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"Is that the guy Felicia was talking about over there?" I asked.

Anna followed my gaze to a booth in the corner of the nightclub. Almost instantly she turned her head back to the bar rolling her eyes with a smile on her face.

"Yes, Trina, that's him," she replied sounding dramatically bored.

I studied the guy from my stool at the bar toying with the straw in my drink absently. He was sitting with a few other young men, obviously his friends, talking and laughing over the noise of the club. He had short cropped black hair and a slim but stocky frame. From what I could tell he was dressed fairly well. He wore a neat white and blue striped collared shirt and blue jeans. It was nothing fancy, but he was as neat as any other guy that I had seen.

"I guess he's kinda cute, don'tcha think?" I asked Anna.

She glanced towards the table.

"Sorta'. He's not really much of a head turner in my opinion," Anna said.

The guy at the booth had a broad chest though he wasn't exactly muscular or athletic looking. He wasn't overweight, he was just an average looking guy. I couldn't exactly get a good look at his face, but I could tell he had big eyes, high cheek bones, and a pretty well defined jaw.

"I dunno," I said taking a sip of my drink. "I'd probably give him some if he was smooth enough."

Anna's jaw dropped and an embarrassed smile formed on her face.

"Trina!" She cried over the music. "Jeez, college has made you into sucha' slut!"

I laughed and replied, "I can't live by Daddy's rules forever, girl."

"He'd freak out if he knew half the stuff you've done since you've been down here," Anna said. "I couldn't believe how you acted so sweet and sucked up to him at the cookout that time. Like the perfect lil' sweetheart he thinks you are."

"It's called having your cake and eating it too," I laughed.

"Oh, you've had plenty of cake," Anna lectured with a playfully stern glare. "What would your dad do if he knew about that threesome you had your freshman year?"

I blushed and giggled, not knowing what to say.

"Or if he knew about that marine you screwed on Spring Break that year?" Anna went on. "Or what about the frat party last year when you were a part of that sex orgy or whatever it was. Or the time-"

"Okay!" I interrupted her with a playful shove. "I get it Anna, I'm a slut now. Whatever. What Daddy doesn't know won't hurt him."

"You better hope he doesn't find out," Anna said. "If he does then there goes tuition for you, girl."

"Daddy wouldn't cut his favorite little girl off," I said with a mischievous grin.

I found myself watching the table in the corner again. I absently adjusted the d**** of my halter top mini dress where it drooped to the top of my flat stomach. I loved this dress. The d****s around my neck fell to cover the "girls" in front, but left so much skin for the eye to wander upon. My shoulders were bare except for where the dress tied behind my neck, as well as my entire back down to where the silky blue fabric wrapped around my hips. The dress basically stopped just past my hips on my upper thighs, exposing the rest of my legs. The azure blue fabric was so smooth and breezy, and made me feel sexy as hell. I hoped it was sexy enough to catch the eye of the cute guy at the booth.

"How big do you think his dick really is?" I asked, watching the group of guys in the corner.

"Your dad?!" Anna asked in shock.

I let out a hysterical laugh.

"Ew! God, no!" I said. "Was talking about the guy over there that Felicia got with at that house party a few weeks ago."

Anna shrugged and glanced at the guy from across the dance floor.

"I dunno, but Felicia said it was like,gigantic, " Anna told me. "Like, she was telling me the she had to tell him to stop alot and that it hurt several times."

"Damn," I said, biting my lip. "Never had anyone that big before."

Anna groaned. "Trina, tell me you're not gonna try to get with him."

I smiled sheepishly and replied, "Sorry, I'm just curious!"

Anna shook her head and grinned back at me. "Is there anything you won't have sex with?"

I shrugged playfully. "Haven't found anything, yet. You know, maybe Felicia just hasn't had a big one before."

"She was saying that it was like, pornstar big," Anna told me firmly. "She said that he was clueless, too. Like, he didn't even know what he had."

"Ooh," I said. "What's his name?"

"John, I think," she replied.

I scrunched up my nose. "Well, that's boringly normal. "

"Look whatever bitch, I'm tired as hell, so I'm leaving," Anna said as she stood from the bar. "You can either stay or come with me, but if you wanna ride ya' gotta decide now."

I swept a lock of my blonde hair back over my ear and sipped my drink. I stared thoughtfully towards the corner booth.

"Go on, girl," I said finally. "I'm sure I can find a way home."

Anna rolled her eyes and smiled again. "Well, don't call me in an hour because I'm not coming to get you when he rejects you."

I straightened the tight little halter top over my curvy form and said sarcastically, "Nobody ever rejects this! "

"I know," Anna called as she headed for the door. "That's the bad part!"

Anna made her way across the dance floor toward the exit. I sat for a few minutes at the bar, bouncing slightly to the beat and sipping my drink. I loved dancing here, even if Anna got bored with it. Dancing was always fun, but it always made me feel horny as hell. There was something about meeting new hot people, whether they were guys or girls, wearing a sexy dress like mine that Anna hated and dancing up close and personal with them. It always got my juices flowing.

Now, I was planning my move on this cute guy in the corner booth. There was something about him that I couldn't put my finger on. He seemed too normal to be hiding such a supposedly huge secret. Anna was right. He wasn't a really hot guy, just moderately cute. It tempted me so bad. I felt an ache in my legs, or more pointedly, between them. I felt myself giving in to the urge to hunt. I noticed the door to the restrooms just past the booth where John and his friends sat. Perfect. I could go do a little touch up and get his attention at the same time.

I set my empty glass on the bar and made my way to the restroom. I didn't pay any attention to the booth where John sat until I got closer. Then I stopped and reached for the pouch that hung from my left wrist. It was a cute subtle little zipper pouch that matched perfectly with my halter dress. It was a gift from Anna a while back, and helped me keep up with my phone and my money while I was out at places like this. I also kept a few cosmetic items hidden inside as well.

I had stopped walking right near the table, reaching into the pouch and pulling out my phone. I cocked my hip just slightly to one side, swept a lock of hair back over my ear, and pretended to read a text on my phone. Instantly, I knew my little trick had worked. I heard John's booth grow quiet, and I could feel their eyes on my body. I loved the attention but I didn't show any sign that I noticed. I felt like I was glowing in front of them, and that their gazes were drawn to me like horny little moths. It felt so empowering.

I put my phone back into its pouch and looked up. I let my gaze "happen" upon John and his friends as I started walking by their table. I met eyes with John for a few seconds before giving him one of my cute little smiles as I passed.

"Hey," I greeted them kindly.

I kept moving and pushed open the door to the ladies' room. I felt the heat of their stares on my hips and my ass. I headed straight for the long mirror on the restroom wall, which was surprisingly not crowded with other girls. I retrieved my cherry lip gloss from my wrist pouch and gave a little gleam to my lips. I found my dark eyeliner and traced my eyelids quickly, giving my crystal blue eyes an alluring edge.

I stepped back and rubbed my hands down my mini halter dress and admired myself. My blonde hair looked pretty good, though I hated that it had always been so thin. I had straightened it tonight, the tips falling just past my shoulders. My small angular face looked amazing tonight with my slightly pale mascara blending beautifully with my minimal blush. It really made my sharp blue eyes, which were probably my favorite feature about myself, look absolutely hypnotizing.

Those eyes wandered down the body of the girl in the mirror. Without these awesome blue heels I stood probably an average 5' 8" or 5'9". I had smooth blemish free skin that I had always been proud of. The halter top d****d low to barely show the top of my flat stomach, as well as the smooth skin of my chest between my breasts. My breasts themselves were hidden away behind the d****s of the dress, but revealed just a tantalizing portion of their sides.

When I was younger, I used to be embarrassed at the smaller size of my breasts, but towards the end of high school they had blossomed well, and I now wore about a 32 C cup. They still weren't big and beautiful like I really wanted, but they were enough to look sexy. There wasn't exactly a grand line of cleavage between the d****s of my halter dress, but just the fact that I was showing flesh there left plenty for one's imagination.

I loved the way my tight dress fit around my hips. Anna called it a "clubbin' dress". It was the type that stopped just past the hip at the upper thigh. It was a bit stretchy, and it always slipped up my ass a little when I danced, causing me to pull it down often. It looked amazing on my lower body, because it accentuated my round ass and showed off my thick athletic legs. Playing sports had really shaped my lower half well, and my heels gave them an extra appeal.

"That dress is cute on you."

I glanced to see another young woman smiling at me as she walked toward the door of the ladies' room. I gave her a bright smile of my own and thanked her. The compliment sent my confidence soaring. If one of these snooty girls thought I was hot then this John guy would be a walk in the park. I gave a sigh and took a last look at my attractive form in the mirror, trying not to get a big head about myself, and then headed for the door to return to the hunt.

I made my way back out into the club, the blaring music still thumping and the rowdy crowd on the dance floor jumping and yelling. I glanced to see that the booth where John and his friends had sat was empty, and my heart sank a tiny bit. That is until I spotted John standing at the bar, apparently ordering a drink. I kept my cool and confidently strutted back to the bar. I found an empty stool several seats down from him, careful not to get obviously close to where John was standing. I got the bartender's attention and tried to order a myself a drink, but she smiled and motioned behind me.

John was fast. He stood tall and handsome behind me, holding two glasses in his hands. It almost startled me to see him there and that he had approached me that fast. I had expected it to at least take a sexy look from me across the bar or a hair twirl to get his attention. Yet here he was, wearing a nice polite smile on his face.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," John said in a low caramel smooth voice. "I just wanted to buy you a drink. Hopefully you like Long Islands'?"

I flashed an impressed grin back to him.

"Yeah, I love 'em," I replied. "That's so sweet of you, I was just about to order."

He offered me one of the glasses. I took it and shifted over to make room for him at the bar. As he squeezed in next to me, the first thing I noticed was that he was tall, probably about 6'3" or so. His close cropped black hair was neat but simple, and I could see a bit of stubble shadowing his jaw. He smelled of beer, but was otherwise well groomed.

As he leaned on the bar close beside me, I was afforded a look at his broad chest and the hunks of shoulder atop them. Like I assessed before, he wasn't really muscled, but was about as stocky as any other guy. He had a sense of strength about him. It made something in my lower belly flutter, and though I hid my emotions, I began to picture myself within his arms or beneath his wide chest.

"I'm John, by the way," he told me.

I met his green eyes and introduced myself.

"I'm Katrina."

John nodded and smiled politely. Good, I thought. That was normally the part where most guys tried some cheesey line about how pretty my name is, or bring up hurricanes.

"Where'd your friends go?" I asked him, making conversation.

He shrugged. "They're around somewhere. They'll survive without me. Where did yours go?"

I gave him a sly look, squinting my eyes and peering into his with a smirk.

"How long have you been watching me?" I asked.

I expected him to blush or stutter, but he rebounded, saying, "Longer than you think. It's kinda hard not to spot you in here."

I nodded, impressed. It was a simple line but a tasteful one. He wore a half smile, and was beaming with confidence. It made me wonder if that confidence stemmed from what he was rumored to have in his pants. The ache between my legs returned, but I retained my composure and answered his question.

"That was my roommate Anna. She went back to our apartment."

"And she left you here by yourself? Why didn't you go with her?" He asked.

I balked at his question for a second, taking several sips from my Long Island Iced Tea to stall while I thought of a decent answer. I glanced over at John and said, "She gets tired easily, and I like dancing too much."

John nodded, taking a long sip of his drink. "You go to school here?"

"For about three years now," I replied.

John smiled warmly at me. "Me too. I'm from here locally. My brother and I live together in an apartment several blocks from here. He'd be here tonight but he's out of town."

I took note of John's subtle implication that he had the apartment to himself. He was smooth but I was the better hunter.

"It's a shame I never see you in here," I flirted. "I'm usually here every week."

I turned in my seat as I spoke, my closed legs now facing him. I crossed them, watching as his eyes flicked down to my thick thighs for but a second. John acted shy and gave me another of his cute smiles.

"It's probably because I'm not as good a dancer as you," John answered. "Maybe I could learn a thing or two from you."

"Maybe so," I said raising an eyebrow.

John motioned to the dance floor and the herd of people.

"Could you show me?" He said.

I gave him half a wink and a smile. "Sure, lead the way."

I followed John into the crowd of people. My body went into motion before we even reached a suitable spot. My hips twisted to the heavy thumping beat of the song as my free hand wandered across my body and through my hair as I moved. I was careful not to get too excited wearing my heels. I didn't want to fall on my face in front of this guy. John was dancing as well but was far more reserved in his movements. His broad shoulders swayed gently with the music. His small eyes were glued to me, soaking in my body as I flowed and twisted before him.

I decided to turn up the heat a bit. I drew in close to John still moving and bouncing. I turned my around and pressed into him, my ass swaying against the front of his jeans. I bent slightly and displayed my bare back as I moved. I then flipped my hair back and leaned into him, with my head against his firm shoulder and chest and my hips still grinding against him provocatively. I gazed up into his eyes seductively as I bit my lip and ran my hand through my soft blonde hair.

I could tell that what I was doing to him was working. The look on his face was one of enjoyment, but he continued to appear more skittish and feverish with every passing moment. His hands would brush over my waist but withdraw quickly. I myself was lost in the moment laid against John's broad chest. I felt so alive but so dreamy, and John's nervousness made me feel so attractive.

I spun and brought myself close to him, throwing my arms around that thick neck of his. I intwined my legs with his, straddling his left thigh with my own, and began to grind on it to the beat of the music. I balanced myself, holding that hunk of neck and letting my hips and my legs work with my crotch rolling back and forth along the length of his thigh. My eyes were locked on him, watching his mixed expressions of pleasure and lust. He tried to hold my crystal blue gaze, but he couldn't resist but study my intimately explicit dance on him.

I also caught him peeking at the d****s of the halter at my chest. I knew he could see the nude strip between them, but I also knew that he was likely getting a good view at my breasts beneath them from time to time, for the d****s hung loose and probably swayed open with my movements.

Just then, I felt what I had heard so much about through John's jeans. I continued to rub my crotch against him, and could feel his erection growing in his pants against his leg. To credit what I had heard, it did feel rather big from what I could tell through my thin panties. A surge of pride and lust swept through my gyrating body, for nothing made me feel more attractive than feeling a man get hard and knowing that I caused it.

The ache between my thighs was beginning to spread. I felt it in my legs as I pictured them wrapped around his body. It was in my hips as they yearned to knead his crotch into dough. It was in my arching back and my pert breasts, which now were sensitive because of their hardening nipples. I could feel the front of my panties moistening as well as the cool air from my short dress rushing against them.

We danced for a quite a while and soon John began to loosen up and get a little braver. At one point, I was against him with his long arms d****d gingerly around me. He went as far as to lick and nibble at my neck as we danced. I allowed his strong hands to wander over my plump ass several times. I did my share of feeling as well. I squeezed his shoulders, his tight ass, and his slender lower back. John, though not a really muscled or cut up guy, was brimming with strength and power. I wanted him to crush me against that big chest. I wanted to feel his strong hands grab my soft flesh and split me in two.

He was practically fucking me with his eyes everytime I looked at him. I brought my lips close to his ear and said what he longed to hear, while stealing a page from his book.

"You said your apartment was close. You could show me...."

Ten minutes later after settling up at the bar, John and I were piling into a cab together. John told the driver his address through the glass separating the front and back seats and we were in motion. I could tell that John felt a little awkward at the brief change of pace from me dry humping him in the club to riding in a quiet cab. His leg shook up and down as he sat quietly with his hands rubbing together in his lap. He smiled nervously at me, his eyes quickly shooting away. I let him suffer for a few minutes, sitting with my thick legs crossed and staring him up and down seductively. I had him right where I wanted him.

I then slid close, ran my tongue up his bulging neck to his ear, and climbed into his lap. The compact space of the backseat brought our bodies extremely close. I felt him fidget as I straddled his lap with my chest and neck right in his face. As my legs spread over his thighs, the stretchy fabric of my skirt did its best to cling to my ass before it gave away and slipped up to my back. My ass was now exposed. I ran my hands through John's short hair and down his cheeks. I squeezed the hunks of his shoulders, and a slow warm breath escaped my lips as I let myself revel in the feel of him.

I then brought my lips close to John's ear. By now, here in the cab on the way to his apartment, the secret was out, so I told it to him plainly.

"You realize you're getting lucky tonight, don't you?" I moaned into his ear.

John tongued my neck, giving in to his temptation, and said back, "Baby, I thought I was lucky the moment I saw you."

I wanted to explode with laughter at that cheesy line he just dropped, but I held my composure. I thought it was adorable anyway, and took it as a compliment that he was that stupidly smitten with me.

John's large rough hands slid up my bare thighs to feel my bulbous round ass. He squeezed tightly, indulging himself in the plentiful flesh he felt there. His stubbled face was against my chest as he kissed and licked at the area between the d****s of my halter dress. The ruggedness of the skin on his face sent chills through my body as he explored the sides of my sensitive tits with his lips. I tossed my head to the side, resting it in the soft dark hair on the top of his head. From the corner of my eye I could see the cab driver's eyes in the rearview mirror as he watched us, or more particularly, watched me.

I became aware of how fast everything had just happened. Anna was right. I was never this wild as a younger girl. It might have been the reason I was now so Flirty and sex hungry all the time. A small part of me felt embarrassed for myself, grinding a guy that I had I just met half naked in the backseat of a cab, with the driver watching greedily in the mirror. The old me would be shocked to see something like this.

But that was the old me. I was a hunter now and I was damn good at it. I had never felt more alive. I loved the attention I was getting, and I loved finding new attractive people and fucking them silly in some strange place. It made me feel so young and free, if not dirty and sexy. I thought once to surprise them both by pulling John's dick from his pants and putting it in me right there, but I decided against it. It wasn't that far to his apartment, and besides, I wanted to see this supposedly enormous cock for myself. Thinking about it made me ache down below all over again.

Instead, my eyes met the driver's in the mirror from over my shoulder. I gave him a smile and licked my teeth provocatively. Then, reaching behind me, I slid a finger down between my cheeks under the string of my panties. I rubbed at my asshole with one finger slowly and winked at him. His eyes shot away nervously and I gave a thrilled little giggle.

The cab came to a stop shortly after, and the driver muttered something about arriving. I quickly crawled off of John and out of the cab and fixed my skirt. He paid the fare, and five minutes and five floors later, he was leading me through the door to his apartment.

I was then standing in a rather spacious and well furnished living room. In the center was a sectional black couch opposite a very big and elaborate entertainment center on the other side of the room. A flatscreen was enclosed within it, and in every glass case I could see a plethora of DVDS and video games.

Looking past the living room, I could spot the door to the hall beside the small kitchen and bar, which was covered up with beer bottles and dishes. Typical. Other than that and the walls being decorated with an assortment of sports paraphernalia, John and his brother's apartment was actually cute, neat, and clean.

"So this is it," John said rather awkwardly. "Hope it doesn't scare you away."

John stood nervously in front of his couch, clearly unsure if he should stand or sit. I hid my amusement well and walked slowly to him, pretending to examine the room. I removed my wrist pouch, tossing it on a small coffee table in the middle of the room.

"Trust me," I told him, "I've done far worse than this place."

"Y-yeah? Like where?" He stammered. His confidence from earlier was apparently absent. Maybe his cock wasn't as monstrous as Felicia let on. I shoved him roughly to sit on his couch and answered him.

"Like, a bathroom stall."

I could practically see the hairs on his arms standing.

"Ooh," he said with a smirk. "You really know what you're doing then, huh?"

I then reached under my skirt and pulled my thong panties to my ankles.

"You have no idea," I purred. I stepped out of the panties and climbed atop him on the couch, straddling John again like in the cab. I took the panties and stretched them, dr****g them around his thick neck like a necklace. I then took his firm jaw delicately in my hand and turned his lips to mine. My slick cherry flavored lips pressed into his. The stubble on John's cheek brushed against my soft skin, and my face flushed with excitement. There was something I loved about the feel of John's unshaven face. It felt rugged and manly, a contrast to my delicate cheeks.

John fell back against the cushions of the couch, bringing me with him. My back arched, which pushed my breasts against his firm chest. John again groped greedily at my plump ass with his big rough hands, his other hand sliding firmly up my slender back. My lips found their way to his waiting mouth, and our tongues began to gently explore each other. John was actually a pretty good kisser, though I could feel his bottom lip tremble with excitement or possibly nervousness.

I withdrew from the kiss with a small pull at his lip with my teeth and sat up in his lap. I leveled the sexiest but most innocent gaze at him, my hand reaching to pull aside the d**** of my halter dress to slowly expose my right breast. It hung tight and natural from my smooth pale chest. I took it in one of my slender hands and gently squeezed it while I licked the fingers of my other hand. With my eyes still locked on John's, I brought my wet fingers to my tiny pink nipple and rubbed the delicate tip slowly. I let out a slightly exaggerated moan, watching with joy as John squirmed a bit beneath me.

At last it was too much for him. One of his long arms slipped around my bare back and pulled me to him roughly. My bare tit smashed into his face, his lips sucking immediately at my hardened sensitive nipple. I clutched his head tight to my chest and tossed back my head, basking in the attention John was showing my breast. I let out several little squeals of pleasure and began to roll my hips into his lap, searching for that notoriously long shaft of his through his thin jeans. My bare shaven lips left a small bit of moisture across his pants and made the material slick.

I then felt a stirring from within his jeans. There it was. It pressed firmly against his pants, begging to be freed. I ran my hands down over John's broad back and through his short hair while he bared my second tit and put it into his mouth. I continued to tease at the bulge growing in his jeans with my grinding crotch. I could already feel that it was of notable size, though it didn't feel like the boa constrictor that Felicia had described. I had to know for sure.

I climbed from John's lap to stand and then bent over before him, placing another passionate kiss on his full lips. My hands were already busy unfastening his pants. I withdrew from him with an alluring gaze before kneeling to the floor in front of him. His big hands were already out to his sides to clutch the cushions of the couch in anticipation of what was to come. His breathing was a little labored as he watched me pull his zipper down. I first noticed that he didn't wear underwear of any sort, and with my first look at his crotch I could see he kept this area well groomed and neatly trimmed. I reached inside the flaps of his pants to find my prize. When my hand found John's dick and my fingers closed around it, I almost froze.

I pulled John's semi erect cock from his jeans and my jaw almost dropped in shock. This fucking thing was huge!

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