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After that afternoon’s amazing action (How Daddy Became a Bitch (1)), which came out of nowhere, I was happy to sleep inside a while, make something to eat and read, and back to bed again. I hadn’t had that much sex in years. And I needed to reflect on what had happened. First, I had sex – great sex – with someone I barely knew, a few decades younger than I. And Gary basically dominated me, even when I was fucking him. That was a bit scary, becoming someone’s bitch, and so quickly and willingly. I wasn’t sure I liked it, even if the sex was great.

My musings were calmed by the sound of a thunderstorm, with wind and rain. The sounds of the wind and of the rain hitting the steel roof were soothing, even with low rumbles of thunder. I’m not quite sure when the knock came, but it was still raining, and hard. I put on a robe, went to the door and there he was, my new twink lover Gary, soaking wet and obviously upset.

“My parents are drunk and fighting; can I come in?” There was never any question about that: of course, I was his bitch. He came in shivering and what seemed to be close to tears. I said: “Get into a hot shower, I’ll make you something warm to drink.” He was shivering so much I actually helped him out of his clothes, got the hot water running, pushed him in. Helping him undress without sex in mind was still an aesthetic experience. To me his body was almost perfect, so lean and taut. With his long hair wet, his face looked like a girl’s but his cock proclaimed his maleness.

He got out, towelled dry, and put on a robe. I brought him a hot chocolate with a little brandy, set him on the couch and took a chair opposite. He said “Please sit with me”. I did and he held my hand and began to speak in a wavering voice. Gary was having a hard time; his parents were out of control and he really needed to be away from them a lot till he went back to university. He was frank about my role in this. He wanted a Daddy not just for sex but more a safe place to hang out. It would last until he returned to college. I was a bit stunned by this, but I wanted to make it work. He seemed like a really nice young man, smart, funny and now, vulnerable. I said: “We can make this work. Tell your parents that you are doing yard work in exchange for being tutored on how to do research and how to write university papers.

Gary said: “Wow!”, and broke into a big grin. And then he kissed me. Not a ‘sex’ kiss, but a kiss of caring and friendship. He put his head on my shoulder and wrapped an arm around me. Here was a new Gary, one seeking care. I was feeling much better about this whole thing.

We zoned for a while. I was floating in a gentle sea of happiness, when I felt his lips on my chest. A wave of pleasure washed over me. I could feel my cock respond. I couldn’t believe that I was getting hard again. I’m too old for that, or so I thought. Lust works wonders. My nipples were loved, gently teased. Meanwhile his hand moved down and found my cock, which he held softly and sweetly. I was beginning to breathe harder, and to move my hips. My cock wanted action. So I was ready and willing and gasping when he went down on me, his tongue flicking my dick. But he went no further.

“Daddy, please take me to bed, please make love to me”. Lust can be tender and so I was. We walked into my bedroom. I took his robe, revealing his long lean, lithe body, showing his cock, proudly erect. This time I wanted time to get to know his cock, to become familiar with its shape and ridges and texture and taste and smell. I could see it was of good length, though not large: a slight curve up. It did appear to be thick, though, and to be ribbed with veins. I eased him down in the bed, opening his legs and lying between his thighs. For a little while, I just watched and worshipped his cock and his balls and his thick hair and his flat groin. Then I began my lovemaking with his balls. They were nice ones, droopy but full. I would later learn how to bring his pleasure by placing his balls in my mouth, but for this time, I just licked and sucked. Gary opened his legs further, raising his hips to me. I fit my hands under his buttocks, feeling the firm muscle of his ass. My lips found the base of his cock, and I gave it little kisses. Gary was sighing, not exactly moaning, more like purring. My kisses turned to licks and his purring became moaning. His first cry of pleasure came when my tongue found his noble helmet, his glans. I circled it, giving special attention to his opening, from which I would soon drink his seed.

I had so wanted for so long to take him into my mouth, to embrace him with my lips, that it was I who first moaned with pleasure as I began to take him into my mouth. Gary gasped as I took half of him in with my first push, then cried out as I took him all the way into the back of my throat swallowing to massage his tip, stroking with my tongue, and sucking on him hard. My face was prickled with the roughness of his public air my nose revelled in the smell of the sweat of his groin. When his whole body began to heave and vibrate, he began to breathe in high urgent gasps. I was in bliss myself as I prepared to savour and swallow his seed, his essence, his love.

The first pulse was plentiful, but I swallowed for the flood to come. And so it did, a steady pushing flow, my mouth was full of his cum, holding back my swallow to savour his rich taste, to relish the lush feel of his fluids, finally to fill my throat with ecstatic sips and swigs of his sperm. My lips smacked, my tongue stroked, my hands kneaded his ass and pushed him into me. Poor Gary was lost in his orgasm, eyes rolled back, body heaving, calling out “Daddy, daddy”. The whole event lasted as long as this telling, but during that time I was in another world, my senses overwhelmed with taste and smell and texture.

I pulled off his cock gently, pressing him against my face, smelling him, kissing him. I eased up on the bed with him, looked into his satiated eyes, and said “Sleep now, my boy, I’ll protect you. And I spooned against him, loving the feel of his bones and taut muscles. My hand was on his cock as we drifted off, my mostly hard cock was lovingly nestled in between his cheeks. Before I was full in sleep, he began to move against me, asking to be entered: an invitation I could hardly resist.

But I wanted to see him this time, to watch his face as I moved inside him, to soak in the lust in his eyes. So I turned his onto his back and raised his legs. This time I eased into him, his eyes widening a bit as I opened him, and then relaxing into contentment as I occupied his treasured and private space. Like a limpet, he wrapped himself around me: hands on my ass, holding me in, arms round my chest holding me down, mouth seeking mine to join there as well. We were locked together in total intimacy, total trust, also total lust. For a few wonderful minutes we rocked together, in shared silence, listening to the rain on the roof. Then a thrust from his hips, met with joy from my cock. Our dance began, slowly, but with long thrusts from me, meeting openness and need. Gary began to groan, not in any special rhythm, as I passed into orgasm. As I lunged in seeding thrusts, he called “Daddy, daddy” once again.

Finally we slept, Gary’s long body spooned around me, enveloping me. I was, for one, exhausted. One, not two. During the night, I felt Gary hard against me, his member sliding up and down my crack. My body gave no thought to this, just pushed back and opened. A minute later, I felt the tip against my hole, already taken earlier in the day. Yet I opened to him, welcoming a friend who felt just right inside me. His passage into me was slow but firm. I moaned, mostly with desire. Then he was right in me, it felt so very right. I could feel his hip bones poking the cheeks of my ass. Fuck me tender, fuck me sweet, take me to your heart. Which is what he did. I have never had such a loving and tender fuck. My hole felt so good and yet the pleasure increased with every soft stroke. By the time he was ready to climax, I was begging for a release, begging to be filled, begging to be owned. By the time his cum began to flow inside me – his inexhaustible reservoir of sperm – I was already whimpering “my, boy, my boy”. He had that wonderful vibration while he came, it was trembling but with need.

Finally, we slept, this time for real: sprawled over various parts of each other the rest of the night.

Woke to a soft kiss: “I gotta go”. Looking at me, his eyes were earnest: “Mark me; I want your teeth on me”. I had felt some pain, but some pride, in his teeth marks on me from the day before. But to bite that beautiful ass, that work of art? Hell, yes! I was ready for a savage attack, but when he turned over and showed me his beautiful tush, I wanted tenderness – but still a brutal bite. His lean and taut gluts were objects of worship, and I felt a spiritual rush as I leaned down and embraced his right cheek with my teeth. I gave I hard bite, I heard “harder”, I gave a rough bite, I heard “harder”, I let loose. I broke skin, he screamed and began to cry. I moved up his body, we embraced, and I heard “Daddy, it hurts”. “My sweet boy we are wed”. He cried and we held and stroked for a while, and then he dressed – shyly, - which was fun, blew me a kiss and was gone.

A complex love, gentle, beautiful, amazing sex, how do I avoid falling in love? He was dominant, he was submissive, he was all I could ask. But way too young for an old man.

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