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I must say I didn’t sleep well overnight but after an early morning shower and a couple of cups of coffee I was good for the day ahead. The weather forecast was good for the weekend so another day of shorts was in order, I received a text from Alice telling me how excited Pippa was to be coming to stay and telling me that she forgot to pack her PJ’s and could I give her a T shirt to sleep in or something, I replied back telling her not to worry and that she was in good hands and that I was determined to give her a good time, Alice text back thanking me with a PS to make sure she did her homework.
I liked Alice; she was funny albeit a bit naïve but she did have a killer body which was something I was hoping to experience in the near future.

The afternoon started to drag as I sat watching TV waiting for my visitor to arrive, the house was tidy, the beds made and a nice warm breeze was flowing through the house as I had all the windows open and I just sat back enjoying a smoke thinking about the last few days and the experiences with Pip and Alice, I was chilled out nicely as finally the time arrived and I looked out of the window in anticipation to see Pippa skipping along the road, he short black pleated skirt blowing in the wind, I met her at the door and she jumped up giving me a big hug and without realising it I had my hands caressing her arse cheeks through her skirt.

I showed her into the lounge and she complimented me on how nice my house was, she put her school bag down on the sofa and kicked off her shoes and socks and sat down,
“Do you have much homework?” I asked, “Your mum said we must get that done and we don’t want to upset her, do we?” I continued and I saw her happy face turn to a frown,
“But…” she started to say before I held my finger to my mouth telling her that once it is done we can enjoy the weekend, begrudgingly she agreed and took a few books out of her bag while I popped to the kitchen getting myself a beer and Pip a soda, “Here you go girl” I said handing her the drink while I sat in my chair opposite her.

I looked across as Pippa sorted out some books onto a side table that I put in front of her and she did look good in her white shirt tucked into her black pleated skirt and the way she sat with her knees apart gave me the sweet view up her skirt and a nice glimpse of her tight white panties, I must have got lost in the moment or it was the effect of the joint I had recently smoked but I was in a daze, “Frank” Pippa said without a response from me, “FRANK” she shouted which snapped me out of it, “Oh so sorry Pip” I said apologetically looking up at her realizing that as I was staring up her skirt my cock had come to life under my shorts, Pippa looked puzzled
“Are you ok?” she asked concerned and I had to admit that I had smoked earlier and was in the zone.
“Wow! Cool” she said smiling, “Can we share one?” she asked.. “Please??” she said telling me she had never smoked before but her friend had and it was awesome which made me think how it had affected Emily in the past.

“Get your homework done first” I said and Pippa then attacked her school work with more vigour.
“Did you wash my panties yet?” she asked with a girlish giggle and I told her that I hadn’t yet as I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to wash anything else, “Shall I go change so you can wash what I have on?” she asked which would keep me busy while she did her work.
“Great idea, come on I will show you your room and gather up all the laundry” I said as I stood up and helped Pip up, “After you” I said being a gentleman and pointing to the hallway then flowed Pip up the stairs having a nice view of the back of her legs as she climbed the stairs.
“Wow” she said as we walked into Lisa’s room and she saw her few clothes laid out on the bed and pointing to the half empty basked told her to put her things in there while I got changed into my robe, I left the room and went into mine to strip off grabbing my robe and a few extra things before returning back just as Pip was buttoning up her little denim skirt.

“Wow!” I said with a smile as wide as the ocean as I looked at how this young lady was dressed, she had a small crop top which clearly showed the outline of her little bee stings and her nipples were visible, moving down to her smooth midriff, she did have a cute belly and then on down to her little denim skirt which buttoned up the front and was so short it could have been misconstrued as a belt, she looked delightful.
She handed me her shirt, skirt and panties that she had been wearing and without thinking and force of habit I held her panties up to my ace to give them a good sniff, Pippa looked at me puzzled, “WOW!” she said as if to say ‘what the fuck are you doing’ before I replied with, “Oh sorry Pip but this is how I check if they really need washing” which I think got me out of jail.
“Cool, what a great idea” she said with that girlish giggle again. I grabbed the laundry basket and we headed back downstairs.

“Finish off your work babygirl” I said as I went into the kitchen to put a wash on. Pippa returned to the lounge and got busy and grabbing another beer and soda I re-joined her sitting back in my chair being careful not to flash her as I did so but she was too engrossed in her studies.
The way she sat in her little denim skirt left absolutely nothing to the imagination as I don’t think she could sit without showing her knickers much to my delight and as she sat there with her knees about 2-3 inches apart gave me the perfect purvey view.

She looked up from her work, “I love that robe Frank, so much better than mums old thing” she said giggling and I thanked her for the compliment before she continued.. ”Do you like my outfit too?” and I had to be honest and say that she looked awesome and had to explain to her the dress code within the house was very relaxed and not to worry, “So cool” she responded before burying her head back into her books.

It was difficult watching Pip do her work and the view of her panties without getting aroused so I had to occupy myself while she finished so decided to make a few joints for the evening, its always nice to have a few pre-rolled and ready and I could see Pip keep looking up while I was doing it,
“This is your treat for finishing your work” I said with a smile but it was important that she did her studies, she looked up from her books nodding her head, “Nearly done” she said with a smile as I sat back in my chair.

Finally she was done and she punched the air excitedly as she put her books away and exhaled deeply knowing that the weekend was now her own, “Can we smoke now?” she asked and I looked across at her with a serious look on my face
“Pip” I said quite sternly, “Anything that happens this weekend MUST be a secret, you must not tell your mum” and she smiled as she looked across at me agreeing with everything I told her.
I moved across the room and got on my knees in front of her as I lit up the joint and took a deep hit and put my hand on her knee as I handed it to her telling her to take a couple of small hits as she had never done it before

She coughed and spluttered but soon got the hang of it and was quite enjoying it as we shared our first joint together.
I was still positioned at her feet watching her take deeper hits as we finished and I could see she was starting to get the giggles, “OMG” she said, “my head is spinning, this feels awesome” she said as she laid back on the sofa, “Do you like it babygirl?” I asked and her head was nodding as my hand was still on her knee, her legs parted and I was sat about a couple of feet away from her open legs getting a perfect view of her white panties.
My cock was throbbing under my thin silk robe as I looked up at her having her first high experience and I just knelt there looking up at her, I lent forward and started to undo the 4 buttons at the front of her little denim skirt, she looked down at me
“What are you doing?” she stammered with a little giggle and I had to think quick
“I learnt that you should never wear tight clothes when smoking” I said to her “And your skirt looks too tight” as I undid the last button opening her skirt and pulling it free looking down at her beautiful panties in front of me
“Oh I see” she said giggling, “Is that why you wear the robe?”
“Yes, now does that feel more comfortable” I asked her and she looked back at me nodding her head.

“Can we have another?” she asked and I found her girlish giggle was sexy and as I stood up to get another my cock was like a tent pole under my robe,
“OMG!” she said as looked straight as it with her eyes wide, “I can see why you need loose clothes” and I could see her eyes on me as I got another joint and lit it up,
“Maybe I should take it off” I suggested as I stood in front of her and handed her the smoke, she took a big hit without taking her eyes off my tent pole
“I think you will be more comfortable” she said giggling and with that she reached forward and grabbed at the tie holding in my modesty and with one quick tug my robe flew open and my cock stood out loud and proud.

Pippa froze as she looked at my throbbing manhood and although she sat on it yesterday this was the first time she had seen me naked as my robe hit the floor.
She handed back the smoke and looked up into my eyes, “Can I touch it?” she asked in a leading voice and I just nodded my head, Pippa smiled as she reached out and the feeling of her soft touch sent shockwaves through my body.

“Mmm” she said as her fingers enveloped my throbbing dick and she pulled the skin right back exposing the swollen head, she giggled as her actions released a little pre-cum out of my piss slit and she massaged the liquid into the helmet adding lubrication as she slowly wanked me.
I put my hands on top of her head pulling her close and feeling a little resistance, “Suck it” I said and she gave me a puzzled look
“Put it in your mouth” I instructed pulling her closer and as her mouth opened I inserted the head so she could get a taste, she seemed reluctant at first but as she got the taste she became more receptive and I felt her warm tongue searching around the swollen head.

“Mmm” she mumbled as she began to get into it and her other hand was now gently squeezing my balls as her cheeks concaved as she sucked. I pushed in further and felt my cock hit the back of her throat which caused her to cough and splutter a bit but she was keen to see the job out as her head bobbed up and down, my knees began to tremble as I knew I was close,
“When I cum you must swallow it, it’s full of vitamins and good for you” I said in a soft voice and her head nodded which only enhanced the pleasure running through my body.

With one hand gently squeezing my balls and the other wrapped around the base milking me I could feel my balls start to tighten and I held her head tight as my cock started to pulsate, “OMG!, YESS!” I shouted as I felt my hot ejaculate shoot into her mouth, she was a bit surprised but frantically tried to swallow the hot load being pumped down her throat, “Mmm” she mumbled looking up at me as she sucked every last drop out of me.

As I pulled my softening cock out of her mouth I could see her licking her lips not wanting to lose any of my man juice, “OMG Frank, that tastes so good” as a wide smile appeared on her face, “Did I do good?” she asked looking for reassurance, I smiled down at her stroking her short hair, “Yes Babygirl, you did great” and she wrapped her arms around my waist pulling me close for a hug forcing my limp cock against her face.

It was getting late so I suggested that it was bedtime and promised her that tomorrow I would take her to town and buy her some clothes, she was excited at that as she told me her mum couldn’t afford much.
As I followed her up the stairs in just her panties and top she gave her arse a little wiggle knowing I was behind her and I showed her into Lisa’s room.
I gave her one of my old tee shirts to sleep in and was surprised as she took her top off right in front of me and I could see her little nipples were a little hard and she pulled on the shirt, she laughed as she looked in the mirror as it was a bit big and looked like a baggy dress.
I pulled back the thin cover and she climbed into bed and I lent over her to give her a kiss goodnight, our lips met and I was pleasantly surprised at how soft he lips were.
“Goodnight Babygirl” I said with a smile, “Goodnight Frank” she said and I left the night light on and went back downstairs and grabbed another beer before I retired myself.

To Be Continued….

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