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Have you ever been head over heels in love with someone you didn’t think could want you? Have you ever had that love become super complicated incredibly fast?

That was the way I felt about my best friend. He and his family lived next door to me throughout high school and it wasn’t uncommon for me to go wait for him at his house or him to go wait for me at mine, often we’d interact with each others family members while we waited. I helped his mom with dinner, or helped his dad by holding a ladder still for him. He’d mostly help my little brother with video games, but every now and then I’d catch him helping mom ice a cake or helping my dad move something.

I used my key and went inside, raiding the freezer for one of Mrs. Davis’ famous fresh fruit popsicles (in my favorite flavor that she made only for me – coconut pineapple and banana) only to find the last one gone. I pouted and closed the freezer. Nicky didn’t like coconut so I knew he didn’t eat it, Mrs. Davis would never eat it without replacing it asap and would’ve left me a note, and Mr. Davis preferred to watch me eat the popsicles than having one himself. (He thought I didn’t notice, but I did and, admittedly, played it up from time to time ‘cause it was kinda nice to feel desired.)

I went out to the living room and found Nicky’s brother Gabe sitting on the couch in his underwear watching porn with headphones on and eating my popsicle. I pounced onto the couch beside him and he screamed and threw the popsicle at me as he shut off the tv. It amused me greatly, and I was thrilled that I caught the popsicle as it was heading straight at my eye.

I started eating the popsicle and tried to reach over him to grab the remote and he pushed me away, “Jesus fucking Christ Kara. I thought the fucking door was locked, how’d you get in?”

I held up my key chain, “Your mom gave me a key.”

“So you just live here now or what?” he asked, clearly annoyed as his terror wore off.

I nodded, “Basically. You stole my last popsicle.”

“My mom made them, they are technically for family first,” he sneered at me.

I laughed with the popsicle still in my mouth before I rebutted him, “Do you have a key to the house yet?”

He grumbled and tried to take the popsicle back but I kept it just out of reach of him. “I just got back this morning. None of them even know I’m home yet.”

“What were you watching?” I asked as I stood up on the couch and tried to climb over him to grab the remote and maintaining my claim on the popsicle he’d half eaten.

“Nothing,” he snapped as he hit the remote and knocked it out of my reach again, “Why don’t you just go on home, Nicky has baseball practice today, right?”

I nodded, “What were you watching?” I asked again, a slight grin on my face as I’d caught a glimpse before he shut the tv off.

“Never-you-mind,” he shot back and pulled me back down to the couch to keep me away from the remote.

“I’m 18 and you aren’t really protecting me from anything. You know I’ve watched that stuff on my own and with Nicky for years, right?” I smirked as his eyes got big.

“If you knew what I was watching why ask?”

I shrugged, “Your face gets really red and you puff out your chest when you’re feeling cornered. It’s cute.”

He grabbed my wrist and retrieved his popsicle from me and I let him, though I did pout about it. He glared and took a bite from the top. I leaned over and pouted bigger, batting my eyelashes at him to make him feel guilty.

He groaned and pushed me away, took another bite of the popsicle then sighed and handed it to me as he complained, “You know, it’s not fair that your eyes actually make the fucking cartoon sound effect of sad batting eyelashes.”

I laughed and he got up, presumably to go and put some actual clothes on over his boxers. I finally retrieved the remote and turned the tv on and unplugged the headphones. I was not prepared for the tv to be as loud as he had it. I was desperately turning it down from eardrum destroying loud and he sk**ded back into the room leapt over the couch, swiped the remote and turned the tv back off as he glared at me. He quickly retrieved the disc from the player.

I smiled sheepishly, “That was...”

He pushed me down onto the couch and held me there with his forearm across my chest and holding my wrist that had the popsicle in it, “That was not for you to see or hear.”

“But I did and that was...”

He took the popsicle from my hand and put it against my lips to keep me quiet, “Not. A. Word.”

Now, I don’t know exactly what prompted me to open my mouth and suck on the popsicle as he held it against my lips, but I did and his expression went from a slightly angry and embarrassed fluster, to confused and intrigued. He twisted the popsicle between my lips and pulled it from my mouth, letting the icy treat linger and melt on my lips just a little as I looked up at him.

Then he kissed me and licked the popsicle drippings from my lips and tongue. I didn’t object, but I didn’t kiss back either. It kind of caught me off guard to be honest. I sat there looking at him and he grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the couch. He handed me the popsicle as he led me up the front stairs and down the hall to his bedroom.

I had the popsicle in my hand the whole way, pointed downward, leaving little drips every so often as I let him lead me to his room and I had a good idea of where his mind was considering what he’d been watching. He shut the bedroom door behind me then turned to look at me. I felt like meat in a display case being eyed by a starving carnivore.

He reached out to my hand and took the popsicle from me and put it against my lips again. I parted them and he pushed the popsicle between my lips, just barely. He watched my mouth intently as the popsicle began to melt a little more in the heat being generated from his arousal and my nervousness. It dripped down my lips and over my chin. It dripped onto his fingers as he placed his hand beneath my chin to lift it slightly, and it dripped down my neck and along my chest.

Gabe was Nicky’s oldest brother. He wasn’t home for most of the year as he traveled with a charity that was attempting to make vaccinations, vitamins, and general healthcare accessible to often neglected areas across the world. When he did come home he was often disconnected from everyone else, keeping to himself except when it was just me and Nicky around, then he relaxed and he could just goof off with us. I’d always liked Gabe.

I’d had a crush on all of Nicky’s brothers at one point or another. They just seemed so cool, a philanthropic doctor, a fireman, and a race-car driver. Nicky and I just turned 18 in January of our senior year of high school. His brother Christian was the next oldest at 20 and had been racing cars since he was 16, making a career of it made sense. Michael was 24 and had started out on a volunteer fire fighting crew, but just recently he’d passed the trial that allowed him to become a paid fire fighter. Gabriel was the oldest at 30, he’d been classed a genius, advancing a few grades pretty early on.

He finished high school a few years early and went straight to college, flying through his coursework and residency with ease. Now, he spent 3 months a year at remote locations offering healthcare to some of the most impoverished people in the world, spent 6 months traveling to top notch hospitals to assist in trials, train doctors in new techniques and give speeches on current medical developments he and some colleagues are working on, and generating funding for the charity he works for and the other three months he spent at home with his parents and Nicky.

I’d heard his parents say they wish he’d slow down a little and make some time for a personal life, but he was in constant go mode. Come to think of it, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of him having a romantic relationship at all, but clearly he did if that video was what I thought it was.

He started kissing me again, but he held the popsicle between my lips, moving it in and out of my mouth slowly, letting it drip as it did. I didn’t do anything, but watch him. He pulled the popsicle from my mouth and dragged it over my neck and across my chest, I felt the sticky fruit juice melting over my skin and into the neckline of my tank top.

He closed his lips over my neck and licked the melted popsicle from my skin. I moaned as his teeth dragged along the side of my neck. I didn’t even feel him pull the straps of my tank top off my shoulders just felt the coolness of popsicle sliding over the tops of my breasts before his lips kissed and licked along the sticky fluid line he’d created. He pulled my bra down and puckered the skin of my areolae with the popsicle. The last remnants of it fell away from the stick in his hand and slid over my nipple and dropped to the floor below.

He closed his lips over my sticky nipple and licked and sucked on them. I probably should have pushed him away. Instead I brought my hand up and ran it through his hair, holding him against me just slightly as I moaned. He smiled and kissed his way back up my body, lingering for a moment on my lips then leaned down close to my ear, “How much of the video did you see?”

I shrugged, “Just a little.”

His hand slid down my arm to my hand and pulled it over to his crotch. I bit my lip and looked up to him. He smiled and guided my hand into his underwear and around his cock, “Have you and Nicky done more than watch porn together?”

I blushed slightly, “No. Not really, I mean…I don’t think…” I stammered over my words and got flustered over what to say. What I wanted to say was ‘We’ve made out a few times but it gets awkward and I think Nicky might be more into boys than girls.’

He moved closer to me and put both of his hands on my hips, just under my shirt. That was when I noticed that I was stroking his cock without his guidance. He pulled my shirt and bra up and over my head and I released him just long enough for him to pull them completely off of me then slid my hand right back into his boxers.

He smiled bigger, “Are you dating my baby brother?” he asked as his hand slid between my legs and over my underwear.

I shook my head, “No. He’s never...shown interest in me like that...” I moaned as he slipped his finger inside my underwear and between my pussy lips.

“Have you dated anyone yet?” he asked as he reached my quickly moistening inside.

I nodded, “Eric Riddle in 10th grade. Joey Masterson in 11th.”

“Did they fuck you, Kara?”

I shook my head and his finger pressed forward as he spoke, “Do you masturbate?”

I nodded.

“With a toy or your hand?” he asked.

“Hand,” I whined as he pushed his finger inside of me and moved me closer to him by curling his finger in me and pulling me.

“Has anyone ever eaten your pussy before?” his voice became much quieter as he asked it.

I nodded, “Joey.”

“Did he get you to enjoy yourself?”

I shook my head and whimpered as he rubbed his thumb and index finger on either side of my clit. I stopped stroking him and he took the opportunity to pull my panties off of me. They dropped to the floor and he started stroking my lubrication around me. I put my fingers in the waistband of his boxers and he smiled as I pulled them off of him.

He pulled his fingers from my pussy and licked them then took my hand and led me over to the bed. He climbed up onto the mattress and pulled me up beside him, “Have you ever sucked a cock before?”

I nodded.

“Joey?” he asked.

I shook my head, “Nicky.”

Gabe smiled, “I thought you said he doesn’t see you like that?”

“He doesn’t. I lost a bet and he won a bet.”

Gabe tilted his head slightly, “That was what you wagered? Are you sure he doesn’t see you like that?” he asked.

I shrugged, “He didn’t know it was me and I didn’t know it was him until he said something. I still don’t think he knows it was me. I think we both thought it was the person we made the bets with.”

“How did you do?” he asked.

I blushed and bit my lip.

He smiled, “Good girl.” He lay back on the bed and guided me over him. My legs were on either side of his head and my hands on either side of his hips. I quickly took the tip of his cock between my lips and he pulled away and pushed me up, I looked back to him, “Don’t rush it. Take your time, tease, kiss and lick it like the popsicle,” he said.

I did as he asked, dragging my tongue from the base of his cock up the side of his shaft, pulling his foreskin back as I reached the head. He moaned as my tongue circled the underside of his cock head. Then I felt his hand on my pussy, parting the puffy lips as his tongue darted across my clit. I froze up for a second and he squeezed my thigh, “Keep going, Kara,” he whispered to me as he pulled my hips down closer to his face.

I wish I could say I remember it in great detail, but I don’t. I remember moaning with his cock in my mouth. I remember him being so gentle with me, ensuring me that I wouldn’t bleed and sex did not have to hurt the first time. I remember him trying to get his cock down my throat and hitting the wall that was the back of my throat and my completely untrained gag reflex making his endeavor to get that particular tightness wrapped around his cock would result in me puking long before he actually got it into my throat. He said we’d work on it, and we have since. I also remember him pinning me down to the bed by my thighs after he’d given up on me being able to take his entire cock into my mouth, and using his fingers and mouth to completely overwhelm me. My first orgasm with him was a literal explosion of fluid, and I honestly thought I had pissed on his bed.

He laughed and reassured me that wasn’t the case and explained that what had happened was actually a sometimes hard to achieve orgasm that women experience where your body produces a slippery liquid meant to further lubricate the genitals for sex. He also told me the less technical term for it, squirting, which I thought was a porn-flick myth until that moment. We hadn’t been paying attention to how long we were together.

He had just settled his cock at the entrance to my pussy, trying to keep his promise of no bleeding and no pain with gentle and careful movements, when we heard the front door open and slam shut. We both panicked a little as we heard Nicky drop his gear by the front door, “Gabe! You here? I saw your car outside!”

He groaned and stood up, throwing on a pair of jeans laying on a nearby chair. I jumped up and gathered my clothes and he shoved me into the closet just as Nicky barged into the bedroom. Gabe was clearly annoyed with his little brother, “You should always knock on someone’s door before busting in like that,” he snapped as he led his brother away from where I was hidden.

Nicky sighed, “Sorry, I haven’t seen you in months, I got excited when I saw your car.”

The two of them went down the hall and I snuck out of Gabe’s closet and hastily threw my clothes back on, but I couldn’t find my panties. I carefully tiptoed my way down to the top of the stairs where I thought I might be able to sneak down and sneak out of the house, when I heard Nick talking to Gabe, “Hey, did you see Kara? Her shoes and backpack are by the front door.”

Gabe choked on a drink, “No. No, I haven’t seen her. I’ve been up in my room since I got in though. Maybe she’s in your room?” he offered.

I crept back down the hall and went into Nicky’s room and laid down on his bed, pretending to be asleep. I heard them both coming up the stairs. My heart was racing just a little as Nicky’s bedroom door opened. I wasn’t exactly certain what to expect, but it definitely wasn’t what I heard.

Nicky’s voice was quiet, whispering to his older brother, “How do you know if you’re in love with someone?”

Gabe stammered a little, “I-I’m not sure. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve never really had a long-term girlfriend.”

“Yeah, but you’ve been with people, right? How’d you know when to make a go of it and when to back off?” Nicky asked.

Gabe sighed, “You wanting to make a go of things with Kara?”

“I’ve been thinking about things. We graduate in a few weeks. By the end of summer we are going to be about 600 miles apart at different colleges. Is it unfair to try for a relationship now? Do I wait until after college and risk her finding someone else in the meantime? Would it ruin our friendship if it didn’t work out?”

“Maybe, maybe and probably,” Gabe said. “I thought you didn’t like her like that?” he asked.

Nicky chuckled slightly, “I’ve tried to work up the nerve for the past two years. We’ve been best friends since preschool. I’d never thought of her any other way until she was so excited when Eric asked her to go to prom with him. He was a senior and she was the only 10th grader to go to prom. I didn’t go to sleep until after he dropped her back off at home that night.”

I hadn’t known that.

Nicky came over and sat on his bed, shaking me gently to wake me from the nap I wasn’t really taking. I opened my eyes and smiled. He smiled back at me, “You staying for dinner?”

I nodded.

He looked back over to Gabe, “Chinese or pizza?”

Gabe sighed, “Both are horrendously unhealthy but if I have to choose, pizza I suppose, but you have to have a little salad with it, deal?”

Nick groaned, “Fine. What do you say Kara?”

“Pizza sounds good.”

“And salad,” Gabe said.

“And salad,” I repeated.

The three of us went downstairs and things were admittedly awkward between me and Gabe as he’d steal glances from time to time. Their mom and dad came home later, both exhausted from a long day of selling real estate together. We all laughed and had a great time. I ended up asking Mr. and Mrs. Davis if I could spend the night on their couch, with my parents permission of course, but they said I could sleep in either Chris’ or Mikey’s room instead, since no one was using either one. Now, here’s where the issue came up. Mr. and Mrs. Davis’ suite was on the first floor of the house. Upstairs were four bedrooms, two on either side of the hall and each pair of bedrooms had a bathroom between them.

On one side of the hall were Gabe and Mikey’s rooms. On the other side were Nicky and Chris’ rooms. I had to stay in Chris’ room or it might look odd because of the shared bathroom. But I kinda wanted to stay in Mikey’s room to continue where Gabe and I had to end things. Ultimately, I stayed in Chris’ room.

At some point I was able to let Gabe know that I hadn’t been able to find my panties in his room. He said he would look for them for me. Nicky gave me one of his t-shirts to sleep in and we all went to bed around midnight. It was a Friday night, which meant none of us had to be up in the morning, except Mr. and Mrs. Davis.

I don’t know exactly when, but Gabe crept across the hall and snuck into my room. He woke me up with a gentle nudge and sat on the floor in front of the bed as I leaned over it to talk to him. He seemed a bit worried and kept looking over at the bathroom door.

“What happened today can’t happen again, you know that right?” he asked.

I shrugged, “It’s not like your brother has some sort of claim on me.”

He reached up to me and ran the back of his hand over my cheek, “I’m not going to be the one to break his heart though. He’s my brother and I just can’t hurt him like that.”

There was a knock on the bathroom door, prompting Gabe to climb under the bed. Nicky came into the room before I could say anything. He climbed into the bed with me and stroked my hair, “Were you awake earlier? When I was talking to Gabe by my bedroom?”

I shrugged, it had become my go to response, “Does it matter?” I asked.

He nodded, “It kinda does. Did you hear what I asked him about?”

“Yeah. Like you said though, at the end of summer we go opposite ways. Is it worth risking our friendship?” I looked at him, the moonlight shone through the window, just barely illuminating each of us.

He leaned over and kissed me and I didn’t object. His hand stroked my upper thigh under the blanket and my breath caught as I thought about Gabe being literally under the bed at that moment. I took a deep breath and pushed him away gently, “Stop,” I more begged than said.

He kissed me again and started to climb over me. I grabbed his hand and kept him pushed away from me a little, “Nicky, I said stop, please?”

He laid down next to me and sighed, “So this is a no then?”

I shook my head, “It’s not a no. It’s an I don’t know. I absolutely love being a part of your life, but we’re 18 and learning about life still. I don’t think we should move to fast and end up regretting it. I love our friendship. I love how well we work together. And, I do love you. I just...I want to know it’s the right thing for us to do.”

He nodded and leaned towards me, whispering, “Did you say the same to Gabe?”

I pulled away and looked him over, really unable to hide the surprise on my face. He was clearly hurt as he pulled the panties I couldn’t find out of his pocket, “They were caught under his door,” he said softly.

I stammered, “I-I...” I didn’t know what to say or how to defend myself and my actions really. “I didn’t think you...I never thought that you...”

“Would be interested in you?” he finished.

I nodded, tears were lingering at the corners of my eyes as I looked him over.

He sighed, “I saw him come in here tonight, too. Is that why you wanted to stay over? The way you two avoided touching each other, the way he kept looking at you tonight...I’m guessing my coming home when I did interrupted things between you two?”

I nodded again, “I didn’ wasn’t...”

Gabe climbed out from under the bed and gave me a reprieve from trying to explain myself, “I made the advances, not her. I didn’t come in here tonight to continue things. I came in here to stress that how you feel matters more to me than what I wanted,” he turned his attention to me, “I made a grave mistake in allowing things to progress as far as they did. I hope you both can forgive me in time.”

Nicky looked at me. I was still near tears, but now it wasn’t so much about hurting my friend as it was confusion. Nicky started kissing me again. I didn’t say anything and I didn’t kiss him back. I watched Gabe lower his head and turn to walk away.

I loved Nicky. I knew I did. His lips were soft and his touch was tender as he grasped my upper thighs. So, I couldn’t really tell you why it made me nauseous when he knelt in front of me. Things were just happening too fast and it was all so confusing to me. He lowered his boxers and I started crying.

I got off the bed and ran to the bathroom, locking myself inside. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what I wanted. I suddenly felt a little scared of my best friend and manipulated by his brother.

Nicky went to get Gabe. They both sat outside of the bathroom door and talked to me about things, but I didn’t answer. I wasn’t really sure what to do but I was very overwhelmed. I just listened.

Gabe knocked on the door and said, “Kara, come back out here and the three of us can talk things over. Nicky knows he pushed things to far.”

Nick’s voice was a bit softer, “I’m sorry, Kara. I shouldn’t have done that.”

I wasn’t upset about what he did. The day before, hell earlier that day, I would have welcomed it without question. Now things felt more complicated.

“Kara, please come out of the bathroom? Look, you and Nicky have something special. I think you two should give a relationship a try, you both clearly care for each other quite a bit,” Gabe said.

I could hear them talking to each other, Gabe was not really going easy on Nicky, “What the hell were you thinking? She told you to stop, you should have stopped and walked away instead of thinking with your dick.”

“Says the guy who was fucking my best friend while I was at baseball practice,” Nick scoffed.

Gabe sighed, “I didn’t. We didn’t go that far, not that it’s really any of your business. I admit that I was lonely and failed to keep a boundary that should have been obvious to me up. And even if we had gone that far, if she asked me to stop, I would have stopped. I know mom and dad didn’t teach you any different than they taught me on that aspect of things.”

I unlocked the door and opened it, “That’s not what upset me,” I scoffed at both of them as I wiped my eyes. “You’re both treating me like property without a mind of my own for what I want.” I looked to Nicky and grabbed his hands, “Nicky, I adore you. I love you. But you don’t have some claim over me just because we’ve been friends our whole lives.” I looked to Gabe, “And you don’t get to just dismiss me because Nicky finally worked up the courage to try and take our friendship further. I’m upset because I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what I want. This is new to me.”

Gabe and Nicky both looked down to the floor. They were clearly brothers, but had significantly different builds. Nicky had a very lightly muscular build on a slender frame. He was only a little bit taller than me and our body shapes weren’t all that different aside from his wider shoulders and my wider hips. Gabe was quite a few inches taller than us with a much thicker muscular build. He wasn’t a body builder by any means, but he was in great shape and worked hard to maintain it. Gabe had bright blue eyes and dark brown hair, Nicky had the same blue eyes with dark blonde hair. Their lips were very similarly shaped, full with a well defined cupid’s bow.

I pulled Nicky closer to me then leaned over and kissed Gabe, “I don’t know what I want,” I whispered as I turned and kissed Nicky too.

Nick looked to Gabe, who was smiling as he ran his hands over me. There was some obvious jealousy as Nicky ran his hand behind my neck and kissed me again.

Gabe kissed my neck and I looked back to him as he spoke, “So, we work together to help you figure out what you want?” he asked.

I nodded, “If you can both be okay with that?”

Nicky started kissing the opposite side of my neck and I felt him nod, “I do want you to want me, though,” he whispered.

I moaned as they both bit either side of my neck. Gabe’s hands slid over my hips and along my inner thighs. Nicky’s hands started lifting my shirt up. I lifted my arms in the air and he pulled it off of me. I rubbed the back of Nicky’s neck, “I do want you, that’s the problem.”

Nicky laughed, “I want you to just want me.”

I nodded, “I know. I just want...I want to...learn,” I moaned as Gabe started rubbing his fingers between my pussy lips.

Gabe kissed my jaw and wrapped his other hand around the front of my neck, pulling me back against his chest slightly, “I can be a great teacher, for both of you, actually.”

They both undressed. Nicky stood in front of me and Gabe stood behind me. Gabe groped my right breast and Nicky mimicked his movements on my left. Gabe smiled as he watched his little brother close his lips over my areola, “Don’t be afraid to bite just a little. Suck on her and flatten your tongue over her nipple and pull slightly before you take your lips off of her,” he directed.

Nicky followed the directions and I bit my lip as Gabe’s hand moved back down and groped and pinched my nipple between his thumb and forefinger while Nicky’s tongue teased my other nipple. I could feel Gabe’s cock pressing against my ass and back as he rubbed my clit very slowly and gently. Nicky looked up to me and Gabe brought his hand back up to my neck so Nicky could suck and lick the nipple he’d been teasing. The skin on my breasts tightened and my nipples were erect as the cool night air fell on the warm and wet skin.

Gabe looked down my body and turned my head towards him to kiss me as Nicky kissed his way down my body. Gabe stopped kissing me and pulled his fingers from between my legs as Nicky knelt in front of me. Gabe’s hand slid up to my stomach and Nicky knelt below me, his tongue glided easily over my outer lips. Gabe’s voice lingered in my ear as he spoke to his brother, “Have you ever eaten a pussy before, Nicky?”

“No,” he replied.

Gabe’s hands moved down my body and over my hips before settling on the backs of my thighs. He picked me up and opened my legs for his brother, “Spread her lips with your fingers and make yourself aware of her anatomy. Treat her clit just like you did her nipples. Slow licks back and forth to start. When she starts squirming, you want to flatten your tongue and drag it back and forth across her clit with a steady pressure and a snake-like S pattern. She won’t cum from this, but it will get her writhing.”

Nicky followed his brother’s directions, his slow and gentle licks made me arch my back and moan. When he started dragging his tongue over me I squirmed and his brother tightened his grip on the backs of my thighs. I tried to close my legs out of instinct, but Gabe held my thighs perfectly open for his brother’s tongue.

“Now, look at her pussy, is it creamy? Is it shimmering with moisture yet?” he asked, I turned to look at him and his lips closed on my lips as he kissed me, his cock throbbed as it slid between my ass cheeks.

“Yeah,” Nicky said, “There’s a thick white cream at her vagina.”

Gabe groaned slightly as he kissed along my neck, “Push your tongue into her cunt and curl it towards the forward wall. Get a good taste of her.”

I whined as Nicky’s tongue invaded me. I wrapped my arm behind Gabe’s neck and held him close to me. He kissed my neck and bit my earlobe slightly as Nicky’s tongue twirled and swirled inside of my cunt. Gabe stopped kissing me long enough to direct his brother more, “Now, drag your tongue from her cunt up and over her clit. Add your own spin to things, but always start slow and deliberate. Increase speed and pressure, alternate patterns. Don’t be predictable, don’t get bored, never let her feel like your tongue is working out of obligation rather than your own desire. Add in kisses, suck on her skin gently. You can even bite or drag your teeth very carefully over her.”

Nicky took his brother’s advice to heart and watched my reactions to every move he made to see what got me moaning softly and writhing and what seemed less than pleasurable. He adjusted his movements and Gabe just watched, his cock rubbed against my butt as I squirmed in his grip and his brother explored my cunt with his tongue and lips.

Gabe was groaning softly against my ear every time I rocked my hips towards Nicky’s face then brought myself back against Gabe’s cock. Gabe looked at Nicky and spoke slowly, trying to control his own pleasure at my writhing body, “Now it’s time to use your fingers on her. You can get her lubrication on your fingertips, or you can use your own spit or precum, which I’m sure you’re feeling by now, but you want your fingers quite slippery so they move easily over her skin without too much friction. You can also put your fingers in her mouth and let her suck on them to get them slick, but for now I want you to use her own fluids from around her vaginal opening. Coat your index and middle finger in the fluid, without penetrating her, it’s not necessary. Then rub your fingers up and over her clit, which should be somewhat enlarged by now. Her pussy lips should be just a little swollen from the increased blood flow, this tells you you’re doing things right and she’s almost ready for sex. Never rush it. You rush and you risk her having shitty sex and getting bored. You getting off should be a bonus not a goal.”

Nicky’s fingers slid easily over me and I watched him as he watched me.

Gabe spoke to his younger brother, “Have you fingered a girl before, Nicky?”

Nick nodded, his fingers carefully manipulated me as he looked up to his older brother, “Yeah,” was all he offered. It distracted me a little and caused me to tense up. Gabe noticed, he kissed my shoulder then massaged his thumbs over my outer thighs as he held me up.

“Did you get her off when you did it?” Gabe asked.

Nick nodded again and Gabe continued, “How did you know you got her off?” he asked.

“She was moving a lot and said she did?” he said as he looked up at his brother.

“You can tell when a girl is orgasming and when she’s faking it, you know? Of course every single person is different so I’m sure some girls get off with less obvious signs. But for the majority, if she’s getting off her vaginal walls will contract around your fingers, penis, tongue, whatever is inside of her. There will be a fairly steady rhythm to it. She may arch her back, and she may actually pull away from you a bit as things get more sensitive for her. Her stomach my contract, her arms and legs may stiffen up, or tremble. But if you want to be absolutely certain a girl got off, then you want to get her to squirt.”

Nick stopped what he was doin for a moment and looked up to Gabe, “That’s not just a porn thing?”

Gabe shook his head, “And it’s not urine either, though there may be a tiny amount of urine in the release because it comes from the same area. It’s more like a thin slippery fluid that makes an excellent lubricant for sex. Now, I know for a fact that Kara is capable of it. So I’m going to teach you how to coax it out of her.

Nick was grinding his teeth slightly, clearly annoyed at the hint of what Gabe and I had done. Gabe put me back down on the ground, my legs were a little wobbly but Nicky held me up. Gabe led us over to the bed and positioned Nick on his back and me over him. I instinctively leaned down and kissed the tip of Nicky’s cock and he moaned. Gabe grabbed my hair and pulled me up from his brother, “Not yet,” he said.

I looked back at them. Gabe was showing Nick how to hold his fingers and where to touch me. He demonstrated on me, licking his middle and ring fingers and very gently stretching the thin skin at the entrance to my pussy without ripping it. He curved his fingers towards the front wall of my vagina and rubbed up and down very slowly. He described the way the folds of the vaginal wall should feel and continued stretching the thin skin so he could work without making me bleed, as he’d promised. Once he was satisfied that his fingers could move without much friction, he quickly pushed and rubbed on a small area inside of me until I was whimpering and my hips dropped down closer to his hand.

He stopped before I reached my orgasm, but his fingers still slid over my clit and rubbed me very gently before he pulled completely away from me. Gabe looked at Nicky, and Nicky mimicked his brother’s motions. Slow and gentle penetration until his fingers were thickly lubricated, then fast and hard stroked against the rippled flesh his brother described. He was holding back in a way that Gabe hadn’t. It still felt good, it just wasn’t bringing me to that crest, more keeping me on just this side of it.

Gabe scolded him, “You aren’t going to hurt her. You have to move your fingers faster and harder than that. You can also use thumb or index finger on her clit, but you won’t be able to move as fast that way.” Gabe put his hand under me as Nicky increased both speed and pressure on the inner wall of my vagina. Gabe’s fingers slipped over my clit in slow and gentle movements, a stark contrast to his brother’s hand movement, but a welcomed one as I felt my stomach and thighs tighten and a stream of thin clear fluid escaped me. Gabe lifted my leg up onto his shoulder and positioned himself to be able to lick and suck on my still dripping cunt for just a few seconds before he motioned for his brother to do the same.

Nicky didn’t even hesitate, his fingers still moving in and out of me as I definitely trembled above him and his tongue licked from my clit up to his fingers and back again. Then Gabe lifted my lower half up and turned me on the bed so that I was kneeling on the edge of it. He rubbed my ass and I looked back at him. Nicky watched his brother too, “Now, Kara.”

I nodded and lowered my lips onto Nicky’s cock as Gabe lowered his lips to me. The vibrations of my moan as Gabe’s tongue ran over me in much more intricate patterns than Nicky’s had. He was definitely showing off in a way that Nicky wouldn’t really be able to tell. It was an “I’ll teach my little brother everything I know, but he won’t be at the same level as me for quite some time,” play.

Nicky’s cock was almost achingly hard and Gabe noticed as I pulled my lips off of him to catch my breath for a second. Gabe stopped what he was doing and looked at me, “It’s only fair that Nicky be the one to fuck you for the first time, if you’re okay with it,” he said.

I nodded and he looked back and forth between me and his younger brother, “Kara, I think you should probably be on top. It’s more likely to hurt you and this way you can control the depth and speed.”

Gabe helped me kneel over Nicky’s cock and told me how to guide it into me. I hesitated and Gabe stood behind me and whispered in my ear, “It’s okay. It may hurt a little. He is probably going to move when he goes inside of you and he won’t be able to help it. His movement may make you bleed. But, I’m pretty sure we have you all lubricated and ready so you may not. Go down easily and gently. His head is likely to just pop inside of you all at once and it will be uncomfortable with a lot of pressure, but you will stretch to accommodate him, and it will feel amazing in a few minutes.”

Gabe groped my breasts and resumed kissing my neck as I lowered myself onto his brother’s cock. It hurt for just a few seconds and I sat still on his lap for a minute, getting used to the way it felt. Nicky’s hands slid up to my hips and squeezed them gently.

Gabe whispered to me, “Up and down, very slowly. When you’re sitting against him, just rock yourself back and forth on him. The more you move the better it will feel to you. The faster you move the more likely he is to cum.”

Gabe looked over my shoulder to Nick, “If you feel like you’re going to cum, warn her so she has time to climb off of you if she wants to.”

Nicky nodded and I started moving up and down on his cock. Gabe was right, the more I moved the better it felt. I put my hands on Nicky’s shoulders and he started lifting his hips to meet mine and it felt amazing. It felt even better when Gabe wrapped his arm around my waist and started rubbing my clit with his brother’s cock filling my cunt.

I crested again and rode out the orgasm pressed tightly down on Nicky’s cock, clenching and releasing him as Gabe’s hand slowed to gentle strokes. The rocking and clenching of his cock sent Nicky over his crest as well, He tapped my hip rapidly and tried to lift me off of him, almost whining, “Gonna cum...Kara, hop up...gonna cum...” but I tilted my head and smiled as I leaned down and kissed him deeply with his cock still in me. He groaned against my lips and thrust upwards into me again. I felt the warmth of him filling me as I rocked against his hips.

When I pulled my lips from his he was smiling and laughed a little. Gabe pulled me up and off of his brother and pulled my hips back to him as he pushed into me. I inadvertently clawed Nicky’s chest. He climbed out from under me and knelt in front of me. Gabe had his hands on my hips and completely controlled his thrusts into me and he was not being gentle with me.

Nicky was kissing me and teasing my clit as his brother fucked me. I was exhausted. I wrapped my arms around Nicky’s neck and clung to him as Gabe took great pleasure in finally getting his cock in me.

Nicky noticed when I clung a little tighter to him and heard me whimper as Gabe pushed into me harder and deeper. Nicky looked at his brother, “Not so rough.”

Gabe smiled and pulled my hips roughly back to him as he pushed into me. Nicky started to say something but I clung tighter to him and moaned. His fingers moved a little quicker over me and I moaned loudly.

Gabe panicked a little and his hand went up to my mouth, covering it and pulling me back against him as he fucked me. He grunted and groaned in my ear, “Can I cum in you too, Kara?”

I nodded and closed my eyes as Nicky and Gabe worked together to get me off again. My cunt tightened on Gabe’s cock and he pushed deep inside of me before he came. Gabe kissed my cheek and ran his hands over my body.

Gabe’s voice was quiet, “You feeling okay, Kara?” he asked as he lay me down on the bed and climbed behind me. Nicky lay in front of me, he ran his hand over my cheek.

I nodded, “Yeah, I’m okay,” I was throbbing and exhausted, and still kinda horny, but yeah, I was okay.

Gabe had his hand on my hip and tapped me lightly, “Are you on birth control?” he asked.

“Yeah, for a while now,” I said.

“Nicky, you okay?” Gabe asked.

Nicky shrugged, “It’s a little weird, isn’t it?”

Gabe laughed, “What’s weird about teaching your little brother how to please his girlfriend?”

Nick leaned over me and looked at his brother, “That’s not the weird part. You...”

“Helped demonstrate some useful techniques. I wanted you to see that being a little rough can be fun too. Kara, how do you feel? Is it weird to you that I fucked you too?”

“If Nicky and I end up together it might be a little weird after a while. What is this for you?” I asked.

He looked at me then looked to Nicky, “I don’t know yet. Yesterday I thought it was just a release of tension with a convenient and attractive girl I could trust. Today...I’m a little angry that it took my brother me taking an interest in you to get him off his ass to admit he was interested in you too, but I’m not about to step between you two. Everyone always assumed that was the way things would go.”

Nick got up and headed into the bathroom.

While he was gone, Gabe pulled me against him and wrapped his arms around me, “I could see a life with you if I didn’t think my brother would hate me for it. I could, however, see spending some time with an old friend when I go to your college for speeches and demonstrations. As long as Nicky doesn’t find out.”

I furrowed my brow and thought it over, “Then I wont make anything official with Nicky. We can just be friends with the potential for more.”

Gabe and I got off the bed. He got his boxers and headed to the bedroom door and I headed to the bathroom with Nicky. I didn’t know where things were going with any of us, individually or together, but I looked forward to finding out where we ended up.

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