The Cock-Sucking Chronicles - The Beginning / page: 88 - Erotic story Collection

Hello, dear Reader.
I am an addict. I'm not looking for sympathy, it really is no big deal, I have come to terms with and totally accepted it. I don't hurt anyone and, in fact, by its very nature, my addiction has brought pleasure to very many men. It's a fact that it's possible for anyone to become addicted to anything. Apart from the very obvious and easy to name addictions, like gambling, alcohol and narcotics, there are other less obvious addictions which are equally as demanding on the addict. Like exercise, shopping, pornography or even regular TV shows.
Still with me? I do hope so...
I am addicted to something a little harder to get. I have to have semen, every day, if I can. I love it. I really can't get enough of it. Now, that doesn't mean I take it on my cereal in the morning, no. I have to have my fix of man milk pumped fresh from the factory, so to speak. So, by default, I have also become addicted to sucking cock. And I love that, too. There's nothing quite like the sensation of a nice hot cock pushing your lips to and fro as it slips in and out of your mouth. Delicious! I mean, seriously, what's not to like? Fat cock, thin cock, circumcised or un-cut cock, shaved or hirsute, old or young, large and small, I've taken them all to paradise, and the back of my throat!
So, there, I have said it and I feel better for it. I love cock. However, it is one of the sad tragedies of our society that too many men are still forced to live double lives; many will not even acknowledge their secret cravings, even to themselves. This lack of honesty leads to nothing but hardship and anguish as they try to suppress what lies in the deepest darkest recesses of their souls. Some will even marry and go so far as to father c***dren in a desperate and slightly pathetic attempt to prove to themselves, and the world at large, that they are in fact not in the least bit attracted to other men. And definitely have no interest whatsoever in their naked bodies. Or their penises. Or sperm.
They may fantasise when they are alone and they may even go so far as to covertly masturbate to gay and bi sexual pornography but they will never admit to themselves that they are hungry for cock. "Mutual masturbation is in no way gay," I was once told. "Sure, I've tried sucking cock, but only my own!" he jested as I opened my mouth and him to a whole new world. I have lost count of the number of so called 'straight' cock I have sucked. I mean, seriously, most married men are about five pints and a darkened room away from letting you drain their balls. Quite a few have even reciprocated but most just wipe their bell ends and sheepishly leave. In all truth, I would say that almost every man has at one time in his life tried to suck his own cock, and I daresay more than a few have managed to suck seed! And, it really is a very small step from the enthusiastic and passionate teenage efforts at sucking your own, to working another's around your mouth with your tongue. And, beside it putting much less strain on your back, no woman will suck the sperm from your balls like a cum hungry man does.
As no doubt you have already gathered, I have never been bothered by the cosmetic considerations of conventional society. I have known since my earliest sexual awakenings that I was much more interested in my own sex. Even as a pre pubescent, I would play Army Doctors, specialising in healing the wounded in our c***dish war games. The treatment always involved removing all the patients clothes, because that's what doctors did, but as our balls dropped in early adolescence, so my curiosity rose. The cure always involved a little peck on the rapidly developing penis, because that's what doctors did when you were well. It didn't feel dirty to me, it felt perfectly natural. I remember being fascinated by the tiny tufts of downy hair sprouting just above our rapidly developing sex organs. I became acutely aware of the shapes of other peoples bottoms. However, gradually, one after another, my Little Army began to disband and I was left alone to ponder what I had done wrong. Deep down, I think that we all knew that we were being slightly risqué, that something special was happening to our bodies and that there was a little more to our play than simple fun and games; I think we knew that it wasn't entirely innocent because we always played away from the interfering attentions of our parents and other adults, and even once or twice with the lights off due to enemy shelling. Still, it was just fun for us.
Then, things moved on a pace, biologically speaking. One summer evening, I was sitting in the bath and, with there being nothing better to do, I was giving myself an extra special wash down below, so to speak. The more I rubbed, the better my cock felt. The better my cock felt, the more I rubbed. This is wonderful, I thought. I had never felt my cock so hard before and then quite suddenly, a thick white cloud was released from the tip of my penis and began to disperse through the water in milky clouds and tendrils. I thought that my cock was broken but I knew that nothing that bad could feel that good! Instinctively I knew that I should tell no one about this.
I became, like all teenage boys, an avid masturbator. However, even in my earliest hunts for wanking material, I noticed that I would flick quickly through the female sections of my mother's mail order catalogues, with barely a glance at the knickers, bikinis and lingerie, but would linger over the rippling torsos and oiled muscles of the male models in their Speedos and briefs, shorts and trunks. My eye would unfailingly pick out the mysterious swelling at the top of their carved well defined thighs, trying in vain to discern the outline of cock and balls. I became something of a connoisseur of male tummy and chest musculature and the sight of a well oiled torso would inevitably make me hard , and still does in fact. My hand would frequently gravitate furtively to my juvenile boner, pulling at my pudenda until my fingers became sticky with semen. I became fascinated by the volleys of creamy white fluid I could shoot from my cock, was thrilled when they landed on my chest. Occasionally, a few drops would make it as far as my enraptured face and I fell in love with the heady aroma. I had no concept of gay or straight at the time I just knew that I loved what I was doing and couldn't leave it alone! And so the years of earliest pubescence and sexual awakening passed.
By my mid teens, I did what I was expected to do and began to collect a certain amount of unsatisfactory sexual encounters with my female contemporaries. Kissing in the dark they could make me hard but in plain view, I always thought their pussy looked so painful, like a raw wound or some kind of failed surgery. I was physically repelled. And they smelled funny, too! Strangely, though, the less interest I showed in them, the more interested they became in me until one afternoon, a particularly adventurous young teen bravely took my cock into her mouth. I have no idea to this day where she got the idea from and all I could focus on at the time were the rows of sharp looking metal studs straightening her teeth. However, my fears were mercifully brief because, hardly had she begun to move her lips when I lost control, crying out and overwhelming her sweet mouth with what to her must have seemed like a mouth full of cock snot! Gagging, with tears in her eyes and a hand over her mouth, she jumped up and fled, leaving splashes of semen trailing in her wake. God knows, Dear Reader, what her parents must have thought that day when their daughter dashed through the front door, her clothing dishevelled, bra hanging loosely and her chin streaked with sperm I can only assume that they never knew but all I could think of at the time was, 'I wish that was my mouth.' I kept her knickers and I often wonder to this day whether or not she still gives head. I have no doubt that she remembers me!
I began to amass a small collection of gay pornography, which was much harder to come by in those days before the internet. I began to cut up my underwear to make posing pouches and thongs. I began to develop a keen interest in sports but, needless to say, not for the competitive aspect. I began to watch myself in the bathroom mirror as I showered, turning my back so that I could admire my smooth hairless bum. I would stand masturbating in front of the full length mirror in my parents bedroom imagining that the jets of hot semen were spraying form another boy's cock and splashing over my belly. I took to being naked as often as I could, sometimes even running naked at night through the open fields at the back of our house, secretly hoping that someone somewhere would see me and desire me. I was getting quite desperate, as you can imagine.
And then I noticed one class mate in particular. He was blonde, a little chubby perhaps but he had a fantastic looking arse. I began to fantasise about him regularly. I want to bum him so badly. I wanted him to bum me. I wanted to see him naked. But most of all, I wanted to touch his cock. I wanted to hold it and kiss it and make him cum, I knew I could do a better job than that silly little girl last summer. I began to obsess about him, waiting outside the school gates, following him home, still too scared to reveal myself to him in case I was rejected and then my secret would be out! So, you can imagine the mixed feelings I had when I moved to my senior school and was asked after our first games lesson to shower with the other boys in the communal showers. I was thrilled at the prospect of being surrounded by all that naked male flesh but simultaneously terrified at the prospect of revealing my homosexual desires in public. In short, I was petrified that I would get hard in front of everyone.
The washing area was just a large tiled room with chrome shower heads suspended from the ceiling, flow and temperature controls set into the wall, and small metal baskets for soap. The room quickly filled with steam and horse play, youthful testosterone and wet soapy flesh. And then the inevitable erection. Fortunately, it wasn't mine. Incredibly, it was the captain of the School Football Team. He just stood there, hands on hips, grinning as his cock towered in front of him as if pulled toward his chin by some invisible wire! I stole a sly glance, quickly committing every detail to memory: his thick wiry pubes glossy and lank with water, the heavy pendulous balls hanging defiantly at the base of his vein laced shaft, his foreskin struggling to retain the blood flushed tip. As I soaked up the sight, my own penis inevitably began to stiffen and rise and I made a swift exit as he began to intimidate those who dared to stay or were too blinded by soap to see.
I quickly found my locker and stood facing the wall as I towelled off just sufficient water to allow me to get my clothes on. Throwing my kit bag over my shoulder, I turned in the hope of catching a surreptitious eyeful and almost crashed into Mr Masters (Seriously!) on his way in to investigate the ruckus. I made my apologies and squirmed past him as he strode bellowing into the changing rooms, immediately assuming control of the situation. Confident that no one else was around, I stared openly at his loose and skimpy running shorts, his far too tight t-shirt and, as he sashayed away from me, strong calves pumping, I sighed, much louder than I had intended.
That afternoon, I practically sprinted all the way home. Shouting a quick hello to my parents, I ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time, dropped my bags on my bed and rushed into the bathroom. I switched on the shower, stripped quickly and urgently masturbated as if my life depended on it. The cum was spraying over my flat belly and up my chest in thick creamy gouts in no time at all. I rubbed my inflamed tip across the fragrant mess, smearing the rapidly cooling goo through the thin line of hairs that had began marching up from my pubes to my belly button. I didn't like them at all and determined to shave them off. But first, just a little taste. I dipped my finger into the creamy white pool and scooped a little juice into my mouth. That, Dear Reader, was my first taste of cum. Salty. Bitter sweet. Burning the back of my throat as it slid down. And utterly intoxicating. I knew I wanted more. I lay on the bathroom floor, scooping up every drop and licking my fingers clean. I was instantly curious about the taste of every other boys cum.
The following two years passed in an agony of yearning and furtive glances, speculative smiles and misunderstandings. I was quite badly beaten once by some a****l who had been consumed by a fit of guilt after facing up to his own desires. He agreed to meet me one night in a parking lot at the back of a run down shopping arcade. Behind the bins, he pulled down my jeans and underpants, his rough hands kneading my hips and bum cheeks, his breath hot on my neck and stinking of booze. I could hear him unzipping, pulling out his cock as he bent me over a phallic like bollard. I can't remember what I said but the next thing I knew I was on the concrete floor with a lump on the head, a bleeding lip and a swelling eye. He slurred all the usual names, spat on me and stormed off, probably to fuck his wife, I guess. Or beat her.
But then, in my final year of school, I found what I had been searching for all this time. Towards the end of my senior years I had taken an enthusiastic interest in PE and I was slowly developing a fairly ok physique (those catalogue hunks have a lot to answer for, Dear Reader!). I was still careful not to expose my lusts and made sure that I was always the last one off the playing field and into the change room. More often than not, I would take shelter in a toilet and peak through the gap at the hinge, secretly masturbating as the others stripped, dried and dressed again. I would wait until the rest of the class had all filed out and then, I would then slip quietly into the shower room and do what I had to do before quickly dressing and getting out of there. However, on this particular occasion, it turned out that I was not as alone as I thought I was.
I slipped out of my shorts and sweat soaked top, tearing off my socks and pulling down my briefs; I hated wearing those ball constricting things and with one foot, I flicked them into the air, catching them deftly in one hand while flamboyantly re arranging my cock and balls. I loved the freedom of being naked in a relatively public place and, assured of my solitude, I began to hum softly to myself as I ambled into the shower room. A thin cloud of steam lingered from the earlier showers and a thin patina of moisture clung to the walls, trickling down the tiles in tiny glassy rivulets. The floor was still very wet and I had to brace myself against the wall to prevent myself slipping. Isolated pools of soap lingered in patches, flowing slowly towards the central drain. I chose my usual shower, in the corner of the room and, standing as far back as I could, I bent over and carefully switched on the water, adjusting the flow of hot and cold until I got the temperature just right.
I closed my eyes and took the full force in my face. Shaking the water from my eyes, I began to lather up my chest, my arms and legs. With no other shower running, the water flew from the head in a powerful torrent and I luxuriated in the energy of it. I always like to step out from the flow of water and give myself a good lathering until the soap covers my skin, very thick and white. I like to caress every inch of my body but inevitably, I am drawn to my cock, like all men of that age, I guess. Even today, I always spend a good amount of time washing beneath my foreskin, I guess it's become something of a habit that I picked up from my youth and well, if something feels that good, then why not?
"I've seen you watch me play."
I jumped, and my stomach lurched. Absorbed in my ablutions and tentative masturbation, I hadn't noticed my voyeur arriving. He stood in the opening, casually leaning against the wall, in his school uniform. I suddenly felt very exposed and more than a little afraid. Stevo was his name, I recognised him from the senior school Rugby Team, he was in the Sixth Form and studying for his A Levels. I was wondering, was this it? Did he want me? Or were his pals waiting out of sight and this was going to be another kicking?
"Did you like what you saw?" he asked, standing up straight and staring openly at my naked form. I could picture him in his tight little rugby shorts, his legs bulging, streaked with mud and grass stains.
I was speechless. What could I say? There was a very awkward silence between us, punctuated only by the hiss of the shower; apart from the water splashing against the tiles, all was still. I stared back at him and, even though I was extremely conscious of trying to maintaining eye contact, I couldn't help my gaze automatically glancing down to his crotch. With a jolt I realised that I had just sub consciously checked out his bulging trousers, he was very clearly very erect. I snatched my line of sight back up to his face.
"Mind if I join you?" he purred, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. He boldly stepped onto the tiles and began to make his way very deliberately across the wet floor.
"Your uniform-"
"Perhaps you could help me with that?"
My heart was racing. I felt an indescribable excitement, a powerful consuming desire. I almost fled. I hesitated, naked and wet. He must have sensed my mounting fear and quickly closed the distance between us. In an instant he was pushing me under the cascading water and pressing his lips to mine. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth to his probing tongue. I gasped, almost a squeak in fact, as he took a firm hold of my stiffening penis and pushed me up against the wall, his fist closing around my shaft. His uniform clung wetly to his oh so masculine frame as we stood in a pool of soapy water. My arms hung limply at my side as he expertly worked on my penis. He drew out my erection like a potter building a tall vase. It took about ten seconds.
"I'm going to show you what I want you to do next," and again he smiled.
I shuddered as he began kissing my neck, my shoulders, my chest. I cried out as he took my nipple between his teeth, nibbling gently and sucking hard. My mind was racing. Was he really going to do what I thought he was going to do? What I hoped he would do! Or would he stop before my satisfaction?
His long fingers raked my flanks as his head dropped over my torso, licking, kissing, biting. My cock ached like never before, throbbing like an electric pylon. And then he touched it with his face. I shuddered. All the time he was drawing closer I was thinking, so this is it, I am going to loose my virginity at school and in the boys showers. And suddenly I was in his mouth, and it felt wonderful! No drama, no fuss, no guilt or judgement. I thought that I might swoon. I had to brace myself on his head, his shoulders, the wall. I could feel my knees trembling as I perched on the balls of my toes. My orgasm was building fast, mounting with each masterful thrust of his head. Sensing my excitement, he began to moan lasciviously, the vibrations stimulating my cock even further as his eyes encouraged me to empty my balls into his mouth.
"Ahem!" a deep, soft and distinctly adult voice reverberated around the room.
My cock slipped free with a very loud pop!
"A little after class mouth gymnastics, is it, boys?" Mr Masters stood frowning, wreathed in steam like some kind of vengeful Roman God. "Well? What have you to say for yourselves?"
What could we say? This was one situation that it was going to be impossible to talk our way out of. Stevo climbed a little awkwardly to his feet, wiping and cocktail of pre cum and saliva from his lips and chin. We both stood there, heads bowed. I cupped my cock in my hands, to hide my shame.
"Hands by your side, Jenkins!"
Reluctantly, I let my hands drop. My cock was still fully engorged and, even though I was assiduously avoiding eye contact with the Teacher, I was sure that I saw him checking out my erection. Did that really just happen, I wondered, not daring to lift my head.
"I was sucking off Jenkin's, Sir!"
I almost choked. It was a bold comment and no mistake and it certainly seemed to put Masters on the back foot for a moment. I actually felt my jaw drop as the words echoed off the slick tiles and, as I stood there with my penis growing more flaccid by the second, I actually thought that I may laugh out loud!
"Well, I could see that." The comment was made so matter-of-fact that I began to wonder just how long he had been standing there, watching us. "And a damn fine blow-job you seemed to be giving him, too." I couldn't believe my ears. "Quit gaping, Jenkins and close your mouth, boy, before someone puts their dick in there."
This time I couldn't contain my gasp. I looked across to Stevo as he stood by my side grinning with a devilish look in his eyes. I dared a quick glance over at Mr Masters. His erection was obvious.
"Oh my days," I whispered, half to myself and half to the room.
"Exactly, Jenkyns. And what do you propose we do now?"
The shower hissed, the water splashed over the wet tiles.
"Dunno, Sir," I mumbled.
"Well, it seems to me that you owe young Stephenson here a blowjob, don't you think?"
My cock gave a little twinge. He hadn't finished me off, so, by my reckoning, he hadn't finished the job, but I wasn't about to debate semantics, my Exquisitely Hard Reader. Oh how I wish I could see your cock right now. And so, on with my memoirs. Here I was, standing utterly naked, my cock still wet with saliva, fully engorged in front of a teacher whom I had nurtured a crush on for many, many months, the source of much masturbatory material, in fact, and here he was all but ordering me to perform the one sexual act I had been longing to enact for as long as I could remember. Oh my days, indeed!
"Ye-y-yes, Sir," I stammered, turning to face Stevo. "I've never done this before."
"We know," they said in unison. Mr Masters winked at me and pulled his vest top up and over his neatly cropped head. Perfect! His chest and abdominal muscles looked as if they had been carved out of ancient English Oak. I couldn't help but stare and as I stared, he kicked off his shoes and socks and stepped into the mist. I was hypnotised by his flexing musculature and I couldn't take my eyes of the pole that was straining against his skimpy running shorts as he made his way towards the pair of us.
"This is a big day for you, Jenkins," he whispered in my ear. "I've been watching you for a long time now and I know what you want." He was circling me, whispering in one ear then the next, caressing my shoulders, smoothing the hair from my face. "I know how lonely you are and how you lie awake at night dreaming of other the boys; how you lust after their bodies." My chest was heaving as I listened to his deep warm voice. His breath was hot and minty on my face, his caress firm and authoritative. Chills ran up and down my body as he breathed his lust into my ear. "I can see you want me," he sighed, openly staring at my erection, "Don't you?"
"Yes, Sir," I declared with conviction, looking into his bright blue eyes.
He kissed the back of my neck, caressing my hips, working his fingers over my firm wet bum cheeks. "Tell me how you want my cock," he purred; I paused. "Say it," he insisted.
"I want your cock, Sir," I complied.
"You want to suck cock, don't you, boy?"
I was his; at that moment, he could have asked anything of me and I would have given it freely and without reservation.
"Yessir, I want to suck cock." I was so excited by this filthy exchange, so thrilled at the host of rules we were breaking.
"Good. We've been waiting for you." And with that, he increased the pressure on my shoulders, pushing my head down to waist height. I held his gaze until I was settled on my knees, Stevo towering above me. I paused for a moment, breathing deeply and salivating at the prospect before me.
"Do it," encouraged Masters, "suck his cock, you're going to love it!"
I reached out and traced the outline of Stevo's erect penis with my finger, my head tilted coquettishly to one side. I could feel his heat through the thin wet material of his black school uniform. Shuffling a little closer, I began to work my teeth up and down his shaft as Mr Masters circled us like some sexual Socrates.
"Oh, that's good," he enthused. "Tease him, boy. Take your time. Let his balls fill up for you."
My heart skipped a beat when I thought about his semen pulsing up his pole and filling my mouth. I sighed heavily, letting my hot breath flow through the cheap material of his trousers and over his erection. The cock that was to deflower my mouth felt so very much larger between my lips than it had beneath my probing fingers. And so much hotter.
I was rather impressed with myself when I managed to grip the zip below his belt buckle with my teeth and slowly peeled open his trousers. Inside, I could see a flash of white cotton underwear which I explored for a while with my tongue, rather like licking a ladies pussy, I thought at the time. As I buried my face in his crotch, I reached up with both hands and set to work unbuckling his cloth belt. It came away easily, much more easily than I had anticipated. I sat back on my heels to better admire the view.
Mr Masters continued to circle us but I noticed that he had slipped a hand into his shorts and was lazily rubbing at his prick as he watched the show. Stevo stepped easily from his trousers and kicked them back into the change room. I reached up under his shirt, caressing his belly, hips and chest, raking my nails over his firm flesh. The wet cotton felt glorious against my forearms. I stooped and took the elasticated waistband at the top of his underpants between my teeth, and as I pulled the cotton away from his tummy, his cock sprang up like a Jack-in-aBox. I smiled and taking great care to avoid his erection, I began to blow hot breathy kisses over his hips, his belly and his inner thighs.
I crept slowly up the front of his body undoing the buttons on his grubby white shirt, one at a time before pushing it over his shoulders and letting it drop to the floor. He had a much more muscular physique than I and I felt a little inadequate as I stared at his rapidly developing chest with its sparse covering of pale blonde hairs, the deep brown and wide areola fencing off his erect nipples like the boundaries to a playing field. In a few more years he could have a body like Mr Masters. I pressed my lips to his. Our tongues writhed over one another in a passionate embrace and as he ran his strong fingers through my hair, he gently but firmly began to push down on the top of my head. I had hooked my thumbs under the elastic at the back of his underpants so, as he guided my head down his torso, I was able to smoothly ease them over his pert round buttocks and down his thighs, all the while my tongue dancing lightly across his firm young flesh.
He was all but naked now, with only his underpants remaining wrapped around his knees. I was exhilarated to think that I had just stripped another boy and I sat back on my heels to admire his body. Seriously, what am I talking about, Dear Reader? I sat back because I wanted a good long look at his big hard cock! And what a cock, a fine specimen of the engorged male sex organ, standing steel stiff and upright like a skysc****r towering in front of his tummy, the way only an inflamed teenage cock can. His balls nestled neatly at the base of his erection, forming the perfect foundation for his pole, the perfect accommodation for the millions of sperm housed there, like tiny soldiers in their barracks. These structures certainly looked over-crowded, fully laden with sperm, hanging heavily, drawing the nut sack skin into a perfect peach, clearly defining each testicle within. A s**ttering of pale blonde pubes criss crossing the walnut like skin, like a skeletal Jackson Pollock sketch.
I bit my bottom lip and coyly looked up into his eyes. He smiled down at me and stepped out of his redundant underwear. I licked my lips. He inched forward, fractionally. The movement would have been almost imperceptible had it not been for the slight swaying of his shaft. My tummy was a mass of butterflies that swarmed and twisted in my stomach in an improbable and dizzying display of intestinal aerobatics. My fingers tingled. I took hold of his hips and pulled him toward me. His cock was millimetres from my mouth. I could feel his heat on my face, smell his pheromone laden scent. I planted a tentative kiss on his balls and dragged my tongue over the cool skin.
Above me he gasped as I gently eased first one ball and then the other into my mouth. Cautiously, I sucked. He moaned his approval. Emboldened, I began to raise my head, and slowly creep up the front of his shaft. I flicked my tongue quickly from side to side, dancing up and down the broad powerful spunk tube. With my hands, I caressed his body while, with my tongue I washed his cock with my spit; as I rose up his shaft, so my excitement rose, too.
I raised myself as tall as I could while remaining on my knees and looked down at the top of his shaft. I remember feeling very satisfied with myself as I stared down into the pool of pre cum which had gathered like a crater lake in the folds of his foreskin; clearly I was doing something right and I thrilled to think that I had made that happen! But the real prize lay at the bottom of this sparkling lake. My heart pounded in my chest as I gazed down at the florid purple flesh glistening seductively on the lake floor, like an elusive mermaid. His scent was intoxicating.
I became aware of Mr Masters crouching down beside me, so close I could feel his breath on my face. He had shed his running shorts and was displaying the longest, fattest cock I had ever seen. Entirely smooth and hairless, he looked perfect. I mean, he was born for pornography! From balls to tip it must have measured at least ten inches, and very probably quite a lot more. At least two and a half inches wide at the base, you were going to know when he was balls deep, that was for sure. Gently, he placed a hand on the back of my head. He didn't force me, but he wouldn't let me withdraw either. I held out my tongue and like a nervous bather, I dipped into the warm pool of lust. At first, I could taste nothing but I was aware of an intense heat radiating from his glans. And then, very gradually, a subtle piquancy began to fill my mouth, a delightful salty sweetness spreading luxuriantly over my tongue, like a shadow, soft, silent, seductive. I doubted my senses for a moment and once again, I dipped my tongue into this wondrous pool. There was no hesitancy this time and as I began to lap languorously at his sweet juices, drawing out thin threads of pleasure which sparkled delicately between tongue and phallus, I could see Mr Masters smiling indulgently at my effort.
More. I must have more! And with that, I dived in, abandoning all reservations, leaving behind any doubt that I was born to suck cock. I opened my mouth as if for a dentist, and lowered my head over his penis. I held his foreskin in place with one hand and took the entire glans into my mouth before wrapping my lips around his shaft and sealing him in my warm wet embrace. His soft cock skin filled my mouth and beneath my fingers I could feel the irrepressible pulse of his heart as it pumped his erection sustaining blood into his penis. Slowly, as slow as I could possibly go, I began to peel back the skin covering the head of his cock. Like a Bishop lowering his cowl, I let his foreskin drop, gradually revealing the hidden face of his cock. Pre cum spilled freely over my eager tongue and I luxuriated in the wonderfully delicious flavours and aromas.
I swallowed hard and as his salty sweet juice trickled down my throat, I made a tight seal around his shaft and slowly withdrew, letting my lips slip wetly over the hot velvety skin. I kept them pursed tightly shut savouring every sensation as his tip moved hotly over my tongue. Abruptly he slipped free from my lips' embrace with another loud and satisfying pop! and I sat back on my heels to once more savour the sight of his utterly exposed erection.
He was magnificent! The low yellow light reflected off his spit wet flesh giving his penis an almost golden glow. His shaft was ram rod stiff and stood rigidly in front of his tummy, like a soldier standing to attention. An intricate and irregular network of thick blood filled veins meandered their way up and down his broad stiff shaft. A neat wiry mass of very cute blonde hairs nestled at the base of his erection, framing the base in soft counterpoint to the inflamed purple tip sitting atop his shaft like a bejewelled crown, sparkling imperiously before me. Once again, I bowed before his majesty.
Playfully, I worked his foreskin up and down his shaft, fascinated and hypnotised by this delightful point of view. The thin delicate skin of his shaft moved smoothly within my fist and I could feel the uneven gristle-like texture of his superbly swollen erectile tissue, hot with young blood. I rubbed the tip over my lips, like a whore applying her makeup. I dined lustily running my teeth up and down the full length of his meat, twisting my head from side to side like an over eager pole dancer. I licked and sucked on his balls until they were soaked with spit. I blew hot kisses all over his throbbing flesh. My tongue then set off on the well trodden path my teeth had just taken. I climbed his mountainous cock with my lips and tongue working the sides of his shaft, up and down inching ever closer to the summit but always stopping short until I thought that he could bare no more.
I pulled down firmly on his pole, stretching his foreskin as far back as it would go. A perfect dome of pre cum wept from his monk's eye and perched precariously at the tip of his cock. It hung there momentarily before trickling between the fat curves at the front of his glans, gaining pace as it rolled over his frenulum. I darted in quickly and caught it on the tip of my tongue, smearing it over his bell end like a diaphanous blanket. My tongue danced lightly over the delicately vein laced flesh beneath his elegantly sculpted and scalloped glans. I stroked my tongue and lips over his engorged penis, basking in the contrasting textures beneath my lips, the silky smooth skin below and the hot, deeply blood flushed velvety helmet capping his cock. Yummy, My Reader, simply yummy.
I pulled his man muscle horizontal. I made a perfect little 'O' of my lips and sealed them over the freely weeping opening to his cock. Slowly, I sucked my class-mate's manhood, taking him into my warm wet embrace. I maintained a very tight seal as I inched my lips up and over the top of his glans. I pushed my tongue forward to meet the invading tip. I thrilled to feel his cock pressing my tongue to the floor of my mouth as I crept ever further along his shaft. My lips slid easily over the silky skin below his bell end. I stuffed my face with cock. I lashed his hot sensitive tip with my tongue, pushing it around my mouth. My cheeks bulged to the outline of his penis. I worked my lips up and down his hot flesh. I pumped my fist up and down his pole, driving him onto his climax.
Faster. I wanted him to fuck my mouth. I gazed up hungrily into his eyes. I was utterly feral with lust, grunting and panting like a wild a****l as I worked on his pleasure. I was loosing control.
"Teeth, teeth," he breathed, urgently.
"Sorry," I mumbled, cramming his hot stiff flesh back into my mouth. I was so utterly aroused. I was like a cock cannibal and I wanted to eat him all up!
I could feel the tip of his cock swelling hotly beneath my tongue while above me, his breathing was becoming laboured and irregular. His fingers gripped my head as instinctively he began to thrust into my mouth. My heart skipped another beat as I realised that at any moment he was going to be shooting his hot boy joy down my throat and, finally I would know exactly how that summer girl with the braces felt! The thought was exhilarating and I wanted it more that anything in the world at that moment.
"Easy there, boys. There's no rush," purred Masters, easing me away from my prize and back onto my heels. His cock brushed lightly against the back of my head as he steadied me on the wet tiles and it was all I could do to keep from turning on him and gobbling him up, too. I was frantic with cum hunger.
He lay Stevo on his back positioning me on all fours over him. His cock lay heavily against his belly as he reclined on the cool, wet tiles. I literally had to held back.
"Relax, Jenkyns," said Masters, kneeling down beside me. He scooped up Stevo's erection with his lips and slipped him skilfully into his mouth. I watched fascinated as my school teacher sucked my class-mates's cock. It was awe inspiring. I watched in wonder as he slipped the full length of Stevo's penis all the way into his throat. I was so impressed. I watched in unabashed admiration as my Teacher expertly worked his pupil's cock deeply in and out of his oesophagus, it was like watching a magic show: now you see it, now you don't.
"Mmm, yummy," he gasped, winking at me. "Now it's your turn."
I carefully scooped up the spit slick pole and let it slip easily over my pre cum coated tongue. That was the easy part, I thought but all too quickly I could feel his pressing against the top of my throat. My eyes began bulging as I pressed the tip of his erection as deep as it would go. And then I gagged and withdrew, eyes watering and spluttering.
"I can't do it, Sir," I gasped. "It's too big."
"Of course you can, Jenkins, the trick is not to fight it," he patiently explained. "Gagging is just your throats way of trying to grab hold of whatever you give it. You have to go beyond and indulge your bodies natural inclination to swallow. Try again."
It almost felt like we were back in Class and he was conducting a lesson! I took a deep breath and again, as the engorged glans began to press against the back of my throat, my eyes began to bulge and I feared that this time I might throw up. I couldn't breath properly as his cock closed off my throat. I panicked. I had to release him. Coughing and spluttering, I wiped my lips. I was so disappointed in myself, it felt like a failure, believe it or not, Dear Reader.
"Just let it slide in there, Jenkins. Just swallow it down."
"I want to, Sir," and I meant it. "It's too much, I can't breath!" I gazed longingly down at the penis lying beached and shining wetly with my Teacher's spit. I had to try again and, where there is a will, there is a way. I didn't take much encouragement to suck him back into my mouth.
"That's it, boy, take him into your throat."
I withdrew a little but held him in my mouth as I prepared myself and this time, I girded myself, mustered my courage and forced him into my throat. It was all true! I just went beyond the gag reflex and at once I could feel his cock filling my throat. I slipped him back into my mouth, took a gasping breath, and then plunged him back into my throat. It was rather like swimming, I though. I had learnt a very important cock suckers trick. Feeling very self satisfied with my self, I really went to town on Stevo's prick. and deep throated him until my throat felt bruised.
"You see?" crooned Masters, "you can do it. And it looks like you like it, too!"
"Ur ogg umm, urh," I replied, almost choking on my own whit. I spat out his cock and smiled up into Mr Master's bright blue eyes. "I love it, Sir," I enthused. "I really love to suck cock, Sir," and I smiled sluttishly at my Teacher. "I would very much like to suck your cock as well, Sir." I wanted to try sucking two at once.
"I think Stephenson is ready to cum, Jenkins. You ready for his spunk?"
"I want him to cum in my mouth, Sir." And with that, he twisted my head to face Stevo's cock and firmly pushed my face down into his crotch.
Still in the doggy position, I scooped my fellow school boy's cock back into my mouth. I felt so content as I began to work on his erection. It felt like there was nowhere else on Earth I would rather be, or where I aught to be. I had really relaxed into my cock sucking and was truly enjoying myself, trying out different pressures, head movements and speeds, suctions and tongue action when it suddenly occurred to me that my virgin teenage ass was on display. A rush of adrenaline coursed through my blood stream giving me quite a head rush.
I was slurping loudly over Stevo's erection, delighting in his pleasure, the unique flavours in my mouth and the varying textures of his prick when, quite abruptly, I became aware of a gentle heavenly breeze blowing intermittently across my pert round bum cheeks. It took me a little while to realise that Mr Masters was in fact blowing kisses across my bum. Like a cat, I instinctively pressed my chest down onto Stevo's thighs, raised my ass. A little moan of pleasure was forced from between my lips as this erotic breeze blew steadily down between my cheeks, over my tight puckered bum hole and over the back of my balls. I was ready to give myself entirely to this man I had lusted after for the last three years. I paused in my felatio to glance over my shoulders, flashing my best 'fuck me' eyes at my teacher. He leant forward and with one hand he pushed my head back into Stevo's crotch while with the other, he began to stroke my cock with a feather like caress.
Once again, I could feel my school teacher's hot breath on my nubile flesh and I couldn't believe it as Mr Masters began to shower my ass with wet sloppy kisses; slowly at first and concentrating only on my bum cheeks but then, gradually and with increased passion and conviction, his kisses became long lusty strokes of his tongue. He began to focus on my bum crack, drawing his tongue up and down in long slow swipes and then something utterly amazing and totally unexpected happened: I could feel his tongue probing and licking my anus! It felt incredibly erotic and I knew I wanted more. I thrust my hips backwards into his face and at once he complied by taking my butt checks in a firm grip and spreading them as wide as they would go. At once his tongue was pushing with great determination and considerable force against my bum hole. It was indescribably salacious and I felt aroused beyond anything I had known before. Never in my most steamy and perverse wet dreams had I ever experienced anything like this. I literally couldn't believe that anyone would do such a thing but I was heartily glad that it was happening to me!
I was so lost in my own personal gratification that I almost forgot about Stevo's needs. My sucking had become somewhat automatic, if there can be such a thing, and my jaw was aching a little when I became intimately conscious of Mr Masters slipping a finger into my rectum. I gasped in a shocked but willing kind of way, cute but devilishly slutty. His head squeezed between my thighs and as we all adjusted our positions to accommodate him, he began sucking on my balls as his finger probed my bum. I wanted him to suck my cock so badly, I needed to cum. My mouth was pasted with Setvo's pre cum juices and I knew from his reaction to my every touch and the rivers of pre cum flowing freely over my tongue that he was very close to his release.
A second finger slipped up my bum, stretching my hole in every direction as he twisted and turned his wrist. I must admit, it hurt just a little and I was terribly confused between wanting the pain to stop and the pleasure to continue. Sensing my growing conflict, Masters pushed his head further between my thighs and skilfully scooped my cock into his mouth. I thought that I would unload down his throat at once but he skilfully kept my orgasm hanging just out of reach. I knew that I should do the same for Stevo and I knew just what to do. I released his cock from my wet embrace and hooked his legs up and behind his head. He hooked his elbows behind his knees as I began lapping at his bum hole, probing and pressing with my tongue as I surrendered any last shred of reserve.
I was a fast learner and I soon had two fingers buried in Stevo's bum hole too; they slid in surprisingly easily and so I naturally added a third, drawing a long moan from him as I began to finger fuck him. And just as I was thinking this was intense, Mr Masters grabbed one hip in a firm grip, pulling me down and guiding my well stretched an lubricated anus towards the inevitable. I didn't struggle; I wanted him to fuck me. I allowed myself to be pulled down, inching carefully over his chiseled chest, until I could feel the fire from his mammoth cock against my balls. His fingers never left my rectum and I felt like a dog on a lead as he positioned me above his mighty pole.
He remained on his back and let me take control. I reached between my legs and guided his erection towards my bum hole. Slowly, gently, I settled on it, like a bird settling on a nest. I pressed the hot tip of his penis against my anus and slowly, inexorably, I let the pressure increase. I tried to relax, hoping it would just slide in but my back door was tightly bolted. Luckily, his iron stiff cock was the perfect tool for the job and I was going to use it like a crow bar to force my way inside. Cautiously, I allowed a little more weight; and then just a little more. Very gently, I let the weight of my body ease the merest tip of his glans in. Relentlessly, I worked his tool around my back door, adjusting my position, bracing myself on his muscle ribbed tummy, as I teased open my virgin anus. And then, suddenly, as if someone had just removed a wall against which I was leaning, my body yielded and the entire fat head of his cock seemed to leap inside me.
"Oh, God!" I cried out, my eyes watering. I hated those tears that had sprang unbidden to my eyes but I was deeply grateful for his stillness.
"Yes, that's it, boy," breathed Masters from between his teeth. Through my blurred vision I could see him smiling up at me, his bright eyes savouring every moment, encouraging me to greater lengths. "Ride that cock."
My anus contracted in spasms, gripping his cock like a very small mouth, as darts of needle like pain shot out like sparks setting a blaze in my newly discovered lips. My mind was swimming and I thought I might falter. Even with his exquisite and skilful foreplay, his cock was simply too big to be my first.
"How does it feel, boy?"
"It feels good, Sir," I lied, wiping my eyes.
"I'm going to fill you right up, boy. You know you want it."
"Oh, thank you, Sir," I tried to sound enthusiastic but I couldn't conceal the tremble in my voice. "I want your cock so much."
"It gets better," Stevo whispered in my ear. "Much better." He was standing next to me but I hadn't even noticed him get up off the floor. "It only hurts while he breaks you in."
"And then?"
"Oh, you won't believe how good it's gonna feel."
I focussed on his voice and tried to control my breathing as I let myself take another inch. My anus was stretched to breaking point, or so I thought, and I was afraid that it might tear. Was that even possible, I wondered? I almost panicked.
"Almost there, mate," gushed Stevo. "Just a little more."
Yet another inch and I was whimpering like a whipped dog but this time, I began to feel an exquisite sensation, deep in my body. I was forcing his cock against some hitherto unknown pleasure spot deep within me, and it felt great! I eased up a little, to try and compose myself before tentatively slipping back down his length. With each successive thrust, a warmth seemed to be building in my hips, a deep pleasure, a throbbing pulsing sensation that radiated from somewhere deep inside and sent little waves of pleasure rippling through my entire body.
I braved a little more, I wanted more! And he still had more to give. The deeper I took him, the more intense the sensations. I began working his pole, withdrawing just a little, and then always taking a little more with each downward thrust. I felt utterly stuffed with cock. Ripples of pleasure pulsed up and down my back. My cock tingled with the most sublime sensations and at last, I found the support of his legs and was able to sit on his thighs, his cock buried all the way to the hilt, like a sword in a scabbard.
"Whooo! You the Man," hooted Stevo. "Feels good now, though, eh?" He kissed me on the mouth and I opened my lips to his adventurous tongue.
I felt as though I had just discovered some remote uncharted land and, as I sat there with my anus stretched wide and my rectum full of cock, I tentatively took my first baby footsteps into this virgin exotic territory. I started out at a slow walk building rapidly to an enthusiastic trot. Before long I was cantering with ease, digging my nails into my mount's firm muscle bound hide, riding my first ever cock at a gallop.
"Look, Stephenson, he loves it!"
I was moaning and sighing like some wanton slut bouncing up and down in his lap, eyes closed and head thrown back in unbridled rapture. I was still fully hard and my erection swayed before me, swinging this way and that like a metronome as I danced like a whore on a pole. I worked my fingers through my hair, I pulled at my nipples, I sucked on my fingers, pulled on my cock, my body glowing in ecstasy.
"How does it feel now, boy?"
"Fucking amazing, Sir!" I gushed, breathlessly. For the briefest of moments, I wondered what punishment I would receive for swearing!
"So, you like it now, eh?"
"I love it, Sir. It feels so good. Oh, fuck me!"
"Excellent," he moaned. "Now it's my turn." With strong, irresistible arms, he pulled my head towards his mouth and I could feel his erection inching very pleasantly out of my bum, and that was something special, I can tell you. I thought that he might kiss me but he didn't. Instead, he used his perfectly defined thighs to raise his knees and open my legs a little further. I felt very vulnerable as he rearranged our position. And then, Dear Reader, I was fucked, very, very hard and mechanically fast. Can you imagine it? Can you picture the scene? Would you take me like this?
I cried out in bliss and buried my head in his neck as he hammered his cock into my tight young ass. His fingers dug into my hips as he held me motionless. There was nowhere to go and I couldn't move, it was as if he had been restraining himself for all this time, which of course he had been, but now the restraints were off and he was going to have his way with me. He was like a lion and I was the pinned lioness. I was seeing stars! My head was swimming and my entire body seemed to be vibrating on a different level. An assortment of long drawn out bestial moans were being intermittently squeezed from my between my lips as he rode me like a jack hammer. At that moment I was incapable of speech, I was incapable of any sentient thought at all. He seemed to be knocking the breath out of me with each thrust of his tool. I was just in the moment, giving myself to this a****l of a man with the enormous ramrod.
I felt so alive, more alive than at any moment previously. It was like a revelation, as if I finally knew my purpose on this planet: I was a lover of cock, and that's all I wanted out of this life. As if sensing my hunger, Stevo gently raised my head from its hiding place and caressing my cheek with the palm of his hand, he slipped his thumb between my lips. I stared longingly into his eyes and there was a wordless exchange as I sucked on the proffered phalange. He moved away momentarily and then lowered his semi erect manhood towards my bobbing head. I held open my mouth for him. He gave a few gentle pulls on his penis, peeling back the foreskin completely before putting it in my mouth.
Oh, fuck yes, I thought. I love the taste of cock. My whole body was swaying rhythmically to the carnal beat laid down by our Teacher and so all I had to do was wrap my lips around his pole and suck for all I was worth. I was rapidly becoming very accomplished at that side of things! The technique is a tricky one to master but Stevo was more than willing to help, of course, and it didn't take me long to breath life back into his flagging pole. (In my opinion, there are few things in life more satisfying, and more wondrous, than making a man hard with your mouth. The sensation of expanding flesh between your lips just has to be experienced to be believed. But then again, I guess if you have persevered this far with my sweet cocktail, then you yourself have already been drunk?)
Then, at what in hindsight must have been some kind of pre arranged signal, Stevo withdrew and before I knew what was happening, I had been scooped up in Mr Masters's strong arms and flipped onto all fours.
"Oh, yes!" I spluttered, enthusiastically. "Fuck me, Sir! I want you to cum all over me!" I couldn't believe the language that was springing from my mouth. It was as if a damn had burst and all this filth came flooding out. "Fuck me hard! Fuck my mouth! Cum in my face! Fuck me, Sir, please."
There was a pause as they positioned themselves, Stevo at my face, our Teacher at my ass. I thought that I would explode with desire.
"Oooh, Sir, I want it. Fuck me, fuck me now!" And they did.
Stevo gripped my head and our Teacher gripped my hips and then, in perfect synchronicity, they penetrated me. I was skewered like a rotisserie chicken. Immediately they began to give me what I wanted. They were fucking me so hard, so deep and fast that it was all I could do to hold my mind together. Mr Master's thighs were slapping hard against my bum and each thrust squeezed a grunt or gasp from my cock stuffed mouth.
Oh, Christ, I wanted them to cum so much! And then, as if reading my mind, or like some genie granting wishes, Stevo withdrew, furiously wanking in front of me, his eyes closed tightly in a grimace of ecstasy, his tummy sucked in as he held his breath. I knew that he wanted to cum in my face.
"Oh fuck, yeah!" I drooled, "Give it to me, Stevo, shoot it in my mouth!" and I held my mouth open and rolled out my tongue, like a welcoming red carpet.
The sperm was flying almost on command! He cried out and almost fell onto me as the first wave of his orgasm crashed through his senses. The first load fell agonisingly short of my face. Quickly, I pulled him onto me. The second load splashed powerfully over my tongue and spraying the back of my throat. Stevo braced himself on my shoulders as I helped his cock into my mouth. Another load and another, I could feel his semen pulsing up his shaft with unstoppable force as I pointed his cock at my head. I swallowed as best I could but a fifth load utterly overwhelmed me and I could feel it leaking from the corners of my mouth, dribbling over my chin, hanging in thick white ropes that swayed in time to our dance of lust. The taste was beyond compare and I have subsequently noticed that there is a subtle difference in the flavours of semen squirted fresh into your mouth and that cooler stuff which you later lick up, that's if you like to give clean up jobs, which I do, by the way, just in case we ever meet. But I am getting ahead of myself here. Let's not forget Mr Masters as he continues to fuck me.
On all fours, it felt as if his cock was going to snap my spine but I am a giver and I give myself completely.
"Fu m, ur" I croaked, swallowing hard. My larynx was thickly coated in Stevo's cock cream and I had to give up trying to speak as my throat was entirely clotted with his miraculous life giving sperm. I contained my encouragements to loud lascivious gasps and groans. Waves of what I can only describe as electricity surged and sparked through my system, ricocheting through my mind, threatening to shatter it. My entire body tingled. Faster. Harder. Deeper. His cock flew in and out of my body like a mechanical piston and as the last drops of Stevo's cum slips deliciously down my throat, Mr Masters shoots the first of his hot sperm laden semen deep, so very deep, up my bum. I could feel him riding his bliss as he tried to take the top of my head off with his cock, from the inside! He was gripping my hips as he rammed every inch he had deep inside me. I screamed out in bliss! As his orgasm subsided, his thrusting became less urgent and eventually, like the last rumbles of a storm, it faded away entirely.
I was utterly spent. We showered and then we fucked and sucked some more, always spraying the good stuff down the ever willing throat of yours truly. We lost track of time and had to hide from the janitor as he came round to lock up. I would have done him too if the others hadn't held me back. I insisted on blowing both of them one more time before we left.
Our little trio met clandestinely throughout the summer but in the Autumn, Stevo accepted his place at some London University and that was the last we saw of him but I had been successfully groomed as Stevo's replacement., and so all was good. I continued to worship Mr Master's cock and would suck him off at every opportunity, and there are many tales to tell there, Dear Reader. He introduced me to his friends. Those friends introduced me to their friends. I never went cum hungry; I was completely, unashamedly and unabashedly addicted to the stuff. I had become the cock whore I am today from the age of 16.
And so, dear Reader, here ends the first instalment of The True Cock Sucking Chronicles. I hoped you liked it, I hope it made you hard, I trust you were able to get a little hot and wet. Did I make you cum? I hope so and I hope you took the time to try a drop or two. If you are already a Master at the School of Hard Cock (sucking), I hope I have inspired you to greater heights; if you have yet to try it, I hope that I have inspired you to courageously embrace your hunger; and if you remain lost in Egypt, (I think you know who you are) I hope that you find your way to the Promised Land soon so that you can join us and truly enjoy the release you will experience in the Land of Cock and Cummy!
So, now we say goodbye. Perhaps I'll write more soon but time is short, and I get so little respite from my addiction. I love sucking cock and I am addicted to semen. I hope the next one I drain is yours. Farewell!

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