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My wife of 6 years was becoming depressed due to not becoming pregnant. The day we got the results of being tested to find out if there was a problem or if it was just bad luck on not becoming pregnant, told us the truth. It said my wife Sue, is very fertile and me well my sperm count is so close to zero you may as well say that it is.

I said to her that we could go to out of those clinics that have donor sperm. The look of horror on her face told the whole story. She began to cry and her tears are like knives in my heart. I took her in my arms as she said that she always dreamed of getting pregnant by having a man place his sperm in her egg in a way that its supposed to happen.

Two years later and no k**s yet, and with a clinic being out of the question, I started hinting that maybe one of our male friends could maybe have sex with her just to get her pregnant. She was totally grossed out that, someone she knew or had met would be seeing her naked with his cock inside of her. The way she put it was that, most of my male friends are married, so they would be cheating on their wives and she couldn't face their wives again knowing that their husband had not only fucked her, but got her pregnant.

I asked Sue if she would maybe go to a bar or such place and pick up a stranger. She turned to me asking if I wanted her to whore herself out by becoming some fucking bar slut. My wife don't use the word fuck unless she is very upset, I knew I had pissed her off, but I was just trying to find a way for our family to get started, and I think she knows that too, but the more I thought about some other guy fucking my wife was starting to turn me on.

My wife come to me the next day saying she was sorry for getting upset, and she was thinking that if we had a few guys willing to get her pregnant with no strings attached, then maybe when she at her peak of her fertile time each one of them could cum inside of her. She went on to say, that she thought that way she would only be unfaithful once, and not a bunch of times to become pregnant with any luck.

I sat there thinking, is she wanting a gang bang, is that what she asking for, cause it sure sounded that way to me. I asked her just how many guys was she thinking, 3 maybe 5 or more?

She said the she was sure that no more than 5 would for sure get her pregnant, but she then said that she would be blindfolded cause, she didn't want to have any idea who it was, and that no names were to be used.

I was rock hard just at the thought of my her fucking not only one guy but a bunch of guys. Sue went on saying that she wanted me to find guys who she was never met and would never meet again, plus they would not be told that we were doing this to have a c***d.

I told her it would take some time to set something like that up, and that we would have to see when her most fertile time or days would be. She sat down with a calendar seemingly knowing what would be her most fertile times for the next 6 months. She marked the days, and handed me the calendar and upon checking the days I found that her next best time was mid week, which wouldn't work, but the time after that was on a Sunday, so if it happened on the night before it should be fine.

I had no idea on how to go about such a thing, so I got a swinger magazine and placed a ad asking for help setting up a gang bang for my wife. I put a pic of my wife in a bikini from the neck down and got swamped with replies. What shocked me was about 20% were from women who wanted to have a go at my wife. One of these was from a sexy as hell black hair olive skinned woman who I just couldn't stop looking at. The pic she sent was of herself in the nude and her body was out of this world. I did reply to her telling her want the deal was and she sent back that she don't like being fucked by men but loves to suck cum out of pussies. Holy fuck I wanted to see that, and my wife being blindfolded wont have a clue that a woman is going down on her.

It was all set for the Saturday night at a holiday inn 40 miles away, and what I didn't tell my wife was one of the guys not only knew her but was also black, light skinned yes but still black. Hank had always said that her would give anything to get in my wife's pants so he will get his chance. I think I was hard from the Thursday before just thinking about seeing my Sue getting fucked every way possible, plus having her pussy ate out by this olive skinned goddess.

After lunch on the day my wife was to get pregnant she wasn't sure she could go through with it but I told her just to think about hold her very own baby in her arms and she smiled saying for me to hurry up and get there.

We had a early dinner with her having 4 glasses of wine which is a lot for her cause she don't drink. After dinner we went to the room which was to bridal suite which my wife loved. She took a long hot bubble bath, after which she put on some make up on then a garter belt and fish net hosiery. No panties or bra just a silk robe. She had herself waxed so there wasn't a hair to be found anywhere below her tiny belly button.

The guys started to arrive about 7 and Sue could sit still thinking about what was about to happen. Once she got up to grab the blindfold and I could see a wet spot on the back of her robe from when she had been sitting. I knew she was turned on as much as I was.

There was a knock on the door and Sue sat on the bed with her blindfold in place. I opened the door seeing 2 of the 5 guys coming one of which was Hank with a smile from ear to ear. One more walked up before I closed the door and my goddess who was even sexier in person was next. The last two were close behind my goddess.

I went to my wife asking if she was ready and untied her robe showing her rock hard nipples and saying eat me first honey. I waved at my goddess and went to my wife's nipples first with me holding her hands so she could only let it happen. When she got between my wife's legs it was only seconds for Sue to have her first orgasm of the night with her saying "Oh god where did you learn to do that honey? I love it."

All I said was it wasn't me honey, it was a surprise for you. All the guys were naked by now and they crowded around her sucking this or chewing that making my wife insane with lust and need. They put my wife on her hands and knees with one of the guys pushing in her from the rear and Hank pushing what had to be a good 8 inches in her mouth. I couldn't take it anymore and pulled my cock out slowly jerking to what I was watching. My goddess let one of the guys know that the only woman to be fucked was my wife only.

My goddess said in a low voice that she love the taste of my wife and couldn't wait to taste her full of cream. She took a hold of my cock smiling as she sank to her knees taking me in her mouth. God I didn't know where to look, so I watch my wife then back to this black haired goddess slowly sucking me almost to the point then she would back off before taking me to the top again.

Hank pulled out of my wife's mouth being replaced by one of the other guys as Sue had her first of many orgasms for the night and I followed right along with her coming down the throat of my goddess and her holding me in place. We aren't the only two coming cause Sue got the first load deep in her pussy for the night. Hank was going to go next but he got beat to the pussy by a guy with a long skinny looking cock. The guy who replaced Hank blew off in Sue's mouth making her gag and swallow some of the guys cum. She never has let me cum in her mouth and here she is swallowing some strangers cum.

My goddess went over licking the cum on my wife's lips before she began to kiss her with Sue kissing her back. I got hard all over again. My goddess was sucking my wife's nipples when the second load of cum was shot deep inside my wife was she cum right along with him. The goddess slide down in a 69 pulling my wife down to her mouth sucking and licking the cum off my wife's pussy. My wife's arms give out and she went face first into the goddess pussy. I did try to get there before but I was to late.

At first my wife jerked her head up but at the same moment a orgasm rocked her body and her head went back between those golden thighs and to my total shock she began to eat out that olive skinned goddess. Once my wife's hips were released Hank pushed his bare black cock inside my wife saying as he did "She's as sweet and as tight as I always dreamed she would be." I put two fingers in front of my face turning them for him to shut the fuck up. My wife was going insane having Hank's cock inside her and my sexy goddess was coming on my wife's face.

After 3 hours my wife started saying she needed a break. So I helped her to the bathroom and she took off her mask looking at me asking "Was that Hank I heard out there? Did you let Hank fuck and cum in my pussy? Did you?"

I lowered my head cause she always knows when I lye and said " No honey, he just sounded like Hank I guess."

Sue stood up making me look into her eyes and said "It was Hank wasn't it?" I could only nod my head. She went on asking "Who else do I know out there and who is the woman I have been eating and has been licking me clean? Tell me honey or I will rip these off." She had her hand around my balls a little to tight to feel good.

Honey I said "I don't know her name other then what she calls herself but she wanted to do this and if we are going this far I thought why not go a little farther."

Sue let my balls go saying "I guess I'm ready for the next round." She put her mask back on letting me lead her to one very messed up bed and back to her first gang bangs. Why do I say her first well she did get pregnant that night and no it wasn't Hanks but we do now have four k**s and all were made the same way. The third c***d is Hanks and when his wife seen the k** she turned and looked at the look on Hanks face. She didn't say a word other then for Hank to take her home. I don't see Hank anymore but his son looks just like him.

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