's our center piece doing? And, does anyone know what time it is? He said, to no one in particular.

"Our 'guest of honor' is passed out, and it's 4:30am, Saturday morning. " Grant replied in answer to James' questions.

Getting up off the ground, Bobby said;

"Fuck, I need to go home and get some sleep. I got a date with Thuy tonight and that little Vietnamese babe loves to fuck like a bunny."

"Shit, you aint gonna have no cum for her after this fuck-a-thon." James said with a laugh.

"I am cancelling my grope session with Maria for tonight." He continued.

"We need to get the hell out of here." Joe said.

"The early surfers will be here in an hour."

"What are we going to do about our guest of honor? We can't just leave her lay here." Bobby said as he looked at the woman who had given them all so much pleasure, as she slept in the sand at his feet.

"Hell, let's fold her clothes up next to her, cover her up in the blanket and leave her here. She'll find her way home when she wakes up and she won't remember much of anything, except that every ole she has is sore. Her tits hurt and she has a bunch of piercings that she didn't use to have. Oh, yeah, she has a funny taste in her mouth." James said as he finished putting his clothes back on.

"George, wake up the sleeping duo over there and why don't you and Grant take care of Cathy while the rest of us cleans this place up. Oh, and get rid of the needles in her tits and ass. Put them in one of the wine bottles and we'll take it with us." He continued.

George and Joe went over to Cathy, who was sound asleep from the d**gs and alcohol the college boys had been pumping into her all night and positioned her on the blanket so that they could fold it over her. Then they slowly pulled the needles out of her tits and ass. The only time she really stirred, was when they pulled the ones out of her nipples, which they both decided needed a seriously hard pinching after they pulled the needled out.

Cathy was so sound asleep; that it only got an "Ooooooh" from her as they positioned her on her side, in case she hurled, and pulled the blanket over her naked, sperm coated body.

"Come on; let's get the fuck out of here." James said as the group headed towards the parking lot.

"I am tired." Vivian, who had been asleep for nearly two hours, said as she hugged Seth's arm while they walked.

"Really, you're tired?" Joe said with as laugh, slapping her on her ass.

Viv rubbed her ass and said; "Careful, my ass is sore."

"If you think your ass is sore, just think of how 'Cathy dear" is going to feel when she sits up in a few hours. She is going to think her as is on fire." Bobby laughed.

"Yup, our plumper is going to be one tired, sore, sperm-filled bitch when she finally wakes up. Let's go to Denny's and get something to eat, I am starving." James said as he hit the door lock to his Expedition and everyone except Viv and Seth climbed in and drove off.

Viv and Seth jumped into her Miata and followed the others down the road to the Denny's they always ate at.

At about 6 am, a group of surfers walked past where Cathy lay sleeping and laughed.

"Damn, looks like somebody had a good time last night." One of them said.

"Look at the ass on her." One of the others said, as he peaked under the blanket. "Nice tits too."

"Leave her alone dude, the surf's supposed to be really big this morning and it looks like she has already been rode several times. Judging from all the cum that's running out of her pussy and ass, she'd be a slippery, slimy fuck anyway." The oldest of the surfers said as he walked on down towards the water.

"Yeah, cover her as backup and let's go." One of the others said as the group headed towards the surf.

"If she's still there when we come back up, we'll get her number and invite her over tonight." The oldest guy said which caused all the others to laugh.

A few hours later, Cathy woke up and sat up under a blazing sun, causing the blanket to fall away and exposing her naked breasts to the stares of people walking by. She slowly moved to her knees and then rose to her feet, completely exposing her naked body and eliciting some cat calls from the men around her.

"Shit, what happened?" She said to herself as she bent down and grabbed the blanket, wrapping it around herself as she stood back up, staggering just a bit as her stomach churned and she fought the urge to throw up.

"Damn, my ass hurts! Fuck, my tits feel like they are on fire and my nipples hurt like hell." She thought as she picked up her cloths and headed towards the public restroom to get dressed.

When she reached the public restrooms, she found that they had indoor showers and she decided to wash the sand off her body.

"Damn, why is the sand sticking to me so badly? What is all this stuff? Hell, I am covered in cum, no wonder the sand won't wash off."

Slowly, parts of the night came back to her and she remembered being gang fucked by several guys and sucking their cocks. As she walked to her car, she realized that she was walking bow-legged and that her panties were getting wet as cum leaked out of her pussy and ass and ran down her legs.

She belched as she started the car and made a funny face.

"Tastes like cum. I wonder how much I swallowed."

She said with a slight smile as she put the car in gear and headed home.

"Maybe, if I come back next week we can do it again without the d**gs so I can remember it this time."

The End.....

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