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Hayley was lying spread-eagled on the bed, not having slept much as she had been thinking about the appointment later that morning that would once and for all set her free to enjoy a single life of a free spirited woman once again. As usual she lay naked, never having been one for clothes of any description against the skin, and whilst contemplating the rest of the day, her left hand had taken control and the palm was now pressing gently against her vulva, the soft down of her pubic hair providing a cushion, and the two middle fingers itchy to get to work in the cave of Venus.

Hayley slowly allowed her eyes to close as she enjoyed the feeling, and her mind also drifted off into another erotic fantasy. Who would be first to devour her willing body as a free lady was the dilemma for her, as she had a few regular friends but all very conventional, quick fuck then off to the pub sorts. She wanted something more interesting, the idea of an older well used cock was foremost as her fingers eventually parted her lips and started to strum the walls of the vagina. She longed for a long slow sexual encounter where consideration was given to the desires of both parties. Continuing to drift with the flow she was soon very wet and moaning slowly and quietly at first, her hand was expert at teasing her clit as the fingers pistoned in and out of her open pussy, building up towards another pleasurable ejaculation of her juices as her body responded to the attention her pussy was enjoying.

Unaware that her bedroom door was slightly open, Hayley had no idea that her eldest daughter had awoken to visit the loo and was now standing outside listening to the noises and wondering just what it was that made Mum sound content. At the age where her body was fast to changing, the daughter, was getting extremely curious on sexual issues but so far had not raised anything with her mother. Noticing the way Hayleys fingers were driving deeper and deeper, the daughter realised this was source of mothers delight and began to feel between her own legs being rewarded with a damp feeling, at this point she returned to her own bedroom to continue her sexual development on her own bed.

Hayley soon climaxed and calmed down, aware her thighs were soaked she went for a shower before making breakfast for her two c***dren and herself. As with every day breakfast was served with all parties naked, albeit it was individual choice, but it was normal to the inhabitants of the house as nobody really bothered to dress when indoors, or in the garden for that matter. No mention was made of the morning events, however Hayley was aware of something different about her eldest but could not be sure just what, maybe the very red pubic area was reason why.

Just after nine, she left to drop the k**s off at grandparents house, and then Hayley would continue for her appointment, she had decided to wear a dress, buttoned up to cover the essential areas and nothing more. She arrived on time and after a brief explanation of the paperwork and a few signatures later Hayley left, a free and single woman again, ready to make up for lost time, The feeling of release, from the control and excessive sexual demands of her ex cheating husband, was one of relief. He had regularly ignored her needs, taking her wherever and whenever he wanted, no design on her having any pleasure so long as his cock spilt its load anywhere from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. He was often out on the town screwing anything that did not have anything between their thighs or a brain in the head, as far as she was concerned it was good riddance.

Driving along the country lane Hayley decided to stop in the forest and just wander free as a bird as nature intended. Having parked she started to walk and unbuttoned the three or four buttons that had still remained fastened for modesty purposes whilst driving. Now her hair and dress flowed behind her as she went deeper into the forest. Her long slender legs strode without purpose through the long grass, Her ample 38c breasts swayed gently from side to side unhindered. Clearly she was unaware that the vision of her gliding through the clearings would have any red blooded male desperate to use her as nature had intended.

She was wandered along she was wondering how she would resume her neglected love life and coming upon a glade sat down on a log parting her knees it was not long before her fingers found their way across her stomach and into the groin area, on arrival they found her clit and moist pussy. She moved onto the grass and lay back looking at the blue sky and enjoyed the pleasure she was giving herself. Feeling the two fingers now knuckle deep inside her pussy, the ribbed area now well strummed and for the next 10 to 15 minutes she varied between very slow to outright full forced pounding of her body. She was also squeezing her swollen nipples and had two large mounds of flesh both the standing flagpoles waiting their turns to be between her finger and thumb. Her inner thighs now glistening with her bodily fluids, and in total abandonment to her chosen pleasure Hayley came for the second time that morning. She jerked and moaned aloud as the ripples of pleasure built to a crescendo, the spray shot out with force when her fingers were removed.

Lying on her back totally relaxed, she heard the crack of a broken twig and opened her eyes when she saw a swollen cock appear in her vision. Turning to her right she saw the Ranger staring at her with his semi erect cock standing out waiting for instruction. Hayley had been unaware the Ranger had spent 20 minutes watching and enjoying her activities. He was 60 to 65 and just what she had been dreaming of, so without a word being spoken she sat up and extending her hand took hold of the throbbing member and guided it towards the mouth, She was soon licking the whole shaft and taking the cock deep inside her throat and letting her tongue rasp over the small slit and the end of the cock. Cradling his swollen balls, she squeezed lightly and felt him jerk backwards with delight. As she continued , he was able to reach her tits and started to fondle the left one, unable to reach the other.

Feeling the hardening member Hayley turned onto all fours and guided the weapon towards the open slit now available for the ranger to use and abuse. Duly accepting the invitation he held her hips and slowly started to feed his swelling inside the waiting hole and was soon pounding as deep as he could. With each thrust Haley was sure the cock was doubling in size, as it felt now she was sure it would never have fitted into her mouth. The strokes were very slow and deliberate each intended to tease her pussy and encourage her muscles to clamp tighter, that in turn made his cock even harder and thicker. Hayley was now pushing backwards to meet each thrust and ensure maximum penetration riding the 6 inches of throbbing flesh she felt the rangers fingers now rubbing her swollen clit and enticing her to squirt as he prepared to offload from his balls into her pussy. OMG this was something special and she was unable to maintain self control and soon duly she felt her own juices running over the penetrating shaft and down her thighs. His balls froze as the semen spurted up his tube and sprayed her cervix and filled her love tube to overflowing.

Contented, Hayley heard the plop as the now flaccid cock fell out into the open air, and realised she had just completed her first desire, and was about to turn around to face the ranger when she stopped, and was very surprised when the ranger called to his assistant to come and enjoy what nature had provided, The young ranger had been quietly sat on the edge of the glade stroking his own cock waiting for the opportunity to bury it inside the goddess who was lying not far from him.

The young ranger was soon placed behind her and his swollen cock was heading into her rear entrance, he held it close and rubbed it up and down the channel tempting each hole in turn before embedding his now stiff cock into her rear entrance. Haylay was so surprised she offered little resistance and within a few strokes she lost her anal virginity. Deeper and deeper he drove inside her and she felt the need to yell but as the elder ranger had placed his recovering cock into her mouth this was no longer an option. As both cocks took advantage of her willing body it was not long before both started to swell up and dispose of their respective jism in and on Hayley. Her pussy had not had so much attention and her arse now felt like a mini Mersey tunnel, she was convinced it would never return to normal size. She lay flat out exhausted and when she eventually sat up she was once again alone with nature. Did that really happen she wondered as she rose up and started to walk back through the forest. As she walked the evidence of the event continued to drip down her legs and the cool air helped her pussy and arse to calm down but she was sore but content.

Eventually she returned to her car and realised she barely had time to get home shower and collect the k**s, an hour later the three had been united and were sat over dinner discussing what they had done during the day, Hayley of course omitted a large part of her day.

Mid evening the girls had retired and Hayley was lying, naked as usual watching TV with the laptop on her knee. In need of the toilet she went upstairs and on passing one of the bedrooms she heard her eldest daughter moaning and realised she was probably continuing her own education, and the though sent shivers through her, they are growing up fast. Hayley reflected her eldest was now of an age where sex will be an ongoing development and she must work out how she would handle matters. She herself had learnt all about sex behind the traditional bike sheds at school and had resolved at the right time she would ensure her c***dren were better prepared.

Returning to the couch, Hayley logged on the laptop and searched Xhamster seeking a male 60+ for NSA pleasure but must like outdoor activities. For the third time that day, as she was watching a porn video and thinking of the single response she had had, she found her pussy again dominating the agenda. Having lost her anal virginity that morning she wanted to feel something else but something she could control and had located a very firm and cold cucumber in the fridge that would fit the bill. Lying on the couch, the cucumber stuck up her arse and her right hand pleasing her clit and fingering the rim of her pussy, other hand fingering her clit and nipples, she relaxed and enjoyed another pleasurable sexual experience. Before long she was humping her own hand now and her swollen clit was tingling, oh for a third hand to manoeuvre the cucumber but she dare not call her daughter so she would have to settle for what she had. It was not long before she was peaking and upon pulling her fingers away from her crotch the juices flew out of her love tube soaking everything in its path, Hayley reflected that it was the most powerful orgasm she had had since her wedding night, very poetic the second should be the day the divorce was finally sorted.

A few days later she met the 60+ in the forest, and had a wonderful day with him and of course the rangers as well.


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