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This story is from 2013 when my wife, Larisa, and I still lived in Tennessee. I had just transitioned out of the military, so I was still in pretty good shape, athletically carrying about 240 pounds on my 6'4" frame. Larisa is 5'6" with shoulder length brown hair, with nice firm B cup breasts. Her friend Christine was planning on coming down to visit us. Christine and Larisa went to college together up in Canada and were best friends, but after college rarely saw each other because Christine stayed in Canada and Larisa did not. Christine is a fiery red head, average weight, slightly shorter than my wife at 5'5", but with D cup breasts. I had not really noticed them before this visit because she usually keeps them well hidden, probably to avoid the attention they'd rightly attract. My only previous hint to their size had been a conversation I'd had with Christine about bikini sizes. I wanted to buy Larisa a new bikini and wanted it to be a surprise but I didn't know her size. I asked Christine, thinking that as her best friend she would know what size was best to buy Larisa. Christine had admitted that she didn't really know but advised me to avoid buying the bikini. When I asked her why it wouldn't be a good idea, since Larisa currently owned a bikini, Christine said sometimes bikinis are hard to size. Being a man I didn't really understand why, so I asked her for clarification. Her response was something along the lines of: "well I can never find a bikini with a medium sized waist that's big enough for my boobs."

So Christine was coming to visit and we helped her make arrangements for a 5 day stay. She was going to stay at our house in our guest room, so it really just meant that we had to figure out flight times, airport transportation, and changing her Canadian currency out. Because she was flying in on a Thursday, we weren't able to pick her up from the airport because both Larisa and I had to work. We told her where to find the spare key and how to let herself in and told her when we'd be home. I was a little surprised then when I got home to hear the shower running. Most of my perverted instincts were telling me to go take a peek, but I thought it might start her trip off on the wrong foot if she caught her friend's husband peeping on her in the shower so I stayed in the living room. I heard the shower stop and a few minutes later she walked out to the living room wrapped in her towel. I have a huge fetish for wet hair and seeing her wrapped in the towel, with wet hair gave me a little jolt of excitement. I stood up, because I am old fashioned and was taught to stand when a lady enters a room, regardless of her state of dress. She started walking over to me, and she greeted me with a hug while still in her towel. Luckily it was a quick hug. She said it had been a long flight and she wanted to get clean and cozy for the night. We were planning a night in, since Larisa and I had to work Friday as well, so Christine got dressed, Larisa came home, and we had a relatively quiet dinner. The girls spent the evening catching up on the couch, and I left them alone while I played video games in another room.

During the day on Friday Christine said she wanted to explore Nashville, and by the time Larisa and I got home from work, everyone was too tired to really do anything. So we ordered pizza and had another uneventful evening at home. Since we had spent a lot of time just chatting at home, the three of us were settling into a level of familiarity that naturally comes from friends sharing the same space. My wife often times makes sexual innuendos because she thinks they're funny, and Christine joined in a little bit. But one comment she made Friday night set the tone for the weekend to come. Larisa was talking with Christine about going to a part of Nashville that was at the time a very hip spot, 5 Points, in hopes that Christine could meet and talk to some local single men. Christine responded with: "why do they have to be single?" as she batted her eyes at me. Larisa didn't seem to notice and the conversation continued, but Christine kept looking at me very flirtingly.

Saturday morning we took it slow getting up and Larisa decided to make pancakes for the three of us. All three of us were in comfortable clothes since we'd just woke up. However, Christine was wearing a very thin, very tight spaghetti strap tank top without a bra, that didn't leave much to the imagination. Not only could you clearly see the outline of her nipples, but her breasts were spilling out of the top and sides of it. Nipples, tons of side boob, and a lot of cleavage made it difficult not to stare, and she kept catching my furtive glances and smiling. Larisa seemed to notice because she made a joke about not needing to serve fruit with the pancakes since Christine already brought the melons. The girls ended up spending the day shopping and I stayed home not wanting to invade their time together. Also I wanted to stay home and jerk one out, because that tank top from the morning had given me a lot of new material to think about. The girls got home in the late afternoon, and we decided to go to 5 Points for drinks and dinner. We bar hopped a little, ate dinner, and came home relatively early in the evening at around 9:00pm. Because of the drinks we had all loosened up a little and were all acting a little flirty with each other. There was some pretty obvious sexual tension between us. After the taxi ride home we all changed back into more comfortable clothes and met up in the living room. Larisa poured some more wine for her and Christine, and I grabbed a beer from the fridge. We had a sectional couch at the time so Larisa and I were cuddling in the corner of it, while Christine sat curled up on the opposite end, facing us. Christine was in that tiny tank top again, and after about a half hour of conversation Larisa finally called her out on wearing it.

"Are you trying to seduce me and my husband? Is that why you have your boobs out," Larisa asked in a playfully accusing tone. "Oh stop. My boobs aren't out," Christine replied back, "but they should be." And as she finished her sentence, she pulled the front of her tank top down and flashed her breasts at us. "Now see, this is what having my boobs OUT looks like," Christine said as she used one hand to point to each breast when she emphasized the word "out." Christine started stuffing her breasts back into her tank top, and Larisa used the small gap in conversation to pull her t-shirt up to reveal her own breasts. She turned and this time addressing me, she asked: "babe do you like my smaller boobs, or Christine's bigger boobs better?" I started rubbing her back, leaned in to kiss her, and after the kiss responded simply with: "nope, not saying a word." All three of us giggled, Larisa put her shirt back down, and we all took a nervous drink from our beverages.

After another hour or so of conversation we decided to call it a night. When we got into our bedroom, Larisa and I got ready for bed. I usually am in bed before her and that night was no different. I was laying in bed in just my boxer briefs, with my back propped against the headboard, reading. She exited our master bathroom and got completely naked. Usually she sleeps in just panties, so this wasn't too far out of the norm for her. However she was now completely naked and standing next to my side of the bed reaching under our comforter for my cock. Without saying a word, she moved the comforter off me, gave me a few yanks, and then bent over and started sucking my cock. I have a thick, 6" cock, which gets the job done most of the time, and that night Larisa was really going for it. After sucking my cock for a few minutes to get it hard and wet, she hopped onto the bed and reached over to her nightstand where she keeps her vibrator. She pulled her toy out, positioned herself over my cock, and sat down. She doesn't always use the toy when we fuck, but she does when she's really horny and apparently she was really fucking horny. She's also not particularly loud, but she was definitely being very vocal and when she orgasmed she let out a scream that would have been hard not to hear all throughout the neighborhood, let alone the house. Usually after she orgasms she mentally checks out a bit while I finish and I'll pull out and cum on her stomach, but not that night. She was still very much engaged and was now alternately shouting: "fuck me" and "I want you to cum inside me." So I did both of those things.

Flash forward to Sunday morning. I'm the happiest guy on the planet and my wife seems pretty satisfied and we're in the kitchen fiddling around with some scrambled eggs and bacon. In walks Christine, with her red hair suffering some pretty epic bed head. She's got a t-shirt on, and immediately starts asking for coffee. "Did you sleep okay?" Larisa playfully giggles. "No, some couple in the room next to me were fucking pretty loudly last night. I'm thinking about asking the hotel for my money back," Christine jokes back. We get through breakfast and take our time getting ready for the day. I decide to hang out with them and we spend Sunday exploring the city some more. All throughout the day Christine keeps referencing how tired she is, because of that couple (us) that kept her up all night. I am starting to feel a little bad, when I realize that Larisa and I only were fucking for about 20 minutes, so we couldn't have kept her up all night. She's obviously playing at something, but I don't know what. We decide to go back to 5 Points for dinner and drinks because we didn't go to all the restaurants and bars Saturday night. We're waiting for dinner when Larisa excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Christine stays behind and we make small talk. Then randomly out of the blue Christine mentions that I must be a good fuck since she could hear Larisa had such a good time. Before I can even respond, I see Larisa walking back to the table so I give Christine a wry smile and Larisa integrates back into the conversation.

We finish dinner and decide to catch a ride share back home. The guy who picks us up doesn't speak a ton of English and our neighborhood can be confusing on GPS so Larisa decides to sit up front so she can help the guy navigate. That leaves Christine and I sitting in the back and she wastes absolutely no time and grabs my thigh. I look down at her hand, then look up at her and she puts her finger to her lips to silence me. She starts walking her fingers over my crotch and settles with her hand on my jeans right over where my cock is. Since my wife is in the front seat we can't really say anything about what's happening so we communicate with our eyes and facial expressions. I'm asking her to remove her hand and she's playing out mock surprise. I start to get hard and she mimes jerking me off with her free hand. I shake my head no, and then she grabs my cock through my jeans and puts her other hand on her breasts and starts rubbing them. She then starts miming giving me a blowjob and pulls the front of her top down to emphasize her cleavage. Finally we reach our house and the guy pulls into the driveway. We all get out, Larisa thanks the driver, and Christine blows me a kiss behind my wife's back as we walk up to the front door.

We get inside and Larisa pours more wine for her and Christine. [Side note, they went through like four bottles of wine at our house that weekend, in addition to the wine they drank at bars and restaurants.] We settle on the couch again and Larisa asks Christine if she was able to see and do everything she wanted while in town, since she was leaving the next day. Christine says mostly and that she's had a lot of fun, but there is one thing she didn't get to do. "I really wanted to fuck an American while I was here," Christine says while brazenly looking at me. "I mean, you got to fuck him and all I got was to hear it," she said pointing at me. "I mean, I did get myself off while listening to you two, but that's beside the point. I want some real 100% American dick." At this point I realize that Christine's skirt is riding high on her thigh due to the way she's sitting and I can actually see her green panties. Also her knees are drawn up underneath her in such a way that her boobs are being pressed up, so she's baring a lot of skin and looks really sexy.

"Well obviously you can't fuck my husband, but you can watch me do it," Larisa says while slipping her hand under my shirt to rub my chest. My cock twitches awake at the suggestion of sex. Christine scoots over closer to us on the couch, as Larisa helps me undo my belt and pants. Larisa pulls my cock out as I drop my pants to the floor. Soon my boxer briefs join my pants around my ankles on the floor and Larisa starts jerking me off. Christine involuntarily licks her lips and peels off her top. She unclasps her bra, letting her huge breasts free, and then moves right next to Larisa on the couch. Unsolicited but welcomed, she helps Larisa take off her shirt and bra, while Larisa continues to jerk me off. I take off my shirt as well because it feels weird having it on. I'm now sitting in the corner of the sectional with my pants around my ankles, as my topless wife jerks my cock and her topless friend sits next to her, pressing her tits into my wife's back, encouraging her to jerk me faster. Then Christine decides to cross the threshold and test the boundaries of what my wife might be okay with. She reaches around my wife and places her hand on my wife's hand, to help jerk me off. She then starts whispering something into my wife's ear that I am not privy to. They both giggle and then my wife bends down and engulfs my cock in her mouth. Christine now uses her hand to push the back of my wife's head up and down on my cock. Leaning toward me she splits her lips to kiss me and when I kiss back she slides her tongue into my mouth. Larisa looks up and says: "hey no kissing, but you can suck him off if you want." I'm not sure how that makes any sense, but to Larisa it does and Christine moves down to her knees on the floor in front of me and starts sucking my cock. Larisa meanwhile takes her pants off and standing on the couch, straddles my face inviting me to tongue her pussy. I lick her clit for a little bit until she tells Christine to move so she can sit on my cock. Christine dutifully moves out of the way so that my wife can ride me. I take the transition time to kick off my pants and boxer briefs but I still have my socks on as my wife guides my cock into her wet pussy. She starts fucking me slowly and deeply, but then builds up to a faster, more shallow fuck. Christine has disappeared at this point, but comes back into the living room having removed her skirt and panties, while holding Larisa's vibrator. She sits on the couch facing us, spreads her legs, and starts using the vibrator on her clit as she watches Larisa ride me. She has a very clean pussy, with a narrow landing strip of red hair. I don't know why I thought of this at that moment, but seeing how kept she was told me she really had been planning on getting laid on this trip.

Larisa tells me she wants to get fucked from behind. She hops off me and gets on her hands and knees facing Christine's pussy, with about a foot between her face and the vibrator Christine is using. I enter Larisa and within minutes she is close to orgasming. The combination of my dick filling her up and the proximity of her naked friend are working overtime on her sexual desires. When she orgasms she lets out a primal scream, that will again echo throughout the neighborhood. Unexpectedly she crawls away as I am still trying to fuck her and cuddles up to Christine. "Well since you've already been using my vibrator, you might as well use my husband too, but don't kiss him," Larisa weirdly pleads. Christine picks up my boxer briefs and uses them to wipe my wife's juices off my cock, before she gets back down on her knees and starts to suck my cock again. "You really do have a nice cock," she says to me during a break to catch her breath. Then Christine deepthroats me to within an inch of my balls. That gets my attention and my cock's attention, which had slowly been losing some luster. My cock gets very hard again as Christine says: "and now we fuck."

"And now we fuck." Let that settle in. A hot red head with huge tits just deepthroats your cock and says "and now we fuck." Needless to say, I didn't last very long inside of Christine's hot, wet pussy. She laid down in the corner of the couch and spreading her legs, invited me to enter her. I gave her a solid minute or two before I felt my cock was going to erupt. She didn't cum, but I did. All over her stomach, all over her thighs, and some cum even made it up to the underside of her breasts. She asked Larisa for the vibrator back. While playing with the pools of cum on her body, she used the toy to orgasm herself.

After, Larisa toweled Christine off and then all three of us retired to our king sized bed. It was a little tight, with three adults in the bed. But that tightness led to a lot of groping throughout the night, so it was fine. My wife was in between Christine and I, so I never really knew whose hands were whose and ultimately I didn't care. Somewhere in between 2:00am and 3:00am, Larisa got up to get something, presumably water, and Christine rolled over and started jerking me off. Once I got hard enough she tried to climb on top of me but she wasn't wet enough to get me inside of her. Larisa came back and playfully tackled Christine off of me and they spent awhile cuddling and whispering. Once I realized that sex was off the table I turned over and fell asleep again.

The next day was a Monday that was an observed holiday, so neither my wife nor I had to work. Unfortunately though we didn't have any time to continue playing because Christine had a somewhat early flight back. It was probably just as well, because the alcohol had worn off and all of our inhibitions were no longer as liberated. After we dropped Christine off at the airport I asked my wife if she regretted anything. She sighed a little and said no, but she seemed a little sad. I figured it was probably because her friend was now on a flight back home, so I thought I would tease her a little. I asked her what Christine had whispered into her ear that had made her change her mind about allowing Christine to fuck me. She smiled very largely and while looking out the window, she responded: "let's not worry about things in the past."

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