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After nine months they gave birth to baby boys who were closely resembling their fathers. Their color and even face. Now the story continues. Sunita and Monica are part of a kitty party which consists of twenty women.

Out of those three women belonged to the same apartment. They were Roopa, Sarita, and Priya. All three of them went together to the hospital to see them. They congratulated both Sunita and Monica for their newborn babies. But internally all three of them knew very well that both women had a good time in Goa and the result was this.

As they were driving back to their apartment Priya said, “Girls what do you think about the new babies? I know the mothers but who are their fathers.” Roopa said, “I am damn sure some African or British dudes with whom they had affairs.” Sarita said, “But that’s wrong. They shouldn’t have cheated their hubbies.”

Roopa said, “Come on dear this is the 21st century. Do you think our hubbies are only loyal to us? Don’t they have affairs outside?” Priya said, “I agree with Roopa. Who knows how many girls or women maybe in our husband’s lives?” After some silence, Roopa said, “Priya, why don’t also have an affair outside and enjoy?”

Priya said, “Wow sounds interesting. What you say, Sarita?” Sarita said, “No guys I don’t think it’s right. If those girls are doing something wrong doesn’t mean we also should follow.” Roopa said, “Come on dear we are not cheating anyone. We are just exploring enjoyment with men apart of our hubbies.”

Priya said, “Roopa is right dear. Let’s have an affair outside and enjoy.” Sarita said, “Ok guys as you wish.” Roopa said, “We will meet in my flat today evening and make plans.” As planned all three women Roopa, Priya and Sarita assembled at Roopa’s flat.

Roopa -First of all, we need to decide time and place so our hubbies should not have any doubt.

Priya- I think we should have it during weekends and we should go somewhere out of our city.

Sarita- Out of our city? But where can we go?

Priya- I think we can go to Lonavala. My brother has got a farmhouse there. As he lives in Canada he has given me a responsibility to take care of it. So once in three months I go there with my hubby and spend a few days and return back. I think we can go there.

Roopa- Good idea. We can start on Friday afternoon and reach there by evening, And we can return on Monday morning.

Sarita- Great place and time are fine but you girls are forgetting the most important thing.

Roopa- What dear?

Sarita- Dear we are not going for just a picnic. We are going for sex picnic. What about boys. Have you thought about them?

Roopa- Yes tha is very true. This is what we need to think.

Priya -Guys don’t worry. I have suggested our farmhouse only after thinking about boys.

Roopa- Wow who are those lucky boys who are going to enjoy beautiful women like us.

Priya-Well it’s just a suggestion. In our farmhouse, there are two security men. They were the ones I was referring to.

Roopa- No problem, dear show their pics. I want freshmen to enjoy. I am fed up with the same hubby.

Priya and Sarita started laughing. Then Priya showed the pics of the two security men. Both of them were around 6 ft tall, broad chest dark and a thick mustache. Roopa said, “Wow such hot dudes!” Sarita was also happy but she said we need one more man.

Priya said we will ask them to arrange one more. Roopa said ok then our plan is final we will leave by Friday afternoon in my car. Priya and Sarita said ok. Then they started having tea and snacks. Suddenly Priya’s mobile rang. After speaking she seemed to be worried.

Sarita asked, “What happened, dear? You seem to be tensed.” Priya said, “As you all know Neha my niece who stays with me. She is a spoiled girl. Just now my hubby called. He said he saw her with a guy near the college. I don’t know what to do.”

Priya- My sister has given me full responsibility. That’s why I am keeping cool. Otherwise, I would have sent her back.

Sarita- Did you inform your sister?

Priya-Yes, because of her activities my sister wants her to get married. But she is not ready to marry now.

Roopa- Who is the person they have chosen for her?

Priya said- One of my cousin brothers who recently had a divorce. He is looking for marriage again so we thought let’s get Neha married to him. But she is not ready.

Roopa- But Priya, Neha is around 20 and your cousin is around 40. Do you think that right?

Priya- It’s her mother’s decision. So I don’t want to interfere. I just want to get this issue out of my life. Because her activities are impacting my k**s also. I don’t want that to happen.

Roopa- You want her to marry your cousin right? Don’t worry. We will postpone our trip by a few days. Let’s sort this issue out. Today evening ask her to come and sleep at my house, as my husband is out of the city.

Priya- That’s fine but how you will convince her?

Roopa-don’t worry dear. Have faith in me. I will make sure Neha marries your cousin, Kundan right?

Priya- Yes.

Same night Neha came to Roopa’s flat. That night Roopa’s husband was traveling out. After he went Neha came. Neha is a young 20-year-old college girl with lots of lust. She is a sex addict and always watches porn and adult literature due to which Priya’s k**s were also getting spoiled.

Her figure is 39-24-36 height 5.6 milkfish fair brown hair and she only wears a tight t-shirt and minis. On the other side, Roopa is a 34-year-old woman. Figure 40-28-40. Height 5.8 very fair and light brown hair. Roopa welcomed her, “Come, dear, how you are you?” Neha said, “I am a fine, aunty.”

Roopa said, “Hey you can call me Roopa. Consider me as your friend. Neha said, “Ok Roopa.” Then they started discussing each other’s life. Then slowly discussed sexual life. After learning Neha was virgin and watches porn Roopa showed her some wild collection on her laptop.

Those clips included some lesbian videos. Neha was very happy to see lesbian videos. Neha said, “Wow was so sweet.” Roopa asked, “Neha, are you a lesbian?” Neha said, “No dear. But one of my friends likes me and she asked me for sex. But I was not comfortable.”

Roopa- Dear, if you don’t mind why don’t we give a try? Even one of my friends asked me.

Neha- Ok but it should be a secret between us.

Roopa -Ok dear.

Roopa hugged Neha. Then both of them started smooching. Roopa removed Neha’s t-shirt and short and her bra and panty. Same time Neha also removed Roopa’s nightly and her bra and panty. Now both the women were nude looking at each other.

Neha said, “Wow Roopa you have so huge gigantic juicy boobs.” Roopa said, “Thanks to my husband for kissing pressing and pumping daily.” Then Roopa and Neha went to bed and sucked each other’s boobs. They went in 69 position and sucked each other’s cunt.

When both of them became hot Roopa took a rubber cock and inserted in Neha’s cunt and also in her cunt and laid on Neha. Neha and Roopa enjoyed for 2 hours and reached orgasm. After that, they went to bed nude in each other’s arms.

Neha –Roopa, I love you, dear. Please be my partner forever.

Roopa –Definitely dear, today I felt complete. But only on one condition, I will be your lifelong partner.

Neha- I promise whatever you say I will do.

Roopa -Then marry your uncle Kundan.

Neha -How do you know about this?

Roopa-Listen, dear, aged and matured men are hotter in bed than young guys. Kundan can satisfy you more than anyone else. And who is stopping you from having extramarital affair? Enjoy both matured man and your young lover.

Neha said- You are right. Good idea. Ok dear as you wish.

Next day Roopa told Priya about Neha’s decision. Immediately Priya took Neha to her mother’s place. Neha got married to her uncle Kundan who was 22 years older than her. Kundan is a 42-year-old matured man with the thick mustache. During the first night, Neha was in a red sari with jewels and flowers on the bed.

Kundan was in dhoti and kurta. Kundan could not believe his luck that he got such a beautiful hot girl as a wife. As soon as she entered the room his cock erected. He went to her and removed her sari. She was looking stunning in a red blouse petticoat with nosering and other jewelry.

Seeing her blushing Kundan removed his kurta, dhoti, and his underwear. Now he was completely nude. She could see his huge cock standing wild. She closed her eyes. Kundan laid her in bed and started rubbing his cock over her juicy red lips. Neha could feel the smell of his cock.

Also, his cock was surrounded by thick bushes of hairs. Neha was unable to control and she started sucking his cock. Meantime Kundan remover her bra blouse petticoat and panty. Neha was completely nude. Then Kundan lay upon Neha and started sucking her boobs.

Neha was out of control. seeing this Kundan inserted his cock inside her vagina and broke her virginity and fucked her. And after 20 minutes of fuck, she released her sperm inside Neha’s vagina. Finally, Neha was a woman. And she lives with Kundan hereafter.

The three friends were now ready to go for their sex picnic.

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