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This happened a few years back. My friend, Sharat (all names changed as always), owns three dress showrooms in Hyderabad. He is completely professional when it comes to business, never mixing business with pleasure. That’s why he is so successful in his business. Though he fucks a lot of girls and aunties, he never touches any of his sales girls.

But this girl, Pallavi, was different. He was hellbent to fuck her. Pallavi joined Sharat’s shop 2 months back. Since then he tried to seduce her without any luck. It was then Sharat came to me.

“This girl is uptight. She won’t let me come close to her,” he complained.

“Why are you after her? You have a lot of girls to fuck,” I said.

“You need to see her, man. Her ass and boobs are massive and awesome. Her whole structure is fuckable. Moreover her every rejection is making me want her more.”

Sharat made a master plan to bang her. As per the plan, I should join Sharat’s shop as a manager during the weekends as I have my regular job on the weekdays. Though I would act like a manager, my sole purpose was to seduce Pallavi and fuck her. Then it would not be difficult for Sharat to take her to his bed.

The plan excited me with a challenge to fuck a woman. I agreed.

Next Saturday, Sharat introduced me to his staff as a manager. He said to them, “I am burdened with managing three shops. So from now onwards, my friend Yalcin will take care of this busy shop while I concentrate on developing my other two shops.:

That day I saw Pallavi for the first time. I instantly understood why my friend was so eager to bang her even breaking his rule that a business should not be mixed with fun. All sales girls wear sarees, so she too was wearing saree. Even in saree, her massive boobs were protruding out. Even a slight displacement of her pallu was giving enough skin show to bring my cock alive.

Pallavi was 5 feet 7 inch tall with a structure of 36D-26-37. She was married and her age must be around 27. Like Sharat, I too started dreaming of her in my bed.

As per our plan, next Saturday, Sharat announced half month festival bonus to all sales girls and boys in his 3 shops. When I announced this to my staff, they overjoyed. I invited Pallavi alone into my separate tiny room and said to her, “Sharat has put a condition to give you a bonus.”

“What’s that?” she asked crossly.

“There are two options. The first option is you get the bonus double to what everyone else is getting plus 100% salary increment. The second option is you will get no bonus at all. For the first option, you need to have sex with Sharat.”

She looked at me angrily. “I go with the second option.”

“Take your time and think. You will also get 100% salary increment while others are getting no salary increment at all. You just have to sleep with him once.”

Pallavi gave me a disgusting look. “I stick with option two.” Then she walked out.

That evening, when all the sales girls were getting ready to leave, I went to Pallavi and secretly placed money in her hands. She looked puzzled.

“Your half-month bonus,” I said. “While all the staff is happy, I cannot see you so upset. Sharat need not know about this as I will show your bonus amount as some expense.”

She looked at me with gratitude.

This incident created a soft corner in Pallavi for me. She started talking to me in a friendly way. One Saturday, I asked her, “Why you are not taking Sharat’s offer? You can have good sex and earn more salary.”

She cringed at the word ‘sex’. “I don’t like sex,” she said sharply.


She hesitated a moment as if deciding whether to carry forward this conversation or not. Then said, “What is there in sex. I feel it is boring.”

I sensed something wrong. “It seems you never had a good sex in your life. Does your husband have sex with you?”

My words made her angry this time. Without answering, she went away. But next Saturday, she came to me. “I am sorry I went away rudely last week.”

“It’s okay. I just asked as a friend,” I played an emotional card. And it worked.

She said, “Okay, I never shared these details with anyone but I am going to tell you now. My husband is a selfish person. He never thinks of anyone but himself alone. Sex is also a selfish act for him. He satisfies his desire but never cares whether I am satisfied or not. So I started disliking sex.”

“It is natural,” I said. “If you don’t eat chocolate, how can you know its taste. Same way, you don’t know what real sex is and how fun it is.”

“I don’t want to know,” she stated firmly.

“Okay, enough emotional talk. Let’s go for a tea.”

“Now?” she asked.

“I am the boss here. I can break the rule at any time,” I smiled.

We both went for tea. It was the first time I took her out. Of course, it was only a small break. Sipping tea, I thought of our conversation in the office. Pallavi did not know what is good sex. Such a beauty shouldn’t waste her young life. I determined to introduce her to a good sex life.

While we were coming out of the local restaurant, I came across a girl I know. I chatted with her for a while.

“Who is she?” Pallavi asked as we started walking towards the office again.

“She is my fuckbuddy.”

“What is that?”

“It means we fuck whenever we feel horny. Fuckbuddy is just for fuck, without any relationship or love. I have many fuckbuddies. She too must be having many,” I said. Pallavi’s cheeks became red with shame, hearing all those fuck words.

By the time we stepped into the shop, it started raining. The rain continued for the remaining day. At 6 in the evening, Pallavi stepped into my room with a request. As it was raining, she wanted to go home early. She comes by bus daily, but that day she would call her husband and ask him to pick her up in his bike. Hearing that, something flashed in my mind. I gave her permission to go home early but asked her to meet me before leaving.

After 30 minutes, she stepped in again. “Sir, my husband has come to pick me up. I am leaving now,” she said.

“Where is your husband?” I asked.

“He is waiting inside the shop.”

“It means if we don’t have this thin wall, he can see us.”

She was puzzled. “Yes. But why sir?”

The next moment, I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me. “Pallavi, just imagine your husband is in this room and he is seeing us.” Saying so, I put my hand behind her and pressed her big buttocks. Then I pressed my lips on hers, stealing sweetness from her mouth. I kissed her for a good one minute.

When I left, she was still in a shock, unable to react. I whispered, “Your buttocks are so hard. I can see your husband has not used them properly. That’s why he asked me to fuck you properly in front of him. Imagine he is seeing us there.”

My whispering words had some effect on her. The expression of excitement started replacing the shock on her face. I said in a low sweet voice, “Let’s see, now your boobs are soft or as hard as your buttocks.”

I slid my hand from one side behind her pallu, cupped her huge left boob and pressed it. “Ohhh.. this is soft. Now the other one.” My hand moved to the right boob and pressed it. It was also so soft.

Suddenly I freed her, turned towards the wall and started talking to her imaginary husband sitting there. “Okay, mister! I will guarantee you that I will introduce your wife to a good sex life. Don’t worry! I will make your wife super happy. Send your wife tomorrow. I am booking a nice hotel room for both of us.”

Then I turned to Pallavi and said, “You can go now. By the way, don’t forget the shop is open tomorrow even though it is Sunday.”

The shop would really be open tomorrow due to the festival season. But for Pallavi, I was going to make special arrangements. Though still in shock, she understood my words and her face became red knowing the I was going to fuck her that next day if she came to the shop. She walked out slowly as if in some trance.

Next day, I reached the shop in time at 11 am. I was in full excitement and searched for Pallavi. She was not there. But I knew she would come. I waited but no sight of her till 11.30 am. I was tempted to call and order her as a boss to come to the shop. But I restrained as it will spoil the mood.

However, to my luck, Pallavi turned up at around 12 pm. “Why were you so late?” I asked her when she entered the shop. The staff there thought I was scolding her for being late during the festival season. But only she and I knew the hidden fact.

“I was.. just..” she was mumbling.

“It’s okay,” I cut her in. “Sharat called me. He missed one of his star sales girl in his second shop so he needs you urgently there. Let’s go. I will drop you there.”

Hearing my words, her face became red. I handed over the shop to one of the senior sales boys and came out along with Pallavi.

“Where are we going, sir?” she asked. She knew we were not going to any shop.

I looked at her naughtily and said, “Don’t you know? I made a promise to your husband yesterday. By the way, just imagine if your husband may come any time to check if I am giving a good time to his wife or not.”

It was the sight to see Pallavi’s shame and embarrassment. I knew she was going through the excitement of her lifetime.

We reached the hotel in 15 minutes. As we walked in, I put my hand possessively on her ass. “What the hell you are doing in public,” she chided.

In response to her scolding, I gave a small press on the ass without removing my hand. She blushed. “You look more beautiful when you blush,” I said. She blushed more.

I took the keys from the reception. As our room was on the third floor, we went into the lift. As we were alone inside, I put my hand around her shoulders, dragging her close to me. “Tell me what I should do first thing when we are inside the room,” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said shyly.

“You came to the office today without knowing anything?”

She blushed. Her every blush was giving me more excitement.

We came out of the lift and walked towards the room. And at last, we were in the room, locked in private. The room was spacious with a big bed in the middle. The bed was decorated with flowers.

“What’s that?” Pallavi asked, surprised.

“I told the hotel staff that we are honeymoon couple so they decorated our room.”

She felt shame rushing into every inch of her body. She looked away from the bed as if she wanted to avoid thoughts of things we were going to do on that bed. Her big bosom was raising up and down with each breath of her.

As usual, her shame and embarrassment made me hornier for her. Suddenly I scooped her up into my hands and walked towards the bed. Then I gently laid her on the bed.

She looked like a sex goddess on the bed, with massive boobs and wide hips. I kissed her on the lips, so sweet and smooth were her lips! It was a long and curious kiss, exploring every inch of her mouth. Initially, she was not responsive but slowly responded back, opening her mouth for me to explore more.

Then I removed her saree. She was wearing a blue blouse and matching lehenga inside. In no time I removed the blouse. Then came into view was her blue bra. “You are all matching today. Is your panties also blue?”

Sheepishly, she looked away without a word. “I will find out myself.” Saying so, I untied the knot of her lehenga and pulled it down. “Ohh.. blue panties!” She hid her face in the pillow.

I rubbed her crotch over her smooth panty. Her wide hips and massive thighs gave me a great view. Without wasting any time, I pulled her panties down. Wow! She was neatly shaved. She tried to hide her crotch, but I pushed her hands away and at the same time, pushed her legs apart to have a better view.

I ran my fingers along her pussy. She shuddered.

What a nice pussy! My cock was going to have a great time, ramming it. I thanked Sharat for giving me the assignment to impress and fuck this broad.

I wanted to see her asshole so I pulled her legs up. Now she was in a missionary position. Her red pussy hole was gaping at me. Just an inch below it was her asshole. It was neat and inviting. I pried her legs more to have a better view of it. I put my thumb on the asshole and caressed it. A deep moan escaped from Pallavi. “You are killing me,” she murmured.

I moved my thumb to her pussy and inserted it. My other hand moved up and grabbed her breast inside the bra. Her naked melon was so soft. I displaced her bra cups with one hand and her massive assets came out. She had big areola and protruding nipples. I started assaulting the nipples with my mouth. I licked her nipples by taking as much flesh as possible into my mouth.

Her moans grew louder and louder in a few minutes. We both became hot beyond our imagination. I pulled my pants and inners down and my seven-inch cock came out. She gasped looking at it. “Never seen such a big thing?” I asked.

“No,” she said sweetly.

I tempted to shove my cock inside her sweet mouth. But it was already rock hard, so saved that moment for the next round. I sat down between her legs and put my cockhead at her pussy. She was eagerly waiting. I inserted the tip into her hole.

But the tight hole refused my big tool even though she was wet. With little more wiggle, my man entered her wholly. Pallavi gasped. I removed my cock complete out and then thrust inside. She gasped again.

I started fucking her. I wanted to call Sharat and tell him that our mission was a success right there. But Pallavi’s pussy was so hot I cannot take even a moment’s break. I increased my speed, banging her mercilessly. She was heaving up and down with every thrust beneath me.

Within a few minutes, she exploded in her first orgasm with loud moans. It was a real triumph moment for me. I introduced her to real sex, not some routine sex. Then I banged her even faster and came inside her (she was on a pill, so no problem).

After that glorious moment, I laid on her chest feeling the smoothness of her boobs. I just fucked uptight and prudish Pallavi.The next day after our fucking session, I observed Pallavi was all bubbly and lively. She got what she was missing now – a good nice fuck by a man, unlike her husband who did things ceremoniously.

Instead of being uptight, she now talks to customers and her other colleagues with a smile. What a behavioural transformation she had gone through! I knew sex is important in our lives but Pallavi was a practical example now.

Next Saturday, I took Pallavi again to the hotel room. It seemed she had been waiting for that day the whole week. I fucked her all day and she seemed unsatisfiable.

Now it was time to fulfill my final step in my mission. If you remember from the first part, it was Sharat, her boss and my friend, who commissioned me to fuck her and ready her for himself.

One fine day, I asked Pallavi, “Do you have any second thoughts on taking Sharat’s offer?”

She looked at me confused as if she forgot the whole episode. Then she said slowly, “Why should I have second thoughts? I don’t change my decisions so easily.”

“Earlier you used to hate sex. But now you are enjoying it.”

“That’s a ridiculous argument,” she smiled. “Of course, I enjoy sex now. But that doesn’t mean I like Sharat sir. I do sex only with those whom I like.”

I was proud that she liked me. She continued, “From the moment I joined here, Sharat sir tried every possible way to fuck me. His attempts are very coarse and I feat him. By the way, why are you so keen on him fucking me.”

“I am his friend.”

“Oh.. I don’t know you both share girls too.”

“But you can think of the offer again. I will ask Sharat to be nice with you and triple your salary instead of double as he offered you last time.”

She remained silent. I knew the offer was tempting. “Think over it, Pallavi and let me know your decision tomorrow.”

She walked away, her mind in a struggle.


Next day, I was eager to hear her decision. As soon as the shop was free from customers, I called her into my small cabin and asked.

“What is your decision?”

She hesitated for some time.

“Come on, be brave my girl. Nothing wrong in Sharat’s offer.”

With a lot of shyness, she said, “I am okay. But you should also come. I am afraid of Sharat sir. You could sit outside the room.”

“Of course, I would love to come.” I winked at her. She smiled coyly. Before sending her out of the cabin, I pulled her towards me and gave a hot kiss, kneading her big ass. Then I called Sharat, whose excitement knew no boundaries hearing the good news. He was so mad about Pallavi.


On the appointed Saturday, Sharat booked a five-star hotel for her. He wanted to show Pallavi how rich he was and make her day more special with him than with me.

When I took Pallavi to the room, he was already there waiting eagerly. He looked at her as if she was a goddess. “Oh, Pallavi! I was waiting for this day. I am so glad you came.”

Pallavi was truly amazed by his happiness. “Sir, I don’t know you like me so much.”

I said, “Sharat, my dear friend! Are you going to waste your time standing here?”

Pallavi became embarrassed with my words. She looked more cute and lovely in her red chiffon saree. Sharat crudely pulled her toward him and planted a kiss on her lips. He scooped her with her hands and went inside the bedroom.

The combination of Sharat and Pallavi looked odd to me. Sharat was rough and heavily-built whereas Pallavi looked delicate. I imagined how Sharat would crush her 36D boobs and smash 36-inch-wide ass.

But alas! Before my imagination could end, the bedroom door opened and came out Sharat. “What happened, buddy,” I asked, a little concerned.

“I am too excited, man. I am out in a minute,” said Sharat, clear disappointment in his words.

This was very unlikely of him. But I could understand how badly he wanted Pallavi. “No problem, the day has just begun,” I encouraged him as a good friend.

As Sharat went into the kitchen to get something to eat, I stepped into the bedroom to check out on Pallavi. I had no plans to fuck her today. But considering the situation, I knew I had a chance. She was not on the bed. The bathroom door was ajar and there she was, nude and having a bath. I stepped inside.

She turned towards me and beamed at my presence. “Oh! I miss you dear,” saying so, she came into my hands.

“Are you disappointed?” I asked.

“Of course, he made me hot and the next moment he was out.”

“No need to disappoint now. Have you ever been fucked in the bathroom?”


“Now is the time.” I made her turn back to me and bend so that her adorable fleshy ass is in a perfect view for my cock. Next moment, I glided my cock into her twat. How tight her hole was! Every time I inserted my cock into her hole, I wondered whether her husband used her at all.

I started fucking her, first slowly, then fast. Thap, thap, thap.. the fuck sound reverberated in the bathroom.


Sharat was a great cook. As if to compensate his poor show, he made a delicious lunch for Pallavi. Pallavi devoured the food with enthusiasm. “How is it?” Sharat asked her.

By now, Pallavi was free and in a playful mood. She was no more in fear of her employer. So, even though she knew he was asking about food, she replied naughtily, “It’s so small.”

“What?” he looked embarrassed.

“Your tool is so small,” Pallavi showed her little finger, laughing.

Sharat’s face became red at once. The next moment, she realized her mistake. She hurt his ego, a male ego. She looked at me as if for help.

Now I knew Sharat was going to tear her hole. I remembered an incident when we hired a prostitute a few years back. When that girl belittled his tool, he fucked her again and again so that the prostitute would never belittle another man’s small-penis again in her life. Now was the time for Pallavi to learn the lesson. I pitied her.

“I am sorry,” she mumbled.

Sharat did not heed her. He went to sink, washed his hand and went out for a smoke.

“You should never insult someone like that,” I chided Pallavi.

“I don’t know. I just said as fun,” she said naively.

“The fun will begin for you now.”

She did not grasp my words. We both fell silent. After 10 minutes, Sharat came back. He still looked angry and commanded Pallavi, “Let’s go inside.”

As if a slave, Pallavi stood and walked into the bedroom. Sharat followed her, but he did not close the door. I knew his intention. He wanted me to hear how he was going to punish her.

I looked at the time. It was 2 in the afternoon. At 2.05 pm, the fuck sounds started emanating from the room. Thap, thap, thap.. Sharat was ramming her cunt.

At 2.15 pm, the sound stopped briefly and started again. Thap, thap, thap.. By the change in the sound, I could say he was fucking her doggy style. Now I could hear muffled voices of Pallavi to go slow. This went on till 2.25 pm. Then again change in the sound. He must be fucking her from underneath. Thap, thap, thap, thap, thap..

My cock was rock hard now. I just wanted to go inside and fill Pallavi’s mouth but I controlled myself. The fuck sounds stopped at 2.40 pm. The duo did not come out but their fuck session started again at 3 pm. When the bedroom door opened, it was 3.30 pm. With a satisfied and relieved look, Sharat came out.

“That bitch will never insult a small penis in her life again,” he announced proudly and fell on the sofa. I stood out of the sofa and went to the bedroom door with my rock-hard cock.

I found Pallavi on the bed, too exhausted and used up to go to the bathroom and wash herself. She was still covered in sweat beads even though AC was on.

“Had fun, huh?” I asked.

Seeing me, a little smile came upon her lips. “No man can ever screw me like this!”

She hurt the male ego again. My cock was pulsating to enter her hole. “He fucked your asshole?”

She shook her head. I took the Vaseline bottle lying beside her. “Turn around,” I said.

“Oh, not now,” she protested.

“Turn around, bitch,” I commanded.


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