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I recently lived out one of my long-kept-secret sexual fantasies. I'm still so excited by the experience I thought it would be fun to write about it and share it on this site. No doubt, there are at least a few men (maybe some women, too?) out there that can relate to my position.

I'm a 38 year-old straight man, I've been married 12 years, I love my wife, and I'm committed to our marriage. I don't get turned on by men, but think about sex constantly and exclusively with women. There are a lot of guys out there, I know, gay, straight, or somewhere between that are open to discreet sex with other guys. But, never have I had any sexual contact with another male, and I was convinced I had no plans to do so - particularly not in a park restroom or a stranger's car. However, I'm certainly not homophobic, and in the back of my mind, I had thought that if somehow everything was perfect and I had some new, strange attraction to a particular man, well, maybe I could... think differently.

My wife and I graduated in the same high school class, and our twentieth reunion was a few weeks ago. We had plans for a Friday night mixer, Saturday picnic and golf, and a formal dinner/dance on Saturday night. On Friday night, we connected with lots of old friends and caught on the years, pretty much socializing separately. One guy I really enjoyed talking with was Brad, who had really just been an acquaintance in school. I found him very friendly and intelligent, and he had certainly aged better than most of the guys. I had heard he was gay and ran a small, high-end hair salon about 30 miles from our hometown. As the "gay thing" didn't bother me like it obviously did some others, I talked with him for over an hour. Before I left, we exchanged numbers with a plan to talk more in the future.

The next day, my wife was set on going to the picnic, but I wasn't. She was alright with that and set out by herself with plans to meet me later for the dinner. I had Brad on my mind. As soon as she left, I nervously called his number, not knowing where it might lead. I honestly wanted to get to know him better and, yes, there were some vague sexual ideas. He was really glad to hear from me, wasn't going to the picnic, and invited me over to his house for the afternoon. My mind raced as I made the half-hour drive to his place, cock throbbing in my shorts.

Brad welcomed me, put a beer in my hand, and gave me a tour of his house - a beautifully decorated Victorian-era that was way too big for one. As I admired the details of his home, I was struck by Brad's very attractive personality, his subtle, nice "gayness", and his very well-maintained body. We sat for another drink on an ornate porch. I knew at this point I wanted him, but didn't know what to do. Brad got up and, before getting us another drink, he leaned over the couch I was on, gave me a quick but soft kiss on the lips, and told me not to be shy. My heart thumped as he walked away and I realized I liked the kiss.

I stood up when he returned and tried to explain something, but he embraced me, ran his hand up the back of my thigh, and gave my ass a firm squeeze. "Want to play?" he asked. I nodded, we hugged tighter, and I instinctively wrapped my legs around one of his as he did the same to me. Clenched together below the waist, he leaned back and slowly pulled my shirt off, then peeled off his own. My hands were drawn to his chest, strong and mildly hairy, nipples erect. I leaned in and kissed one of his nipples, and breathed in his clean, masculine scent Suddenly, I felt awkward and explained that in my excitement to call him I had forgotten to shower after the morning yard work I had done. He just laughed and asked if I wanted to shower before we played.

Brad led me to his bathroom, which was as beautifully decorated as the rest of the house, filled with mirrors, expensive soaps, shampoos, and lotions. He handed me a towel and cloth, and left me alone. As I lathered up in the shower, I had to be careful not to stroke my hard cock - I was afraid I would come. As I washed, I saw Brad's figure, now wearing just boxers, through the glass shower doors. He opened the door a crack, and set something down on the edge of the tub. He smiled and said, "This is something I like when I want to feel refreshed". It was a small, hand-held enema, with a pink rubber ball and a slightly curved black tip. Next to it was a small bottle of lube. While I had no plans of our play going farther than touching and oral, my cock throbbed. It kept throbbing while I douched my ass, making me think some anal play might be nice...just fingers, of course.

After toweling off, I ventured out of the bathroom nude. I found Brad on a loveseat, cock bulging out of his boxers. Inexperienced, but knowing what I wanted, I knelt in front of him, slid the boxers off his ankles, and admired his cock...and the rest of his body. I'm about 6-1, 200, and in decent shape - fairly firm, and no gut anyway. Brad is bigger, about 6-4, and a bit more muscular. His cock is a bit bigger than mine, too. Not wanting to rush, I kissed his thighs, hips, and lovely, firm but not distinct, abs. I loved taking in his body with all my senses, stopping to rub my face in his small patch of dark pubic hair, enjoying its feel and slightly musky smell. I took his cock slowly in my mouth, being careful to wet the whole shaft with my tongue. When he was well-lubed with saliva, I held the base of his rod with one hand and took it as deep as I could in my mouth. I knew my first blowjob was going well when Brad started to moan. He held my head down with both hands, not in a rough way, but so there was no doubt what he wanted. He thrust his cock gradually deeper into my mouth as I relaxed and allowed him to go in almost to the hilt. After a couple minutes I needed to breathe more, so I let the cock out with a "smack" and began licking balls.

I alternated between cock and balls until Brad told me to stand up in front of him. He skillfully took my hard-on in his mouth, as deep as possible with mouth open, then enclosing with lips and tongue for the outstroke. Once fully lubed, he ran the length of my cock in and out of his mouth, applying just a little suction and thoroughly enjoying. He pulled me out for a moment and showed me I was oozing pre-cum, licked the thick drop off my slit, and resumed his blowjob.

After a bit, my leg muscles started to shake, and I told Brad I was close to coming. He and I switched places, me on the loveseat. Rather than kneeling down to suck more, Brad lied down on top of me. I was really turned on by this beautiful, strong man pressing his chest against mine, legs against mine, and cock against mine. Being slightly smaller than Brad, I felt slightly submissive. He kissed me deeply, our tongues played, and I lifted my legs, knees toward my chest, but outward, giving in to his domination. His cock naturally pressed on my ass, and I loved it. I knew I wanted to be fucked by this man, but didn't know if I was ready. "I think we need some lube", he said between wet kisses.

I asked if we could go to his bedroom, and we grabbed the lube on the way. I climbed onto the extra-high bed and, on all fours, put my ass in the air. Brad put two big pillows under my tummy and helped me relax by straightening my legs a bit. He said doing it right might take a while for me, so I should be comfortable. Having never had any anal play, I felt really vulnerable having this man and his big cock over my tight ass - but it was wonderful.

Brad asked if I had used the enema, and when told him I had, he ran his tongue between my ass cheeks. He spread my legs wider, licking from my balls to the small of my back, making my asshole twitch with excitement. He reached under me and pulled my cock out, pointing it straight down toward the mattress, and massaged it firmly while he licked my balls and ass. Then, through a spurt of lube, Brad slipped one finger into my ass, working slowly so I could relax.

When my butt was nice and loose around his finger, Brad reached into a nightstand drawer and pulled out a vibrator. It was about six inches or a bit longer, very skinny at the tip, but flaring out much thicker at the base...maybe as thick as Brad's cock. He slowly worked the vibrator into me, slowing down when I told him the thick base hurt. With a gentle touch, Brad gradually loosened me to the point where the vibrator could slide all the way in and out with no pain - only pleasure.

I reached back to move Brad's hand from the vibrator and worked it in and out myself, then pulled it out completely. I put the vibrator aside, and when I reached back to my ass, Brad's cock was there, lubed, hard, and ready to fuck me. His cock was thicker than the vibrator, but it felt wonderful. I rocked my ass back onto Brad's hard-on, and he held my ass firmly against him while my tight hole relaxed more. He began to slide in and out very slowly, then gradually with firmer, longer thrusts. I could only moan as he asked how I liked his cock deep in my ass... it was incredibly sexy.

I asked Brad if I could turn on my back so I could see him fuck me. He slipped out, stepped to the floor, and I turned over. I pulled my legs back, showing my hard cock and what felt like my "pussy". Brad grabbed my hips and slid my ass to the edge of the bed. The extra mattress put me at the perfect height to fuck - probably not coincidence. Totally in control, and a little more firm now, Brad worked his cock back in - he was getting close to coming, I think. Once in to the hilt, he leaned over to kiss me while he started to pump my ass again. My legs were in the air, and I felt his strong chest on the backs of my thighs. Our chests pressed together, and I held his shoulders while he kissed me sweetly, and deeply. I knew what I was doing was risky, but it was so beautiful. As we kept holding, kissing, and fucking, my cock kept throbbing. Then, without even touching my cock, I squirted my load of cum between us. The longest shot came above my nipple, and Brad licked it off me. He hesitated for a second, but seeing my open mouth, he went back to kissing me, sharing the warm, salty cum. Then Brad asked what I thought he would any second, "Can I cum in your ass?" I had originally thought I would draw the line at that, but the moment was so beautiful I just gasped "Yes!" On the next thrust, he tightened and moaned, I held him close, tongue in his mouth. With spasms, he let out at least four spurts of cum inside me. I imagined I could feel the heat of his load as it filled my ass. I loved it. And yes, I tend to find more men attractive after that experience.

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