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** A cucks revenge continued **

Part 6 - Caught again

I thought about my Mother in law as I drove home. Her mature naked body, the way she moaned when she came. She was hot for her age. I was glad I could help her out. Who knew she could be so slutty and give such great head. No wonder my Father in law had a smile plastered on his face most of the time.

Time must have slipped as I reminisced about my recent sexual discovery with El. Before I knew it I was in front of my house. I had to park out front because my place in the garage was now occupied by my boxing gear and weigh bench.

I entered the house through the front door, I immediately heard the backdoor close. I called out to Jen. There was some shuffling in our bedroom upstairs above me so I went upstairs to check it out. Jen was in our bedroom. Her clothes were haphazard. Jens hair and makeup were a mess. I had seen that look she was sporting before. The messed up look she had after making out in the back seat of my car back when we were dating. Jen was hastily making our bed which I recalled already her making once before I left this morning. The room had the distinct smell of sex. That was the capper. The smell of sex was the one thing that bound all of these clues together. I had just missed Jen and Dick fucking.

I stood in the threshold of our bedroom. All I could say was, In our bed again?... really? I thought we had an agreement. If you want to fuck in our house, have the decency not to do it in our marital bed. Just use one of the spare bedrooms. I actually am more bummed about losing my bed the your adultery. I’m gonna have to burn this mattress.

Jen just shrugged wordlessly looking as if she didn’t know what I was talking about. I could tell her first instinct was to deny and deflect. She had convinced me of her fidelity for so long. I was made to feel as if I was just being jealous. All lies. This worried me.

I sat on the edge of the bed and entered the web address of my recent Amazon purchase. The little nanny cam was located on my wall mounted flat screen TV. It was motion activated with most of the bedroom in frame centered on the bed. I selected the most recent video. The still frame was of me sitting on the end of the bed. I rewound the video a half hour back and played. The picture quality was excellent but the sound was shitty. Dick entered the room with my wife. I could make out what they were saying. They began kissing passionately and tearing at each others clothes. Dick had his hand in her pants. A finger clearly pressed into my wife and moving. After a few moments of that, Jen dropped to her knees and unbuckled Dick’s belt. She then unbuttoned his pants. With one quick movement she pulled both his pants and underwear down to his calves. Jen had Dick’s hard member in her mouth moments later. Jen was fellating Dick with all the passion that she once had for me. Frankly the kind of passion I had experienced with Jen’s Mother a few hours before. It made me sad. Not the actual infidelity and sex act I was viewing. I was mourning the loss of the sexual passion I once shared with my wife. I paused the video on my wife with Dicks cock in her mouth. I held the phone up to show her.

You want to deny it now Jen?

Shocked Jen says, Wait…. Where did you get that? She scans the wall for the camera and has a hard time locating the nanny cams tiny lens below the TV.

I continue by fast forwarding through Jen and Dick quickly disrobing. My wife spread eagle moments before before Dicks face is planted in between her legs eating her pussy. Jen writhes spasmodically in fast forward. Dick replaces his mouth with his cock and fucks her missionary for a while in fast forward. Then I see them stop fucking suddenly, jump up and grab for their clothing. Dick runs out of the bedroom while putting his clothes on. My wife got dressed quickly then begins to straighten the bed. I walk into the room moments later sitting on the bed in my present position. .

Jen sat next to me on the bed tearing up. She explained, I was just calling Dick over to break it off. He begged me to have sex with him one last time. I held him off as long as I could. I was weak, I gave in. I have sexual needs Don. You’re never around. When you are you don’t seem interested in me anymore. Plus you told me that I could keep having sex with Dick. Could you please delete the video now.

I sat on the bed contemplating what Jen had just told me. I said, I know you have needs and I have been neglectful of them. If you want to continue with Dick go ahead. It’s not the sex you are having with him that makes me angry. It’s the lies and deceit. Oddly enough I get off on seeing you enjoy yourself sexually. Look at me I’m hard as hell. I know it’s fucked up. I‘ve got things to work out myself. I refuse to delete the video in case our marriage goes south. Frankly I could use it as evidence to get a better settlement in a divorce..

Jen looked at me with tears stunned and said, I don’t want a divorce Don. I just want our love life to get better. I’ll admit that half of the fun with Dick was the excitement of sneaking around. I know it’s terrible of me. Dick’s just an adequate lover that makes me feel desired. Now that you know about us, I just feel guilty when we have sex.

I gave Jen an incredulous look. Nearly shouting I said, You could of fooled me. It looks like you 2 were pretty damn passionate just a few minutes ago. I also saw that neither of you had a chance to cum. It seems you and I could help one another out.

Jen looked excited and went in for a kiss. I put my hand up and said, Hell no! I’m not kissing your mouth or getting near that pussy till you brush your teeth and take a shower. Dick’s mouth and cock has been all over you you.

Jen conceded to the logic of my request and headed towards the bathroom stripping as she walked across the room. I gazed upon her familiar body with a new point of view. I could see why Dick has been so hot for her. I heard Jen brushing her teeth. When I heard the shower turn on and the shower curtain close. I rewound the video back to the point when she was sucking dick. I felt myself get harder. I threw the phone aside frustrated.

I stripped and entered the bathroom. Jen was taken aback when I entered the shower to join her. She had shampoo in her hair, her eyes were closed. I slipped into the shower behind her. I grabbed her slick wet tits and squeezed, lightly pinching her nipples. I pulled her into me pressing my hardness between her ass cheeks. Jen cooed a shocked approval. I told her that she was so fucking sexy. I kissed the back of her earlobe and pleaded, no… demanded that she suck my cock like she sucked Dick’s. After rinsing what was left of the shampoo from her eye’s. Jen turned around looked into my eyes directly for a few moments as if deciding the validity of my demand. Without saying a word she went down on her knees and took me into her mouth. She sucked my cock with a passion I hadn’t felt in over a decade. This was my wife. My wife. Mine. I felt as if she was my possession. However it wasn’t the wife and mother that was turning me on, it was Jen’s hidden inner slut recently exposed. I thought of all the other men she has sucked off. Our old landlord Bob, her parapro coworker Chuck, her boss Ray and now Dick/Rick. Jen was my pussy. I hadn’t objectified Jen since we first started dating. Back then it was all lust. God she was sucking my cock so good. The thought of her mouth on other mens cocks drove me wild. Anger drove my passion. My wife was a slut. I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth roughly. I wasn’t thinking about her comfort, just my oncoming orgasm. I came hard not warning her. It was as if I not only ejaculated semen but my pent up emotion. All my anger, sadness, jealousy and lust. Jen took it all and swallowed.

After I was finished cumming. Jen stood up and rinsed her face. I had just enough time to regret my selfish behavior and felt slightly guilty about being so rough with her. I left the shower and dried off quickly. Jen came out as I finished. I picked her up in my arms still wet, walked into the bedroom and threw her onto the bed. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards the edge of the bed. I spread her legs. I knew there would be no need of foreplay. She was ready. I dove between her legs and started eating her pussy like a starving man’s first meal in days. I could taste of my wife’s familiar juices. The thought of all the other mens mouths on Jens pussy flashed into my mind like a thunderclap. Exasperation coupled with competition fueled my passion. I licked sucked and probed her with my tongue. She immediately started moaning in reaction. A few moments later Jen grabbed the back of my head pushing my face against her pussy.

Jen shouted, Oh FUCK! I’m gonna cum already! Don’t stop Don!.

Jen’s pelvis began to buck against my face. I held on like some rodeo star. I rode her through her orgasm until she was still and limp.

Jen sighed, Emmmm, I really needed that.

To my amazement I was rock hard again. I crawled up between her legs. With the smell of her juices fresh on my face, I kissed Jen deeply. Then sank my impossibly hard cock into her wet pussy. Jen released a yelp of surprise into my mouth as we kissed. The she seemed seemed to relax physically, resigned to the fact that we were fucking. My vexation due to my wife's multiple infidelities inflamed passion once again. I broke our kiss, lifted and spread her legs. I began to fuck her hard. She let out short moans with each collision. I noticed that her eye’s were shut tight. I couldn’t bear the thought of her thinking of anyone else fucking her at this moment. So I put my hand around the back of her neck and pulled her head up towards me. The unexpected position caused Jen to open her eyes. I stared into them directly as we fucked conveying that she was mine. It was her husband that is fucking her. At this moment I felt us connect. Jen began to fuck me back. I felt our passions mingle. She moaned loudly. I let go of the back of her neck and her head hit the pillow. I grabbed and squeezed a breast. Jen’s passion looked like anger as she screamed FUCK ME!

Her command brought back thoughts of all the men that she had fucked while we were married. Had she screamed that command to them? Fucking SLUT! WHORE! Before I knew it my hand was around her neck. I didn’t squeeze or block her airway. I was angry but I couldn’t hurt her. To my surprize Jen seemed to enjoy it. She just smiled at me and said FUCK ME! Between gasps. I don’t know why this infuriated me so much. I suddenly couldn’t stand to look at her. I let go of her neck.

I withdrew from her. Without a word I pushed her legs roughly to one side, grabbed her by the waist above the hips and pulled her onto her knees. I sunk my hardness into her wet gaping pussy from behind. I held onto her hips and fucked hard.

Jen shouts, Oh God! FUCK ME DON! Fuck me faster!

I pickup up the pace of my thrusts. My thighs made a slapping sound against her ass every time i slammed into her. I noticed how waves rippled through her shapely ass cheeks in response to every thrust. This overwhelming need to punish Jen came over me as we fucked. I slapped one of her ass cheeks. Jen let out a surprised Ohhh! I noticed how the waves now emanated from where my hand made contact. I smacked her other ass cheek. Jen seemed to like this too. So I spanked her multiple times. Enough to give her ass a pink hue. I grabbed her shoulder length hair on the back of her head pulling firmly. I held tight and imagined her hair were reigns. I was determined I would tame this bronco I was riding.

I wasn’t going to last much longer. I was going to cum soon. Jen beat me to the punch. I heard her shout that she was going to cum. Jen put her head down flat on the bed, which in turn opened up her pussy to me even more. She reached back between her legs with one hand to grab my balls, gently squeezing and fondling them. I had the sense that she was trying to pull me in deeper. When, where and who had she learned this little trick with? Jen screamed, I’M CUMMING!.

That’s all it took to push me over the edge into my own orgasm. I shot my load deep into her pussy. Then we both collapsed next to each other breathing heavy. Me on my back and Jen on her belly. I had enough time to contemplate what just happened. I felt a bit guilty for treating her so rough.

All my apprehension went away when she smiled and said, what came over you? That was hot! You were an a****l!

Which would have been fine if she stopped with that comment.

Jen continues, If we would have fucked like this all the time I would have never cheated on you.

All those men inside my wife came flooding back. Especially Dick’s large cock plunging into my wifes pussy and her begging for it.

I got up and left without a word. I left her on the bed face down. My semen was still leaking out her swollen wet pussy. I thought, How fucked up is our sex life? I’m left still feeling angry and guilty over the rough way I treated my wife like a whore. Ironically she tells me that we just had some of the best sex we have ever had. Inadvertently this admission of our greatest sex becomes a rationalization for her infidelity. What an insensitive bitch! I have always prided myself on being the gentleman. I don’t know if this kind of rough sex is sustainable without my inner anger and sorrow associated with it FUCK! There is No doubt that there is some marriage counseling in our near future.

I grabbed a beer from my fridge and opened it and sipped. I realized I should workout instead when I spotted my boxing gear hanging in the garage.

*** To be continued

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