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If you have read any of my stories you realize I’m a slut, a cock loving slut always have been, not a walk the street fuck anything I see slut, more of an ask me out get a few drinks in me slut (lol). I dated generally only one guy at a time from teens until late 20’s strictly a one man woman, but later in my late 20’s early 30’s I did have go to guys (booty calls), one sexy bar owner downtown a late night fuck when his girlfriend wasn’t around and an afternoon married guy usually a blow job for him in his office. I was a girl that got horny later in life and liked to play with dick what can I say. I got married around 3 years after this story and hubby just loves for me to jerk him slowly while I tell it to him, I hope you all enjoy!
I started working at a downtown clothing store in my late teens this before Wal-Mart, a family owned store before they became instinct. I liked to dress up and was good at picking fashion for ladies as we specialized in ladies clothing. I liked to wear stockings and garters, short skirts (had great legs) and sexy bras always with high heels never a fan of undies except later on when thongs came along liked the feel of those. Anyway back to my first multiple partner or as I call it a double at the same time, at the store the owner would hire young stock boys every now and then usually in the summer and they would generally be in high school a son of some prominent doctor or lawyer in town, so the owner could sell his family cloths, they would feel obligated. They would stick around until some other summer job paying more came along or school started back. When I was around 25 we had this young cute boy working at the store (I’ll call him Bret) and he followed me around like a puppy all the girls just laughed but what a little sweetheart he was. He had a friend (I’ll call him Joey) that would come in just about every day didn’t stay long if owner was there but if not those two would pester the heck out of me. One good thing was that they were always giving me pot, not a lot just a joint or two and it was always good.
Time went by and he found a new job or went back to school and he was gone, I kept working at the same place even bought the clothing line for the store later on. About 6 years later (I was around 31) on a Saturday afternoon and in between boyfriends I got off work and had to go the local mall to pick something up, dressed in my work cloths stockings, garter, short skirt, heels, small top tight that accented my big tits at the time about 36 D’s. Anyway it was summer and into the mall I go and run right into Bret now about 19 and his friend Joey. So we’re standing around talking and they’re checking me out (mouths open as usual lol) I love it and I’m checking them out, my how they have filled out! Bret says he just moved in close to me about 2 weeks ago hasn’t stopped by yet but was going to. I said where and he told me right across the street in apartment 3C in the new apartment building and then he asked if I wasn’t busy later maybe I could stop by for bongs and drinks. This made me smile he was trying so hard, so I said sure I just needed to pick something up and then would go home and change and would be over in a couple hours. They both looked at me and said change; I just busted out laughing they’re so cute!
So about an hour later I return to my apartment take a shower shave my legs and trim my little diamond landing strip, now I’m thinking no I’m at least 10 years older than they are I must behave! Getting dressed I choose a short denim skirt, no panties, and a short white top knotted in front and my lacy black bra can be seen through the sheerness of the shirt, oh no I might look to slutty I thought. I go anyway just walked across the main road and stroll up to apartment 3C knocked and Bret answers, mouth drops open and he mumbles’ come in. I look over to the couch and there sits Joey with bong in hand and mouth wide open. I sit in the middle of the couch and Bret sits on the other side of me, so here I am 31 and sitting between two 19 year olds I think they said 19 or was will be 19 something like that, they were of age. I do a bong hit and we pass it around until we have each done 3 or 4 hits and I’m flying. Bret asks if I would like a drink and I say sure he says all he has is vodka and tonic; I think he knows that’s my drink.
So we’re talking about nothing when Bret says he and Joey were crazy about me back in high school and couldn’t wait to go to work and see what I was wearing and Joey says that why he came in so often. Now this is getting to me and they start telling me they used to masturbate thinking of me, wow I’m getting hot and juicy! Now I’m moving my shoulders back jutting my hardening nipples and big breast out and I’m saying come on stop your embarrassing me and we are all laughing and passing the bong around and when my drink would almost be done it was refilled and getting stronger those little devils! So the compliments continue like about what I was wearing, they said we didn’t think you could look sexier this afternoon at the mall with the stockings and high heels but what your wearing now is better with the peek thru shirt is amazing, and then Joey says I give him wood! I didn’t get it right away maybe because I was so high but when I did I had to look and he caught me, then I looked at Bret’s lap and both were sporting wood they both just smile and took their hands and adjusted it just made me quiver so exciting! It wasn’t too long and in the middle of a movie we decided to watch when Bret made his move, he started kissing me and I responded or should I say started to help him. I started touching him and he asked if I would like to see his room, barely in the door of his room and cloths were being ripped off. Bret looked nice so very young with a decent cock not huge but very hard. It was a quick fuck not especially pleasing, but he maintained his erection and I knew I would have to take charge and teach him some tricks. Bret wasn’t real experienced I might have been first just not sure and too embarrassed to ask.
So we are lying in bed which faces the door and my hand is on the cock stroking slowly thinking about what to do to him it’s then that I notice the door is ajar maybe 6 inches open and I ask if he left it open, he says Joey probably opened it and watched I bet he’s jerking himself off right now! He asked if I was mad, I just laughed and got up and slipped my shirt on which only came to about an inch above belly button no bra and was reaching for my skirt when I saw a flash of more light from the door and realized Joey was indeed watching and saw me slipping on cloths and bolted. I told Bret I was going to the bathroom, he said don’t be mad continuing to say I don’t think he’s been laid yet and he was just watching. Now I was not mad, I was turn on so I didn’t bother putting on the skirt, telling Bret stay put I’ll be back and he said Joey might be playing with himself and started laughing, I wasn’t laughing I was now on the prey for another cock!
I walked out of Bret’s bedroom and turned left about 10 feet ahead was the living room with a chair beside the couch facing me and the bathroom about 5 feet toward the living room on the right. Sitting in the chair is Joey with the bong up to his lips, I stroll towards the bathroom stop and raise my shirt to flash the young man he starts coughing eyes glued to my diamond landing strip and then moving up to my firm tits as I head into the bathroom. I decide I’m going to do them both if Joey is brave enough to come and get it and I decide to make it easy for him walking out of the bathroom straight into the living room and do a bong wearing nothing at all as Joey just sits with his hand on jean covered cock. Joey just sits and stares rubbing his cock and I turn and head back to the bedroom looking back before entering the bed room without closing the door. I kneel with my right leg on the bed and my left leg stays on the floor with my ass facing the door and I proceed to suck Bret’s hard cock into my mouth. I’m up and down on the young cock and my bare naked dripping pussy is facing straight at the wide open door, Bret’s eyes are closed and he’s moaning getting very close to cumin. I can just feel Joey watching and then I hear his pants hit the floor, Bret opens his eyes real wide and gets ready to say something when I turn my head towards Joey and say do it now! Into my juicy pussy he slides, nice hard rather big cock and him and Bret are now high fiving each other as I suck Bret while Joey plows me from behind neither lasted long. The night got pretty wild after that as those two had the time of their life, I taught them a lot and they banged me silly. We fucked in the living room and they tagged teamed me in the kitchen bent over the kitchen table, they were big wrestling fans and made a big ploy of hollering next and slapping hands as they traded positions, it made me smile and even climaxed a few times. I decided they needed to fuck my tits, it was their first time I laid face up on the coffee table and I had them one at a time climb over with a leg on each side of the table and nestle their cocks between my big tits and slowly rock back and forth with me holding my tits together, they both gave me a pearl necklace and they just loved it so did I. We were fucking for a couple of hours then warmed a pizza and ate then we started fucking again, it’s amazing the staying power of young men!
After about another hour they started to slow down a bit, and then asked if they could call a friend of theirs to come over and fuck me, they said he was black and his nickname was black snake. That was getting a little too weird, not that breaking in those two wasn’t weird enough I wasn’t going to be gangbanged by any more, I did think about it (lol). I went and got in the shower it wasn’t long before Bret jumped in and when he was done Joey took his turn, I don’t think I got very clean. I dressed and headed home a short walk and a sound sleep.
What a great night it turned into as they both went above and beyond trying to service me and their cocks stayed at attention most of the night, oh young men how nice and hard! I never did either of them again I never went back over to Bret’s again, just didn’t seem right it was a special night for all why ruin it. I saw Bret a couple months later he said he had to move as the neighbors complained about the pot smell, he ask if he could come over I told him I had a new boyfriend and didn’t want to screw it up. I heard he finished college and moved away and got married and had k**s but I bet he remembers me!

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