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"This is not good" I thought to myself. "Sara is not gonna like this if she catches this broad here."

I don't normally refer to women as broads, but this one had annoyed the shit out of me and I wasn't enjoying her company. :Miranda," I began, trying to frantically get her out of my apartment before she ruined my life "I've said my piece and.." Then came the knock at the door. I walked to it, silently said a prayer to a god I was sure was laughing his fool head off, and opened the door to my future girlfriend. "Hi, babe" I smiled, kissing her on the cheek. Miranda's face reddened in indignation "This is your girlfriend?" she sneered, "I want to tell you that.." Sara turned her face toward Miranda and gave her the coldest stare I've ever seen a non-gangster give another human being. Then she spoke. "Bitch. Leave." I damn near fell down in shock. Miranda looked like she wanted to argue but she instead slammed out of the apartment with such force that the windows rattled. I turned to Sara and...the smile dropped from my face. There was something completely wrong with her demeanor. She wasn't as bubbly as she was when she left. And she wouldn't look at me.

I realized where this was going but hoped against all hope I was wrong. "So," I said, forcing a false cheer into my voice "How was the great state of Failure-I mean, Florida?" Sara looked at me and I realized her eyes were glassy. I walked to my tiny bar and picked up a bottle of SoCo. "This is the brush-off, isn't it?" She put her head down. "I just feel I should give Killian another chance." I tried to make my voice calm. "This is the ex?" I poured the drink into my throat straight from the bottle-mistake, trying to be cool I started coughing and choking like it was my first hit of the 420. You idiot, I thought to myself. You let yourself get attached to this girl and this dumb bullshit happened. "Yes," she said when I finished coughing, "but put yourself in my shoes. He was the first man to make me feel desirable and like a woman." "I get all that," I said roughly, the SoCo making me sound like a Wyoming cowboy for some reason "but you told me you were going to visit your aunt. Your ex isn't your aunt unless there's some things I missed here!" Suddenly I had to know. "Were you even in Jacksonville?" Her silence said it all. What a fool I had been. I walked over to her, towering over her, leaned down, and kissed her on the cheek. "It was nice knowing you." I opened the door and stood next to it. She said to me "I really wanted a relationship with you." This was like pouring salt right into the wound. I didn't say anything as I watched her leave. I walked over to the window and stood staring out of it and drinking until the bottle was half-drained, Then I picked up the phone and called Justin. "Listen, are you doing anything Thursday?" I asked him. "Uh, I" he started to respond, but I paid him no mind "I get off work at seven-twenty six AM. Might need ya."

Of course, I wasn't actually going to work. Of my group, I was the one who never took any days off. So I made up some excuse, used three call-in days after work on Tuesday and went internet surfing.

I was a member of a Yoogoo chatroom. Basically a whole bunch of folks from different areas talk to each other and sometimes things blossom from there. I'd seen it happen many times and while sometimes relationships failed often they became solid leading to and including long-term cohabitation. (Sorry, had to talk like Jack Webb for a second.)Two of my closest friends from this chat had been together for 20 years now and still rolling strong. I logged in under my chat name and informed the folks what had happened.

(GInger loved to type in caps with pink font)

Oso5454: Yeah. Can't blame her.

That's when I noticed my private message indicator flashing.

I opened it up and saw it was from a girl I knew who lived in Vegas. I had once busted her out near the airport-long story-but had let her go. She was just an avatar of sex. Big boobs, an unparalleled ass-but I'd never seen her out of clothing. Her message:

Islandgrrl103: I'm sorry about what happened. But you'll get through it. I'm actually heading for Chicago on Wednesday night.

I perked up.

Oso5454: As in, on an airplane?

Islandgrrl103: As in currently buying tickets. I get in Thursday evening at seven. Going to a porn convention

Oso5454: I have an extra bedroom.

(Smooth, Antonio)

Islandgrrl103: Sounds lovely but I have a reservation

Oso5454: Cancel it. We'll pick you up.

"Why the fuck am I here?" Justin whined. I sighed. "Because I'll give you 45 bucks right now just to shut up."
"Let's see it." I held out my middle finger as she exited the terminal. I got out of the cab and walked over to Chyna. Jesus, was she even more lovely than I remembered. Full-figured, Hawaiian, and- of course, my kryptonite-about five-six in heels. She had to strain on her toes to kiss me on the cheek, and I felt a stirring as she did. God, I'm turning lame, I thought. Justin drove us through the streets as we chatted about nothing important and then she leaned forward. There's a rose on her fucking breast, I thought. And then I realized she noticed that I saw. And she smiled. Fuck, caught, I thought.

Justin dropped us at my apartment and I led her into the building, giving Ken a look out of the corner of my eye and a shake of my head. And then I noticed Bonds sitting in the lobby. Inwardly I sighed in frustration. "Terry, what's up?" I gestured to Chyna "This is...:" "I remember her, " he broke in "she was with that other one who beat her..."customer...with a steak mallet." "Her name is Chyna" I grunted. "What do you need?" Inwardly I began to think the Gods wanted to make sure I wasn't getting laid.

I was wrong.

Bonds looked at me and said "My apartment is being overrun by family. I need to get away. Can I use your spare bedroom?" Before I could speak, Chyna said "Yes, yes you can." I turned to look at her. Either I was being dense or she wanted to sleep in the same bed with me. But no sex, I thought.

So then later, after the three of us ate and drank and talked, she came to bed with the sheerest negligee a big girl could wear.

"You aren't making this easy on me," I muttered under my breath. I mean, this girl did have some level of weight, but it was in all the right fucking places. I had to turn my head to the window because my erection was stirring every time I looked at her. She got into bed next to me and lay on her side as I lay on my back. "Are you okay?" she asked, I pretended that i hadn't heard her. She leaned toward me just as I turned my head to speak-and our lips met. And just because the creators are cheesy bastards as soon as it happened a thunderclap sounded. It was the softest kiss i've ever had. Just lips, no tongue. I felt everything in me go blank. For about ten seconds, I felt her lips gently press mine. I tried to keep my resolve but as she snuggled against me I realized this wasn't gonna happen. "but...I...but..." I stammered weakly. Then those soft, pink lips captured mine again and I was a goner She pulled away with her eyes glazing with lust, blew her breath out in just the sexiest manner and said softly "I've wanted to do that since that day at the Microtel." This girl, I thought as my mind clouded, this girl could become--and then she kissed me again and all thoughts fled. From that point on I was on autopilot.

Though I usually slept nude, whenever I had guests I wore a t-shirt and shorts. The shirt I was wearing got ripped like I was Hulk Hogan at the Royal Rumble. It lay in tatters at the foot of the bed as I kissed her back with more urgency, my hands grabbing her massive breasts and slapping them together, feeling them crush against my hairy chest. There's no greater feeling in the world than this, I thought. She clawed my shorts off and from that moment I was naked to the world. She stripped her negligee off and stood up in the night light. I blinked. Her tits had to be at least closing in on an E-cup, her stomach while round wasn't sloppy, her legs were short but so feminine that they cried out for silk stockings, and her cock was tiny, pointing at a 35 degree angle and extending about four inches. I started to drool. That was before she leaned down and kissed me, then said "bathroom" and went in to do whatever women do in there. I watched that ass bounce as it walked into my bathroom and then looked down at my throbbing, jerking cock. "You up for it, boy?" I said to my dick. "Yep" said Bonds. I damn near jumped out of my skin. "What the fuck are you doing in here?" "Just watching." He said. He was sitting on the loveseat in the furthest corner of my room, but about to slide to the floor. He was blasted. As I watched, he passed out right in the seat. I sighed with relief as Chyna came out of the bathroom. I turned up the classical music that I'd turned on earlier to drown Bonds out and confronted the naked Rubenesque woman who immediately jumped into the bed. She moved slowly and her tiny cock brushed mine. I gasped in pleasure. This seems so weird, I thought.

It was when she began to suck my nipple that I lost the last of my resolve. I was grunting like an angry grizzly as she lightly sc****d her teeth over the nipple and took the whole thing in her mouth. "That's MY job," I said to her hoarsely. "Let's see if we have any milk in there." And I took hers in my mouth and was immediately rewarded. I removed my mouth and asked, "you're sure you're not pregnant?" She just gazed at me with hooded eyes, then took a big tit and slapped the fuck out of me with it. Damn, that was hot. She moaned as she did so, as her breasts were hugely sensitive and just that act drove the nerves crazy. She hit me again and this time she hissed as she did so, the air escaping out of her and me. She knew what she was doing to me, as I left a trail of slick precum across her stomach. I wanted to fuck her so bad I was beginning to throb. She slowly kissed down my stomach until she got to my piece. She hovered over it, breathing on it, smiling wickedly as I jerked upward, trying to get it in her mouth. I was starting to breathe heavily, but her torture was just underway. She smacked my cock to the side with the left breast, and again tried and failed to withhold the moan that escaped. Then she started beating my cock between them, raising them up and down and sliding them down my pole. As yet another river of precum began flowing toward my balls, it didn't get close; she licked straight up from the shaft and caught all of it. Then she deep throated me and I gritted my teeth and balled my fists so I wouldn't spray down her throat. Martinez ain't here with the Cialis Punch, I thought. I might only get one shot, and I want to cum in her so badly I can taste it. As if reading my mind she said "I should stop before you cum. You want to leave your babies in my fat pussy."

The fucking way she said that got me the closest I've ever come to shooting without ever doing so. I pulled out of her mouth and rolled onto my side, taking deep breaths, thinking of Weeghman Park's ivy until I could avoid fire hydranting all over my sheets. My dry cleaner would not like that, I thought. Turning back to her, I said "I'm going to do exactly that. But first I'm gonna pleasure that fat pussy."

Next thing I know that big, pillowy ass is lowering itself onto my face. She looked down at me, big tits hanging, and asked with real concern "are you okay down there?" I simply buried myself in my task. I went down hard on her ass, attacking the area around her hole but not the hole itself. She pounded her hands against my chest and pushed down harder, forcing my tongue into her ass. Her cock from what I could see was standing straight out and had even gained an inch. Her balls brushed my chin as she rode my face, and a droplet of precum landed powerfully right in the center of my chest. Guys don't usually let big girls facesit them, because there's a risk of suffocation. But her ass tasted too nice to complain, so if I was gonna check out, this was the perfect way to do so. Unfortunately I have a monster weakness: If I get facesat too long, I bust a nut. This is something I have never been able to control, and as Chyna began to play with her nipples and move her hips back and forth I realized I was going to fucking cum in about one minute if I didn't get her off me. Just before I felt my balls draw up I turned my face to the side and took a deep breath.

"Are you okay?" she asked. "You nearly made me nut," I gasped out. "That ass is magic." She laughed. "I was actually about to cum too. Guys rarely let me facesit them but it's so erotic just watching it on tape makes me shoot." I sat up and kissed her, and we shared each others tastes. Dimly I started to wonder if I was actually falling for this girl but I shoved that thought the fuck out of my mind. Not now for this bullshit, I thought. She noticed my pole was sticking straight up and looked at it, then at me. She moved onto her back and pulled her legs up. "I want to become a baby mama." she said. "I want to feel you busting in my ass." I growled at her. "And you will."

Lube both hole and prick. I take her little cock in my mouth and suck on it, not with any pressure-she'd blow and then fucking her becomes a problem-but to get that sexy moan out of her I love. Then I take a deep breath, lean forward...
and press...

and press...

and i'm in.

She is so tight I feel the grip of her cunt around the middle of my dick. Bonds stirs in the chair. I sneak a glance and he's got his fucking huge dick out. Son of a bitch! I pay him no attention and begin thrusting. She moans under me as I take a nipple in my mouth and suck some more milk out. She's pressing down, back at me, all thoughts flee as the pounding sounds becomes heard over the sweet sound of Yo-Yo Ma's cello. Bonds softly grunts toward his own orgasm, but fuck him, he doesn't get Chyna, at least not tonight. Chyna whispers to me "I want you to knock me up, doggy style." I pull out of her with some difficulty, because my balls were beginning to tingle. I dive into her from behind and begin fucking her with such abandon that we're really drowning out the Boston Pops. Slap-slap-slap-slap-the rhythm takes over the room and Chyna is yowling as she gets closer and closer. Suddenly she stops thrusting back at me and roars like a panther "I'm cumming!" and she blows her load everywhere. Pillows, sheets, blankets, from her tiny, pretty girl-dick a load worthy of a bull sprays. From behind me I hear Bonds sigh as he busts all over himself, something about t-girls just drives him nuts. Her asshole spasms and grips my cock and my eyes roll back in my head as I unleash deep in her, grunting and growling, gritting my teeth with such effort that I feel them bend. It's with such force that I can actually hear my cock blowing its payload in her. After a few seconds I pull out and, decimated, fall face down on the bed...right into one of her cum streams. I simply laugh. "Good Lord, where did you come from?" She blushed. "It's just...something about you turns me on. I've known you online for years, and always thought you had a girlfriend so were never interested, and you know, the whole nearly arresting me thing" I smiled down at her. "How come some man never snatched you up and wifed you?" Then I remembered. "Oh. Put off by that." She nodded.

"That was some mindblowing sex." she went on. "Next time I'll have to ride you til you come. I hear you like that."

Wait, I thought. Who told her that?

It was my last thought before I passed out as the rain attacked my windows.

Actually, it was my second to last thought.

My last thought was "Next time?"

End part five.

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