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Friday night is friends night out night,
Six of us have always tried our best over the years after school to save at least one night a month to stay in touch so the last Friday of each month was saved for those that we're available to get together. This has been a ritual for the last several years. One member of the group was new and a close friend of one of the old group. Her name was Peggy, she didn't attend school with us but was invited into our close group. She was very quiet but smiled and laughed at all the dumb jokes, always willing to join in on anything the group came up with, she I always thought shy and insecure, she was a big girl and maybe average looking at best. As the saying goes, her personality at moments was stunning. This particular Friday night the group was going to be small and only a quick drink and chat at a local pub.

It was mid summer and very humid and steamy hot, thunder storms are forecasted before midnight. I was just leaving to meet up, cell phone rings and the group was now down to just two, myself and Peggy. Well I pulled over now not wanting to go, I knew nothing of Peggy and couldn't see this as a fun time, but I had no way of contacting her to let her know the night was off so I continued to the pub, I was happy to see she was standing just outside the door waiting for the rest of us.
A hello and I let her know that we we're the only ones tonight and that we might as well call it a night. We chatted for a moment and parted ways. I did note she didn't move to far from the building, I pulled into the next parking lot to make a call. As I chatted, I watched Peggy make her way to the corner bus stop, it was starting to rain and the threat of weather didn't make for a good time to be standing at the bus stop. I pulled around the corner and stopped at Peggie's feet, jump in your going to get soaked, she jumped in and I cleared us from waiting traffic. Did you take the bus I asked her, she was soaking wet, her large size showed even more with her dress wet and clinging to her body. She admitted her car and broke down few weeks ago and money was to tight to get it repaired and yep the bus was her new mode of transportation. We talked as I drove her home about her car, yep her repairs sounded expensive and her car was of the age it wouldn't be worth repairing, I had just purchased a new truck and was going to donate my old car to a local tech school for a tax break. The car was in good running shape and very reliable. I handed her the keys and said she was welcome to it or she can use it until she finds a better option. Sitting in front of her apartment the weather was getting far worse, lighting and thunder booming non stop.
She offered me to stay until the weather broke, as I couldn't drive in this heavy rain I accepted her offer.

Entering her apartment, minimal in every way, a couch and end table and a plant in the corner, no kitchen table, only a stool at the counter. She had a tv sitting on a stack of books. Peggy still wet from her moment at the bus stop headed into the other room to change. I pulled up a seat on her floor and turned on her tv to see what the weather was doing.
Peggy returned, smiling her smile, well how if I make us a ice tea.
Within moment of her handing me a cool glass of tea, the power went out.
We sat talking in the dark only able to see when the lighting flashed. I told her this was kinda fun and that I'm glad I showed up as I would most likely be sitting at home in the dark by myself... We laughed at with small,chatter. I asked her how she had met Jackie, and found out she moved here from out west for employment where Jackie worked, two weeks later the company closed. She had signed a lease and so she stayed and found a lesser job for now. The conversation grew to personal life and each person in the group.
Peg made a comment that stuck in my head. Having a group of friends was new to her, she because of her size was not easily accepted into friendships. She explained she was always the odd one out in any group. I asked how old she was, 33 was her reply, I Asked her about her home state and high school to pervious dating life. To my shock she said she had never been on a date or had any history with boys. I was just starting to expand the question as the power returned and lighting returned. The brightness was shocking and blinded us, we laughed again. I noted she was wearing a pull over type sundress and her body filled it, Peg has dark hair and well rounded face, that matched the rest of her. She took this moment with lights to refill our tea. I watched her has she walked away to the kitchen, yes she was a big girl and her body flexed under her taunt dress. Returning with her great signature smile, she said she was glad I was here, storms make her nervous and never liked being along during thunder and rain, halfway across the room the lights went out with a huge boom of thunder, we both let out a woop and froze.
Through the dark I hear, now that was close. I stood up and helped her find her way back, I reached for her and my tea and missed, my hand traced her arm, her skin was soft and warm. I apologized and corrected my reach for the tea, she always with a joke, trying to take advantage of a girl in the dark are you... I half laughed not sure if she was totally teasing.

I sat back down and we sat quite watching the lighting flashing, our conversation was soon back to where we were before the brief interruption of lighting. She started asking questions that I at the time were odd, but as her questions mounted, I could see where she was heading. I asked her to relax and just ask anything she may be thinking. She laughed again and said she felt like a little girl hiding in the dark with a boy and full of little girl curostity. I agreed and said we all have had that moment at one point in our younger days, nervous laughter in her voice, she said, then this is my moment. I said, here how this goes, you get to ask three questions, the first questions must be of a yes or no type question only. If you agree by asking a question, you must answer three questions and only with the truth. The next set of questions may be a short answer type question. The last set of three maybe of any type you dare, from question to challenge.
She agreed and admitted she was nervous. We used the lighting to pick who asked the first question. She won and asked the first question.

" was I enjoying the evening". Yes was my answer.
" was I enjoying her company". Yes was my answer.
" Have I played this game before" yes was my answer.
I asked,

" was she enjoying her evening" yes she replied.
" did you know my name before tonight" yes/no She had it close.
" may I ask you any question I want in the next set". Yes please she replied.

I reminded her that this was round two and the questions are more open and not restricted to yes no only. Again her laughter came through the darkness.

" did I have a girl friend". No, not in over a year.
" how long did you date her" 2years.
" did you see her naked" now I laughed and said yes.

I asked...

" have you ever had a boy friend. No
" have you ever been kissed. Yes, with the boy next door age 9
" have you ever had sex. No her voice was broken and more muffled.

Game challenge round, state your rules and limits now or play as challenged.
We both agree, no rules and play on.

" was I enjoying the game would I agree to any challenge". Yes I'm game
" was I sexually excited... Yes, laughing
" do you have a exertion ... Not fully, now nervous laughter in my voice.

I ask her if she was ready for anything I may ask. Oh yes, very excited voice.

" are you shy, she replied yes.
" are you sexually excited and thinking of me.... Pausing, yes very quite reply
" I challenge you to tell me what your thinking right now. I hear her take a deep breath and hold it, I have never seen or felt a hard erect penis and want to see what it's like.

Your turn I replied, there was a long silence, the lighting continued to flash but now more distant. I hear a low voice in the darkness ask, we agreed to no rules and that means anything ? I think so, I guess that's the rule.
She quickly says,

" challenge, take off your clothes, it's dark and I can't see much...
I agree and remove all my clothes. I can hear her move closer and the little lighting flashes confirm she has moved directly in front of me.

The thought of what is happening races through my mind. My body standing excited agrees this game has no losers.
I feel her hand touching my bare leg as it slowly moves up and a cross my thigh, her fingers exploring and taking a tight grip, I can hear her breathing and her breath on my skin. My cock excited with her playful exploring touches. After a moment I am released and she moves back.

She asked if I enjoyed her touching and was it ok... Absolutely was my reply.

I reached down and helped her up, I kissed her, her warm full lips, my hands for the first time felt the softness of such a big gals body, my hands explored around her, the dress thin and warm to my touch.
I knelt down and reached under her dress, sliding my hands up her legs, the feeling was different, her legs large and curvy, her thighs round and soft.
Reaching I could feel her full belly soft and yet still firm, heavy.
I felt her panties and started to pulling them down, she grabbed ahold of my hair, I felt her legs spread wider to allow me to continue. Her panties shuffled off to the side, I stood up and brought her brews with me, over her head and tossed away, the large warm body touching me, I was more excited then I have been in a,long time. I continued to explore her large body. Her breathing was excited and breaking. I took her hand, take me to your bed.
I watched her body lift and move as she walked. I laid her down, her knees open, her pussy was large and thick, light covering of dark pubic hair.
I ran my hands down each inside of her thighs.
My fingers open her and part my way deep inside her, she moans and her legs closed tight on my shoulders. Instantly my hand is filling with her squirting wetness... My hand move a cross her round belly, my cock hard and finding its way to enter her. My lips find Her's, she whispers, please.
I feel the warmth surrounding my cock as I slowly go deeper. Moaning she moves as I begin to stoke myself with her wet pussy. I have never been or felt the power of such a large body beneath me. My excitement exploded quickly. She laughed as she moved, taking me in her mouth. I watched in the darkness this large round body enjoying the pleasures of sex for the first time. My excited mind again, let go filling her mouth, she giggles and asked for more... She moves up and says, your not done yet... I take her lead and get behind her and between her spread legs. Such an large round ass and hips. I slide inside and between her ass cheeks. I feel her body arch and tighten, a loud moan as she releases her own orgasum...
This went on and on... She explored every thought and want until late night gave way to morning.

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