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A gay summer Holiday - Part 13

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Chapter 13
A little birthday boy, Big surprise.

After a joined breakfast with all the volunteers, the group set out to finish the rebar work on the 6 larger cabins. And to finish up the brick outsides of the stairs up the dune. As usual, they had fun doing the hard work. Enjoying the experience and learning new tricks along the way. The builders could not understand why Chris did not want to fill the inside of the hollow stair walls with sand. Rather than tell them what Chris had planned, he put the first of some rebar cages inside.

"Oh, you're going to fill them with concrete? That makes sense now.", they said impressed. "I will also reinforce the sides of the steps with rebar and concrete once the posts for the railings are in. I will also put a conduit for the street lights in the concrete.", explained Chris. He got a pat on the back from one of them. But since Chris did not stand still he got hit on the ass instead. The other builders laughed. "Not here honey... what will the neighbors think...", joked Chris at the builder.

Chris made photos and drawings of the stairs. So he could later hand them over to the cities building inspector as proof of what he designed and build. Near the end of the workday, all the brick walls were built. And together they installed some old street sign posts alongside the steps. Chris wanted to use these tubular metal post to attach the railings too. The footings for the lights were poured extra deep and wide. And some concrete formwork was placed on either side of the steps to hold the railing posts firmly in place. The hollow steps got a temporary plank so they could be used until the concrete would be poured later in the week.

Christopher took stock of the progress so far at the end of that hard day's work. He looked at the areas in front of the bunkers. Chris wanted to make lawns out there. But grass would not grow on this sand. So he had to come up with a plan to get better soil up there. Buying soil was not in the budget. So he would have to figure out something else.

He washed up and went to eat a fish and chips supper at the harbor cafeteria. It was sunny until late, so he drove his bicycle across the island to Wopke's farm in the east. He was greeted by Wopke's two younger sisters. They told him Wopke was rounding up some horses they wanted to sell. Together they walked to the pasture and Wopke told Chris to wait outside, because the stallion in that pasture was a mean one. Chris ignored him. And walked inside as they rounded up the mares.

The stallion came racing up to Chris. Chris turned to face him head-on. And made himself as tall as he could be, standing his ground. The beautiful Arabian stud stopped a meter away from Christopher. He stepped ever so slowly closer. Looking straight at Chris. Chris started to whisper calmly to it; "Hello beauty, did you come over to say hi?... Gosh, you're a nice horse... May I touch you?... ". The ears of the horse listened intently to Chris's voice. And his demeanor changed from, 'I will trample you...', too, 'Oh, you're nice... let me come closer'. Wopke and his sisters watched the spectacle in awe and fear.

Christopher showed the stallion his flat hand. And his upper lip touched it. The horse got a soft scratch over his head from Chris. And he allowed it. Chris whispered some more sweet nothings to the horse as it bent his head down. Christopher patted the side of his face and noticed the stallion was constantly twitching with one of his ears. Chris took a multi-tool out of his pocket. Opened the pair of pliers, and quickly pulled out a prickly dune grass head out of its ear. The stallion reared up and ran away shaking his head.

Chris stood there with the grass seed-head on his outstretched hand. And the horse came walking back curious. Sniffed at the hand of Chris again, and bend his front leg and lowered his huge body so Chris could climb on. Christopher took the invitation. Not having ridden a horse ever before, he just let it happen. He softly climbed on his back and rode the stallion bareback and without a halter. Holding him only by his manes. "Do you need to take my friend to the barn as well?", asked Chris of Wopke. "Actually, Yeah we do. We are going to sell him to the guys doing the covered wagon tours around the east end of the island.", told Wopke in full amazement of what they just witnessed.

Chris asked the horse in soft but firm tones to lead his mare's. And the stallion walked proudly passed the other horses and stepped calmly to the barn. Followed by the other's and Wopke and his sisters behind them. At the farm building, Wopke's father was watching Chris riding the stallion. Chris told him that the bad temper was caused by a grass seed and gave the evidence to him. The mares were corralled and Wopke's dad came with a tube of medication and a halter. The stallion reared up again as his father grabbed the horse by the ear roughly. Nearly knocking Chris off.

"Here... give the med's to me...", he asked the man. He was given the bottle and Chris applied some in the horse's ear and gently massaged it in after he talked some more to the horse. "Well... Now I have seen everything... Your the first person to ride the horse!", said Wopke's dad amazed. "Yeah dad, Chris has a magical touch. One kiss of him and you calm down instantly!", he joked. His sisters laughed. "Well, he may kiss me anytime.", they joked a little horny. "I think I would have to get permission from your father first girls... before he runs me thru with a pitchfork.", joked Christopher.

The stallion was put in the stable block and Chris told Wopke and his father the reason why he came over that evening. He asked them if they had well rotten horse dung and some ditches he could clean out to get the clay from. Christopher told them he was going to mix his own soil for the lawns in front of the bunkers.

Wopke's father got excited. "Take as much as you need. Wopke can help you too. He knows where you can dig up some good clean clay as well. I can finally get rid of the dung that way too. Thanks, buddy! Great idea! Oh... you know what... we also have a large amount of compost you could use as well.", said Wopke's father. "Great... I do like it when a plan comes together... And what's better than a one stop shop! Thank you, sir. You really help me out of a tough situation with that offer!", said Christopher happy.

Wopke showed Christopher around the farm. And he started to laugh when they arrived at the haystack. He pushed Chris up the ladder and into the hay. Moments later he started to make out with Chris. "Before you send over Jel... Let me give you a first-hand experience of lovemaking in a haystack.", moaned Wopke. Chris sat on top of Wopke's chest as he removed his limp cock from his pants. And Wop started to suck Chris off as if he was a milking machine. The 22 cm cock of Christopher grew in his mouth. Nearly choking his friend. Chris had unzipped the coverall's from Wopke and played with his dick as well.

They fooled around with each other until they were caught by one of the 22-year-old sisters. Chris gestured her to come over. She shyly did. When she was in reach he pulled her over into the hay and started to kiss her. Rubbing his hand under her skirt and over her panties. Wopke was looking at them while he jerked off hard. Christopher slipped a few fingers in her panties and started to finger her as he sucked off Wopke. She looked at Chris sucking on her brother's cock. Wopke grabbed Christopher's head as he face fucked him. Chris let his fingers deeply penetrate the dripping wet cunt. Finger fucking her just as hard as his mouth was fucked by Wopke.

Wopke and his sister came at the same time. She pinched her thighs tightly together as Wop filled Christopher's mouth with a huge load of sperm. With a sore hand and a filled mouth, he tonged the woman. She licked the sperm of her brother out Chris's mouth and when she started to relax again she opened up her legs widely. Chris drove his cock roughly into her and looked to Wopke. "Fuck me, Wop!", he moaned. Wopke pulled Chris's pants off and lay on top of him. He felt Chris fucking his sister hard as she wrapped her legs around both of them. Chris rode up and down fucking the girl and sliding his ass over Wopke's cock.

After a while fucking them Christopher looked at her. "Do you use the pill?", Chris whispered to her. "Oh god, yes... Chris, fill me up!", she moaned loudly. Chris pumped a huge load inside the hot cunt and got a load from Wopke up his butt at the same time. The three of them lay in the hay for a good half hour. The sun was about to set. "I have to get home guys. Thanks for the fun.", said Chris as he kissed Wopke's sister farewell. The guys put on their clothes again and walked to Chris's bicycle.

"Now that was something I did not expect to happen... Was that fun... or was that fun?...", asked Wopke. "That was great fun. I will let Jel remove the straw from my ass tonight.", joked Chris. "I will call you when I have arranged some transport for the clay and horse shit...". Wopke kissed Chris goodnight. "Drive safe, stud!", he said. And from the barn, the stallion whinnied glad as well. Christopher yelled back to it; "Sleep well beauty!". Before he drove away he asked Wopke; "Pieter has his birthday Friday. Do you think we can play him a rock version of happy birthday?". Wopke agreed happily and promised to also ask Okko and Pier along for the gig.

Christopher drove along the main road back to the main town. The lighthouse guided his way. But he did not need it. He knew this road like the back of his hand. When he got close he stopped and set up his camera and toke a high-resolution picture. The result was an amazing set of pictures. The beams of the lighthouse were playing with the clouds. They were orange from the last of the suns rays below the horizon. Just on the edge of each of the frames was Jel's little farmhouse. Rather then going home he went to Jelmer.

"Hi, buddy... What are...", started Jelmer to say, as he opened the front door. "Here to tell you an amazing story. And this one is true as well!", smiled Christopher. Jelmer pulled him inside and pushed him straight into the bedroom. They spend the night together enjoying each other's stories of the day. Chris got bum fucked by Jelmer who could smell the hay on him. He enjoyed his boyfriend's honesty. As well as his body. Very early the next morning they drove back to the campground together with huge smiles on their faces.

Well before the rest of the volunteers and builders arrived, they set out to work. Forming rebar and placing it in the stairs. "Did you guys sleep here?...", joked one of the volunteers. The others looked at him oddly. "Of course they did... they are a couple.", they laughed. They gave Chris and Jelmer a hand, and within the hour the stairs were completed. The rest of the morning was used to finish up the 3rd roof ready for concrete after lunch. The light posts were put up along the stairs and the concrete was poured in and around the bricks. The last roof was poured as well. And around 2 o'clock that afternoon the volunteers were all given the rest of the week off.

Chris walked over to the builder's yard and talked with the boss. He wanted to see how he could mix the materials for the soil and seashell paths. The boss showed him a small and very old concrete mixing truck. You can take this. We don't want it anymore. It still works but it's too small for our work. Chris was happy. Its small size meant that he could use it in the confined space he had behind the bunkers. The only trouble was the thing was lacking proper tires. So they set it on a trailer and towed it up there.

Chris dug out a flat spot for the materials to be dumped. As well as a pit on the side of the hill to put the mixer in. The walls of the pit were reinforced with some tree trunks and very rough slabs. The mini digger could sit above it and fill the mixer from the top. And the mixer could dump the soil into the area below it. A cart could be used to dump the soils on the lawns. This whole idea made Chris feel confident and a little proud. Ben and Jelmer were not convinced and did not fully understand what all that industry was about. The next day the clay, horse dung, compost, coarse sand, leaf mold, and wood ash were put in piles around the digger. Christopher did a quick test run. Mixing all the materials and he ended up with coarse soil. He was not really happy with the result, although he could see he was on the right path.

Past noon he needed to get ready for Pieters birthday party. Wopke, Jelmer, Okko, and Pier had arrived at Chris's cabin to rehearse the rock version of Happy Birthday. And they went by a horse-drawn cart to his aunt and uncles place. In front of the house, they started to play as Dianna, Mathijs, Jan-Thijs, and Pieter came outside. Using the flat wagon as a stage they serenaded the surprised Pieter. Half the street watched as they played their version of Happy Birthday for Pieter. They wore their leather jackets and rock outfits. Pieter was into heavy metal and classic rock. So this was right up his alley. The neighbors and tourist were happily surprised as well. They congratulated Pieter as the guys and his family went back inside after the song. Okko and Pier had to work later. So they rode the horse-drawn cart back home.

Pieter was very thankful for the nice gift. "Oh... You thought that was your gift... Okay, cool... I guess we can leave then...", joked Jelmer. Jesse was already there. He had given Pieter his old moped. Jelmer gave Pieter a nice looking helmet. His father and mother were happy that the guys looked out for their son's safety as well. Chris asked Pieter to come sit next to him. "Peet... Little big Peet... Your 17 years old... You have your own transport now... It's time we make you look like the badass rockstar you really are. So you can find yourself a mate...", said Chris. He handed Pieter a large heavy box.

Peet placed it on his lap. And got really excited. "What's in there?", he asked excitedly. "Well, open it up and you will see, buddy... We had it specially made for you!", told Chris, upping the excitement for Pieter 10 fold. He undid the red ribbon. And Chris watched Jesse. As Jesse watched Peet open the lit of the box. A nice black leather biker jacket came out of it. This one was in his size. Pieter had tears in his eyes. And Jesse's eyes got moist too. "Oh, Chris!... You didn't... Man... aww... Thanks...", stammered Pieter in surprise. "Go on Peet, put it on... See if it fits.", said his father. And everyone there saw how Pieter grew instantly taller as he put the jacket over his shoulders. "As I thought... Little boys do grow up fast.", joked Chris.

Christopher got a warm hug from Pieter. "Thanks, man... I really like it... It fits wonderfully.", sighed Peet. "How did you know my size?", he asked. "You have to thank Jesse for that.", said Chris. And Pieter let go of Christopher and flung himself around the neck of Jesse and kissed him full on his mouth. For quite a bit too long... His parents and the other friends there watched the spectacle with mixed feelings and a bit ill at ease.

"Mom, Dad, friends... I thank you all for the great gifts... But the best gift of all is this guy... Jesse and I are in love!", said Pieter proud and sure of himself. He clearly had put thought in the moment, and in the way, he wanted to tell this. Mathijs put an arm around Jesse; "Congratulations guys. I am surprised, but very happy for the two of you.". He also put a hand on Chris's arm as he winked at Christopher. Chris raised his shoulders. "Don't look at me uncle Mathijs... This is the first I heard of it!". "Now that's a big surprise... to say the least", laughed aunt Dianna as she hugged Pieter and then Jesse.

The rest of the gifts were given to Pieter. Jan-Thijs gave his younger brother a pair of black biker boots. And from Wopke he got some cross biker gear. Together they spend the afternoon with the rest of the friends and family. Chris's uncle Mathijs took him aside, "Did you put him up to this? Are you sure this is the right thing?", he asked. "Sorry, I am good... but I am not that good... uncle Mathijs, this love thing is new for me too. At best Peet may have seen how happy it makes me and Jelmer. The rest was up to him and Jesse, I guess.", answered Chris.

"I do hope you are alright with his decision. You can not choose their paths for them. Your sons will have to make their own decisions and mistakes. All you can do is be there for them and guide them as best you can.". "That is true, Mathijs. He is old enough to find out what he likes. And he clearly likes Jesse.", answered aunt Dianna. Dianna made smoothies for the guests. And Chris thanked Dianna. "Thank me for what?", she asked surprised. "You just gave me the perfect idea on how to solve a problem I was having earlier.". She did not know what Christopher was referring to but was glad she could help out.

Wopke, Jelmer, and Chris said their goodbye's. They hugged Pieter and Jesse warmly, as they joined Mathijs, Dianna, and Jan-Thijs for a BBQ dinner together. And suggested they could meet up at the beach near Wopke's lifeguard station the following day. They would go there by motorbike and moped. And Pieter was very excited to go with them. He finally felt that he belonged to the group. Chris could not come with them. He had another weekend tour on the ferries. That saddened the group a bit. But they knew that there all ways was next weekend. Wopke and Jelmer wanted to go grab a bite to eat together, but Chris told them to go on without him. He needed to see if his plan would work. Before he had to report back on board for his shift with them.

"What plan?", they asked him. "I am going to turn the cement mixer into a blender. To chop up the soil into something I can actually use on the lawns. You guys have fun in the haystack without me!...", he winked at his friends. Wopke drove Jelmer to his place. And Chris set to work grinding the paddles of the cement mixer into a set of sharp knives. The second test of making his own soil was a great success. In time for the last ferry to the mainland, Chris signed up and did his duties with a glad heart. Knowing that Jesse would give Pieter his best birthday surprise that night. Well, maybe it would be the other way around. Because Chris had noticed a strange glint in Peet's eyes when he zipped up that leather biker jacket. Guessing that Pieter would wear the pants in that relationship.

Christopher spend the weekend on the big car ferry. The guitar he had auctioned off, took pride of place above the bar in the main saloon. He ferried the new arrivals to the island with a smile and a cheer. And brought the departing tourist back to the mainland with a lasting memory and a sing-song. Wishing them a good trip home and a return visit next holiday season.

On the island, the guys went swimming near the lifeguard station on the east side of the island. Pieter, Jesse, Jan-Thijs, Sipke, Jelmer, Wopke, Okko and Pier had the greatest of fun. They kept sending Christopher sassy photos of the fun they were having. And Chris sent them photo's back of the music he was making on board, as well as the cleaning duty and toilet cleaning he had to do. But all with a big smile on his face.

It was already noticeably busier on the ferry. The weather had been good. So a lot more weekend trips were booked. Chris made a mental note to get some of the holiday-lets open as quickly as he could. He was only in the 6th week of a 12-week schedule. But he knew that he needed to hurry up anyway. The payout on Monday was huge. The tip jar money was nearly a quarter of the wages, even though he had to share it with all the other employees. A special tip jar was put on the bars for the islander's Youth's fund as well. And they too got filled well that weekend.

When Christopher got back home on Monday he set out with Jesse to paint the first of the 3 roofs. They coated the lower bunker first with a bond coating. So the paint-on-rubber-roof coating would adhere well to the concrete. The white rubber coating was very thick. It was a nightmare to paint it on. Chris resorted to pouring the coating on and using a squeegee to get it to an even thickness.

He called the manufacturer and was told he needed to thin the product down. Christopher ordered the material to do that from them and asked if the coating also came in different colors. They send him a color additive as well. Moments after he got off the phone with them he got a picture taken by the lighthouse crew of the roofs of the bunkers. The pure white bunker roof was sticking out like a sore thumb. Together Jesse and Chris painted the other 2 roofs as well. And that was a good thing because later that night the weather forecast called for heavy rain showers.

Sitting outside under the overhang of the cabin Chris got a visit from Jesse and Pieter. Both wearing their Leather jackets and biker boots. They sat outside enjoying the wet weather, thunder, and lightning. In fact, the rain did not seem to stop. So the guys decided to stay over at Chris's place. They played strip poker. And they must have cheated because Chris was the first to lose all his clothes.

But he did not mind. He was happy to service the horny leather clad studs. He told them to prepare themselves for bed. Chris wanted to check on the bunkers to see if there were any leaks, and on the french drains to see if they were functioning as intended. He wore his rain gear over his naked body. With a flashlight, he inspected each of the bunkers but found no leaks. Even though it was raining cats and dogs. The French drains collected all the water and the huge rain tank was filling up nicely.

Once back in the cabin he found Jesse and Pieter with there asses lubed up spread eagle on the bed. Wearing nothing but their boots and leather jackets. He peeled himself out of his rain clothes and set to work pleasing the guys. Licking, sucking and fucking as they told him to do. They were in full control of there slave boy. And they enjoyed it very much.

Late that night the 3 of them slept together in the double bed. Peet on one side, Jesse on the other. And Christopher in the middle. That is how Jelmer found them the next morning. He wanted to bring his lover some fresh cakes and breakfast. But he ended up screwing Peet as Christopher used Jesse's ass as his boy toy. Jesse and Pieter kissed as Chris and Jel dumped a few good loads of jizz over their asses. They jumped in the shower two by two. First Jesse and Peet had a quick clean then Chris and Jelmer did the same. The four of them enjoyed breakfast together. And after breakfast, they all went on an inspection round through the cabins. Only one small leak was found. But the biggest surprise was that the huge rainwater tank was completely filled and overflowing into the sewer line. The system worked. So Chris was very happy. And that for more than one reason. He had enjoyed the company of some very good friends. And it felt good to him.

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