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Pam & BerylPam & Beryl 2I was coming up to my 18th birthday. I had visited Pam every Friday for the last 6 months and we always had a great time. We were lying in bed one night after another wonderful fuck session. Pam turned to me and said that she had mentioned our relationship to her friend Beryl. Pam and Beryl would go to bingo together every Saturday afternoon. Pam said that Beryl wanted to meet me. She asked if it was ok if she came round on my birthday weekend. I said that would be fine and the pair of us went to sleep.

I arrived at Pam's on the Friday of my birthday weekend. Pam greeted me at the door with a big hug and a kiss like always. She took my hand and led me into the living room where Beryl was sat on the sofa. Pam went off to fetch drinks and Beryl stood up to greet me. Beryl was 60 years old and had a lovely smile and was a gorgeous curvy lady. She was blond with glasses and had extremely large breasts just like Pam and a massive fuckable arse. Beryl gave me a hug and said how nice it was to meet me. I sat down on the arm chair opposite her and we began chatting. Pam entered the room with the drinks and sat down next to Beryl. After a while I was feeling quite drunk and I could tell the two ladies were also tipsy. The conversation was getting pretty rude. Pam asked me out of the blue if I'd ever seen two women kiss, I said no. Pam looked at Beryl and leaned forward and the pair of them began to French kiss passionately.

I instantly got a hard on. The two ladies kissed for a while and then Pam started to undo her blouse to reveal her massive tits. Beryl leaned forward and began to lick and suck Pam's nipple ends as Pam moaned and groaned. Pam called out to me "take your cock out and wank it darling". I didn't hesitate for a second and undid my trousers. I began wanking furiously as I watched both ladies going at it. Beryl had now taken her boobs out and Pam teased her nipple ends with her tongue. They would take it in turns kissing and then licking and sucking each others breasts. Beryl told Pam to lie back on the sofa. Pam obliged and Beryl pushed up Pam's skirt and removed her knickers. She then spread Pam's pussy lips and began to lick and finger her soaking twat. I was so turned on as I watched Beryl bring Pam off with her tongue and fingers. Pam came with an almighty roar. Beryl beckoned me over. "take your clothes off darling and come and sit with us" she said. I stripped off and went over to them. Pam was sitting one side of me and Beryl the other with my arms around them both. Pam lent in and gave me a kiss. I turned to Beryl and she leaned in, ramming her tongue down my throat. Both ladies were stroking my crank as I took turns kissing them.

Beryl sat up in front of me and pushed her gigantic baps into my face. "Suck on these darling" she said as I greedily went at her melons. Pam got off the sofa and sat down between my legs. She wrapped her saggy mammaries round my shaft and began to tit wank me. She licked my bell end as it shot out from between her humongous cleavage. I was busy with Beryls fat jubblies in my face. I had pulled her knickers to one side and I had slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt. "YES" she panted heavily as I brought her to climax. She leaned in and kissed me and whispered in my ear. "Bend me over and fuck me". She stood up and removed the rest of her clothes and bent over the sofa with her peachy bottom on full view. Pam stood to let me up, I kissed her as she positioned me behind Beryl and pushed my member into her fuck hole. I began pumping Beryl as hard as I could. Pam was behind with her arms around me and she kissed my neck and nibbled my ear as I fucked for all I was worth. Beryl moaned and groaned deeply as she came. She shuddered all over as I kept hammering away. I was close to coming and Pam could tell. "Shoot your load on us darling" she said. Pam sat down on the sofa as I pulled out of Beryls sopping wet muff. Beryl turned around and sat next to Pam. I began to rub my rod as the two ladies encouraged me. "come darling, cover us in your spunk". I cried out as hot jizz shot from my dong. I fired right in Beryls face and then Pam. Both of them loved it as I continued to shoot the rest of my hot goo over their knockers. I collapsed at the end of the sofa while both ladies licked and swallowed all of my man seed off each other.

I got up a few minutes later and sat back in the middle of the ladies. Pam noticed my rock hard manhood and said we were going upstairs. The three of us got up and made our way to the bedroom. Both ladies lay down next to each other on the bed with their beautiful mature bodies on display. I got on the bed and climbed on to Beryl. I kissed her full on the lips then made my way down her body as she kissed Pam. I got down to her beaver and finger fucked her until she came. I swapped over and got in front of Pam`s massive dripping quim. I rammed my fingers in and out of her until she climaxed, shuddering all over my finger ends.

I got up on my knees and Beryl said. "come over here and fuck these jugs of mine" cupping her magnificent bust as she said it. I made my way over and put my cock between her fat knockers and began to fuck them. She darted her tongue over my helmet as it popped out from her bosoms. Both ladies were kissing as I continued to pound away on Beryls fun bags. Pam asked "do my titties get a go too?". I got off Beryl and slapped by hard chopper in between Pam's lady lumps and continued with my tit fucking.

"I think i`m ready for another shagging" said Beryl. I removed my shaft and moved down to Beryls gaping minge. I guided my member into a her hole and began to fuck her. Pam had put her nipple end in to Beryls mouth as I pounded away. Beryl was panting with excitement as Pam positioned herself on all fours next to her. "Is it my go now?" she said. I took my dick out of Beryl and got behind and then entered Pam`s cunny. I banged away at a fast pace and Pam was loving it. As I had already come I was able to provide a much longer fuck for both of these glamorous grannies. I could feel Pam come and she drooped down in front of me. She turned her head to me and said. " Now stick it in my arse". She got up on all fours as I removed my knob. I got behind her and spread her ass cheeks with my hands. I stuck my tongue in her hole and licked all around and began probing it with my finger. I put my finger in and then gently pulled it out. Beryl came over and spat on to Pam's crack. She then sloppily sucked my pipe and guided it into Pam inch by inch. Pam groaned with delight once it was in and I started to slowly bang her old woman's derrière. Pam lent over and spat again making sure it hit my shaft as it went in and out of Pam`s jacksy. Beryl got between Pam's legs and started playing with her sopping gusset as I continued banging away.

Pam came again and Beryl got from between her legs. Beryl Stuck her rump up in the air and said "my turn now baby". Pam collapsed on the bed as I made my way over to Beryls ass hole. I licked her behind and then spat on it and stuck my finger in. I fingered her big booty and then put my cock in. I pounded away on Beryl as Pam looked over. She had her own nipple in her mouth and was playing with her gash as she watched us fucking. Beryl came with a whimpering cry and I took my pecker from out of her posterior. The ladies began kissing each other as I wanked off in front of them. They made their way down the bed and lay under me as i jerked off. I came heavily shooting my sticky hot milk all over them. They licked me clean and then each other. We made our way up the bed and fell asleep exhausted.

I got up in the morning and made my way down stairs. Pam and Beryl were in the kitchen making breakfast. "Morning gorgeous" they said. Pam made me breakfast and I sat and ate with both women. I finished my breakfast and got up to leave. I went over to Pam and kissed her on the cheek and did the same to Beryl. "As its your birthday I thought i`d give you a little treat" said Beryl and she started to undo my jeans. She took out my boner and began to suck on it greedily. She guided her lips up and down it at pace slurping and spitting as she went. It wasn't long until I was ready to explode and she knew it. "Let me have it darling" she said and I instantly spurted my liquid silk all over her face. She cleaned me off and tucked my still hard member back into my boxers and did my jeans up. "Have a lovely day birthday boy" she said, her face still covered in my semen. "i`ll see you soon" and she winked as I said bye. Pam got up and took me to the door, before she opened it she gave me a big wet kiss and a hug. "See you next Friday gorgeous" I said to her and I made my way home.

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