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One day at work, my buddy texted me after lunch and said “Meet me at your truck”

I immediately went there. He was already waiting. We got in and I said “What’s up?”

“I just fucked Nicole in her SUV and I have a bunch of cream on my dick still. Wanna smell it? And check out these panties. She had just left the gym. She said we could have a quickie fuck because she needed to shower. I swiped the panties and left her naked form the bottom down dripping with cum. Lawrence definitely saw her pussy as I got out! Anyways, she was still pretty sweaty so I didn’t even need any spit or anything to fuck her. My dick is purely sweat, pussy juice, and cum.” He said and pulled out his already re-hardening cock and handed me the panties.

I took a deep smell. They smelled fucking great. She was soaked. He told me it was spin class so her pussy was pressed to the seat the whole time. She had obviously been thinking of fucking the whole time. The crotch of the lacy black bikini bottoms was caked with layers of creamy juice. They stunk a lot. But only in the best fucking way.

I pressed the ass of the panties to my face and inhaled Nicole’s exquisite ass scent. The smell was very strong and went all the way up to the top of the back. I looked at my buddy’s cock. It had thick white cream still under the her the head of his dick. The base of his cock and his pubes were caked with Nicole’s pussy juices. He squeezed some cum out of the tip of his cock. The rest of the cum was inside of his wife. Probably leaking though her leggings all over the leather seats of her Ford Explorer. I would give anything to clean it out of her.

“Do you wanna smell it?” he repeated.

“Uh… yeah” I said. It seemed weird to smell my buddy’s dick. But since we found out that we are both hugely into dirty panties and we both think the other one’s wife is hot, we had gotten pretty close. We had met up a couple times at each other’s house and jacked off next to each other, so this seemed like the next logical step. I brought my head down near his dick and could smell the scent of Nicole’s sweaty pussy. I adjusted my dick which was throbbing after the panties, but was about to explode while sniffing my friend’s cock. I’m not gay, but I was definitely about to suck that pussy juice off of that cock. I had to taste Nicole, even if it was on a dick. Sex between them smelled amazing. Her sweat and pussy and his sweat and cum mixed together is something I could smell every day. I touched my nose to his dick and inhaled deeply. I moved up and down smelling his shaft. I made it to his balls and I could smell her ass.
“I made sure to rub my balls in her ass crack a lot for you.” He said.

I sniffed his sweaty sack that was covered in her asshole sweat. I pulled my dick out of my pants and started trailing my tongue over his balls. He didn’t stop me so I started sucking on one of them. Then both. I trailed my tongue up his shaft and under the head and licked all of Nicole’s cream out from under it. Then I took his whole dick head in my mouth. I could taste the large drop of cum that had oozed out. I sucked to get that final drop. I took another inch of him in my mouth. I started slowly taking his cock in and out of my mouth. He was moaning.

I felt my phone vibrate.

I sucked his dick a little faster. I pulled it out and sucked on his balls again. He reached over and played with my balls. I spit on his balls and watched it trickle down.

My phone vibrated again. I looked at it. It was my wife.

“Shit, it’s Beth” I said

I opened my phone to a picture of her pussy from the front. Her panties were pulled down and were obviously sweaty. The panties were pulled down into yoga pants. There was a message that said “Where r u? I’m all sweaty and ready to fuck.”

“Did Beth go with Nicole to spin class?” I asked.

“I don’t know” he said.

“She said she wants to fuck” I said

I messaged her back “Where r u?”

I kept touching his stiff cock while I waited for a response.

My phone vibrated “I’m outside of your office. Nicole just told me that she fucked Steven and I thought it sounded hot.”

“Oh shit” I said “She is out here, put your dick away” We both put our dicks away and he slid the panties into his pocket.

“You go inside and I’ll tell you when we’re done and you can come smell my dick”

“Hell yeah. Get the panties. And make sure you get the ass sweat on your balls like I did.” He said smiling.
He got out and I texted Beth back “Meet at my truck”

She pulled up a few cars away. She looked over at me through a couple cars and pulled her tits out. She lifted one and sucked the nipple. She put her tits back and got out of the car. She looked around and flashed her pussy. She looked around again and pulled her panties and pants down below her ass. She walked in front of her car and all the way to my truck like that. I rolled down the window and she said “Hey stranger. Wanna fuck?”

“I only fuck sweaty sluts” I said with a grin

“Well you’re in luck!” She declared.

I reached down and started rubbing on her pussy which was indeed sweaty. I kissed her completely forgetting that I just sucked Nicole’s pussy juice and ass sweat off of my friend’s cock.

“Look here lady. If I’m gonna lick your pussy sweat, you have to take those pants completely off.” I said

She reached down and pulled my cock out and said “I think that’s worth it.”

As she pulled her pants and panties off, I got out of my truck. I looked at her crumpled clothes with the green panties in the middle. The panties were dark with sweat. Completely bottomless, my wife bent over. What a fucking view. Her round asscheeks spread apart a little as she leaned forward and I could see her brown asshole. The folds of my wife’s asshole never ceased to amaze me. I got down and kissed her asscheeks, pausing to smell her sweaty crack. I kissed lightly between her cheeks remembering that I promised to rub my balls in her ass sweat. So I would have to refrain from licking the sweat this time.

“Take your shirt off, too” I said. She stood up and looked around. Smiling wildly, she pulled odd her spandex workout shirt. Then she pulled off her sports bra. Both were sweaty.

“This is so fucking hot” she said as she turned around and slid her tongue into my mouth. I grabbed her ass and pressed my throbbing cock into her stomach. I sucked on her tongue and then licked her lips. I licked down her chin and neck. Her neck was so salty from her workout. I continued down her damp salty chest and then to her still damp nipples. I sucked on them both hard. I kissed and licked down her stomach and started getting whiffs of her sweaty pussy. It was a strong scent that drove me wild. I couldn’t wait to taste it. I kissed slowly around her salty damp pussy lips and she started to moan. As I kissed I inhaled deeply. She lifted up her leg and rested it on the running board of my truck. As she lifted her leg, I could hear the wet sound her pussy lips made as they spread open. I slid my tongue between her pussy lips. The taste was strong. It was all of yesterday’s sweat, pee, and pussy juice along with fresh sweat and pussy juice. There is nothing like that smell. I licked around her pussy and she put her hand on the back of my head. I sucked on her clit and flicked it with my tongue. She moaned louder. I was jacking off furiously. She was about to cum. Fuck! I was supposed to get pussy juice on my cock for my friend to smell!

“Let’s fuck” I said.

“Fuck yeah…” she said breathlessly.

I stood up and she grabbed my face and kissed me hard, sticking her tongue deep into my mouth tasting her own sweaty pussy. She bent over my front seat and I could see her asshole again as her ass cheeks parted slightly. I could smell her pussy and ass scent. I grabbed my stiff cock and pressed the head against her sloppy hole. It slid right into her dripping pussy. She moaned very loudly. I slid my cock slowly in and out of her. I looked at it glisten and the creamy white pussy juice that was building up around her cunt. I sped up. She moaned more. I started fucking her harder and faster. Goddamn her pussy was wet! She started moaning louder, then screamed as she started to cum. I smacked her ass hard. I stopped fucking her mid-cum to fuck with her. Her legs were quivering. I spread her ass cheeks and her asshole was contracting. I slammed my cock back into her and she moaned loudly. I fucked her harder than before and I couldn’t believe the amount of pussy juice on my dick. She stopped moaning so loudly and reached back to pull my cock out of her. She got on her knees and started furiously sucking her copious amount of cum off of my cock. I told her I wanted to cum in her pussy. I needed that cum to stay there so my friend could taste my wife’s pussy! She laid back on my seat and I slid my cock into her hole again. She was on her back this time. Now I could rub my balls on her asshole. I started fucking her deeply. The only reason was to keep my balls pressed into her crack. Then I started fucking her harder. She started moaning again I fucked her harder and faster. She announced that she was cumming again. That made me cum. As she laid there quivering and moaning loudly, I felt my cock start to pulsate with pleasure as I started shooting a fat load into her pussy. I kept fucking until I was done and she was laying there breathless pinching her nipples. Before I pulled my cock out, I told her to try to keep my cum in her. Nonetheless, as I pulled my softening dick out, a lot of cum came flooding out next to the seat in my truck. I stood back and admired the situation. My super sweaty wife laid completely naked on my truck seat in the parking lot AT WORK. She stood up and had thick globs of cum dripping out and down her leg. I grabbed her pants and pocketed the panties. She smiled coyly “You dirty bastard” she said

I handed her the pants and her shirt. She slid the shirt back on with no sports bra. By this point, the cum had dripped thickly down to her calves. She looked down at the mess and said “Fuck it” and wiped it up with the pants but didn’t put them back on. “I’m driving home like this.”

With that, she turned around and gave me another deep wet kiss and walked back to her car. She got in and started it, waved, and drove the fuck off. I was still standing there with my wet cock out and some sweaty dirty panties in my hand.

I delicately pulled my pants up and walked back inside.

“How’s your wife?” asked a coworker and he started to snicker. It was super obvious that I just fucked my wife outside. The parking lot was about 100 yards away, but it was still obvious.

“Ha, uh… she’s fine…” I said.

I went and found my friend and closed his office door. I showed him the panties and he inhaled them deeply.

“Fuck, man. These are fucking great” he said.

“I know, check this out” and I pulled my cock out to show him the cum. He bent over and smelled all up and down my shaft. Then he grabbed my balls and smelled deeply. He then started licking my dick clean. It started to get hard. He pulled his cock out too and started jacking off. He sucked me until I was fully hard and kept going. He wasn’t cleaning off cum. He was flat-out blowing me. I knew I couldn’t cum again so quickly so I told him to let me do him first. I got on my knees and took his stiff cock into my mouth. I could still smell the pussy and sweat. The pussy juice had dried and was flaky around the base of his cock. I sucked on it and enjoyed the scent. I had only been sucking for about 45 seconds when I head him start breathing harder. I felt the first shot of cum shoot out of his cock into my mouth. I stopped sucking and jacked him off with the head still past my lips. I had never blown a guy or had a guy cum in my mouth. It tasted weird. It wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I really liked that I got him off. I didn’t know what to do with the cum. He laughed and told me to spit it in the trash.

After that, we swapped panties and went back to work. I kept reaching in my pocket and feeling Nicole’s still damp panties. After about 30 minutes, I snuck off to the bathroom and jacked off smelling them.
That was a good fucking day.

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