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If you read part 1 and part 2 of (the neighbor needs my help) this will help you follow how we got to where part 2 ended,

First let me tell you about our old best friends from before we were all married. Her name is Sandy she is 50 years old 5' 6" tall with long red hair 34B breasts a tasty shaved little pussy and the sweetest bubble butt around. His name is Rick he is 51 years old and 225 lbs with about 6 inches and pretty small around which Sandy says works great for anal. Sandy and I where the ones always talking about sex. Lynn and Rick always seemed like they were really close so close Sandy would tell me she thought they were fucking. I did not think so because it seemed like some thing that none of us would do (oh how wrong I was). We where at their house for a barbecue and pool party around 15 years ago. After the party ended we stayed to help clean up. The k**s where at their friends house so it was just the four of us. We had all been drinking a lot. So they say we should not be driving and for us to just stay there so we all ended up back in the hot tub. The next thing I know the girls are removing there tops. So Rick and I say why not just take off your bottoms too. They tell us we should go first wrong thing to tell two horny guys so off they came. Now I never would have thought that Lynn would do it but she did. We started joking about switching partners which had never even been some thing that we had talked about. Any way after a few more drinks Sandy says okay lets go for it. So off to bed we go with each others spouses and it was great. I will write about all that as part 4. But you needed to know this because Sandy and I keep having sex for a few years without them knowing (I thought). Then Rick finds Sandy in bed with his boss and they got divorced about 3 Years later. They both got remarried not long after that and we had not seen them since. (I thought)

Back to the ending of part 2 as you know my neighbor Joan and I were having hot and heavy oral sex when my wife Lynn came walking in and joined us. I thought this was weird until I found out that she had spent last 2 days with Rick. It turns out that Joan had seen Rick at a bar one night and after a few drinks he asked how we were she told him what had happened between her and I. So the next day Rick calls Lynn and tells her they need to get together that he has something to tell her. They meet and he tells her about Joan and that Sandy had told him that I was a better fuck then him one night when they were fighting. Lynn comes home and goes straight over to Joan's house. Lynn tells Joan that she had a long talk with Rick and now knows about us playing around together. Joan tells her that we had not fucked because she did not think it was right because see is seeing Chuck and tells her about his bis cock. The next day Lynn calls Rick and tells him that she wants to get even with me and has a plan. She tells him she wants to get away with him. This works for him because he is a long haul truck driver and is gone a lot of the time. Then she goes over to Joan's and tells her to be at our house at 7pm the night before she is supposed to be home because she wants to make it look like she is catching us and what she has in mind. So as you can see I got setup good by them all.

Okay back to where we were now they stop laughing and switch places so now I am going to get what I have wanted since that first time with Joan. Now I never had intercourse with Joan so I am one happy guy. When Lynn climbs up onto my face I notice that there is cum dripping from her gapping ass. I know I did not cum in her so she must have been fucked in the ass by someone else. Joan climbs on top of me and is one tight fuck and she is really pounding up and down my rock hard cock and moaning with every thrust. Joan pounds a while longer then Lynn says lets change positions so we all pull apart and Joan gets on her back. I spread her legs and push them up for Lynn to hold while she is sitting on Joan's face. Lynn starts kissing me she is so wild that I can not believe that this is my wife. She is sticking her tongue down my throat. I reach out and grab Lynn tits and start to really squeezing and pinching her nipples this is something that she would never have let me do before. I am pounding my cock into Joan now and she is starting to squirt all over my cock. I know I will not last much longer. Next I feel Joan's finger reach up between mine on Lynn tits so I remove mine and she starts playing with them. As far as I know Lynn has never been sexual with another woman. I start to think I can not take much more of this when I scream out that I am going to cum and Lynn jumps off Joan's face. Then she tells me to put my cock in her mouth and starts to deep throat me this is all new to me she would not even kiss me after I when down on her before let alone with Joan's juices all over my cock. I hold out a little longer then get the feeling you get when you know you are about to shoot so I tell Lynn. She screams give it to me so. I start to cum and she just takes it all never let any spill out of mouth. Now you know this is something that she would never have done before. Just as I am about finished I start to shake and Joan reaches down and sticks her middle finger in my ass what a feeling to have your wife taking your cum and your neighbor with her finger up your ass. Then Lynn turns back around and sits on my face and starts to cum not quite am much as Joan has but far more then she had ever before. Joan says I think I should go now and let you two fuck your brains out. I think wow that would be different. I say lets all shower together to clean up first. We all step into the shower and I get to see my wife have her first girl on girl as they both start rubbing each other. There are hands on tits and fingers in pussies and a lot of moaning almost screaming. I am about ready to go get some of the shower toys when Lynn says lets go out to the hot tub for a while. Joan says she is going to go because she needs some rest it seems that Chuck is coming over after and she is so tired. This kind of surprised me because after the night at Rick and Sandy's she never really wanted to go play in the hot tub. I tell her okay do you want me to bring any toys with me and she says no lets just soak and talk. I start to think what she is going to tell me. I go out and start the jets and get things ready. When she comes out she has on a long T shirt and start to think if she has on her bathing suit. So pulls the shirt off and she is naked great I think. I start to kiss her and she says we need to talk. So she sits on one side and I sit on the other. She starts out telling me that she had known about Sandy and me all most from the start it seems that Sandy had told Rick that we where fucking and he was okay with it. She tells me that's why she never really wanted to have sex with me very often. It seems that her and Rick had gotten together a few times also without us knowing. Also she tells me that she had found out about Joan from Rick. She tells me she had been with Rick the last couple of days and he had fucked her in the ass and she loved it. That explains the cum dripping from her ass. I ask her how long has this been going on and she tells me for a while now and she says I just love have sex with him but its just sex. She tells me you are the only one I have ever loved. I tell her how the whole thing happen with Joan and how I great it would be for both of us to be able to play with her when ever we want. I ask her to come sit on the edge of the tub and she says no I am just too sore from every thing that happened today. So we go in and climb in bed she rolls over and kisses me goodnight and says I love you I tell her I love her also and we both fall off to sleep.

The next morning I go out to get the newspaper and see Chucks car in Joan's driveway my cock starts to twitch. I go back in and Lynn is up making us some breakfast in the nude. This is some thing I had not seen since we were first married. So I walk up behind her open the front of my robe and reach around and cup her breasts. She pushes back against me and I can feel my cock starting to rise. So I rub it up and down her crack. She asks did you sleep okay. I say great how about you. She says that it took her a while to fall a sleep because she had this idea spinning around in her head. She tells me to sit at the table because the food is ready. She goes back to our room and pulls on a short little robe with a white thong. How dose she expects me to eat when all can think about is her looking so hot and knowing that Rick filled her ass. We eat with me starring at her nipples which are sticking out like eraser. He tells me that she thinks it would be fun to have Joan and Chuck over for a little get together soon. I tell her I can not believe how she is acting. She says I thought this is what you wanted from me. I tell her I think it is great and I hope it makes her happy. She says I think I will be happy if I get to fuck Chucks big black dick. Now I have never heard her talk that way but it sounded pretty hot. I say well if that is going to be the case then you are going to have to do Joan also. She says well that might be fun. So I told her that I would ask Joan if she thought Chuck would be up for it.

Later that morning I walk over to Joan's house too ask her. She is just leaving go meet Chuck for the day. So I tell her what Lynn wanted to do and she says is Lynn sure. I say as far as I know yes. Joan says that Chuck was coming home with her tonight so she would ask him. She said she was pretty sure he would want to because what Black guy would not like to fuck some Blonde white pussy.

As the day goes by Lynn and I are busy doing things around the house. She is dressed in pair of short white shorts with thong underwear a light yellow halter top which barley hold those great tits. Every time I walk past her I have to grab a handful of her ass and give it a little squeeze. I have on shorts with no underwear or shirt so she is pinching my nipples ever time I go near her also. Around Noon time I ask her whats for lunch and she says me. We are in the kitchen now so I lift her up and set her on the table. She says you are not planning on doing anything here are you. I say oh yes where else would we have lunch. I reach up and pull down her shorts and notice that her thong is wet. I am absolutely starving and I tell her that her muff looks so tasty. I ask her why she is so wet she says I am thinking about Chucks black cock buried in me. I lift her ass up off the table and slide her thong down and off. I lift them to my nose and smell OMG they are soaked. I spread her legs then slide a chair up to the table and lower her legs onto my shoulders. She says what if some body comes to the door well I guess they will have quite the show. I start to lick up the inside of her legs she starts squeezing my head between her legs I spread her lips with my fingers and find her clit. I start to suck it and she starts to moan and buck up against my face so I take a finger and slide it up and down along her slit and she screams she is about to cum so I stick two more fingers in sure enough we have a flash flood all over the table. I can feel her muscles around my fingers now. I help her up and she goes to the bedroom to clean up. By now I am so hard it hurts so I follow her to the bedroom and push her face first on to the bed. I pull down my shorts she spreads her legs gets up on to the bed for doggie style action. Her ass is high in the air just saying come pound away. I think to myself should I fuck the pussy or the ass. I think her pussy right now maybe her ass later. As I start to enter her she pushes back against me. I look down and there is her slick little brown eye what else could I do I got my thumb wet reach down and stuck my thumb in she screams I am cumming and sure enough we have some major water works. I tell I am cumming too and start to shoot pump after pump into sweet pussy. We decided that we really need to get something done around the house so we get redressed. Now it is about 4pm and we are wondering if Joan has talked to Chuck.

Around 6pm the phone rings and I answer it and Joan says that Chuck said he would love to join us but they are not going to be around tonight. I tell her okay we will just have to do it some other time. I tell Lynn she looks a little sad so I ask her what she wants to do for her birthday next weekend she says I want a big load of black cum and maybe both of you at the same time. I tell her that I will ask Joan she can get Chuck to give you that. After dinner that night we go out to the hot tub and start to talk about how she has been acting and she says I thought that is what you wanted why else would you have been fucking Sandy and Joan. I tell her that I just needed to know if I was any good in bed and from what I have been told I guess so. She says well that is the same way I feel that is why I started fucking Rick. She tells me that he made her feel real good because his dick was smaller and it did not hurt as much. So I asked her is that why you let him fuck your ass and would not let me. She says yes but it fell so good when you did it the other night. I asked her how long did she have the load of cum in her ass and she said that they had just fucked and she had put a butt plug in to hold it just for me. She tells me that she may also want to try Joan's pussy I can fell myself starting to get erect and she reaches over and start to stroke me. I say lets go into the house and just have a nice slow fuck she gets up and we go in. we both climb in bed and I reach over and start to massage her back she says that's fells good and the next thing I know she is a sleep. I am laying there thinking if we all get together should I have Joan call Rick to see if he can come. Then we can give her a real gang bang. Next weekend could be a blast. I will keep you posted.

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