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We arrived with our 5th wheel camper at our destination deep in the Colorado rockies. Got it all set up and settled in with a beer on the deck while taking in the late afternoon sun as it dropped slowly behind the range.
I couldn't help but notice the 2 guys in the 5th wheel next to us. I wondered if they were solo or had their S.O.'s with them?
By the next day we realized they were here by themselves. Both were in their mid to late 20's. Had Colorado plates on the truck and appeared to be in fantastic shape.
They came up in our dinner conversation. Cassie had noticed them and commented on how "Some people had all the luck, in the looks department".
"Yep" I agreed, but they are 20 years younger, and that makes a difference"
"Hmmmm", was all I heard as she mixed her martini.
The next day I noticed one fellow messing with his water lines and offered to help. I got to know Steve and learned about his buddy Brett. Long story short, I invited them over for dinner and drinks for that evening, as the weather was turning to crap and it would be an indoor night.
We started off with beers while Cassie and I prepared some of her Stroganoff. We learned they were both unmarried and out here to do some serious mountain biking
Brett wasn't sitting on his stool 30 seconds before I spotted him stealing glances at Cassie. He caught me watching him and I just smiled and thought, "Yep, she's got a great ass"
While the sauce simmered and the noodles cooked Cassie joined us, sitting next to Steve on a bar stool at the table. She was flushed from the hot kitchen and her hair was up. Lovely as always. I noticed she was very attentive to both men, almost forgetting the dinner gently cooking 6 feet away.
Dinner went well. We had fun. Drank to much and none of us wanted the night to end, but it did. We said our goodbye's and retired for the night.
I climbed into bed and was met with a hand tugging on my balls and a sexy whisper, "I want you to fuck me", as she scrambled across the sheets and popped my dick in her mouth.
"Wow!, yeah! This is GREAT! What got you all hot to do it"?
"Mmm, hmph, mmm", was all I heard as her mouth was full.
She was aggressive, taking my whole semi erect cock deep in her mouth. That lasted about 3 seconds as my boner got rock hard and then it wouldn't all fit. I grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth as she moaned with lust. She pushed me back, climbed on top and stuffed my dick in her sopping wet pussy. Instantly, a gush of warm wetness hit my thighs and she started to ride me fast and hard, pushing down on my chest with both her hands for more leverage.
It was completely dark in the RV bedroom but in my minds eye I could visualize her head tossed back and long blonde hair bouncing with the rhythm. Her grunts of lust were coming with each thrust of her hips. Her wet pussy was gripping my dick hard. I had ahold of both her tits and was pinching and pulling on the nipples
Rarely do I see her in such an erotic state of arousal. This was just a good old fuck me session like we used to do when we were younger.
That's when it dawned on me.
Cassie was horned up about one, or both of the guys next door.
So I said, "What if Brett or Steve were in here right now?"
She moaned and doubled over to kiss me and slipped her tongue in my mouth. I sucked on it while reaching back and spreading her cheeks.
"One of them could be rimming you right now, while I hold you spread apart for him to do what ever you wanted them to do. One cock for each hole"
She sat up and started to pump furiously. Crushing my balls with each deep stroke. She was cumming hard and getting loud
I smiled to myself, "They're going to hear you next door", I whispered.
"Oh fuck, Oh fuck", she gasped cumming again. I didn't think it was possible for her cunt to grab my dick so tight as I gasped and spurted my hot jiz deep in her. I pulled slowly out and as she put her knees up I watched as about a double shot of frothy cum kept oozing out of her hot hole.

The next morning I woke up and moved to the kitchen area for some coffee. Sandy was up and cooking pancakes. The stove area has a small window and she was peering intently through it.
"Good morning", I mumbled as wrapped my arms around her.
"Hi" she said as she flipped the cakes, her eyes not leaving the window. I hunkered down a bit and could see Brett laying in lounge in his swimsuit, catching some early sun.
"What the hell?", I thought, this might be out of control. Time to see how horny she REALLY is. I stepped back and whisked her P.J. bottom down to her ankles and stuck my hand quickly between her legs. My thumb penetrated her slit with ease, as once again, she was well lubed.
    Cassie bucked a little and uttered an "Ohhh" as I hitched her little ass up and she let me diddle her while she looked out the window. It Wasn't long before she was humping my hand and squeezing it so hard between her thighs that my hand actually hurt.
Out came my thumb and hand, down went my shorts. I spread her cheeks wide, spreading her cunt open and plunged my cock in balls deep. I started piston fucking her, ramming my dick as fast as I could. The thought of last nights dried cum still in her cunt hair really drove me wild and I came hard after what seemed like 2 minutes flat.
I kept my cock in her while she stared out the window. The cum was running down her leg.
"Should I try and see if we can seduce one or both into some kinky fun?", I asked.
She turned, my wet dick falling from her hot hole. As she went to her knees she looked up at me and said "Both". Her eyes never left me as she slid my half erect, cum slicked cock into her mouth and licked me clean.
Later that day I showed her the velvet wrist cuffs I had bought. I removed her shirt and bra and put her hands behind her back and cuffed her. Gently I layed her down on the bed and removed her pants and panties. She lay there naked on the bed, protesting and asking to be let up and let go. That's when I pulled out the ankle restraints from under the mattress and strapped the anklets on her.
"I'm going next door. You might be in for a surprise. Will it be me that returns, or will it be all three of us that return?"
"No", she said, "Let me up, I'm not ready, I'm not sure I really want this"
I closed the door as I left and went next door.
Brett and Steve were doing some maintence on their bikes and as I approached they both greeted me warmly.
"Hi guys", I responded to their greetings.
"How is Cassie? Great meal and great time last night, by the way", one of them said.
I wasn't sure which one had spoken. My brain was on fire, trying to think of a way to start this conversation. It felt awkward, so I went with the direct, straight ahead option.
"Hey, umm, how would either of you like to fullfill an older womans fantasy? I hope this doesn't sound awful, but she has been talking about having sex with either or both of you. I want to help her out. She is never going to ask, so that's why I am."
The looks of astonishment as they stood there frozen with shock was both amusing and somewhat concerning. Were they dismayed by this?
"Did you just say...?" Brett's question trailed off.
"Yes, I did, in so many words. If you find her attractive, would you like to fuck my wife?", I paused.
Then added, "While I watch and also join in."
"She is handcuffed and naked, waiting on the bed. She does not know if it will be me returning to her, or one of you, or all of us. It's a surprise, all for her"
Steve dropped his tools and said, "I am going to wash this grease off of my hands and then I am going over to see naked Sandy"
"Me too!", Brett exclaimed.
"Wow! That's a relief", I said, "I wasn't sure how this would go."
"Are you k**ding?", was all that I heard
When they came back out I told them, "I will wait here about 15 mnutes and then I'll come over. The lights are off in the bedroom, and by the way, I will film some of this"
"What does she like?" Steve asked?
"No pain, just some titty pinching is about the extent of that, she does really enjoy sucking cock", I said.
"She is very vocal, you'll know if you are turning her on"
I watched as they made their way to our RV and entered quietly.
Daamn! I thought, this is going to be a long 15 minutes as I glanced at my watch.
10 minutes later I entered our RV.
It was 1pm so the skylight illuminated the RV bedroom nicely. I stood at the doorway and had a perfect view of Cassie and her two fuck toys. She was on her right side facing Brett. They were kissing, and I could see Cassie's mouth open as he darted his tongue in. Brett's hands were clamped to her tits, squeezing them. Her left leg was bent at the knee and being held up by both the men. Steve was spooning from behind his face nuzzled in at her neck, and that is when I realized he was fucking her ass. As Steve slowly withdrew his dick, Brett would slide his deep in her pussy. Their rythm was perfect and she was basically pinned by both their dicks.
Cassies's eye's were closed, her breathing was fast and she was trying to muffle her moaning and grunting but the sounds of a lust filled woman getting fucked by two huge dicks is not something you can keep quiet.
"Oh yes! Yes.Yes Yessssss!" her voice trailed upwards and ended in a squeak.
"Ohh it feels SOOOO GOOOOOOOD!" She moaned.
She tried to move with them but stopped and just let them fuck her as they pleased
two men.
Her lusty gasping moans and grunting were of course, driving me crazy with lust. Steve and Brett pumped her for a good long time and I could see she was creaming Brett's cock with pasty white cum slicking the entire length of his shaft
"I want to try your ass", Brett said as he pulled out of her. She moaned a little, already missing his big dick in her tight twat. I don't think Steve wanted to give it up, as plungged her ass a few more strokes
Steve pulled out and Sandy rolled over on her knees and thrust her ass up in the air and buried her face in a pillow.
I realized that she didn't even know I was in the bedroom! I kicked off my sandals and dropped my clothes in a heap and repositioned myself so I could get a really good look. Steve noticed me and I held my finger to my lips.
Brett positioned himself up high so we had a good look and slowly pushed into her tight little ass. She was open now, and his full 8 inches slid in up to his balls. Slowly he pulled out until the head was showing and slowly he reentered her. He did this slow fuck until Cassie reached back and stuck some fingers in her pussy and started to masterbate.
"Don't tease me, fuck me!" She gasped
Brett started to pump her faster, more of an up and down fucking due to him being so high on her. His balls would bounce off of her ass cheeks as he "bottomed out" in her asshole. Every deep bottom stroke, Sandy would squeal in delight. I was extremely turned on by this.
It wasn't long before Brett said in a throaty growl, "I'm going to cum in your ass, a BIG hot load, deep in your ass!, Fuckin aye it's a BIG load"
With that, he let out a long gutteral, pleasure groan and froze in the down position, pumping all his hot seed deep in her body. One of Cassie's feet started tapping the mattress rapidly as she went rigid and squealed in delight.
Brett was still in the throes of orgasm when Steve leaned in close to Cassie, who was still screaming in her pillow, and said, "I'm next, and your going to get another load of cum, right in your hot little ass"
She really started to wiggle then, but she was still impaled by Brett's cock and couldn't do much except finger her own cunt.
    Brett pulled out and there was almost an audible "POP" as undocked from her now pink and open asshole.
As he rolled away, Steve jumped up on the bed and prepared to fuck her ass. He reached down and stuck 4 fingers and his thumb in her wet pussy, right to the knuckles. His erect cock bobbing a bit as he stroked her
I thought, "Wow, she would never let me do that, she's totally into this"
She pushed back a little and Steve removed his semi fist and spread her cheeks and in one big stroke pushed his dick in her ass.
    Steve's dick was a bit shorter, but it was as big around as my wrist and he was using it fast and deep on her.
"Ahh, Ahh,Ahh" was all I heard Cassie gasping as he pummeled her beautiful ass.
"Fuuuuck yeah", Steve growled and fucked her harder. he went to reposition himself and I thought he was going to go for the doggy style, but he moved over her and before I knew what was happening he was facing away, towards her feet. One hand on his dick, keeping it in her ass as he continued to piston fuck her, giving us a really good view.
I got on the bed and pulled her hand away from her wet pussy and slid my knees in under her and thrust my dick up and into her hot slit. I reached back and grabbed her ankles which gave me some leverage and really thrust upwards. It was a good thing she had her face still buried in that pillow because the scream of ecstasy was so loud that you would have thought murder was being comitted.
Damn, she was wet and tight and warm and pulsating. I could feel that beer can of a dick slurping in and out of her asshole as I just sat stationary in her hotness. Without even pumping her I could already feel my balls tightening, my dick swelling to pre orgasm size. Damn! I wanted to cum in her so bad, but I really wanted my turn in her ass. So I pulled out.
    Cassie was fairly non stop screaming into her pillow.
    Steve was non-stop dipping in deep and talking dirty to her.
"Feel my balls slapping your back?"
"They're holding a gallon of hot cum and it's all going in your back door". She screamed in lust through the pillow she was chewing on.
    "Oh fuck yeah!" She said, "GIVE it to me! Cum in my ass!" she squealed into the pillow
"You like it when I spread your ass cheeks?"
"Oh you're a wild woman, I think we need to get more men over here and pull a gangbang on your tight little ass"
Her hand found her love button and she started to work it furiously.
Steve turned around and rode her high. He was able to grab her hips now and he was really giving it to her
"We should go get some more guys in this park to fuck your ass", He said again.
"Couple of construction workers across the road, three more dicks for your lovely fuck holes"
Her clit hand stopped and her scream went really high as the non stop ass pummeling made her feet start tapping the bed. I could see her body go rigid and her juicy pussy squirted to the end of the bed.
Steve slipped out of her ass, and I heard my wife say, "Nooo!"
"I'm cumming", he growled and he threw his head back and fairly howled. Then rammed his cock in her asshole as deep as he could thrust it.
Cassie reached back far, trying to grab his balls.
He may have cum for a good 30 seconds. Finally, he eased that cannon out of her now gaping asshole and fell to the side
"Holy Shit, you are one hot fucking good time", he gasped.
Before she could move I was on her and in her ass. Even with the double reaming she just went through it felt so nice and tight. No lube needed as this tunnel was well filled with cum.
I pounded her for full 30 seconds (Haha) and blew my load deep inside her. It was just to much and I couldn't hold back.
I gave her luscious ass cheek a gentle whack and climbed off her.
To my surprise Brett was ready to go and climbed aboard. This is going to take longer than she can handle, was my next thought
It wasn't long before his cock was pasty white from all the cum in her. She just kneeled there with her face in that pillow screaming with orgasmic desire while Brett rocketed another load deep in ass.
Steve was still limp and so was I.
Cassie rolled over on her back with her knees up and I watched the cum leak out of her ass while she tried to recover. I got a towel as it just kept falling out of her asshole. There eventually was a wet spot the size of a dinner plate soaked into that towel.
Steve jumped in the shower and when he was done Brett went in. Cassie wanted to go next but I talked her into waiting as I LOVED how brazenly she lay there, exposed to two men we had only known for hours.
I went in the shower which is about 3 feet from the bed. While thoroughly cleaning my limp dick I could hear Cassie's sex charged moaning with each stroke that one of the boys was putting to her. She was fucking them again! My dick was getting hard...Wow, I thought this is going to be a really fun filled week of vacation!

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