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Two years back I used to work in Bangalore before shifting to my native place Hyderabad. During that time, I traveled to Hyderabad every month. I would start from Bangalore on Friday evening and reach Hyderabad on Saturday morning. Similarly, I would start from Hyderabad on Sunday evening and reach Bangalore on Monday morning so that I can go to the office. I used to stay in Hyderabad for two days unless there was a long weekend.

Now coming to the heroine of this story. Her name is Kavita. I first saw her in Kamalakar’s marriage. Kamalakar and I, along with three other friends, once went to Goa and fucked girls there. I will share those details too later, but not in this story.

Kavita is none other than Kamalakar’s bride. As soon as I saw her, I knew Kamalakar was a lucky fellow. Kavita looked like a sex bomb. Even in saree, her figure was very erotic. Her skin color was white. She had big boobs.

Her figure would be 38-26-36. The thought that Kamalakar was going to make this lovely girl nude and fuck her from front and back made me very horny. I knew Kamalakar was a nasty fucker so I could imagine the situation of this girl on the first night.

After the marriage ceremony, I forgot about Kavita. After two months, on a Friday evening, I was traveling to Hyderabad by bus. The bus was still in the city and the seat beside me was still empty.

At KR Puram, the bus stopped and a couple got in. They came straight to my seat. They were none other than Kamalakar and Kavita. As we were meeting after a while, we greeted each other. He told me that his wife was traveling to Hyderabad to write a test for some government job on Saturday. Her seat was beside my seat. There were no seats beside women. All such seats were occupied.

As Kavita was traveling alone for the first time since their marriage, he was very worried. I assured him that I will take care of her. Kamalakar got down and the bus started again. Kavita settled beside me.

She was wearing a short top and skin-tight jeans. She was looking stunning in the modern dress. As I was taller than her, I could see her cleavage. Her big boobs were tightly leashed in her shirt and bra. By the way, she was wearing a red bra – my favorite color.

“Where will you stay in Hyderabad,” I asked her politely.

“I will stay in a working women’s hostel. While I was working in Hyderabad, I used to stay there. I know the warden there well,” she replied in a sweet voice.

“When will you travel back?”

“Saturday night only.”

As a courtesy, I offered her my window seat. She happily shifted. Then we both concentrated on the Telegu movie being played inside the bus. After some time when I looked at her, she was in deep sleep. She looked so beautiful in sleep. Her big boobs were falling and raising as she breathed.

I just could not do anything as she was my friend’s wife. All I could do was enjoy the aroma of her body and see her ample cleavage. Her ass was big so she occupied the whole seat. Whenever she shifted in the seat, the right side of her ass was touching my body. The feeling was unbearable.

With a lot of self-control, I slept that night. When the bus cleaner shouted, I woke up. The bus was standing in front of a hotel. The time was 3 am. Kavita was still in deep sleep. She looked tired so I did not wake her up. I went out, took a leak, came back in and slept again before the bus started.

After some time, I felt a tap on my left hand. I opened my eyes lazily. It was Kavita. She shyly told me that she wanted to pee urgently and asked me to stop the bus. The time was only 3.30 am so the bus must have started some time back only. The driver would be irritated if I asked him to stop again.

Anyhow, I could not say no to Kavita so I went to the front and requested the driver to stop the bus. The irritated driver pulled aside. Kavita and I got down. There was no proper place where a woman could hide and pee. In the pitch dark, it looked too dangerous to go inside the shrubs. Also, we could not spend time searching for the place as the driver gave us only a few minutes.

So I took her to the backside of our bus and told her to pee there. She agreed reluctantly and stood facing the back of the bus. As I was about to go to the front, she called me and said, “Don’t go. It is too dark here. Stand here in some distance and face the other side.”

I agreed and stood at some distance. I could hear her zipper pulling down. Again I had to muster all my self-control not to look back. She must have stacked up heavily, she was peeing for long.

It was then something unexpected happen. Suddenly a pair of high beam lights came on in front of me. Instantly I knew the light must be falling on Kavita. I turned back and looked in her direction. She was crouching down and she too turned her head at the sudden light. Our eyes met for a millisecond. Then my eyes moved to the eighth wonder of the world.

Her huge ass was glistening in high beam light. It was as if two big footballs were placed side by side. The ass cheeks were milky white. The powerful light beams were making her ass look more beautiful. Seeing what I was looking at, she got up hurriedly. Her huge ass jumped slightly.

Coming to my senses, I turned away and looked at the source of the light. I never noticed before the huge truck standing behind our bus in some distance. If I have seen it beforehand, I would not have advised Kavita to pee there. Through the lights, I could see the driver and cleaner sitting in the truck. Their eyes were on Kavita. Bastards! They must have put on the lights on purpose.

I turned back and saw that Kavita was struggling with her pant. Her skin tight pant was just refusing to come up. Why the hell she wore such tight jeans? I wanted to run to her and help with the pants. But I could not do that.

She giggled her ass to bring the pant up but it was moving inch by inch only. I turned and looked at the driver and cleaner. They were laughing and enjoying their lucky day. They must not have seen such a milky white huge ass. It was their lifetime opportunity to see such a classy ass. To be frank, it was a lifetime opportunity for me too to see Kavita’s huge ass under such powerful lights.

I turned towards Kavita again. Her pant was half way up. Her huge ass was still refusing to go into the pants. It took her another 30 seconds of giggle and wiggle to pull the pant up completely and button it. Then she started running to the bus door at the front. I followed her.

We settled in our seats and the bus started. I could sense Kavita was fuming with anger.

“I am sorry, I didn’t see the truck parked there” I said.

She said angrily, “I told you not to turn. Why did you turn and looked at me?”

“I was worried because the truck driver and the cleaner were seeing you.”

“Don’t lie. I saw you staring at my..” She stopped in the middle.

“Yes, I stared. But I had no option. I cannot close my eyes. I am not a Buddha. In fact, I was angry with the truck driver who switched on lights to see your ass.” The word ‘ass’ came abruptly. I realized my mistake when she stared at me angrily.

To cool her down, I said, “I was worried about you as that driver ogled at you shamelessly. I was waiting for you to pull up your pant and get on the bus.”

Her anger was replaced by shame, remembering how she struggled to put her huge ass into the pants.

“Why did you wear such tight pants? It took you ages to pull it up.”

“You saw me the whole time!”

“I couldn’t help. You are such a beauty!”

“You are shameless.” She was completely calm by now. Her voice became sweet and sexy.

This was the opportunity for me to venture further. “Tell me why you didn’t wear any panty?”

She was aghast. “You looked at me in such detail?”

“Every inch of your body was under such powerful lights.”

“Then you should be thankful to the driver instead of feeling angry towards him.”

“Of course. I should also be thankful for your pants which gave me ample time to see your beauty.”

She smiled shyly. I slid my left hand around her shoulders.

“Aren’t you crossing the boundaries?” she chided.

“Yes, I want to cross the boundaries and pluck the apples in the orchard.” Saying so I grabbed her left boob with my left hand over her shoulder.

She shuddered at the touch. I inserted my hand into her shirt and pressed the boob lightly over her bra. I moved to the next level by inserting hand inside the bra and cupped her naked boob. It was so soft.

“You have everything big,” I said. “Can you also make something big?”

Understanding my words, she smiled shyly. With my right hand, I grabbed her hand and placed her palm on my bulge. She started kneading my cock over the pants.

“It’s already big. I don’t have to make it big,” she said.

“You can make it even bigger.”

She pulled my zip down, put her hand inside and grabbed my hot cock over the inners. Meanwhile, I was kneading her big melons with both hands. I asked her to come forward a little bit. Then I slid my left hand inside her pants from behind and grabbed her enormous ass. Her naked flesh was so smooth and soothing.

We were feeling each other till the bus reached Hyderabad. I called a friend and asked him to book a hotel room for both of us. Then I called my parents and told them that I was going to one of my friend’s house to attend a function and I would come to them in the evening only. Kavita too called her hostel warden and informed that she was not coming due to some urgent work.

My friend booked a three-star hotel near Kachiguda. Once we checked in, first thing I did was to pull Kavita’s pants down and press her whitish huge ass violently. That was the ass which made me mad under truck lights.

We became nude and had our first fucking session in the missionary position. It was 8 am by then. Kavita called her husband and informed him she reached safely and instructed him not to call her for another four hours till she completes her exam by 12 noon.

“Do you have to go to the exam? I can use that time to fuck you.” I pleaded.

She thought for some time and agreed to bunk the exam. “I can write that exam after 6 months again.”

Then I ordered breakfast for both of us. After breakfast, I fucked her from behind in doggy style. It was a bliss with her massive and soft buttocks and tight cunt. Then I ordered the room boy to buy coconut oil bottle for us. “What for?” she asked.

“For your ass.”

She was terrified. “I have never done that.”

I whistled. Her asshole was a virgin! “How Kamalakar left your asshole untouched?”

“I am afraid. I told him we would do it after a few months.”

“Now is the time. It seems as if you were safekeeping your asshole for me all these days.”

The room boy came and delivered the coconut oil. While leaving, he stole a dirty look at Kavita.

“See how he was looking at me,” she complained.

“Because he imagined how I am going to fuck you.”

With that, I dragged her into the bed again and made her nude in no time. Then I applied a large amount of oil on her asshole. She sucked my cock to make it big. After 5 minutes, I went behind her in doggy style and tried to insert my cock into her asshole. It just refused to take my big cock. It took me a while to insert an inch of my cock into the hole.

Slowly I started fucking her even though she was crying with pain. The cock started going into the hole bit by bit. Once fully inside, I increased the speed moderately. She cried more in pain. But after some time, her moans converted into pleasure. I fucked her with force for another ten minutes and cummed in her asshole.

Our fucking sessions continued till 7 in the evening. We fucked without coming out of the room and lost the count of times we fucked.

At 7. 30 pm, we checked out of the room. I gave her send-off at the bus stop and promised her to meet in Bangalore again.


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