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John's dick stood before my face, tall and thick. I had thought it would be a plentiful seven or eight inches, but now I could see that it was probably closer to ten. What was even more impressive was the sheer mass of his dick. My fingers at the base barely fit around it, and this thickness was maintained all the way to the tip. The head was enormous, almost appearing to my eyes as big as a doorknob. The large bulging vein through its center was well defined, tracing the entire length of John's huge rod.

To top it all, it was still growing. John's dick throbbed with his escalating excitement. I could literally watch it grow stronger and firmer in my tiny hand, the reddening helmet at its top actually growing rounder and more bulbous. I looked down to see that John's testicles were quite large themselves, hanging warm and loose between his big thighs. Absently, my other hand took a gentle hold of them, feeling their warmth and size in my palm.

I realized that I was staring. I shook myself from my daze, not wanting John to know how amazed I was. I had to get to work. I usually gave an excellent blow job, but I honestly had doubts as to whether or not I could work with this monster of a cock. I knew I had to try. If I didn't, it would be awkward now that I had gotten to my knees.

I gripped the huge meaty rod in my little hand, pointing it toward my lips. I gave John a sexy little look, trying my best to hold eye contact with him like I normally would. My eyes, however, were too greedy and returned to marvel at the pulsing member before them. I began to lick the head of John's dick, watching his pleased and relaxed expression. I could see his arm flex now as he tightened his grip on the sofa cushions. I took the plump head of his dick into my lips, flicking my tongue over the sensitive tip while I worked my small hand up and down his enormous shaft slowly.

Afetr a second of hesitation, I opened my mouth wide, much wider than I was used to, and forced my head down his cock. I had gone not even two or three inches before my mouth felt completely full of John's dick. My wide lips were tight around the engorged circumference of his shaft. My tongue had hardly any room at all to even move along the contours of the underside of this huge dick. The large head pressed hard into the back of my mouth, and I tried my best not to gag, something that I had never had to worry about before.

I suddenly felt embarrassed. Matched with this giant thing, I felt like a virgin trying to suck a guy's cock for the first time in my life. I bobbed my head awkwardly on the first three or four inches of this massive dick, unable to look into John's eyes with any sort of composure. I wiggled my tongue the best I could under the shaft, attempting to stimulate the more sensitive skin underneath. As I did, it only loosened my throat, and again his pulsing head almost triggered a violent gag from me.

My mouth badly needed a rest, so I brought my head up slow, relieved when John's thick dick slid from my lips. He must have been enjoying all of this, though, because I felt his body release tension as he let out a long sigh of pleasure. I kept working, now mopping the length of his meat with my tongue. There was so much of it to cover. I kissed and bit gently at his girth, then dropped down to show his huge balls some attention. I took one of the warm fleshy orbs into my mouth and whirled it around with my tongue. I sucked at the skin of his sack, trying to use every technique I knew to excite him.

I licked my way back to the top of John's throbbing long dick, opened my mouth again, and took him inside. His hand found its way into my hair behind my head, pushing slightly and encouraging me further down his huge erection. He wanted more.

I knew I had to try to deepthroat him. This usually wasn't a problem at all, and by now any other guy would be in my throat nearing climax, with me teasing him and not letting him cum. Though I was nervous that I would gag and be embarrassed by this giant rod, I decided I wanted John in my throat. I relaxed my jaw and my tongue as much as I could and began to sink further down onto his robust shaft.

As John's rock hard cock slid into my throat, it felt like I was trying to swallow a meaty soda can. It didn't go easily. I shook my head slightly from side to side, wiggling more of his shaft into my throat. His hand pushed my head down as well, and I felt somewhat claustrophobic now. Desperate not to disappoint John, or myself for that matter, I pressed further. My nails dug into John's pants and tears began to well up in my eyes. I tried to stay relaxed, breathing steadily through my nose. As my face came close to his pelvis, I felt like I was swallowing a rattlesnake whole. I held his dick in the depths of my throat as long as I possibly could.

When I couldn't take anymore, I retreated as quickly as I could up the long length of John's cock. Doing so felt akin to rising from deep water, wondering when I would finally find the surface. My head came off of the top of John's dick and I gasped for air and leaned away. A thick string of white saliva hung from my bottom lip to the bulbous head of his cock. The enormous erection itself was glossed with a thick coat of spit from my throat. I worked my small hand up and down John's entire dick, trying to catch my breath and relax my mouth while I had a chance. John was now moaning, his breath coming in gasps and his hand running through my hair.

"My god that's fucking hot," I heard John say.

I felt a little better now that I knew that John was enjoying this. The saliva from John's dick drooped from my lips to fall on my bare chest. Trying to act like his own little pornstar, I rubbed the fluid over my breasts. I felt nasty as I did, but it made me feel drunk with lust, having no limit on what I would do with this guy, who was practically a stranger.

Taking a breath, I guided his bulging rod into my mouth again. I was beginning to get the hang of this, easing John's long cock down into my throat again. Now I was able to slide it back and forth inside me. I could feel him pulsing in my throat, his engorged head pressing firmly inside of me.

John's strong hands gripped a wad of my thin blonde hair, and I could feel him fighting against the urge to pull my head up. I ran my free hand up under his shirt to grope at his meaty midsection, and then down again to play with his balls softly. I smiled inwardly as I felt his long legs adjust repeatedly and his hips wiggle and twitch. Things were going as I wanted them now.

Just when I had developed a good rythym, John pulled my head up by my hair. The desperate mannered in which he had jerked me off of him moistened my bare peach a bit, for I loved a bit of rough action. John guided me to the couch, tossing me on my back. My hair fanned out around my head and my breasts bobbled free.

Before I could react, John had his pants off and his huge erection was nodding stiff from his body. As his tall form lumbered over me, I felt that intense ache between my legs, a feral craving that made my lips blossom and flush with blood. I smiled and bit my lip as I marveled at the hardware that hung from John's hip.

Then as John lowered his large form over me, I grew suddenly nervous again. I had never been fucked by a dick his size. My mind raced as John planted a kiss firmly on my lips and my aching legs folded around him instinctively. A silent alarm was sounding in my brain, but my body was butter against his firm touch. My hands ran up his shirt and around his back to clutch his thick shoulders, clawing gently while his tongue found my neck. My toned legs hugged his bare manly thighs eagerly, but a cold fear hit my chest as John's massive manhood brushed my wet snatch.

John reach down between us, and I felt him take hold of his dick. He continued to kiss my neck as he did. I stared anxiously at the ceiling, my breath now a stuttering whisper. One of my hands pressed firmly on his back, and the other clutched his thick hunk of a neck. I felt the huge head of his dick press between my blossomed lips, prepared for entry.

John rose then to hover just above me, our eyes meeting. For a moment I was lost in his gaze as our sexes pressed gently together. I then felt pressure between my legs as his head pressed in, spreading my slit wide as it went. My breath escaped from my chest and my entire body tensed. I could feel about three inches of him slide in and open me, his thick cock working its way to my craving. John slid back a bit, then dove further into me.

By now, an average man would be bottomed out within me, but I couldn't feel John's hips press against me yet. His throbbing erection retreated slowly again before plunging ahead further. My eyes widened and a loud moan escaped my lips. My hand squeezed hard at the back of John's neck. I felt like I was being split open inside. My thighs tried to lock around his, attempting to block him from going deeper. However, as my pussy swallowed more of this enormous cock in its tight grip, my craving somehow grew and my legs relaxed.

I immediately regretted letting him deeper. As John shoved himself all the way inside me at once, a sharp twinge of pain shot up through my stomach from my cunt, leaving me with a tingling numb feeling in my lower belly. John's tongue was then inside my mouth, gently caressing my own as my tight body locked around him. I returned his kiss, enthralled by his every touch.

I felt the length of John's dick withdraw from deep inside of me, my tight pussy closing back in behind it. Immediately, his enormous cock dove back into me, spreading me open again and piercing my insides. I moaned into John's mouth, my ass tightening like a vice and my nails digging into his skin. John then repeatedly but slowly split me and sealed me, until his long dick was slick with my juices.

My body was in a confused uproar, my pussy grieving when his hips pulled back but shuddering in pain as he plunged back in. I again became a timid virgin beneath John's broad body. I couldn't move or grind my hips into his thrusts as I was accustomed to doing. All I could manage to do was lie back an take his monstrous dick inside of me. I absently wondered if Felicia had felt the same way.

John now drilled into me, his stubbled cheek rubbing mine. My hand clutched his neck still, and my thick legs had a death grip on his. I wrestled inwardly with my ecstasy and my pain as John grunted louder and louder. My nipples were now brushing against his shirt, stiff and sensitive from the cold tingle I felt throughout my entire body. My back arched on one particularly hard thrust of John's hips, and his long arm slipped around my back.

Before I knew what was happening, John was pulling me up and whirling on the couch. He dropped into a sitting position, whisking me onto his lap with his huge cock still inside of me. His broad chest was heaving and his brow was slick with sweat. I realized now as his onslaught had stopped that I was also sweating and hot. My hair must have been a mess on my head, and my dress stuck to my skin. My sweaty ass was suspended in the air behind me, my wet snatch seated about halfway down the length of John's cock.

My body was already weak from being fucked so hard. My legs almost trembled as I straddled John on the couch. Half of his dick was inside of me, and it already felt as though I had a full erection penetrating me.

I noticed he was sweating through his cotton shirt, so I reached down and pulled it up and over his head. He was now nude beneath me. His thick chest was covered with thin body hair, topping his pectorals like an eagle spreading its wings. I placed my hands on the firm hidden muscles of his chest, feeling the raw power that dwelled within. John's big hands palmed my plump ass cheeks like basketballs.

I knew it was my turn to ride, but I balked at the idea of sitting all the way down on John's giant throbbing cock. With some measure of care, I brought my perky breasts close to his face, raised my ass, and began to pop my pussy on his dick. I was taking about sixty percent of him into me, and still felt as though I was riding a baseball bat. John mouthed my breasts, moaning with pleasure beneath me. I cupped his head in my arms and kept moving, trying to throw every bit of skill I had onto his cock.

John was beginning to get really excited. His hands pressured my ass further down his dick with my every thrust. I wanted this so much. I craved for my peach to grind hard against his crotch, to swallow up his erection entirely and make him suffer, but never had I felt so utterly defeated. As his cock shoved further into me, I whimpered like a bleeding virgin, overwhelmed by the immense pressure of John's massive dick forcing itself deeper.

Somehow, I couldn't stop though. As much as he spread me open, and as much as it hurt to take him deeper, John's huge dick was beginning to satisfy the craving between my legs. That empty ache that I felt was a hole being filled sevenfold. I worked my ass harder onto his cock, riding deeper and rolling my hips back and forth into his lap. My cheeks were no longer merely brushing his thighs, for at last I was fully mounted on his bare lap.

I watched his flat stomach between us as I rode him, and marveled at his long thick arms that wound around me. I groped at his biceps, feeling the strength rippling through his arms as his big hands squeezed my ass. I watched the veins in his neck, wanting to bite him there and take in his sweaty, musky aroma. His eyes twinkled with pleasure as he gazed up at me. I watched those eyes soak in my body atop him, his thick cock pumping inside of me excitedly.

John's long dick was stabbing up into me, and I needed more. It was almost to much to bear, but when I tried to raise my ass up a little on his shaft, his hands pulled my ass down deeper. I tried to power through it. I worked his pole side to side, back and forth, grinding his enormous cock with my hips. His dick felt as though it was in my stomach.

I sat straight up and my head fell back. As I did, John's dick felt like it forged deeper. My eyes rolled into my head and I screamed. I could feel that my cry of ecstasy had done something for him, for John's stiff monster began to pulse hard inside me. His moans became louder and his motions grew more strenuous.

Then, John began to buck his hips into me from beneath, the two of us grinding roughly into each other. I felt the teasing flutter of an orgasm deep inside me. I fought John's cock harder, clawing to get myself there. My thick ass cheeks clenched hard against him. My arms were now stilts against his broad sweaty chest, my nails digging into his skin against the pain and pleasure. A weakness spread through my hips, and a tide of pure insanity crashed through my head.

I realized I was screaming very loudly. I had never heard this girl before. Many times before when I reached climax I would move to a slow grind and give the guys a lusty stare, always teasing and tempting them. Now I was a greedy sex fiend, sucking every bit of power from John's giant cock into my cunt. A flood swept through me and my pussy flushed wet and warm. I was literally dizzy, my mind reeling from my orgasm as John continued to thrust into me. My pussy tightened hard around his thick cock as I emptied the last of myself onto him.

Weakness racked my entire body when my orgasm subsided, but John never stopped. His enormous shaft hammered into me, his ass hanging off the edge of his couch as he used his legs for support. I crashed against him, my tits in his face and my arms d****d over the back of the couch. My cunt still felt as though it was being split wide open by his monstrous cock. All I could do was clutch the couch as my ass was pounded from underneath. I gritted my teeth as I felt my left nipple being sucked into his lips and chewed hard. My other breast was almost being rubbed raw by his stubbled cheek.

At last I felt John thrust hard, and a sharp pain shot up into my stomach. I felt his warm cum spew into me as his body locked. I did my best to twirl my hips and stir his cock as he came, fatigued as I was. His cock pumped and jumped, and his growls of pleasure were muffled against my breasts.

With a stroke of deafening silence, John was finished. I lay over the edge of the couch, breathing hard with my hair stuck to my forehead. The sweat was literally dripping from my body in places. I could feel John's heavy hot breath against my pink tits. His huge hands were still on my sticky ass, though their grip had loosened.

I could feel his enormous rod loosing power, retreating from my beaten pussy like a great snake coiling within me. It throbbed still, and I allowed myself to marvel at its sheer size once more, its girth filling me even as it weakened. The ache within me pulsed dimly and I worked the muscles in my pussy to squeeze John's marvelous dick in a sexual embrace.

After what seemed like an hour, I summoned enough energy to climb from John's lap, his long slimy cock slipping free from my snatch. All I could think to do was sprawl on the end of the couch, resting my head on the cushioned arm rest. I was too weak to move or say anything. I almost forgot that John was there as I stared blankly at the ceiling. It was sometime shortly after that my eyes closed and I drifted to sleep.


I awoke suddenly in John's dimly lit living room, still lying on his couch. My neck ached from lying against the arm of the couch. I rose slowly to sit and rubbed my eyes wearily. The apartment was dark save for the orange glow from the street lights outside. I glanced behind me into the kitchen. The blue digital readout on the microwave showed that it was 3:30, obviously early in the morning. This was typical of me. Usually when I crashed out drunk in a strange place, I would always wake up in the early morning feeling woozy and misplaced.

My hair was undoubtedly a mess, and my dress felt damp and clung to my skin. My head swam and I knew I was slightly hung over. My mouth was dry as cotton, and my throat was sore. I could feel my bare snatch, sticky and loose between my legs. I felt hollow in my pelvic region, and I remembered his giant cock I had taken inside of me.

I shot a groggy look at John, naked and sleeping beside me on the opposite end of the couch. He still looked average and amazing at the same time. His long legs hung open from the edge of the couch, his arms laying across that broad chest of his. My panties still hung around his thick neck like a necklace. I watched the rise and fall of his upper body, still lusting over his completely normal physique.

I knew it had to do with what hung between his legs. I couldn't help but stare at John's flaccid dick. It was utterly limp, but somehow still was far bigger than any other I had seen. I suddenly felt my tongue grow moist again, and the ache crept between my legs yet again. I wanted to take that big cock in my mouth and make it grow again. I wanted to watch it pump full, and climb onto it and drive it deep up inside of me once more. I wanted it to split me open, to fill me like no other could. I wanted another dose of his hot cream shooting into me.

I shook my head and looked away. I gathered my thoughts and found my wrist pouch. I had to get out of here. I hated awkward "morning afters." I stood on my aching feet, realizing I had slept with my heels on. I dug in the pouch for my phone and crossed the apartment quickly, thankful the carpet hid the sound of my heels. I didn't bother fetching my panties from around John's neck, for the last thing I wanted was to wake him. I found the front door and pulled it open.

I stopped short, standing in the threshold. I glanced back at John's sleeping naked form on the couch. I felt the ache between my legs stir. I bit my lip as an idea hit me. I then made up my mind and walked back across the living room to the end table beside John's couch. I found a pen and a random envelope lying amidst the many others there. I quickly scribbled my phone number on the envelope and scurried from John's apartment.

Fifteen minutes later I sat in the backseat of a cab, unable to do anything but stare out the window. I kept thinking about my night with John and that enormous dick of his. No rumor that Felicia spread could have prepared me for the truth. My hand found its way between my legs, and my fingers stroked slowly at my sticky peach. A quivering breath escaped my lips as my fingers brushed my snatch, thinking of that huge dick.

"Wild night tonight? "

I almost jumped at the cab driver's question, drawing my hand away from my crotch quickly. I saw his eyes in the rear view mirror, darting from me to the road in front of him. I smiled sheepishly if not drowsily, before answering him.

"You have no idea."

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