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The two women were lying in the jacuzzi chatting away and playing with their fannies. Marjory leaned over and kissed Phoebe, their tongues danced, there hands gently caressed each erotically Then Phoebe moved over to lie on top of the older women. Older but no less attractive provided you like big breasted women. Both were very well endowed due to Lady Gwen’s boon. Instead of a curse Gwen, had married Henri gifted with the manor by William the Conqueror. As a wedding gift she placed a boon on all her descendants that the men would be tolerant and open minded and the women would be long haired, big busted tarts.

As always with ancient magic it was a bit tricky and did not confine itself to genetic descendants and passed its gift onto girls marrying into the family or on occasions just those close to the family. Phoebe was one such and from a normal sized girl of conservative sexuality she had gone to being a far happier busty tart.

The two women pleasured each other. Sucking on breasts, gently nibling nipples, putting their fingers in each other’s slits and stimulating each other to a point of ecstatic bliss. They knew a lot about giving and receiving pleasure. Both came almost simultaneously. Finished they lay back and cuddled, prodigious tits floating in the water surrounded by effervescence.

“I am so glad I learnt to enjoy sex from women as well as men, both are different but so much fun. I am surprised that this place never got turned into a brother knowing what our family is like.”

Marjory smiled at the our of ‘our family’ Phoebe was quite happily one of them now.

“No, the new house has never actually operated as a brothel all the sex here has been free. The same can’t be said of the old place though. Back just after the Napoleonic wars my many times great Aunt Georgina did exactly that, along with her daughters, servants and a few others. Very discreet, very costly but unashamedly a whore house.”


Rose strolled along Piccadilly looking for business. Well not the main street but a side street less in the public gaze and where men were more likely to stop for her. It was her first week on the streets, a hard life, she was under no illusion but better than the match factory where the girls died after their faces fell apart. That was what had been planned for her. As a whore you might get pregnant or the clap but as a match girl there was no chance you died before long in an unpleasant way.

Rose was pretty and new it. It was warm so she didn’t need a shawl but wore one anyway so that until she was ready nobody could see the scandalously low cut dress which showed off her tit such as they were.

Hey ho, that carriage was slowing, a toff after a bit of skirt hopefully. The coachman called down.

“Like entertaining the toffs love.” She nodded and he asked her price in response to being told the door of the carriage opened and she took the hint and stepped in. It was dark inside but not so dark that she couldn’t see that the sole occupant was dressed in women’s clothing. Rose had her about these types but didn’t think they picked up girls.
“You are under selling yourself girl, the going rate is more than that for a young pretty thing like you.” Rose was shocked it was a women’s voice, a deep rich contralto but definitely female.

“I have a proposition for you. I will pay your price just for you to listen.”

“All right but if your going to try and save my soul I cannot afford it.”

“No and I would agree you can’t. Actually, my plans are rather the opposite for as it happens, I am as much a whore as you are but it’s a lot more comfortable for me. Have you anybody who you are attached.”

“I haven’t got anyone to be attached too. I am an orphan and don’t want to make matches and have me face fall off.”
“Splendid common sense as well. How about being one of my girls? No pimp or other man involved. George there is one of the few men in my employ who know what we are up to at the manor. Basically, some very selected clients come to my house for parties. None of us are forced to sleep with a client so they have to make an effort but if they do and they please us they get some real fun because we are very naughty girls.”

“What kind of work?”

“Well some of my girls are the different maids and only play occasionally, others do so more often and put the money aside for when they are too old. Others open their legs all the time. Some even get to catch a husband or more frequently become some toffs permanent mistress. That is why I need new girls and I don’t mean some raddled doxie. You are young and show some sense using that shawl to keep your trade quiet until a prospect was about, that shows brains. Avoiding the match factory as well.”

“Why would a toff like you do this?”

“Because I am a tart through and through. I discovered I liked sex when married and didn’t want to give it up when hubby died at Waterloo. Are you in?”

“It can’t be worse than being on the streets so yes.” It was a risk but so were the streets this could be a chance.

That night they went back to Lady Georgina’s London home that was kept totally respectable. Her ladyship completed her business and they went back to the manor which took a full day in the carriage. They started off with Rose sitting on top next to the drive as was right and proper for a maidservant. However well out of London and on a quite stretch of road they pulled over and Rose was told to get inside with her ladyship.

This journey is a good chance for me to get to know you and how to place you. Would I be right you hadn’t been on the streets long?”

“No, your ladyship it was my first week. Before that I worked as a seamstress in the house of Mrs Worth. When younger she was gentry but had fallen on hard times. It was her that taught me how to behave a bit and how to read. I made extra by having the odd posh boyfriend on the side. Poor Mrs Worth she died last month and I had to find somewhere else.”

“So, you can manage something better than South London drawl can you. Give me a demonstration.”
“Yes my lady, when at a formal dinner it is easy to know what cutlery to use as you start at the outside and work in. Also, your glass will be filled for you so just watch which one has just been poured.” Rose took care to speak carefully as she had been taught and being a natural mimic, she thought she did it well.

“That is quite impressive. I wonder how well you can keep it up. How do you deal with conversation with your gentlemen friends?”

“Oh maam that is easy you just let them talk and ask them questions about themselves occasionally. They think you’re a terribly good conversationalist.”

“They do and that is just the right phrasing. You’re a clever little thing aren’t you. I think you would be wasted as a maidservant. We will work on making you into a good replica of the real thing and then you can be at table with the guests. How we do it, is they come to dinner like in any big house then after its over we have a jolly orgy. That way they can pretend its not really a brothel.

Rose was pleased to find that whilst she was not going but more like a companion or some such. She knew that sometimes people like Mrs Worth were given positions like that not servants but not members of the family. Admittedly they also didn’t sleep with the houseguests. But then again neither would the family and family it was, Lady Georgina’s two daughters were as bad as her with their legs happily wide open.

Rose got a shock the first night because she shared a bed with another girl Lily. That was normal, but not that Lily snuggled up and kissed her. Rose wasn’t sure what to do she had never had a female client and up to that point didn’t know that girls made love to each other either. Still it wasn’t unpleasant so she returned the kiss, A hand stroked her shoulder and then down to her breast. Lily sat up showing she wasn’t wearing a nightdress or anything else. Rose didn’t bat an eyelid when her nightdress was removed.

“You haven’t tried it with a girl before have you?”

“I didn’t know that girls could, I thought we just let men screw us.”

“Your in for a treat then, girls know what to do to each other far better than men.” With this Lily kissed Rose’s nipple and then started to run her tongue around the aureole. That felt really nice.

“Does her ladyship know about this sort of thing.”

“Guess who taught me, she’s probably having it off with Betty her maid. Those two are pretty much a couple despite their different rank. Betty is nice she don’t rub it in. Now try this it should feel lovely.”

‘This’ turned out to be having her pussy fondled, particularly the bit at the top that was really sensitive. That felt so nice so she tried to do the same to Lily. From the noises Lily made it looked like it worked. The pleasant sensations wafted over her. Servicing men was normally quite nice but nothing like this. Then for the first time in her life Rose had a climax, it was incredible, wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her.

When they had finished, they went to sleep, cuddled together. Unlike most servants beds this was wide enough to be comfortable for the two of them. Also, unlike other servants they did not have to get up early to get things ready for the family. By any other big house standard this place was lax in the extreme, but of course this place despite appearances wasn’t normal and everyone got up late.

Rose came around fairly early even so and sat up. There was something very different her breasts had got larger, a lot larger overnight. Lily awoke and looked at her and smiled.

“Looks like you have Lady’s Gwen approval for being here, it’s not chance that we all have big tits. That will please her ladyship. Throw a shawl around you and we will go down to the kitchen and grab something to eat ourselves and they we can take up Her ladyship breakfast and show off your new rack.”

“This is what they did. In the kitchen they found breakfast being prepared but instead of normal dressed kitchen maids nobody had much on other than aprons and boots.

“Watcha you must be the new girl I am Jeanie, cook and housekeeper combined. We don’t do formal like most houses so whilst I am in charge you call me Jeanie. Mind you I still expect to be obeyed and so does Fred Kirby, the butler, but we are less formal here. It’s difficult to be that up tight when we all shag like bunnies.

“We was thinking of taking up her ladyships’ breakfast so she can see how Lady Gwen has helped Rose. Filled out nicely she has.”

“Well Betty hasn’t been down yet so grab yourselves something to eat first. The days bread aint done yet but Flo’s toasting up some of yesterdays. Also, we have some porridge and there’s honey.”

This was another nice surprise for Rose far better than she was used too or expected. They had finished when a busty girl in just a shift came down and said her ladyship was hungry and wanted Rose as well. So they took up a couple of trays of food and a silver jug of coffee.

“Ah Rose, good sit down on the bed beside me dear.” Lady Georgina was naked and didn’t not attempt to hide it.
“You will have had time to realise this place has a way of improving those it considers its own. Looking at your bust I think you have been accepted. Now look we are having a dinner party tonight and you know how that is going to end. I will place you next to Colonel Maltravers. Considering he is from a good family he is a total peasant. Thank heavens you’re not a good girl he has hands that go everywhere.”

“I have met the sort before my lady.”

“I am sure you have and know how to deal with them.“

“Let him and tell him he’s a naughty boy. That usually amuses that sort.”

“You have got it down right. “

That evening dressed in the nicest dress she had ever worn Rose sat down at table having spent most of the day being quizzed and corrected about behaviour. That was far harder work than lying on her back but she learnt a lot. Her ladyship seemed pleased.

The table was set for twelve. Lady Georgina and her two daughters, her niece and a well-bred woman called Alice who being an orphan of limited means and who also liked misbehaving fitted in. As for the men apart from Colonel Maltravers most were of middle years but one was younger and very handsome. It turned out that Lord Gerald was her ladyship’s nephew.

The meal proceeded without mishap though as predicted the Colonel’s hands found themselves where they shouldn’t. Rose didn’t mind as he was gentle about it and didn’t do things like pinch. In a quite voice she gently chided him with no rancour even when he didn’t stop. This of course amused him greatly.

After dinner they all retreated to a salon where the main business was to take place. Lord Gerald had been partnered with Alice who he started kissing. This was the signal for the other men to do the same. The Colonel proved to be quite a good kisser but it didn’t take him long to get a tit out. There again the other women were also becoming dishabille. Lily came in with a pot of coffee and no clothes. Having served everyone who wanted some she was pulled down on the Colonels lap.

Lily helped get Rose out of her dress and underwear whilst kissing her. Last night had clearly be not just pleasure but to get her used to girls. Various other servants had joined in with some of the men. Lady Georgina was canoodling with an Earl.

The two girls took in turn to bounce up on the Colonels cock as he guffawed all the time. Both had several climaxes before the old man finally came and when finished fell asleep. The two tarts covered the old codger with a blanket and left him to sleep.

Lord Gerald called them over where he had just finished with Alice who Rose noted was looking as if he had taken the trouble to satisfy her. A plus point for Lord Gerald as far as she was concerned.

“Go on Alice, Florence looks as though she is seeing M Moreaux off, so go and play with her I know you prefer her to us men.”

“I make an exception for you Gerald, you always make sure that sex is as enjoyable for the woman as the man. I wish the rest of you men were the same.” They kissed and she went over to Florence, Lady Georgina’s elder daughter who had just returned. They held hand and went of together giggling. Rose noted that clearly some women not only made love to women but preferred it.

Now she and Lily had the attentions of Lord Gerald. It didn’t take long for Lily to come again with the help of a young cock and she kissed both of them and then curled up on the sofa to watch Rose and Gerald together. Gerald said he had a preference for the woman on top of him so he could watch her boobs bounce up and down. Rose’s certainly would bounce now as they seemed even bigger than in the morning. It proved an endurance contest as both were determined to make their partner cum. In the end it was a draw and both came together.

Rose’s climax was so powerful that she was not really aware of anything but the powerful ecstasy of the moment. When she was more aware, she found herself being being led up to one of the main bedrooms. Gerald tapped on the bed for her to get in beside him. They had sex again but it was much more like gentle love making a new experience for Rose. Rose gently kissed Gerald and they went to sleep limbs entangled.

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