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Hi, I'm Sam. I'm 34, 6'1", athletic build, 165 pounds, and gay. I work for a company that puts on conferences all across the United States. I travel every week to a different city making conferences happen for different groups/companies. As such, my life is living out of a suitcase, hotel rooms, and meeting lots of interesting people. This is a TRUE story of one of the many times I've met people "out on the road"!

I was in Chicago putting on a conference dealing with the farming industry. As such, the attendees were "good ol' country boys"! Gone were the suits of some conference attendees and in there place were cowboy boots, tight fitting blue jeans, and trucker caps. I thought to myself--well I guess I won't get lucky this week as most of this crowd looks like they would rather beat up a gay guy instead of getting a blowjob by one! The week went on as usual with me setting up the resource center, vendor booths, and breakout sessions for our cowboys to attend.

However, there was this one cowboy who kept getting my attention. Brent was about my age, 6' 2", 190, and had muscles on top of muscles. You could tell he was used to manual labor and it showed! He also wore the tightest jeans that left nothing to the imagination concerning his bubble butt and massive package in the front. He wore a plaid button up with the sleeves cut off showing off massive biceps and triceps. And was obvious this boy worked outside! He was super hot! Brent kept coming by my station with question after question. At first I thought he was super needy, then I began to wonder if it was something else! I was to have a meeting with all the vendors to go over times of when the resource center was open, how shipping would work once we were done, etc. I passed out flyers to all the vendors about the meeting. When I passed by Brent's booth, he asked if I would be at the meeting that he had a couple more questions for me. I said I would be. He smiled and see "see ya then"! Was that odd? I thought to myself but decided it was nothing.

I held my meeting and then one by one everyone left except for Brent. He came up to me and said, "Sam, I have an issue with my laptop not connecting to the convention center's network. Do you mind looking at it?"

"No, I don't mind at all. Just bring it by my station and I'll see what I can do," I said.

"Well, you see it's up in my room cause I was printing some stuff out. Do you mind coming by my room to check it out?" Brent asked.

Why can't he just bring it to me I thought. But then why would I pass up a chance to go to this hot cowboy's room. "Sure, I don't mind. I've got to get back to the resource center right now. Is there a time tonight you will be around I could come look?"

"How about 7 tonight? I'll tell you what--why don't you come by around 7 and see if you can fix it and then I'll buy you supper as my way of saying thanks. What do you say?"

"Sounds good. But you don't have to get me supper." I insisted.

"We will see." Brent said with a big grin. "I'm in room 2109."

"Ok. See you at 7." I turned to leave and set an alarm on my phone for 6:45.

Th rest of my afternoon and early evening were super busy putting out issues. This vendor needed more power outlets, this ones shipping container hadn't arrived... Typical issues I deal with each and every week. It wasn't until my phone alarm went off that I honestly thought about Brent and his computer issue. I told my team I would be back after supper to help finish up any issues in the resource center and that I had to help a vendor with Internet issues. I made my way through the convention center and to the bank of elevators. I realized I had coffee breath (and nobody likes that smell) so I popped a piece of gum in my mouth as I walked to room 2109. Knock, knock, knock...

I stood in the hall waiting but no answer. Knock, knock, knock. I checked my phone--yep room 2109--I was in the right place. About that time the door opened. There stood Brent dripping wet--straight out of the shower--with just a towel wrapped around his waist. His pecs, abs, and muscles literally took my breath away. There was also a bulge right where his...

"Hey man, I'm sorry I lost track of time and was in the shower when I heard you knocking." Brent said.

I was brought back to reality! But fuck was this guy hot! But he also still gave me the vibe that he could and would kick my ass if I even thought about making a move!

"You said, um, your computer was, um, having some problems going... I mean getting online?" Shit Sam, pull it together!

"Yeah, it's over here. Come on in." Brent's wet, almost naked body led me over to the desk where he had his laptop, printer, and tons of papers s**ttered everywhere. "Here Sam, have a seat." As Brent moved some papers and items around making room for me to sit and try to figure out the issue. As I sat, I had an even better view of Brent's super thick, tight muscles as well as that bulge underneath the towel that totally had me intoxicated.

I tried to get my mind away from just staring and drooling so I went right to work on his laptop. "What is it that you do Brent?"

"I started and run an organic fertilizer company that uses zero chemicals on a farmer's crops and also introduce natural ways to fight pests and diseases. For example in the corn industry, I introduce ladybugs to the fields to fight the aphids that would otherwise destroy an entire crop instead of using chemicals."

"Very cool" I told him.

"Hey I promised you dinner for your help. But, I don't think I can go out like this so let me finish getting ready while you work." Brent went back to the bathroom to finish getting ready.

The desk was facing back into the room towards the bathroom. There was a large, full length mirror outside the bathroom to help people get ready. From the desk, I could look into that mirror and it looked right into the bathroom. Not realizing I could see him clearly, Brent didn't bother shutting the bathroom door.

It took me all of about 30 seconds to realize Brent's computer issue but there was no way I was leaving so soon. I watched in the mirror as Brent finished shaving, putting on deodorant, and fixing his hair. About that time, Brent dropped the towel that was wrapped around his waist! HOLY SHIT!!! Brent's cock was HUGE and he wasnt even hard! It had to be at least 5-6" soft! He also had the perfect V of muscles pointing straight to his cock and hung balls.

"How's it going out there?" Brent called out to me.

"Awesome! It's going great!" I replied.

My own cock was beginning to stir at just the sight of this fuckin hot cowboy! Brent then slid on some boxer briefs and came out into the room just wearing those. He didn't make a big deal out of it at all. It was just like we were in a locker room or back in the dorm in college and we were just the guys getting ready. He then slipped on some jeans and a button up shirt.

"There you go. You are all set and up and running!" I said.

"Man that's awesome. I had no clue how to get that to work." Brent said with a smile.

"Not a problem at all." I told him. "Guess I'll see you later." As I got up ready to leave.

"Are we not going to get a bite to eat?" Brent questioned.

"Oh, that's alright. It really wasn't any trouble to fix." I said.

"Still, I promised you dinner and we've both got to eat." Brent insisted.

"Well I've got to run to my room and get ready. I stink after loading in vendors and equipment all day." I was just about to suggest I meet Brent downstairs in like 15 minutes but...

"Not a problem-let me grab my shoes and I'll come with you to your room while you get ready!" Brent interrupted.

What was I supposed to say to that? "Ok" I replied.

Off we went to my room. I was staying on the same floor just on the opposite side of the hotel from Brent. As we entered my room, I told him to make himself comfortable, watch tv, whatever, while I jump in the shower. I grabbed up my clothes to take into the bathroom with me to change. Although I have a good muscular body too, I wasn't willing to "test the waters" and push my luck with someone that looked like he could kick my ass easily!!!

I went into the bathroom, stripped, and jumped in the shower. I had been soaping up my body about 3-4 minutes when the bathroom door opened and in walked Brent.

"Hey man, sorry but I gotta take a piss." He said as he whipped out his cock and began pissing. The shower curtain was the type that was clear all the way until around ones waist and then it was a little bit frosted. Brent could easily see my chest and didn't leave much to the imagination of my cock. He didn't say anything. He just finished pissing, shook his cock, and left.

"I don't want to scald you so I won't flush until you're out of the shower!" He said as he laughed leaving the bathroom.

I continued soaping up making sure my cock and ass were good and clean (I never know who I might meet later on tonight). I was washing the shampoo out of my hair. My eyes were shut tight as to not let any soap get in them. My head was under the shower head making it hard to hear. I turned around so my back was to the shower head and as I opened my eyes, there in front of me completely naked and in the shower with me was Brent!

"HOLY SHIT!!!" I screamed as I was caught off guard. "What the fuck?"

I glanced down and Brent's cock was already getting stiff. His muscles were tan and tight as water was bouncing off me on to him. My own cock now beginning to get hard.

"What are you doing Brent?" I asked very puzzled.

"You told me to get comfortable. I'm most comfortable naked. Plus I found this in your drawer." He smiled as from behind his back he brought forth my super long, black, double ended dildo!

I turned beet red. Was I supposed to act like it wasn't mine? I couldn't do that as I was rooming by myself. HELP!

By now we were both rock hard and all I could say was "You found one of my favorite toys!"

With that said, I leaned in and my lips found his as I began kissing him. Our tongues finding each other as well as my hands pinching his nipples, rubbing his rock hard pecs, abs, and ass. Without saying a word and with the warm water running over our naked bodies, I slid down his muscular body until my mouth found his rock hard cock! Getting right to business, I deep throated his 7-8" cock until his hung, hairy balls slapped against my chin!

Wih a combination of my mouth, tongue, and hand, I began blowing his cock! He moaned with excitement. His cock filled my mouth and tasted so good. He was already producing sweet precum that I licked up with the tip of my tongue. I could tell by the way he was squirming he was loving every second. Harder and faster his hips were pounding his cock down my throat. I would for sure have a bruised throat as hard and as powerful as he was ramming it in. I choked one time as I was not able to get enough air but this farmer didn't care. He wanted to use my mouth and he did.

i turned off the water from the shower as I led him out of the bathroom and on to the bed. We were dripping wet. No towels. Just 2 naked muscular bodies entangled with each other. As he threw me on the bed, he turned so that we were now in a 69 position. As I continued my quest of blowing his fuck stick, he turned so my rock hard cock slid into his waiting mouth.

FUCK!!! Oh SHIT did that feel good! We now we're both blowing each other. My hands sliding over his hairy ass cheeks. As his cock pounded my throat, I thought just how far is he willing to go? As my hands caressed his cheeks, I grabbed his cock with my hand and got 3 fingers wet with spit. As I deep throated him again, one of my fingers found his tight man pussy and slowly slid in.

"Oh fuck yeah!" I heard mumbled from Brent's mouth. Then 2. Then 3 fingers deep inside his ass. I pulled my own cock from Brent's mouth and turned his legs up so his hole was before me. My tongue began to rim his puckered pussy. Sliding the tip of my tongue in and out, I flicked and ate his ass out.

"Fuck yeah Sam! Oh yeah!" Brent panted trying to catch his breath. He was loving every minute of this! His cock was now dripping precum! "I want to fuck your ass Sam!" I licked his ass, licked the precum off his cock, and then laid on my back with my legs up almost over my head.

Brent stood over me. "Do you have some lube?"

"I do but I want it rough and hard. Just use your spit. I don't want you to make love to me. I want a rough, hard, all out FUCKING!"

Brent smiled and spit a wad in his hand and then rubbed in on my waiting ass. He then took his throbbing cock and pressed it against me. As soon as his tip passed the first muscles, he rammed the rest of his entire cock in me so hard I thought I was going to pass out!!!

HOLY SHIT! Brent fucked me so hard! I was loving every second! His cock filled my ass and felt so good balls deep inside me. We were both now sweating, kissing, and exploring each other's bodies with our hands. He grabbed my hard cock and jacked me hard. I was begging for him to keep going. Soon, I let forth more cum than I have ever shot before. It landed in my hair, on his pecs, his lips, my chest. Cum was everywhere. He leaned down to kiss me as my cum covered both of our lips. He licked the rest of my cum off of me and lick all of my cum off of him. It was super hot.

i could tell after I blew my wad he wasn't far behind me. As much as I wanted to taste his cum, I wanted him to blow his wad deep inside me. As he slapped my ass hard with his hands, he pumped his sticky, hot cum all inside my ass. I could feel each shot as it spewed from his cock. He then began going soft as his cock was pushed out of my ass. His cock was holding some of the cum inside me and now it came dribbling out my ass.

We we laid there holding each other's muscular bodies, dripping in sweat, and smelling of sex!!! We kissed each other on the lips as we again rubbed each other's pecs, abs, and ass.

"Fuck! That was hot!" Brent said.

"Yeah, you could say that again! Now what?" I asked.

"Well, I did promise you dinner." Brent laughed.

"And then..." I questioned.

"Well, the conference is until Friday and it's just Tuesday!!! Plus you didn't show me how that dildo works yet!" Brent smiled as he pulled me in for another hot kiss.


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